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Could I trouble some of you for a recommendation on some books you find as a "must read"? I am especially looking for genres such as philosophy, something that could profoundly alter the way I view the world, or at least enlighten it.

Many thanks for any replies.


>Emil Cioran on the heights of despair.
More prose than philosophy as we tend to think of it but a must read in my opinion.
>Schopenhauers essays are worth reading
>John Gatto - weapons of mass instruction
This was a good book and altered how I looked at some things despite not agreeing with the author on many things it was a good read and I read it after seeing it posted about here.
>John Gray - Straw Dogs
A good take on the cult of modernity

That is all I recall right now wizzy.


The American Psycho novel is quite good.


>The Theory of the Leisure Class by Veblen
>The Consumer Society by Baudrillard
Would recommend if you enjoy the above, it's basically applying the theory there to today. Simulacra and Simulation is also good but harder to read and understand.
>Understanding Media by McLuhan
>The Complete Works of Zhuangzi
>Schopenhauer's works
Both volumes of Parerga and Paralipomena are probably the most accessible. If you want to go deeper read On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason and then move on to the 2 volumes of his main work, The World as Will and Representation. Reading Plato and Kant beforehand would be beneficial for understanding but he writes pretty clearly so you'd probably still be able to understand the general gist even without them.
>Anything by Wittgenstein
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus is probably a good starting point since it's his first work and a lot of his later philosophy is basically responding to the ideas though, albeit in disagreement. After that the Blue Book is a fairly easy way to get into his later philosophy, and then Philosophical Investigations. Brown Book is harder and then Philosophical Grammar is pretty long and reiterates a lot of ideas in his other works.
>The Accursed Share by Bataille
>Essays in Idleness and Hojoki
Technically 2 books by 2 different Buddhist monks in Japan from ~1000 years ago but they're bundled together into one book in Penguin classics. Both are really good. Essays in Idleness in particular is probably one of favorite nonfiction books.
>Civilization and Its Discontents by Freud
I'd recommend Freud's works in general actually but this is good for just getting a brief introduction into some of his ideas. Obviously he was a little obsessive over some of his ideas being absolutely right so maybe take what you read with a grain of salt at times, but I found things like his concept of death drive really interesting. If you enjoy this then I'd also recommend 3 Essays on Sexuality (also pretty short) and then The Interpretation of Dreams (make sure you get the full version and not the abridged one). Jung and Stekel are also good if you want more psychology after that.


Sorry for the double post, hit the submit button too early

Nonfiction cont.

>The Technological Society by Ellul

This was a major influence of the unabomber IIRC but it's much more nuanced and better than what he wrote in his manifesto. The translated title is also a little misleading, as it's more about critiquing technique and the striving for efficiency than just a rant against technology like some other books are.
>The Book of Disquiet by Pessoa
Great book for wizard types with a lot of beautiful descriptions, even when translated.
>Hikkikomori: Adolescence Without End
Interesting book if you want to know more about the origins of the term hikkikomori and some of the early research done on the phenomenon in Japan. I don't think the author dug deep enough into the causes but it still highlights some interesting cultural differences in Japan and their effects.


>Anything by Thomas Bernhard

Probably my favorite author, he's really good at writing obsessive, insane, and at times borderline schizophrenic protagonists. His style is hard to get into since he doesn't really use chapters or paragraphs and tends to use really long sentences. Woodcutters is a good starting point since it's pretty short, but a little funnier and less depressing than some of his other books. Wittgenstein's Nephew is also fairly short and is kind of an autobiography with anecdotes about a nephew of Ludwig Wittgenstein. After that I'd say all his books are worth reading, but I think Extinction and Correction are probably his best.
>Anything by Dostoevsky
Common choice I guess but I think his novels are great and have a lot to offer even if you're not religious.
>Fortress Besieged by Qian Zhongshu
Pretty funny book that I think highlights the stupidity of normalfag society and the rat race.
>Chekhov's short stories
Would recommend all of them but Ward No. 6 is especially good
>The Box Man by Kobo Abe
>Spring Snow by Mishima
>The Blind Owl by Hedayat
>The Remains of Day and The Unconsoled by Ishiguro


File: 1620776715421.png (7.96 MB, 1899x4583, 1899:4583, Kashmiri Shaivism reading ….png) ImgOps iqdb

Here's some OC for you OP. If you want something profound to begin with check out the Gitartha Samgraha first, then if you like it just continue along with the reading list

All of this certainly changed my life


File: 1620832915193.jpg (8.84 KB, 279x445, 279:445, The Hedonistic Imperative ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1620832947997.jpeg (21.55 KB, 313x500, 313:500, Suffering-Focused Ethics.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Absolute trash. Not worth wasting one's time on. Same for religion, except for maybe those texts that convey interesting lore and myths.
If you want to "enlighten" yourself then think for yourself and come to a conclusion on your own without anyone holding your hand. Also, study history.

I read Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound and Antigone by Sophocles recently, they were pretty good and short, I plan to read more of these greek tragedies. Currently reading Beggarman, Thief by Irwin Shaw, continuation of a family saga, very entertaining. Also not a book but I'm reading it now, horror manga called Uzumaki by Ito Junji, simple yet fun.
I will just copy from my text file a couple of books I read recently:
- Dennis Lehane: Gone, Baby, Gone - good crime fiction set in the late 90s, 4th part of a series. The series itself, Kenzie-Gennaro books are worth checking out if you like crime/neo-noir.
- Robert Bloch: Psycho House - okay horror, not as good as the first two Psycho books by any measure though.
- Mario Puzo: The Dark Arena - same guy who wrote the Godfather. American soldier in post WW2 Germany book, OK for one reading.
- Stephen King: The Dead Zone - good book but not horror, more like mystery/thriller.
- Saya no Uta: visual novel, not a book. Horror. Short and doesn't fuck around, unlike most VNs. Very good if you like horror.
- Henri Charriére: Banco - Sequel to Papillon, supposedly true story but obviously colored out with lies. Not bad at all.
- Suzuki Koji: Ring - very good horror book. Better than the movies. Very atmospheric and can suck you in. Ryuji was a wizard.
- Clive Barker: The Hellbound Heart - also known as Hellraiser thanks to the movies. Short horror story, definitely worth reading.
- Jens Peter Jacobsen: Niels Lyhne - danish, if I remember correctly, intellectual/artsy stuff. Atheism the book. OK reading for once.
- Nicholas Pileggi: Wiseguy - the basis for Scorsese's movie Goodfellas. True crime/maffia book. Good, as expected.


The power of now


Industrial societies and it's futures

no longer human

the setting sun/people of the setting sun
atomic habits

I can add many LNs if you would like.

very sad thing about the kashmiri hindus got ethnically cleansed in a hindu majority country, the martand sun temple was cast as a place of evil in bollywood films, god I hate modern """hindus""", the whole history of hinduism particularly post 1000s is very sad, surprising thing hinduism is still a thing, oh also nice oc, will keep you in my prayers lad, will probably start reading what you reccd.


Just want to add that I felt no longer human the novel was a bit of a let down maybe I need to reread it as I did not get too much out of it could be that my life is much worse than the protagonist however the manga of that novel is much better in my opinion and more than worth reading. You could even forgo the novel and read the manga.


I have been extremely interested in learning more about Greek myths and tragedies. Could you recommend some books? Anthologies, prose adaptations, whatever ever you got.


File: 1620875945285.jpg (100.02 KB, 516x960, 43:80, Propaganda in India.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Islam has always been a weapon, but now it's a weapon wielded by the most dangerous elites ever to exist on the planet. They're trying their hardest to destroy the rest of India as well. I hope it resists

Also I second Industrial Society and Its Future. Uncle Ted was right about everything except the solutions


Jean-Paul Sartre "Nausea" and "Age of Reason"
Seconding Ted K and Ellul, also check out Pentti Linkola


I am well and truly sick of these people who gave them the power to influence so many into this cult of stupidity? Why can't we actually have multiculturalism instead of subverting every culture into this woke nonsense. This is all so very tiring I feel as if I have gone completely mad or like that movie idiocracy. Hope this brain fart is allowed outside of politics thread.


>a pagan

It's understandable that you're mad that the one true religion is making it's way over the pagan idols.


Idols are symbols that lead one to the truth. They're not the truth itself. In Buddhism they call this "using the false to cultivate the real"



Try Bulfinch's Mythology. It's a very good collection of Greek, Roman, British and Nordic mythology summarized for general readers and newcomers.


If I wanted to get yelled at by a bunch of religious virgins, I'd join a monkhood.


Ironically, a monastery would people involve getting yelled at by virgins less.


*probably involve


Maybe obvious answer but read Homer and the greek tragedies themselves if you haven't already. Also, Hesiod wrote Theogony, it is about the gods supposedly, never read it myself but it seems pretty basic stuff you need to understand later myths.

I myself would like to get some recs too for greek mythology and lore.


I tried finding a good translation of Homer but from what I've learned absolutely all of them suck. Most of the popular ones aren't even translations, they're retellings with no correspondence to the original Greek. Then all of the supposed literal translations are making many liberal, artistic modifications that make the text more butchered and awkward than the literal original Greek. Almost every "translation" was made by an egoistic moron that just wanted the fame of their name attached to Homer


Here we go again


You take what you can get. Translations always suck because of the reasons you mentioned. There are many Homer translations, just pick one really.


I'm glad you posted this. I came across this book recently and I'm interested to know if it's worth reading. Magnus Vinding seems like a nobody so I'm slightly skeptical. Have you read it? How was it?


AntKind By Charlie Kaufman is a very good book.


Care to elaborate? I'm a big fan of Kaufman's movies.

Have you seen I'm Thinking of Ending Things?


Nihilism by Fr. Seraphim Rose. If you're here you're almost certainly some blend of nihilist, and you asked for something to change your worldview. It probably won't, but it's your best shot. It's quality, too, even if you may not agree.


I've read Orthodoxy and the Religion of the future, it's a good anti-modernity/anti-new age book but the orthodox christian preaching and proselytizing is fucking unbearable.


File: 1626043349370.jpg (20.76 KB, 333x499, 333:499, The Revolutionary Phenotyp….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

JF Gariépy has been shilling this book on his livestreams.


File: 1626049444489.jpg (941.89 KB, 999x3158, 999:3158, suicide note condensed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Everyone here should read 'Suicide Note' by Mitchell Heisman and share it with as many people as you can. It is the best explanation of the Jewish problem ever written.

Here's the link to the text:
(Read pp. 32 - 625)

Alternatively you can listen to it while gaming: [YouTube] SUICIDE NOTE - GOD IS TECHNOLOGY (embed)


Condensed version: https://www.scribd.com/document/198985140/Mitchell-Heisman-s-suicide-note-overview

TL;DR: Jews want to transcend biology so that God AI can enslave a robotized humanity and destroy all life on earth.


It's useful when reading Christian philosophical texts to remember that Christians see God as the "Greater Good." I viewed every reference to Christ the same way I viewed Greek philosopher's references to the Logos.
I guess it would be as unbearable as anyone preaching their moral ideology, whether secular or religious.


Must read books: I will only mention a few and not due to not having read enough but because I only see these few as must reads.

>stoner by John Williams

This is a must read and basically about a wizard if he was not a wiard.
>The sailor who fell from grace by mishimia
Short and great to read.
>butchers crossing by john williams
This book is depressing as well like Stoner but different

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