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>everyone around you knows everything about you
>police tells everything you do to your parents
>your entire city is trolling you
>you're considered a faggot
>you have no job/income

This is the tragic situation I am in, so tell me I am looking for solutions


Dunno, can’t relate


I'm living hell on earth I need to find a way


I also want to say I have no gun and I have secret services around my house 24/hr they track me everywhere I go

This is an urgent request for help


File: 1619282340280.pdf (1.21 MB, Franz Bardon - Initiation ….pdf)

Learn magic to help fight back


>A whole city is on your case.
…are you SURE you aren't the problem here?


Ignore them. Also get neetbux since you have no income.


I need serious help brother sadly it's not a joke, I can cast spells only if they ambush me


If an external country can authorize a military intervention in order to save me please disclose my IP address


People are nasty and intrusive creatures. Occupy yourself with something. Get s job, even.


File: 1619284641933.pdf (1.27 MB, psionic_mayhem.pdf)


I was mocked in tv I need help


you would have more luck in getting help if you told the full story


You might be schizophrenic anon. I don't know your situation but it seems unlikely to me the police and a whole city would be following one guy and reporting to his parents.


Do not react unless provoked with violence in case you are just delusional.
stay safe


I am not, I only speak from evidence


File: 1619360504596.pdf (832.6 KB, John Kreiter - Vampire’s W….pdf)

You're being stalked by nonphysical entities. Demons, spirits, etc. These are the real elite in today's society. They are what the Illuminati worship, they are who they serve. You need to learn magic to fight against them.


If it's something that will blow over, I would lay low for a few months to let people forget. But know that you have always lost what respect you had with these people, including your parents.

IF it is something people are going to troll you forever with, I would go as far as moving to another city, you don't need that kind of harassment in your life. Again, lay low for a while and and get as solitary a job as possible, like a driver or a warehouse stocker.


If OP's situation is really true, this would make the most sense.


I wish they were demons, instead I got in contact with literal freemasons through some stupid email

I would move to another city but I have no money and they would follow me there, secret services surrounded the city I'm monitored h24 they don't even let me work


Then BY DEFINITION your case is completely hopeless. If everything we suggest can be countered by "There are secret agents/demons/magical pixies who'd stop me" then a priori there's nothing you can do.


Never give up I am looking for ANY idea you guys can come up with I am in a desperate situation


You've mentally boxed yourself into a corner. If I said "X," you'd say, "I can't do X because secret agents wouldn't let me." It does not matter what X is.


The OP is definitely a schizo


Anyone who's not a schizo at this point is mentally ill.


Is it me or gangstalking paranoia has become more popular as of late?


faggots are stalking me


>go outside to go to the doctors
>man standing outside as if he is taking ab reak to smoke
>he keeps watching me cloely I keep my eye on him pay no direct attention
>see him talking under his msk
>lifts mask up to tlk to someone but no phone or ear device
very strange almost as if people are monitoring me and when I went into the doctors the staff "forgot" to tell the doctor I was waiting.
I felt that maybe they were trying to agitate me push me over the edge but they get no reaction from me I am understanding and I am not certain that there are people trying to monitor me and manipulate my psyche but I am quite sure as well that people are.

Not sure what these people want from me and why they are choosing me to targe I may just be experiencing some psychotic thoughts but I seen this person talking to others why would he lift his mask up and show me he is talking to people whay is it they are trying to do? do they want to let me know and see how I react?

There are people stalking me on the internet they have for years this is not crazy talk this is true and it has been multiple people who become very interested in me but this makes sense unlike people in real life stalking me.

If anything I do not think I am being gangstalked but people can tell that I perhaps have the ability to sway others and lead them out of darkness none of this makes sense I am also aware I do get delusional at times and hallucinate but who can tell what is real and what is not.


OP, you do know all the people from your city are reading this thread, right?


> why would he lift his mask up and show me he is talking to people whay is it they are trying to do? do they want to let me know and see how I react?

he was most liekly just moving his mask so he could speak clearer to the person on the phone anon
you sound very schizo, i can assure you these are just paranoid delusions, if you really think they are real, you should go up to one of these people and question the to see how they react.


Bro can you give more details? I got stalked like that by a big group of people before. Turns out it all started from my family spreading rumors about me. People told other people and it eventually became town gossip. They said shit like that I was a dangerous rapist, that I stole money from people, that I killed my pets. And other retarded lies


Even normalfags believe in this nonsense, their ego makes them think there's a government agency with hundreds of different agents, all needing a wage, that are going to devote their whole job to gangstalking them, might make sense if they were some famous person challenging the government, but they're just some nobody.


Even normalfags believe in this nonsense, their ego makes them think there's a government agency with hundreds of different agents, all needing a wage, that are going to devote their whole job to gangstalking them, might make sense if they were some famous person challenging the government, but they're just some nobody.


Sure, ego is involved, but the phenomena has less to do with self-importance and more to do with fear. It's hard to understand without having experienced these delusions yourself.


I am not entirely sure since when I am monitored I think it all started when I made a stupid joke involving police officers months ago…by then my situation rised attention up to secret services/masonic lobbies/gay lobbies

1) All my devices are monitored 24/hr they even manipulate the videos I watch on youtube, they constantly give me threats and cryptic messages.
2) Big part of the population has been replaced with actors/agents, they did this when I realized I was monitored on my devices, these people hold details regarding my online activity and come from other countries.
3) They have complete power over public services, police, ambulances, etc…they send me agents constantly when I leave the house.
4) I am sure they have cameras/microphones everywhere in my car, in my home, they have two layers of control one hidden one through public communication. For example I am sure my phone is monitored by both them and the police but I am not sure the police is involved in the hidden part.
5) They flex on me constantly, mocked me on tv, used helicopters to scare me, one day they sent 4+ police cars at my home just for fun.
6) I'm literally living in a psyop, for example recently I restarted going school and they're there they're the teachers. Why? Because they constantly show details they know about me before I ask them, as everyone else around me right now.
7) They tested brain-reading tech on me they can reach some of my thoughts, demonstrated this through the messages they send me. They also hate the catholic church for example yesterday they tried to bait me with two emails at the same time one from church one from the school but they control both sides it was a trick to see if I was lying.
8) Some minutes ago one of them was mocking me through a dog barking outside my window.
9) They have the power to emulate voices of other people including my parents, they send me fake messages on whatsapp using their voice.

I am pretty sure they will destroy my family if they did not already, they want a return from the money they spent in order to brainwash me but they will not have what they want from me so that's why I fear consequences. They know what they're doing is a crime but they keep going because people in power are signing orders, I could demonstrate in court my persecution but I am enough sure that before I attempt something like that they will put poison in my drink. When I reached for a lawyer they either called him and scared him or it was one of them from the beginning, mom talked with lawyer and he said some lies because of fear.

Also, my parents are involved in this 100% my dad knows things better my mom is merely a victim of their power.

I'm looking for unique ideas given the unique situation, suicide is not an option some of them would be happy if I kys, I need ground to defeat them.


Wait wait wait, if you're willing to believe that they go this far to fuck with you, why wouldn't you believe that all of the responses in this thread are also part of the psyop?


Some are, others aren't, they can't fake the internet.


Hey bro as someone who’s been through this before, I’m gonna give you my honest advice. I don’t think it’s the government per se. think it’s the mafia or organized crime. All that sounds like typical mob tactics. If it were the government all on their own, you probably would have been arrested by now. Since mafias generally only control part of the police/Feds and not all, this is the kind of game they have to play to slowly edge you over to where they want you. Since they have moles in the fed agencies and lots of control over local police precincts, they get easy access to the techs required to fuck with you like you describe.

When I was stalked I tried posting about it online and two months later the local cops came and visited me, and threatened me not to talk about it online anymore or they’d charge me. According to my friend they had gone over to his house and asked him things about me the day before this happened. What’s funny is that HE called ME to tell me this, before I’d even told anyone this happened. Apparently they had intimidated him enough to where he was unsure/afraid to call me for a whole day.

I would be careful with court because if they are 100% on top of you like you say, they can pre-empt you and get their plants in the court to sabotage your reports, and it could flip against you. You could wind up catching wiretapping charges for your proof. They could also put ypu under guardianship, which will mean game over for you buddy. You should research “guardianship trafficking”, because odds are that’s what the criminals stalking you are after. Once they get guardianship they OWN you, and you can be rounded up like a runaway slave by the cops if you escape your new owners. They don’t even have to allow you an attorney, the ability to speak to a court NOTHING. And most of the people onvolved in those types of courts are scumbags anyway that do not want to hear from the wards. So, it’s scary bro. Idk what to tell you. I never escaped my stalkers, I just slowed them down some. But i’m sure one day they’ll get guardianship over me.

Part of the issue is that their strategy is so thorough, no-stone-left-unturned, that nobody will really believe you or take your case fairly. Even people who aren’t in on it. All that has to happen is for your parents to go to someone and say
>oh we’re so worried about dangerous mentaly ill anon, wont you please help us? We’re such poor loving parents we need your help. Boohoo. Can you say/do this for us, please?
And that person gets flipped against you, just like that. Like I said IDK bro. Not much we can do.


You are schizophrenic.


Where are you from?

I don't trust people telling me to avoid court because that's exactly what they want they want to hide all the crimes they do, anyway your situation might be similar to mine if you wish to talk you can add me on discord kopper#8166 (I will verify you're not one of them)

once again I verified what I thought the teachers were clowns hired by these criminals


today they stalked me again pretending to be the teachers of the school, I started saving all proofs


No offence, but I think you need professional help.
My dad lives alone and he used to shit with all the lights off because he believed the house had cameras installed by the neighbors. He thought the entire town was into some sort of mafia and they were after him. Ever since then I've been visiting him from time to time and talk to him on the phone at least once every couple of days. And I've been trying to explain him how ridiculous are these ideas, he's in a much better mental state now. Being alone can literally eat your mind and drive you insane. Don't let it happen to you wiz.


I'm collecting proofs so nobody can say I am mentally ill


Well I'll wait with bated breath for your proofs.


Well he straight up ignored my post about why would a government agency waste millions of dollars and hundreds of agents following/gangstalking some nobody becaus eof a dumb joke about cops he made on the internet, it makes no sense, these schizos are just very egotistical people, they believe they are so special that's there's an entire government agency dedicated just to following them around and fucking with their head, why bother when they could just Kill OP and nobody would care, they could make it look like a suicide, that's what Hillarly Clinton did to her opponents, they are just failed normalfags with major egos and schizo tendencies, autism is the only mental illness which can be called wizardly.


No offense but your post sounds very naive. I saw a video last year where the cops in China arrested some guy and interrogated him for insulting the police online. So governments definitely can van you for the most basic irrelevant shit, and they have motivation to do it.

However the feds in the US don’t really do this, so if OP’s story is real, then it is more likely that he made a rich enemy somewhere that is paying people to fuck with him.


This isn't China, we're no way near that bad. You'll see actual radicals like Andrew Angelin locked up before any schitzo that posts on a chansite.

Let's put it this way, pedos have been posting in front of everyone's eyes on discord and other sites for YEARS. Nothing is done about them. Online grooming by adults is a chronic problem, nothing is done about it. Platforms and law enforcement drag their feet on the issue, only arresting the most obvious egregious offenders.

If they can't be assed to stop literal child abuse online, what makes you think they'll get off their ass to stop a schitzo who posts on a chansite?


>However the feds in the US don’t really do this, so if OP’s story is real, then it is more likely that he made a rich enemy somewhere that is paying people to fuck with him.

So another update, this night they violated my home while I was sleeping and stole the keys of my car, also they're trying to push my dad against my mom in order to scare me.

I sleep in a different home at night and I believe they got free access to it, I will monitor everything from now on


Ditch smartphones and modern tech crap, use mint or a private linux OS (look up how to install mint or opensuse), use TOR (and perhaps get a vpn like riseup and palemoon) and use private websites such as invidious for videos and such. If you arent using your computer, turn off your internet. it will lessen the stalking I guess (if you are being stalked that is)


Yea if you think the government is stalking you, try to use a private email server for discord and a burner phone, OR you can ditch discord and use an IRC or qtox


I wish I was just being paranoid, but I've actually been talked to by cops about some postings I made on imageboards even though they contained no threats or illegalities.

They were "concerned". Lucky I don't deal with paranoia myself, but if they did that to someone who does their condition would probably get 10000x worse.

I post absolutely nothing online now with my own IP.


Much of it also depends on pure luck. If you are on the wrong site at the wrong time posting the wrong thing, and an employee happens to be reading exactly that site, you can be screwed.

Nothing will happen to most people. I'm just saying cops DID talk to me.
How they persuaded the imageboard hosts, the internet company etc. to give out my real identity is beyond me considering I did nothing against the law.

List of things I've said on alt chans:

-Discuss Ted Bundy and other non-mainstream characters like Nikola Tesla
-Discuss depression
-Discuss things such as anxiety and sleeplessness
-Discuss how life was better when I was still a kid

I don't make political posts. I don't talk about weapons.
What exactly gives cops the right to barge in on my life or tap into my postings, or knock on my door over them?

Is it against the law to express your thoughts if you are depressed and happen to use imageboards?


what computer do you use? windows 10, macos? ditch them and learn to install mint or opensuse.
What browser do you use? Google chrome, brave, firefox? Ditch them and get palemoon and/or TOR
Do you have a VPN? If not get riseup or pay money for nordvpn (or something better)
Go on dig deeper neocities for more info since it's really helpful for privacy


>Discuss *Ted Bundy* and other *non-mainstream characters* like *Nikola Tesla*
They're pretty mainstream nowadays, were do you think the word tesla (tesla car, tesla coil, etc) comes from? Also Ted Bundy is talked about in the girly shows like true crime


It's pretty common actually. One of my relatives work for law enforcement and he says they get cases like this in an almost weekly basis. Things like Windows acting up or hard drive failing is enough to drive people to file a police report for gangstalking. As an addition, there is a common theme with all these people that they were mocked and/or bullied in real life or on online platforms.


In most cases it is the police that are helping to coordinate the gangstalking so I feel sorry for those lost souls tuening to their harassers to file reports


Get help. I'm serious.


Profilers already tag you as a thousandfold risk just by posting in a place like this even if nothing happens to you.

I'm still amazed when people post their personal information here that can be used to identify them.
These places are optimal honeypots.

If I had to bet money I'd say you are already in some kind of database if you visit a place like this website every week for years.


I keep digging deeper. I'm permanently banned from 4chan. I have untold hours and posts on that site. A record of all of my wrongthink tied directly to my IP address. This site even logs post history. How much more can I incriminate myself?


>Uses 4chan, Discord, windows and probably google chrome
You wonder how the police can get your info when it's right in FRONT OF YOUR DUMB FUCKING FACE YOU RETARDED BITCH!
Oh my god if you arent willing to get a vpn or a new operating system at least just download tor and go on this website THROUGH TOR SO YOU DONT GET TRACKED https://digdeeper.neocities.org/index.html



Another update I bought a dashcam because they're trying to hit my car I can't leave home without a working camera on


The admin of this site is scared of the police so they have blocked TOR posting since heaven knows how many years ago. That wont work.

If the police as much as grunt in the general direction of the admins they'll do whatever asked instead of moving the server to a more privacy-friendly country.

Why do cops do this to sites and imageboards? Because they first launch investigations, and when they hit a dead end as a user points to a TOR exit node, they get angry as they have to quit the investigation or profiling.

So what they do next is threaten and bully the imageboard admin into blocking TOR. What happens next, since most imageboard admins are lily livered wimps, is they block TOR. They'll use all sorts of excuses for why they did it.


ok then go on a different imagebrowser (particularly, one that allows tor). The website I have linked gives you all the info you need (including forums, operating system and more), you're basically asking to get tracked by using google chrome and discord you dumbass


Discord even asks people for a phone number if I recall right.


it does, and the FBI uses it from time to time. 4chan is also bad since it logs your IP address. OP is leaving a clear trail for his stalkers


Yesterday I think they fired my dad


OP I'm in the same boat as you. A lot of people are, a lot of the gangstalking people online are in the same boat. There are simply too many people with this "delusion" for it to all be nonsense. For some people it is, sure.

Here I'm lucky because mental health services are free, they arent amazing but I do get some support. Sometimes its harmful, but sometimes it can be helpful, my time with mental health services.

What works for me is working on my health, running, eating healthy, reading, im studying for a degree part time (full time I couldnt handle because of the stress and my fragile mental state)

Also, work on being a better person. I made mistakes in my past and I've hurt people when psychotic. But I'm trying to be better. We aren't who we were years ago. Work on yourself and you will feel like a decent person when you live like a decent person. You can do it


>There are simply too many people with this "delusion" for it to all be nonsense.
What the fuck kind of reasoning is that?


Why don’t you people rage on imageboards when people say they see UFO’s? Why do you shills only come rushing out when the topic of gangstalking gets brought up? It just seems unbelievably naive to believe that two people cannot stalk the same person.


People say that shit isn't real all the time.


He must think that god exists too


Just a tip. Try cutting out caffeine and see if the paranoia subsides.


Or weed. Or whatever other stimulants you might be using.



Wise advice, stimulants can really fuck you up in the long term. Speaking from experience

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