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I have lived in the same little apartment for 12 consecutive years and never missed a single rent payment.

The owner wants to sell it for some reason, and I don't have any realistic chance of getting a new apartment at this point. I have to be gone in 3 months.

What choices of protest do I have? My life is practically over as I don't have it in me to live on the streets or in some run-down apartment block inhabited by drug addicts.

Every night I can think of nothing else than either starving myself out during the next couple weeks or simply setting myself on fire with some gasoline.


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Unless you got a big wad of cash laying around, it's pretty much game over.
Especially with subpar credit scores, no matter how many years of rents you paid without hitch.

Most apartments also require hefty deposits or guarantors unless it's a complete hellhole.

I'm glad I'm not in that situation but if I was, I would give suicide some contemplation as the potential alternatives are excruciating.


Change is a pain in the ass, but you're blowing this shit out of proportion a little bit. Have you done any research into what apartments are available and their particular requirements?


> and I don't have any realistic chance of getting a new apartment at this point
Why? surely if you've managed to make timely payments for 12 years you have enough credit and income to secure a new apartment.


Depends, in some countries you don't get any "credit score", you either have it or not and being a reliable renter is not recorded anywhere.

So the market is going to view him like any other shmuck.


Welcome to the new age. Being homeless is very common. If you have a car then you're in luck. Just sleep in it during the night with the security of locked doors, heating and cooling. In the meantime, look for another apartment to move into.


living on the street is not as bad as you think you could get helped to find a place to live if on the street.
Why not search for a new place to live OP?


Can you live with family while you look for a new house?


How does this thread not have any "leave the city" ruralniggers posting yet?


Wiz, you literally sustained an apartment perfectly for 12 years. I know change sucks, but you still got time. Start looking for a new apartment. You have three months, no time to lose.


Its been 2 weeks since I had a fight with my parents and siblings, and I left home.

In those two weeks, I asked a friend to let me stay home, and he did. His mother hated me, but he helped a lot.

Another friend helped me by adding me yo a whatsapp job group, where I found an enjoyable sort job, though a bit stressful. He also helped move into a room (because earlier friends mom was being a bitch), with another room mate, a friend of his.

I had saved up a decent amount of money before I left home, working as a failson of a business man, in the family biz. That money helped me survive these last two weeks.

Wizards, instead of suicide or hating yourself, just tell fuck it to all and try to imitate the normies. Fake it till you make it is real, brothers. You can keep it real later.

After I found a job, my family respected me (we are on neutral terms, but im never going back) and my true friends grew closet and helped, while my fake friends faded away.

Take that leap. When I did, I was ready to do almost anything to survive, as afraid as I felt. Do or die, and fuck the shades of grey.


But we need to consider the standard wizard situation, that is the op probably doesn't have any close friends or any at all, so he's alone for now. From what he said, I see no issue at all on trying to find a new flat, at worst he'll become homeless but prepared if taken the advice from the homeless thread.


Where I live (Latin America) "public housing" which is the only option available if you face eviction is worse than death.

They are literally infested with cockroaches, rats, dripping water, holes in walls and windows etc. and you'll walk on drug needles in the hallway, and listen to violence while trying to sleep.

Losing decent housing here causes many people with less money to kill themselves.


Why are you on this website if you have friends, “wiz”?


It says "no normo" whenever it hangs out with its little band of merry normalniggers


>Hey wiz, I have friends that care about me and gave me a job and place to live! Why can't you do that too?


It's not like OP is even here listening anyway.





By a bunch of survival gear and camping equipment plus 1 gun and live in the wilderness.
You've been given and opportunity to ascend.


I don't understand. I know it depends on the country, but in my country you can easily find an apartment as long as you can pay the 1-2 month rent security deposit. Once I was asked to have my previous landlord call the new one to give a reference. It is more difficult in the middle of the capital city. 3 months is enough time to look around even if a lot of landlords are assholes with weird requirements

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