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About to get fired edition



I think I'm about to get fired and the anxiety is immense. I can't even sleep and I just took sleeping pills.

I will know by next week if I will be fired or not, but this whole week is going to be hell.



But are you even applying for anythign new at least? I'd do right there, without waiting for da boss to kick me


Don't know if I'm fired yet. I could get another job in like a day if I wanted to.


Can some wagies tell stories about their work maybe about a boss who is mean?


That video was good and that show was amazing but there are spoilers in the video so you should not watch it if you plan to watch the sopranos and you should watch that show if you have not.


I feel like I'm being gaslit, everyone is saying there's all these jobs going but I just get repetitively turned down for work.


My boss is a narcissistic loser that talks to me in an angry tone and humiliates me every other day. I recently found that he fucks men in dresses and I'm considering blackmailing him with it


File: 1621223081540.mp4 (1.4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, NEET's reaction to becomin….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Damn what really stings is the people laughing.
I assume is just boomer business owners or people with cushy desk jobs.


Blackmail him. Will it relieve your situation? I don't know.


You aren't being gaslit, it's just that there is a difference between the jobs you're applying for and the jobs other people are applying for.

Of course, highly specialized jobs are more competitive and low tier jobs are less competitive.


Having stuff to do is torture. I wake up in the morning and instead of lying luxuriously in bed I'm instantly overcome by anxiety. Even when I wake up before I have to get up it's not a comfy rest anymore, it's filled with anxiety.


File: 1621253716866.jpg (370.13 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1620411257564.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

2 weeks until I know if shit hits the fan.


Isn't it the opposite, because there are fewer people who can do those highly-specialised jobs, which means they command a higher salary? In comparison, you've got hundreds of plebs applying for a handful of jobs in a grocery store that pays like ass.


Low tier jobs have always been the easiest to get for me because there is constantly a turnover rate for these jobs because nobody wants to remain at them for very long.

The specialized jobs that require a college degree usually are the most competitive because nobody wants to leave those jobs and there is a constant supply of college graduates trying to obtain those high paying specialized jobs.


Like most of your slaves, I was maimed while stocking the slaves' chitlins. [The slaves lack various limbs and behind them is a large graveyard.] Others died from the pestilent fumes it spewed forth. [On the porch of her home, moddess sits with the discord clique.] And, of course, the lounge board attracted organized crabs.


Wagies ascribe so much self worth from working which is fine if you enjoy your work but normalfags take pride in working and being a slave as can be seen here they laugh at the thought of someone choosing not to work. When I was a younger I worked and actually felt this same pride I hated work but I would think to myself how I am contributing to society and I am better than the bums on welfare but now I am on welfare and never want to work again unless it is work I want to do.


The good thing about working from home is that if you have tech difficulties you can use it as an excuse to not do any work. I can still do work if I really wanted to, but fuck em, I'm gonna jerk off instead.


I went to work everyday praying for some tech failure so I didn't had to work.


then why are you stressed
the stress should come from the fear of being jobless for a prolonged period (no income)


I usually don't start working till after lunch, just sitting in front of the computer browsing shit even thought I start at 9am. Working from home is a blessing. If I didn't have to log hours at all I'd work even less, but unfortunately I need to do at least a couple of commits a week.


I got fired a couple of weeks ago after around 38 months of employment. I had almost quit a few times but was convinced to stay but all it took was two guys that didn't like me to get rid of me.

Its still setting in, I spent most of my 20s as a NEET but this last job was my first real career. Before then my longest time being employed was 8 months. Unemployment hasn't started yet, I guess they're triple checking everyone due to the corona stuff. I've had 5 dreams/nightmares about work since getting fired.

I almost immediately fell back into waking up at 9 or 10am and staying up late, even as I type this it's 3am. I have plenty of money saved and once the unemployment money starts coming in it should cover all of my bills anyway. The worst thing that can happen would be the landlord now deciding to come down on me because I've lived here for almost a decade and he has never gone up on the rent, I'm currently paying almost half of what similar houses in the area are. If he decides to just kick me out I'm screwed. For a long time I considered buying a house while I was working so I could avoid this fate but the cheap rent and expensive real estate made me stay put. No way can I get a mortgage without a job now.

I'm trying to enjoy my freetime but it's still hard to adjust. I know what's going to come after this and sometimes the anxiety really starts getting to me. I won't be able to return to being a wageslave, nor would I ever want to. I don't want to spend decades barely scraping by on neetbux either. I made it to wizardry and I think I've seen enough of this world.


Found out that my work might not be renewing our contract.

I hate this world and this endless toil.


>haven’t worked consistently since 2018
>worked 2 jobs for a 1-2 months in 2019 and ghosted
>worked at Home Depot for a week and then quiet to get pandi-bux feb 2020
So yea basically haven’t worked for 3 years and I’m turning 30 tomorrow. I think the only thing that could motivate me is homelessness but maybe even then I’ll just not work


Is work really worth it? I've never had a job (I'm not 25 y/o) and I'm not on immediate danger of losing my house, my food or the internet and the few copes I can get, but I don't have any money most of the time, I would like to buy a fuckton of games, a gaming PC some anime figurines etc.

But is really worth losing a lot of my free time, and work for some kike in order to get those things? is it really a good trade-off? what do you think?


*I'm 25 y/o


Normies perplex me.

One of my supervisors is a technical analyst for a data center and he's on-call 24/7, meaning his whole life revolves around work. Not only that, but he has a wife and a kid to also provide for.

It honestly astounds me how someone like that could take all that responsibility and devote your entire life to something so meaningless without blowing your brains out.

It depresses me even thinking about it.


Don't bash it before you try it :)


They went with the flow and did everything they were "supposed" to. Serves them right.


Not really, unless you really enjoy that particular work, at least on some kind of level and it brings some form of satisfaction. The best jobs are the ones where you don't mind doing the work, regardless of how much you get paid. I feel lucky I get to write code and tinker on my computer to solve abstract technical problems, as well as work from the comfort of my own home.

A gaming PC is like 1000$, you can save that up in several months no matter how poor you are and you can pirate 99% of games unless they're online multiplayer (even then there's cracked servers). You could work part-time or quit after a few months if you really want to buy shit, but consumerism is an empty pursuit, it's exciting for like a day or two before you get bored of whatever you bought.

Your assumption is that it's meaningless to him, but that job provides lots of meaning in the form of providing for his family, progressing in a chosen career, getting job experience and giving him financial freedom and so on. Being "on-call" sounds like a nightmare to you, but maybe he doesn't mind all that communication and feels important when people call him to solve a problem. Even if it's hard work, he knows he will move up eventually to a more comfortable position.

Of course, there are also normies that just do it because they think that's what life is supposed to be like and they're completely miserable for years until they get a nervous breakdown or start having an affair or something just to feel alive. It can be an unsustainable lifestyle for some people and they're just copying their social surroundings without a shred of introspection.


That sort of situation is so fragile and fleeting, so many problems that can arise.

Imagine your kid getting cancer, having a bad accident, or just dying, not to mention that his wife could leave him at anytime and make him support her/his kid until he dies because the state would make him work at full capacity.

That's a big yikes for me


Life is full of problems. Most people are willing to take up challenges and don't want to live a defeatist lifestyle.


The fuck? Nothing remotely normie about my post, retard. Unless you think any nuanced view of norman psychology automatically means you're one of them.


just fuck off and let me neet in peace


>using twitter zoomer lingo on wizchan
>accusing anyone else of normalfaggotry


Your in the wagecuck thread


I think a lot of newfriends lose track of where they are when using /all/


>normalfag coworkers lowkey but relentlessly interrogating me about my life
>the moment I cave in and reveal the slightest deviation from normalcy I'll be eternally shamed for it
I want to die.


>To be considered for the role, please may you send us a supporting statement, covering "what you will bring" to the role, based on the skills and experience given on the job description.
Still pisses me off. Read my fucking CV and you'll find out you stupid bitch. What do recruitment cunts even get paid for if it's my job to put two and two together for them


I really hate the whole circus with the recruitment/hiring people. It just blatantly lying to each other.


This shit gets on my nerves too. Every once and I while I get tired of it and just answer honestly. If you're shameless about it and don't back down they really won't have anything to say back. It's kind of funny.


Just tell em to mind their own business and fuck off


File: 1621806623770.png (3.48 MB, 1920x1800, 16:15, anime big head.png) ImgOps iqdb

Tell them literally everything.
It always is too insane and incomprehensible for them due to sheer brain power and open mindedness required to be a wiz.
They can't do anything but fear and respect you then.


they hate people like us, it will just lead to rut of bullying and humiliation and silence


Good, now get banned and fuck off.


If being homeless doesn't motivate you to work then absolutely nothing will.


went through the same a few weeks ago at my new job, some coworkers ambushed and interrogated me.
literally shooting question after question, asking what I did before that job, and before that one and so on, why I quit, they asked me on three seperate occasions if I were married, needless to say I don't look like the married type, like that is really one of the first questions that comes to mind?


Working isnt even worth it. Wish I got on SSI somehow and lived like a neet.

What's funny is that I really should get SSI because I'm dysfunctional autistic, but my family was always so dysfunctional/poor that they couldn't even afford to take me to a doctor or therapist to get diagnosed.

What a joke.


How do you cope with working then what's life like?


Been working 55 hour work weeks, with no days off.

I think they're not replacing the person that left because the site may not be renewing our contract, so I'm stuck working 55 hours until our contract runs out which is sometime this summer.

What really pisses me off is I'm losing this job because I really like it.


What is the job if I may ask.


im working as a pharmacist in a 3rd world shithole for 200$ and i break my back for that shit
i fucking hate my life


I see. Too bad, I hope you get to keep where you're at, wiz. I hear it can get pretty comfy in those jobs, some other wiz would bring his laptop and watch stuff his entire shift. Too bad I don't drive and the only security jobs close by are mall security and such crap.


Neeting isn't an option where I live but I'm convinced I got the next best option, codemonkey in a shitty corporation doing mostly support. I do nothing half of the time and apparently it's enough for my boss. 2/3 of the salary goes for food and bills, the rest I save up for God knows what.


I applied for a volunteer job and they want me to complete the "unconscious bias" training. I will simply refuse. I have nothing left in my life except my principles and I will die before I capitulate to clown world.

Anyone here had to deal with this ridiculous bullshit in their work? Do you grit your teeth and tell them what they want to hear or what?


I'm going into a government job so yes I have. Luckily it really hasn't been that bad, since they were just telling me mostly to not be an asshole. Some stuff really blew me away though. They literally called succubi, fags, and minorities a "protected class" and my jaw almost hit the floor.


File: 1622043668769.jpg (866.11 KB, 1242x1204, 621:602, 1622000919870.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Looking up average wages and finding out how low ours are just killed my enthusiasm for anything.
I didn't choose frugal life, frugal life chose me. Must be nice being able to travel and not being greeted by everything being five times as expensive as home, if you ever manage to save up enough for an airline ticket.


Don't worry about airline tickets and travelling. With corona (as a pretext) it's over.


protected class is just jew codeword for people that should have been thrown to the wolves long ago


Yeah, it was my pre-2020 mindset, right now I'm just waiting for the civil unrest or martial law to hopefully surprise me with a bullet to the head on the way to my wage cage.


Work for 1 year save as much as you can then fake a mental illness and live with your parents til they kick you out then kill yourself.


Any other wizzes go full retard and sleep deprived themselves? I started working full-time November 2019 working from 7 to 4, almost fell asleep at work a few times, now they love me cause I'm a star factory wagie who helps out and learned to fix things. I hate my job. I got into the habit of going to bed at midnight when my dad goes to bed and then I wake up at 6 am. but really more like 1230 to 545. So like 5 hours of sleep a night. I feel more and more dissociated from reality. Creative urges are a sliver what they were, my soul is gone I don't know how else to explain it. I just don't care about life anymore. Every day feels the same. I go hiking with my dad and I can't even connect with nature anymore, I feel like I'm not really there. Like it's a movie and I've moved further from the screen. I don't know if this is repairable, even during my 1 week vacation I didn't feel much better. My weekends are eaten by sleeping til noon. I fucking hate this and I hope I get fired soon.


File: 1622150683020.jpg (400.33 KB, 750x875, 6:7, 1590962281246.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like working from home but it feels weird sometimes, like Im losing at life.
Somwtimes I wake up straight to work, then sleep then rinse and repeat, the main difference is that is more literal this time:
>open my eyes and see my shift starts in 20 min
>take my pills, drink water and turn PC on
>work 9 hours in front of my work PC and my actual PC
>after work too tired for vidya or college
>choose to sleep early
rinse and repeat


What is your job? That makes work from home sound fucking awful honestly.


probably a normie programmer


>after work too tired for vidya or college
How do you people work and do other things like college? do you just have no free time at all can you explain this.

Working sounds horrible no wonder they have to pay people to do it no one wants to work it sucks.


Get certified in multiple professions. That way when you do have to work someday, you'll be prepared.


Anyone ever worked as an Amazon warehouse slave? It seems like only job I could get, they appear to employ anyone. I've heard it's hell but I need to get a job fast or end up living in a cardboard box


It's misery. They'll employ anyone because they realize they're lucky anyone's even applying with the bad rep those fulfillment centers have accrued.

Insane demand/quotas, on a very small staff group. You'll be running around constantly, no time for breaks. They'll hound you to take breaks but also give you a schedule so fucked that there's no way you can accomplish it all and still get a break. Every day will be exhausting as you move thousands of dollars of product around for them and then get paid like 70 fucking dollars for it until you throw your back out going too hard one day and they let you go.

Definitely beats being homeless, but yeah it's misery. Everyone I worked with was deeply unhappy, lots were on drugs and suicidally depressed.


This. From what it sounds like it's an utter shithole. That said I am happy it exists because it creates jobs and more jobs means more choice in jobs and eventually higher wages. Or at worst, a backup job if I go NEET and then can't get hired anywhere else when I'm done NEETing.


> Everyone I worked with was deeply unhappy, lots were on drugs and suicidally depressed.
at least they would be somewhat relatable I guess.
go NEET get the free money simple as that why work? if yoiu need a house the government gives you one if you need anything government gives it to you. Become NEET


>go NEET get the free money simple as that why work?
Exactly, which is why it doesn't work like that.


Go work at a chewy warehouse, the one I work with isn't as bad, they don't care about rates as much when you're new, and you can take some breaks but better not be longer than five minutes. Try to go to the docks if you ever apply, you just lift boxes as slow as you can and get paid for it.


I have seen ads on tv about how nice a place to work it is, their concern for ecological matters, the nice managers… there is something very jonestonian about it lol.


any place that has to advertise how they are a good workplace probably is not a good workplace. Can you link the ad?



Fuck it, I'd rather sleep in a doorway. What a world


I would but they're not in english.

..here are links anyway if you feel like watching this saccharine crap



File: 1622238607223.webm (2.02 MB, 638x360, 319:180, dangerous_wageslaves.webm) ImgOps iqdb

cant be worse than this


Holy fucking shit, just why?

I remember I worked in a place like this for a couple hours stacking wood and I was made fun of for being "retarded". It was pure hell and everyone there was on heroin and on my first day, they had me wageslaving to max capacity.

There was two new guys working that day, me and another guy. We both quit within 2 hours LMAO


Get Forklift licenses.
Always chill.


How. How the flying fuck is his arm not cut off yet?


the packing job could be nice if you had music playing but what a horrible job. Imagine doing this all day for shit pay and then thinking you are better than a NEET who just does what he wants all day because you are a slave.


I'm mentally ill and like working. I go into employment when I can and due to my problems I regularly get laid off.

Most employers like me but they lay me off after my depressive slump because I only come into work 3 days a week. It's typically "sorry, you're a good worker and we understand you have problems, but we need someone more reliable". I've gone through like 8 jobs over the last two years. I'm pretty qualified in many trades and I get glowing reports when I'm not in a slump, I get called in for casual jobs regularly for people too.

However, sometimes I get employed into places that chronically abuse their staff. They try that shit to me and I just don't come in the next day or bail after my first pay. It's unreal to me that these people take it. They've all been gaslit hard into it, and it's the most depressive thing to see. Like wtf, just go on unemployment and get another job? They're not bad workers and they're not stupid, it's pure gaslighting that induces it, plain and simple. The company always, ALWAYS, without fail tries to hit you with "We're the best company around and we expect the best!". Yet all the stuff about high standards is always an excuse to treat their workers like garbage.

That shit is sadder than NEETdom, a more depressive fate. And I just can't understand why these people put up with it. Imagine being a middle aged man being constantly demeaned by someone at work. In the third world, yeah, you have no choice, but you're not exactly going to die because you quit your job.


I find it funny, maybe it is genuinely my mental illness, but every dumb forced meme out of /tv/ makes me laugh. Sneed and Baneposting especially.


makes me not bother even reading your garbage post because you are posting amphibians on wizchan.


>do you just have no free time at all can you explain this.
Pretty much. You just clench your teeth for a couple years and enjoy time off like once a month.


whatst the point?


I wouldn't know, 'mild discomfort' NEETing provides or a job I chose is about enough I can tolerate for survival. Some people have a very high threshold for suffering in the name of 'success', either because of their programming, to support their parents or because they want to 'make it'. Probably outside factors like demonizing suicide by religion also plays a role. There's also the 'common good'.
I dunno man, I really dunno.



what is the best job manual labor job for a lazy neet? asking this because i don't want replies like just do crypto bro




Like other anon said forklift, or some factory job preferably the type that get's given to legal retards. Only problem is that places like these make your mind rot, but they're not tiring physically


File: 1622299892470.jpg (157.47 KB, 1024x988, 256:247, 1622258137180.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>How do you people work and do other things like college?
I did this for a year. Both things took 8-12h/day not counting commute.
Weekdays were a cycle: wake up -> uni/work -> work/uni -> sleep
Weekends meant doing uni projects at home.


I can't tell if this billboard is mocking people or not.


why dinsinfect? wouldn't that be counter-productive to do it excessively? and more importantly: why the fuck are you ordering me around


I'm guessing it's from Bongland which likes to embrace the whole 1984 thing.


i have no shame and dont give a single fuck what normies think. they know i have no life and i don't care.


"Proper bants" let's find that advertising intern and defenestrate him


Only getting 2 hours of sleep again tonight before work because I'm addicted to refreshing wizchan's dead boards


im literally retarded and autistic
a suicidal mess
i never went to high school
have no social skills
what do i do


I think night shifts are your best bet. Less people to deal with and most of the downsides don't apply to you because you don't have a social life that can be disturbed. I think delivery is good too, at least in my country you're still expected not to physically hand packages over to people due to muh pandemic. I don't know for sure though, I can't drive so I've never done it myself.

Don't work unless you actually have to though it's not worth it, you probably won't do shit with the money anyway.


File: 1622433395417.jpg (54.39 KB, 818x568, 409:284, 1590962102248.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Performance analysis for outsourcing companies, its sounds fancy but I just review reports from other people, double-check the info with the templates we have, point out whenever someone makes a mistake (that can be a graph just looking ugly or out of format to outright incorrect info) and make my own report that will be reviewed alongside the reports of other 2 guys.
Without the pandemic, I would be a textbook example of an office drone, its bureaucracy at its finest.
The concept of "time" is horrible, I remember when I was a dumb teen how the day was long, but in a good way:
>Yeah! I can play HALO 2 all day!
It was probably from 7 am to 8 pm, but I didn't think about it as 13 hours of vidya, my concept back then was a "day" now my concept of a day is something like this:
>wake up 30 min before the shift
>Take pills, wash face, make coffee, clean dishes or put it for later
>10 min before shift (still within the 30) start work PC, open tools, pass the security checks, leave everything ready to just start
>usually in the last couple minutes I check jewtube notifications, while also turning my PC on to put background music that will play at 40 volume through a pair of headphones above my printer, so whenever I need to talk to someone on the meetings or random check-ups they can't complain about the music (we can't hear music, its unproductive and to be fair it is)
the only things that matters here are two 15min smoke breaks (I don't smoke but if you do, you can request them) and 1 hour for food, which usually goes 30 min of me just looking at my ceiling and relaxing so then I can use the other 30 min to eat something or take a cold shower

After my shift is over, I turn off my work phone and turn on my home phone (that is usually charging while I waste my life), turn my chair to the left so now I'm facing MY PC just so I can hear some good music, and decide I'm too annoyed to use it, turn it off

Depending on the timeframe and tomorrows shift I do one of these 2
A)I have a couple of hours to spare
>Get some food 1hour or so
>Water my plants and say stuff like "you're a good boy aren't you" while doing it
>prepare everything for tomorrow, around 20 min
>usually I have around 1 hour and 40 some minutes to play or relax
>1 hour of college (homework, reading stuff, or plain old studying)
>1 hour to take a shower and get ready to sleep
>sleep or at least try to for a bare minimum of 6 hours (usually I can't sleep for the first hours and if so I start drinking, which only means stronger coffee in the morning)
I listen to ASMR pretty much all the time while doing anything mentioned above (except at the bath)
B) it's already 11 PM and my shift starts at 6:50 tomorrow
>Get happy
>I know I'm not going to sleep so I start drinking, playing vidya, watching vtubers or anime, and then start all over again.
I used to jerk off a lot but since march, I usually only jerk off like twice a month, I do apologize for copious amounts of text I had a bad day.


Time being never enough is truly distressing. These free few hours at the end of the day slip like nothing. You are supossed to use that time doing exercise, reading, socializing, basically living your life but the prospect of the incoming day of wage slavery ruins everything. I can't manage to do anything worth, I just want to indulge myself in mindless entertainment in order to at least momentarily forget the next dreaded day of work. Weekends are more of the same, that's the only time that I have for things I enjoy like literature but again the mere thought of the incoming monday kills everything. I wake up late, eat, browse the internet, watch some anime and that's my weekend. Seriously I felt better and more productive while I was neeting, this shit is mind dulling and inhuman.


Why are yuppies so thrilled about working from home? It may be a naive question, but if one can work from anywhere, would it not make more sense to hire foreigners with similar skills and qualifications for cheaper? Every one of these white collar professionals can't possibly be irreplaceable can they? Am I missing something, or is it them that do not see the writing on the wall?


They probably got enough to retire once it reaches that point.


>Why are yuppies so thrilled about working from home?
No traffic I guess.


They are seeing only the good part yet (no need to go to work, no traffic, no need to wear certain clothes, etc), but most lack the foresight to see beyond that.


I imagine their social lives would dry up somewhat although they all need to normalfag it up altogether to feel sane however if this was to continue for another generation the work at home people would have less social cohesion and likely to adopt whatever group think the internet and media expose to them even more.


I've seen on TV that some of them will live with like-minded yuppies in trendy, or not so trendy but cheaper locations like rural areas or gentrifying neighbourhoods. I hope they meet the same fate as the workers in manufacturing, mining etc that got squeezed out since the 70s. We'll see where their programming, social sciences and business degrees get them when millions of third world drones are threatening to replace them.


As someone working from home since march 2020, I've barely done anything.
I used to slack off a 10-20% of the time in the office. Nowadays I work a 10-30% of the day.


>however if this was to continue for another generation the work at home people would have less social cohesion and likely to adopt whatever group think the internet and media expose to them even more.

I don't mind this, after normalfags stole geek culture let everything dumb thing contained within it consume them.


>99% of jobs are soul draining black holes and 99% of people are brainwashed enough to accept and encourage it


Sad reality is, if no one does the job, how are we gonna get the stuff we use? Only automation can save us now.


most jobs aren't even necessary and needlessly made stressful and soul crushing over threat of our survival


Also all the little rules like exact way you have to do things which were decided by idiots ando nly make life harder at work annoy you. You have no autonomy or freedom to improve the process because they have to make the process something mouth breathing retards can do so you are constantly double handling things or whatever way it ends up being.


I agree with the rules thing entirely, it's so annoying that many jobs have to many rules too the point I forget some and they get pissed at me, christ this life sucks man, its just how it is, we gotta work these jobs till we drop dead and then it's over, this is our existence.


I agree. It's astounding to see how people is even proud of being a slave. Man, we are doing this shit to avoid death by starvation, nothing more.


File: 1622737377878.jpg (18.84 KB, 300x400, 3:4, fuckitall.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My boss gave me a hard time for getting time off. FOR ONE DAY. Seriously ONE MOTHERFUCKING DAY. I'm just done with it all.


Are you highly-skilled?

I'm working for minimum wage in a warehouse but used to work in an office. There isn't much out there though and I lack the enthusiasm to be a people person and deal with people again.


There is a labor shortage in my area because nobody wants to work anymore. My company has only been able to hire 2 people in the last 60 days despite 7 positions that need to be filled quickly.

Either they're on unemployment or they just don't want to work.



File: 1622813822803.png (281.19 KB, 552x534, 92:89, lobco clerk uprising soon.png) ImgOps iqdb

About to have a final interview on some new job verifying financial info.
If everything goes well I will out of customer service hell for good. Probably out of some hell to another.

Wish me luck.


I have a degree but anyone could learn to do what I'm doing with proper training in 6 months.


I'm gonna do it. After 2 years of doing nothing I'll go for the application and interview grind and I already hate it before I even started.


They want to automate my security site with camera/alarm software.

I'm scared wizbros. All I wanted to do was work an honest job.


File: 1622972244622.jpg (162.12 KB, 1255x971, 1255:971, 1622951689014.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone else just feel demoralized entirely and think the entire job market is arbitrary bullshit.


I am NEET so lucky I do not need to work but in what way is the job market not entirely shit? you are best to actually figure out a way to make money yourself and become another bossfag or something than working some shit job. What a dreary existence.


From what I can tell, half a decade ago work was mainly about work and not about social performance during coffee breaks. This is 99% what employers screen for during job interviews nowadays. Even if you have relevant education they can deny you the spot because you don't have the proper gossiper mindset. Which is why you ought to be vary of educating yourself if you're an autistic. The chance of just ending up with expensive loans to pay off while not having a steady income is pretty fucking high.
On the other hand if you're a social butterfly you can pretty much land any job you want regardless of skill level (once you've passed the formal criteria).


*half a century


won't your job become sitting in a room with a bunch of screens instead of making rounds?

it's always been about being more sociable


I knew a guy I grew up with who I was friends with in school, get a nice cushy job in management, even though he didn't have a business degree, mainly because his father worked for the company (even though he wasn't high up at all) and because he was a social Chad who was popular, with succubi especially. Keep in mind, except trade and manual labor jobs, it'll be succubi hiring you, so if you're a crab wiz who succubi hate, just give up on finding a decent office job, they'll never hire you, they'd rather hire an unqualified Chad instead.


Why did you add the word "crab" to your post?


It is. Nothing I was ever required to do for "work" was necessary or beneficial in any palpable way. It's all pointless and wasteful. This fake microcosm of bullshit jobs me and hundreds of millions of other pointless labour-drones are trapped in exists only because "the economy," which is firmly based on gambling and grifting, allows it to exist. Bullshit jobs are being perpetuated because they do indeed generate money when functioning within this fake dysfunctional system, but the system is removed from reality. It's burning actual resources to make theoretical green lines go up but there's no concrete gain in physical reality. It's a nightmare and it can only end in tragedy. What happens when this virtual economy that only exists in people's heads encounters hard restraints reflecting the state of the physical world? There's only so much electricity and food and building materials you can make while the human-made idea of "the market" demands exponential growth into infinity, forever.


File: 1623070596028.mp4 (932.88 KB, 640x360, 16:9, "I Don't Work Here No More….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Working online is better because if you're socially anxious you dodge the essential chit chat that you have to do with co-workers


What area is this, generally speaking?

I find the idea of a labor shortage so relieving, although I understand it isn't so for employers. The idea that I could walk out of my job and not have to worry myself to death over finding another job is a relief. While driving home tonight I saw a big banner outside a local warehouse saying they are recruiting staff, and I started laughing in my car probably because finding a job has been so difficult in the past.


That part I don't miss, getting in the elevator while people were chatting, or have to use the gnrl. printer while there coworkers just standing there, that's something I'm glad I no longer have to experience


Social anxiety/GAD is pretty much the one and only thing that makes living outside of neetdom unbearable for me. Really, how can a sperg like me cope?
Maybe I just don't want to work idk…


Nobody wants to work.


Hope it goes well wiz


I want to be able to work but i'm a NEET and I worked in the past. Maybe I can work just 1-2 days a week I think that would be nice.


Normals love working.


Don't worry, this labor shortage will end once their unemployment benefits are cut off
Then the wagies will go back to their cagies KEK


Kinda related. But I really do wonder how many lives "PepeNEET" on /r9k/ ruined. Teenagers are easily influenced, I'd say 30% of normie /r9k/ regular teens took the pepeNEET meme at face value and stunted their lives entirely through not working.


I feel like I am legitimately too mentally ill to hold a job, I never followed any meme, I feel like this is a poor life decision but I feel like I just can't change my circumstances


Probably the same amount that became trannies to jack off with that reiko guy.


Does the world look down at menial wagies or is it all in my head? I do wonder if I've been consuming too much 4chan shit.

I just feel dread at the idea of working a menial job in public like window washing because I feel like everyone will laugh at me and look at me like I'm a loser. It unironically feels like society treats me better as an unemployed NEET.

I feel like I'm locked out of anything worthwhile by some unknown force and that there's no hope or future. I'll be doing dumb unqualified work and laughed at for the rest of my life.


It is unfortunately true. For some reason people lost all respect for blue collar jobs.


NEET because disability and people tend to treat me with more respect if my limited interactions are anything to go by. When I get asked for money by a charity outside (when going to the doctors or other essential reasons to leave) I tell them I am a NEET and do not work. They apologize for pestering me and give a look that indicates they feel they made a mistake or bad for me.

I do not think you should worry about others judging and personally I would think someone working hard at fast food as an adult is worthy of respect but so is the NEET so I guess I personally do not care.


Do you actually use the term 'NEET'? I'd be shocked if anyone outside of the internet knew that word honestly


"NEET" is a legal definition in the UK and a common talking point in Japanese politics


they probably think your name is Nate and you don't work


Do you live in England or Japan, smartass?


Yes I just say the word NEET and health workers often understand the meaning as do lay people I guess from anime. I call people brainlets and normalfags irl though but people do not understand that only get really offended over brainlet.

People know what the word NEET is and if they don't and they should than they are probably idiots even psychiatrists know a lot about hikikomori desu


>I call people brainlets and normalfags irl though

Even Nietzsche thought manners were paramount


I'm well behaved to my own benefit and that is what counts I am not a rude person I made it seem like I go out and abuse strangersb ut that is not the case. Nietzche was pure cope that was his entire philosophy.


>selfish retard talk, much benefit

Into the trash you go.


File: 1623158607981.png (38.28 KB, 598x367, 598:367, kkk5.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Are people just refusing to work now?

There is a job shortage at my company too and my company has only been able to hire 2 new people in the last 60 days.


It could be that employers are pickier now more than ever and can't find their ideal candidate. They could be getting 100s of applications for each position. I think this "labor shortage" is fake. Remember that companies are getting pandemic assistance too. They can afford to keep looking for unicorns.


if the wages were decent and the businesses not at risk of closing because someone coughed in belize maybe they would not run into such a predicament? by the way are you the "working 50 hours a week with no days off" guy? you should be glad since you enjoy working so much, and if you don't, what's stopping you from claiming benefits instead, like that picture you have posted imply these lazy people are doing?


proud wageslave not-so-subtly shitting on people who refuse to work.
keep it up champ and you might become employee of the month one day.


Yes they all laugh at you. Even my dad is eternally disappointed me for being a factory technician wagie. Even though he'll never admit it.


>Are people just refusing to work now?
It is obviously not worth it to work is it Mr.Wagie; they do not value of the work to be worththe wage and being able to NEET.Even if your boss respects you for pulling your weight you are still a slve to these people.
Who would choose to work full time unless they loved their job? who? who wantst o do nightshift at mcdicks all week just to get a bit more money than bennies provide?


Hmm maybe if employers or HR could treat employees better, have less rules and restrictions, stop expecting them to have ungodly rates of work, and pay better. Then MAYBE they would have a fuckton of employees and make more money? But nah, fuck people amrite? It's all about the money, and nothing else!


Sooner or later they’ll have to yield.


>menial job in public like window washing
People will look at you and pray that you fall down and kill yourself for their amusement.


>It could be that employers are pickier now more than ever and can't find their ideal candidate.
Not to the point they would let the place not function.
WHY work when you get more for not working?


Oh no, they won't spend their lives being """"productive"""" while locked up in a cubicle. What tragedy.


They make more money by not hiring new people and letting the place shut down. This is why you'll hear about lots of businesses who don't hire more employees despite having "help wanted" signs posted outside their window. It's a sham.


You're right, I forgot how fucked "capitalism" is now.


>Go to work
>Come home for lunch
>Play games
>Back to work
>Come home
>Play games/watch anime
>Start drinking around 2000
>In bed by 2200
>Can barely remember what I had for breakfast that day
>As I'm driving back to work today think "What's my end game, what's the goal?"
>Voice in head says "This is end game, this is it"
>Think to myself this can't be it
>Deep down know it is


>antidepressaants stop working
>can't work full time
>expect to have to sell my house
>welfare office tells me I can earn $160 in wages and still collect NEETbux
>I can have two flatmates and not lose any of my welfare
>$400 NEETbux+$320 rent payments +$160 wages
>mfw I'm living a middle class life for being a mentally ill shut in
>mfw I'm gaining $30,000 in capital gains because of NZ housing market.

Why the fuck is the government like this? I've been telling people what's happening and they just get angry and resentful. Why the fuck would the government allow for this?


I'm still not sure what went wrong, I expected a firing squad after my graduation and the credits to roll.


>Does the world look down at menial wagies or is it all in my head?
They do. They're all just waiting for an excuse to shove their hatred in your face. They'll go out of their way to cause problems and will put their 'incredibly busy and serious' lives completely on hold for non negligible amounts of time just to let you know how worthless you are and how important and valuable they are. You should see how they relish in this, it's a psychopathic rush of sadistic joy. It's their other cocaine. They'll drag and drag you forever, knowing the rules of the job restrain you from exhibiting any reaction more severe than politely nodding your head and expressing your understanding. They know they could get you fired for any random reason and they know the minimum wage class is by design kept hanging by the skin of their teeth, one bad day away from losing everything and having to live or die on the street. They know they could immediately put you in a situation of life threatening danger, and playing with the idea intoxicates them.
The IT caste are especially in love with themselves and eager to stomp on lesser people. If you don't click things on a computer for a living you're just a lazy socialist bum who refused to bootstrap by their bootstraps. Completely unprompted they'll drop hints as to what hot shit they are at which giant megaconglomerate, and what a useless, lazy waste of capital you are. The interesting thing is they don't even need to go outside to buy shit anymore. They're so mindbogglingly overpaid they could just order everything online and have it all delivered by slaves, or have their homes rigged with smart appliances and furniture so they'd never have think about having to order anything again. They can easily afford that. They go shopping like the plebs because it's entertainment to them. It's abuse tourism. Impunity is still the one thing they can't afford but going to the minimum wagie punching bag emporium gives them a taste.

>some unknown force

That unknown force has a name. It's called nepotism/cronyism. Don't use these words around normies though, they don't accept their existence. Internalization of these terms would be hazardous to their universal, mass produced, prefabricated, collective ego. Remember that each and every one of them has convinced themselves they're self made men solely responsible for their own success. They put more effort into forming and maintaining this conviction than their actual work.


it's not good, you have to take it seriously and care about it. you have to do a good job, pay attention. that is hard. go to the countryside from farm to farm and ask to become a farmhand until you either collapse or someone takes you in. it must be easier to plow a field than do other regular kinds of jobs


Have been working for 25 days straight and when I take a shower before work, the water is always cold, so I have to rush through the shower and rush through drying off because it's so cold.

Currently wrapped in a blanket before heading off to work trying to become warm.


>50/50 chance of remaining pathetic, playing Minecraft into their thirties, never dating, never doing any exercise, getting fat and pathetic. They live like animals.
did you forget where you are?


We're having a wave of normalshit outsiders lately.


File: 1623493453392.gif (994.51 KB, 245x125, 49:25, 99E60A1A-DCBE-4D74-9192-94….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I travel for work.
Today I locked my luggage inside the rental car and deposited the keys before I realized. I had to call AAA and now I missed my flight. Now my flight plan is all fucked and I don’t even know what the fuck I'm doing.

God help me.


are you a serial killer?


Any retail wagies here? I graduated in 2019 and still cannot even get an interview for a data science job after sending out thousands of resumes. I suffer the humiliation day after day of dealing with more and more entitled customers. It's like people legitimately come to the store just to put the workers down and pretend that their lives are just so much better than ours. Just because they are momentarily allowed out of the cage of employment.

People have always been vile, mean and hurtful to me at my retail job and I could just stand there and ignore it. But now if you don't thank them for their verbal abuse they go to your manager and try to ruin your life. I'm legitimately just thinking of ghosting the job after 4 years of slavery.

I fucking hate that I cant ever get an INTERVIEW for work that I am good at and wouldn't suffer mentally and physically.

I genuinely hate normies now. I see how they get their validation from being hurtful and cruel to those they perceive beneath them; while happy to suck the dicks of those they perceive above them. It's such a farce.

I never wanted to become so jaded but retail during COVID has killed my opinion of the masses. Fuck all of them. Fuck the 'customer is always right' managers. Fuck this sick society that celebrates humiliating those struggling to make something of themselves.


I was in the exact same boat for a while, except I never even got a shitty retail job, they rejected me too. What saved me was grad school, apparently because of COVID there was a shortage of students and so I got in. Government jobs are a good option too, depending on your government’s current COVID status they may have begun hiring people again. A degree in data science gives you many options there, thing like the weather service or wildlife management modeling would probably take you. Good luck wiz.


>data science

lol serves you right you nefarious yuppie


File: 1623520429168.png (896.34 KB, 960x623, 960:623, 1447621442079.png) ImgOps iqdb

I started my first job as a cashier at 25. I'm glad I can rake up some money now, but what's worrying me is the path ahead. I want my own place someday but I have no fucking idea what profession I should aim that's reliable(stable income), isn't infested with shitty normalfags, and doesn't involve harsh physical labor (I had some physical issues since I was a kid). Blue collar sounds nice but I'm physically limited and I'm wondering if there's something out there that'll be 'right' for me.
Can anyone offer me ideas that'll work well for my circumstance?


What is nefarious about that?


Trade jobs like electrician/plumber?


They don't see the writing on the wall. Whites are no longer profitable in first world countries which is why they've gradully introduced cheaper, more complient slaves from the 3rd world via H1B and affirmative action. Getting all of the office drones to work from home must be a godsend for employers. Now once all the make-work jobs become obsolete and everything becomes automated, they can lay everyone off with a simple mass e-mail.


File: 1623525537125.png (259.23 KB, 564x301, 564:301, 340958290.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's one of those cases where everyone just assumes everyone will keep buying shit and pushing the economy even if nobody has a job and hence, no income.


You need to at least get a masters degree these days. Bachelors don't cut it anymore. The job market is saturated with new grads who are looking to start their first career. What did you expect?


I fucked up and said something that I was supposed to be working on all week would be ready on monday. Welp, it is Saturday night and I just started work on what I was supposed to do.

Now I am going to have to go in tomorrow morning and try to complete a week's worth of work in one day.


Plumbing sounds okay. I'll do some research once I've settled down more on my retail job. Thanks for the advice.
I thought COVID would be the wake-up call for normalfags to stop being such vain cunts, but they amplified their shit behaviors. Especially the tiktok nurses- christ you're not fooling anyone. The retail workers deserve more respect being the ones who mostly dealt with shithead people. Sometimes I wish corona-chan was lethal as they speculated.


>Sometimes I wish corona-chan was lethal as they speculated.
Me too Wizzie, turns out it was a scam to just pump the bags of those already on top.
I wish conspiracy nuts theories were real and vaxx'd people would start dropping like flies, but nothing ever happens.


File: 1623606703584.jpg (45.73 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 221717_510697606298_1488_n.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

got a new job with tons of responsibility and shit i need to keep track of. how do I cope, can anyone relate?


>how do I cope
quit immediately


>Manage to get a job
>Gubment backpedals chinkflu curfews cause ape people here keep getting it.
>everything closes at 6pm.
>Can't even go to the supermarket after work
I'd legit would get worried If I was living on my own with this shit.
I can see this shit going for a year or two.

>Karen cant have breakfast so there should be more slaves around for her.
How tragic.

I legit can't think of many things that make people want to die more than working retail. It's a like a cog system greased with human suffering.
Try your hardest to get out of that shit, no money is worth it. Good luck Wiz

You usually grow used to it. Or not and get fired.


where do you live?


I have those exact same hours and also wait for my dad to sleep first
It just bothers me if I can't get some zen time as the only one awake in the house before I sleep, idk how to explain it


File: 1623706462761.gif (1.87 MB, 498x278, 249:139, kurapika suit.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>college graduate
>finally get job a few months ago
>it's some shitty retail job
>get let go a month after getting my job
I can't do anything right can I


I don't know if I'm the one to give advice, but I recently started working as a part-time in a comfy retail store that's better than others. I think now is a very good find to job search because everyone is basically quitting due to covid unemployment gibs giving them more money, and retail jobs are actually desperate in getting more employees now. But eventually those stimulus checks will end so now is a VERY good opportunity to find a job (but don't quit your current job just in case it doesn't go as planned)

points to look for in finding a 'decent' retail job
>smaller store
>near small churches
>in a smaller community
I managed to find a grocery store I never knew existed. Use google maps or research a bit to see if the retail job meets the criteria.
Also after you applied, physically go to the store and go to customer service and ask if an employee can hand over a copy of your resume to the manager. It helps assure that you indeed exist and are there to work. Getting the name of the manager will help too just in case you want to call back to ask how the application process is going.

I don't know your circumstances well enough. And I can't 100% guarantee that following the criteria given will help you because it depends on where you live (urban shitholes will grant you less chances of finding a decent enough retail store), but it doesn't hurt to try. I hope my nugget of advice will be of use to you and other wizards.


I got a job where I get to work from home last year, but now that the things are starting to return to normal in the US the transition back to the office is starting and I’m filled with anxiety over it. I love being able to just work from home by myself and wear whatever I want and not have to worry my appearance or interacting with my coworkers. I wish I could just work from home forever


Back to waging abroad in less than a month. For now it doesn't seem like they demand the jab, but I wouldn't be surprised if they sneaked it in at the last moment.
Maybe things will go a little bit back to normal in 2022.


>Degenerate angry argumentative middle aged cunt that crybabies when he has to work under people he thinks he's above
>Management puts in him charge of others to avoid the drama because they're desperately short on staff,
>Younger boys perceive that good behavior goes unrewarded and just quit

This is such a common, stupid mistake that businesses make. What sort of myopia do these people have.


Working from home is the only kind of work I'm kind of willing to do anon, iktf. My anxiety has skyrocketed lately I simply can't be around people/normies at jobs


Just got scolded at work for not doing something by "procedure", then I showed him the procedure checklist guide and then he apologized to me and said he was wrong.



same day repeats over again but stress doesn't diminish regardless of numbers of repetition. why's that?


File: 1623867081485.jpg (55.49 KB, 640x336, 40:21, download (55).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This story brings me to the brink of depression, I don't care if he had a wife or whatever like the story entails. But the fact that he had the most painful death in the world over because companies wanted faster rates on there deliveries is fucking disgusting, two men died of radiation poisoning over something so fucking retarded and selfish. I'm glad the companies got shit over it but does it make it any better? I would be so pissed off if I was in his position, having my last final thoughts of pain and suffering.



>A gaming PC is like 1000$, you can save that up in several months no matter how poor you are
It's not possible to save without an income


This is why I don't care about co-workers anymore, they're all so insufferable and annoying. I simply want to work and go home, don't wanna deal with bs or getting shit on, if they don't like me, fuck em.


Not to mention gaming PC's are only for North Europeans or Americans (or rich East asians).

In most countries of the world average salaries are around $100 to $400 a month. 95% of it is spent on food and living quarters.

If you manage to save up even $30 a month from that, you are lucky.
In my crappy country with a median salary of $250, you are considered rich if you even have $1000 in savings.

Not wealthy but rich.


I LMAO so hard when people says "just buy a gaming PC" as if they were talking about buying milk & eggs.

I never had $1000 to my name in my entire life, and considering the fact that I can't really get a job I doubt I ever will.



After rent and expenses, I saved $1,900 this month alone.

My gaming PC with all my accessories only cost me like $800 or so.


Yeah as previously said you probably make far more than $500 per month, the vast majority of the people don't make that much.

It's easy to say "I saved a lot" when you make a lot, you already had an advantage compared to the rest of the world


i live in serbia and people make around 200€ a month here. rent is about 150€ so figure out how long it would take me to build a gaming pc

i use a laptop from 2005


Since you still don't seem to get it, let me spell it out: Most wageslaves in this world, who work 8-12 hours a day, only get a couple hundred dollars at the end of the month.
And not just manual laborers but people with university degrees.

You can be a career professor in a country like Moldova or Azerbaidjan etc. and they will pay you a pittance like $450 dollars. The vast majority of which you will be spending on rent for a minimalist 1 bedroom apartment. Have fun building a gaming PC with that.



What's funny is that I'm only a security guard too. All I do is watch cameras and do a patrol every so often while shitposting on wizchan /b/.

I get paid to watch youtube and shitpost on wizchan.


Lucky that you were born into a first world country. That's all there is to it really.


I didn't even have 1900 left after taxes when I wageslaved. This was in Sweden so you can imagine poorer countries.


Don't wanna go to sleep. it will be morning faster and I'll have to go back to work


This is why I'm learning g*rman.
I'll go there and wagecuck for a few months, save up almost all of the money
Then get back to my shithole and neet it up for quite a while
Sounds like an alright way of living, this is how most people are living in here and If you're from 2nd/3rd world you should too
MUUUUCH better than wagecucking everyday for months for pennies man


Indeed, I was getting my country's min. wage just by being an intern in a German company.


They keep trying to call me in on my days off.


I thought being semi nocturnal to begin with remote night shift would be okay, it's not, it fucking sucks. Horribly understaffed for like half the week and I'm just exhausted all the time so I can't even have fun besides the days off. At least I don't really have to talk to anyone I guess.

I'm weak and don't want to give up the gravy train though. Just 6 more weeks of this shit I guess.


I absolutely hated my shifts from 24:00 to 06:00, but I was getting up for another shift at 12:00 until 18:00.
Every day of the week.
For three months.


Because it's not the unfamiliaity that's causing the stress, it's the monotony of being trapped in a plastic Gehenna for the rest of your life.


Is anyone here an accountant? I'm on my first year in a meme online college, and after reading around it seens accounting is a boring, soul crushing job. Am I going to regret this?


Accounting and being a lawyer are probably two of the most soul-crushing jobs on the planet.

Study for it if you are an automaton drone with absolutely no personality or self-reflection.


One of my cousins got a degree in accounting then immediately regretted it and got another degree to do something else. Apparently it really does suck.


File: 1624388812055.jpg (24.81 KB, 403x403, 1:1, 1471372190560.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Request vacations
>Second time in a row that I receive a rejection
>Anon, were understaffed there were a lot of dismissals last month, so all vacations are getting declined.
Oh ok, now I get it, it makes a lot of sense everyone is deciding to go elsewhere or getting fired for retarded reasons, so for that we're gonna punish nice employees like me that follow the rules, and decide to stay here, yeah it makes a lot of sense.


The key part there to understand is “understaffed”. Yeah you probably deserve that vacation, but they want you there so they can keep doing whatever it is you do. Not hard to understand. However if they wanted to keep you as an employee they should offer you overtime pay for some of the hours you work while they are understaffed.


>It's not my problem that you're understaffed. You're management, you're supposed manage that.



Used to have that job before becoming a trucker, it's a very comfy job to be sure.


File: 1624424776573.jpg (250.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, commieblock.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I acknowledge that being a code monkey working from home is one of the best options for a person like me but still this job has its downfalls. I would be okay writing code alone under certain specifications but that never happens, planning is always a shitfest and the stakeholders themselves don't know what the fuck they really want. The most tiresome thing is this shit called scrum which is basically a form of exploitation, they always have you by the balls. Creativity, innovation and the natural pace one has to follow to come with new ideas are lost in order to deliver results as fast as possible, so you end writing shit code. Naturally, since there are no clear objectives most of the time is spent in meetings trying to figure what to actually do and the scrum master, who doesn't know about the technical aspects of the tasks, is always pressuring you nonetheless and scheduling retarded meetings that supposedly are part of the scrum framework but they are no more than status reviews. All this shit about metrics, progress, pace, etc is inhumane and ends killing your passion. All the mornings I wake up from bed with a feel of dread and emptiness.


Got skipped for promotion for the third time. The succubus keep getting it. Office politics. Im gonna slack, take sick days and do some smalltime sabotage. Its rigged.fuck it all.


Does the new job require socializing and more responsibility? If so, then you dodged a bullet.


Yes definitely. I guess im still ashamed some small normie ambition resides in me. I guess it hurts seeing other new people get a salary bump while it doesnt matter what you do. I should be content and do the bare minimum but it stil bothers me. Im burned out pretty much. Thx for the helpfull words wizzie, i needed that.


Most promotions are shit. A little pay bump with added responsiblities and headaches. You are indeed better off. And YES, try to do as little as possible.


What do you guys do for a living? I've been looking at job options while I still have covid unemployment coming in, but it all looks terrible. What's a good job for a wizard?


I'm gonna touch you
>However if they wanted to keep you as an employee they should offer you overtime pay
Oh yeah m8 that would be awesome, but you know why there's so many people getting fired/quitting? my company has 2 schedules I mean still 8-hour shifts but 4 hours in open time, which means taking random calls for people with issues either to solve them or to make an appointment which takes place in the next 4 hours, BUT in those first 4 hours whoever contact us has to pass a verification process because we deal with important stuff like SSN and regardless if they pass that process or not they'll receive a survey (did this guy suck?) and if yto0u get 7 in a row you're out, meaning if in one day you got 6 calls in which the niggers didn't know the info on their accounts and decided to rate you poorly, you just lost your job, you coulk follow the rules you could follow every single procedure, yet your future is in the hands of a bunch of retards, thats what scares me, like the actual job is awesome, in open time we get like a call every 15 min or so, and in scheduale time if you fix the problem fast you can spend one hour just fooling around till next apointment, btw sorry for grammar im drunk as of now.




Thanks for replying. When I worked in a bakery department of a grocery store on nights, sometimes I'd mop up the place when the evening crew couldn't get the time. In those moments, while just sort of cleaning and listening to my music in the dark at 2 am, I felt not-terrible. I think if janitorial work paid enough to survive where I live, I'd go for it right away. I'm not particularly ambitious. I wouldn't mind just doing something that I could walk away from at the end of the day. Something that wouldn't consume my life. Long as I can pay for the rent on a 1 bedroom place, along with internet and electricity, I'm fine. But rent in my state is insanely expensive.I don't want to live with random people.

It's all so shitty. Right now my crappy job only works because I live with my family and we split the rent. But as soon as something happens to them, I'm so screwed. That anxiety eats me up. I was thinking about going into tech or IT or something just because it pays so well, and maybe I could even do a remote thing, but ugh I just can't get interested in it at all to learn it


Living with roommates sucks so bad. Janitorial work is a good option too if you find one that pays fine. Also night security guard and what about the hotel front desk night time guy? I tried to learn coding once but gave up fast, that techy stuff holds no interest for me either.


>Tomorrow wasted on physical examination.
>Next week consumed by full-time 5 day training.
>Have to go back to work the Monday after that.
I will work abroad for at least 4 months, last time it was nearly 6 months due to Wu Flu. Just hit me I'm about to go back. I want to cry.


I'm fucked. My boss declared it's now safe to come back to the workplace. No more working from home, no more e-meetings. I CANT GO BACK TO BEFORE,I JUST CANT!!! Please Coronachan, PLEASE MUTATE, become stronger and bring it all down!!


Are normalfags rejoicing over this change? I'd imagine many of them are happy to blab at each other face to face again.


is this the guy who bragged about doing nothing at home and getting paid for it?


Yes, some were smiling in the meeting and couldn't wait to "catch up". Majority were disappointed though. I'm just hoping covid infections will increase again so i won't have to deal with them.

I'm not that anon.


some may be happy they won't be replaced by indians just yet?


That sucks, wiz. We knew it would end eventually. My boss hasn't said anything, but this is probably my last year of working from home, if nothing seriously changes. These two years have been an absolute blast, to be honest. It didn't even feel like a job.

I wish he would say "fuck the lease" and move us to remote work permanently, but there's still that "having offices makes it more professional for the clients" at the back of his head probably.


File: 1624647976369.jpg (42.73 KB, 517x643, 517:643, 1624545330187.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>wage being raised from €10.49 to €10.72
>company makes a big deal out of it and expects us to be thrilled


File: 1624669925021.webm (207.85 KB, 276x336, 23:28, 1621244954144.webm) ImgOps iqdb

The last year where I was 'forced' working from home pretty much every day and never left my house probably was one of the best years of my life and now that covid is nearing its end my slave ship immediately forces me back there full time. Basically zero chance of even continuing with only home-office day. I'm going to fucking kill myself.


but muh delta variant?


>Wage stays the same for years
I'm begininning to comprehend why they replace us, second worlders, with third worlders.


My first job was at a unionized grocery store. Starting rate was slightly above min wage and increased every couple hundred hours worked. For the most part, you got no bonus for the amount of positions you can do. Being an idiot, I worked really hard at that job and ended up working grocery, cash, customer service, dairy, freezer, and price change. Also picked up overtime whenever asked so I moved up the pay tiers at a good rate. At the time the government had plans to increase the min wage from $11.xx to $15 over the next couple years. The union was also doing renegotiations to get starting wages higher and increase faster year-to-year than the planned min wage increases. After the union "fought hard" over many months and threatened job action, the min wage was bumped to like $12.75, but pay tiers were changed from every couple hundred hours to every couple thousand thus screwing with those that had been there for 1/2 to maybe over 3 years. My pay went up slightly but it felt kind of absurd having over 2000hrs in multiple departments working the front end managing and helping cashiers and knowing that I make the same as a new hire.


That could have been me. Recently we were forced to go to the office on a friday and have lunch after work.
Aside of lunch taking 4 hours, I was mentally exhausted after 4 hours of work. There is no way I'm able to go back to 9-10 hours of work every day with 3 hours of commute (back and forth).
I'm fairly sure the boss will force everyone back as soon as vaccination reaches the 70-80% eu objective. At this point I'll probably quit and see how long my parents tolerate me being a neet.


Thats brutal, I can at least sleep in. I do 18:00,-5:00 but 4 days a week, also for 3 months.


fuck a gf, or social life. I just want a functioning brain that will let me get through school so I can get some cushy office job in cs or IT. I'm considering going back to work construction again because I CANNOT do school. I feel like I might be just taking the "easy way out" that will turn out being way harder once the reality of working construction hits me again and I hate my life. I feel like I'm just making an excuse for my shortcomings in school and maybe those shortcomings will stop me from doing anything successfully.


You can get a cushy job in CS or IT without a degree. I dropped out in my third year because I couldn't stomach the school work and social interaction, it just wasn't for me.

Work on your github projects or try to get into an internship at a local company or something. Even if it's unpaid, if they see you know your shit, they'll just hire you on the spot. Just think of it like an extended interview, a way to demonstrate your knowledge. It's also a good way to see if you actually like the job, without wasting 4 years on a degree and realizing too late.


Yeah, it was also on a ship with accomodation on the bow so in winter there was the added bonus of not being able to sleep on your time off due to slamming.
Barely lasted a year in this job.


sounds like a pasta. too well formulated and concise, and too much personal information given away. likely a pasta, or just a joke


Very sad if it is true…


"cushy" jobs in IT/CS are so rare that even getting masters/phd is not good enough. Such a thing would be like winning the lottery and depends almost entirely on networking, having friends and charisma


>get factory job
>It's €10.20 an hour
>first two weeks are fine
>doing fine production work on the line
>stated on my CV I have a degree
>factory guys wet themselves
>suddenly get put in charge of a manger role position
>Go from comfy having to talk to no one to talk to countless amounts of retards
>three bitches on the line make my life a misery
>forklift team are bloody useless
>takes them two hours to move boxes 400 metres as all they do is drink heavily and do drugs
>guy training me gets mad at me for making mistakes
>want me to drive a forklift without a licence, manage a warehouse and deal with cleaning the place up
>try to tell the management I don't want the manger tier role
>state it's too stressful and I have only been here 2 weeks
>they say not to worry
>eventually just walk out one night
>couldn't handle the bs anymore
Neet life is back bois


Either you've never had one of those jobs or your experience so far has been so skewed that you think it's reality. The only way I can see one of these jobs being stressful is if you're just really bad with computers and every day your boss is talking about something you don't understand and you're just way over your head, counting down the day they realize you're a dud.

The most common experience in IT/CS is that you get to spend a lot of time ALONE on the computer and nobody really knows how much time things take to get done, not even other programmers, so you can just slack off like 90% of the time, at least if you're not a complete dumbass.


Almost all these jobs have constant socialisation with daily bullshit like meetings, standups, voice chats, conference calls. It is a very social, teamwork based job. Further, in the current environment someone without experience is fucked trying to break into the market unless you are in the US since there is a surplus supply of new graduates. Not everyone here is hypersocial normalfag that isnt stressed by this.


The situation is black and white when you compare a new graduate to a someone with any relevant work experience


>good morning wiz, so what's the status on tasks 123 and 1234
>123 is done, waiting on QA to pass 1234
>alright, can you deal with 3456 today?

>hey bro, you wrote this class back in 2012, what's the deal with this error? <screenshot>

>oh yeah, i remember that, you just gotta…

>hey wiz, i don't understand this new feature, can you do a quick rundown for me?

>sure <share screen> yeah, so this button does this, and this input takes in that
>ah, much better, thanks

This is the extent of my "socialization". Nobody expects you to be the life of the party at these meetings, just technical talk combined with some basic human politeness.

Of course, your experience might vary the more you go into "management" so having some amount of "bedside manner" with potential clients is expected, but again, nobody is asking for you to do stand up comedy at the stand up meeting. And you can always direct your career to go towards more technical roles, rather than ass kissing ones.

>someone without experience is fucked trying to break into the market

I just explained how you can get in with zero experience. Just do an internship, there's formal ones you can sign up for or you can just ask at local companies. You can spend a month or two just helping out, getting relevant experience (much more than uni) and you can usually get hired, unless you can't write code worth donkey shit (unfortunately there is no going around this, unless you have a really tight pussy I guess)

I'm not sure what you mean.


Yes I can't cope with that for hours 5 days a week, even if it is just technical talk and human politeness. Even if I have emails coming in I can never get into a flow state and just suffer in constant anxiety

In my country you are not allowed to do unpaid internships and companies only accept current students for legal reasons.

You are still greatly understating the amount of communication. Imagine a situation like pair-programming.

>I'm not sure what you mean.

Senior developers are in extreme demand and can get great working conditions with a lot of freedom. New graduates will be lucky to get anything at all and will need to be trained more, so they will usually have to survive a trial-by-fire in terrible conditions


In my experience the daily job is like:
Work one hour, time to disrupt my workflow with the daily meeting. I'm lucky if someone doesn't decide to postpone it 5/10/15 min in the last second, effectively killing your workflow AND leaving you with dead time, not long enough to do anything.
After 10 minutes of mental diarrhea from some guy who has to explain every single irrelevant detail it's my turn to talk.
I completed/will keep working/will grab new task.
Then pm asks when it's going to be done, because they sold it to a client 3 months ago and they keep pestering about it. Also they need a new feature ready by next week or they won't be able to close a sale.
If you decide to talk about something in more detail "at a later point today" it won't happen. You either force them to talk with you right after the daily or consider you'll have to do/decide whatever on your own, and they'll complain about the decision later.
I randomly get interrupted 5-10 times the rest of the day, half of the time it's chat messages, the other half direct calls. The reasons are usually:
user: they need something they can't do themselves, like exporting X data or configuring certain things for a client
pm: wants to talk about a new task/feature/rewrite/is trying to do something in sql
random engineer:
>Hey feature X is not working can you check service Y?
It's down in Azure nothing we can do about it.
10 min later..
>Hey it's still failing did you check it?
It's azure.
30 min later…
>Hey it's still down are you going to check it or do I have to do it because they keep telling me it's not working and my code is fine, the status page shows everything is ok
It's azure
X time later
>It's working! Did you fix it?

Also, more often than not those "features/taks we need to complete immediately" stay in qa for a week, come back with some stupid shit like "let's change label foo to bar" and stay another week in qa.


I think the social aspects are survivable, if you're a competent dev. You can always fall back on your technical knowledge. Too shy to ask a co-worker for help? Fuck it, you'll figure it out on your own eventually. As for the workload, the bigger the company, the less you have to worry about since there's proper channels for everything i.e. QA checks your work, some DevOps guy deploys the application, some support dude handles bug reports and tickets etc. In smaller companies, your responsibilities are a lot more dynamic (to say the least) and sometimes you're sitting on your ass and sometimes you're handling too many things. However, you're less expendable like that compared to just being a small cog in the machine in a long-chain. Software development is quite a broad field, so you can move around until you can find a place you're comfortable. Web dev is pretty comfy, especially front-end work where you're just changing a banner or some colors half the time anyway.

There might be some legal issues around internships, but most companies don't really give a shit and will just keep you off the books. I got my first internship after high school and I made mobile apps for the summer. I got paid a little cash off the books at the end, but they said I could start working there if I wanted. Ended up going to Uni instead.

>pair programming

This is kind of a meme, but I do occasionally have to sit beside a co-worker and just figure something out. Usually I'll just watch while they step through a debug, maybe ask for the keyboard to input a line or two of code. Not really a big deal, unless it's like a female and she notices your sweating.

I think the most difficulty I've had with this career is with presentations. I always try to get out of those if I can help it. I'm not good at presenting information in front of many people, especially non-technical people, so I just let my teammates shine in that regard. The caveat is that shit like that gets noticed, so you get passed for promotions, although I consider that dodging a bullet because I'd rather code than be a manager i.e. professional bullshitter.

>Senior developers are in extreme demand

It balances itself out, doesn't it? Obviously companies want people with experience and knowledge, but that means having to pay them more. You can get in as a entry-level dev, you're just not going to be paid as much as the heavy hitters, as should be expected. The problem might be that you'll still be expected to perform like a senior, despite getting paid like shit, but that depends on the company, I guess.


It'll be a repeat of last time, and I can't fucking wait.
>normies downplay the delta variant's effectiveness
>try to keep life going as normal
>it decimates the older population and fills hospital beds all over the country
>still "everything is fine, nothing to see here"
>at last, it kills a child, maybe infects an entire school and makes national headlines
>"think of the children!"
>entire country goes back on lockdown again
>more fat gubmint checks for just sitting around at home
>all offices required to do work from home
>american normies cry about their freedom and skirt the rules, inadvertently create a sigma variant in a few months

This exact same thing happened to me when I worked in grocery. As soon as I learned that I was making the same as a new hire despite carrying my department, I put in my two weeks notice and fucking left.


>Working for the Jews
>For free
No thanks, I would rather be a NEET and then kill myself when I can't sustain that any longer or when I get bored.

The job market is fucked up indeed.


kako ide život, pobratime?


I'm being forced to work doordash with my mom and bro in the car.
It wouldnt be to bad if I got to keep the money and they didnt go with me, I hate my family.


This. Imagine working for free for some fuck who already has tens of millions of dollars.

Fuck this world.


Landing a junior dev role is impossible unless you know someone who is already in this field and is willing to help you out. Anyone who tells you otherwise is delusional or lying because they want to convince themselves that they broke into the field on merit rather than pure luck. It's getting harder to find a job every year as the industry is flooded with CS grads. It's the same thing with the rest of STEM too. More engineering, physics and similar grads have created a saturated job market.


what's the point if the three of you ride the same car?


Internships are a common way to get relevant experience. It's a quick way you can demonstrate your knowledge while also testing out if you like working there while also getting some networking contacts. Think of it like an extended interview, that you can quit at any time and looks good on your resume at the end.

It's not like you do "real" work anyway, they usually give you a simple assignment that you can handle by yourself. You get to shadow real devs, see their workflow, attend meetings, and occasionally they'll give you a real task if you can handle it. 9/10 times they'll just hire you if you actually know how to code. And if they're not complete jews, they'll at least pay for gas and give you free lunch and some kind of compensation at the end.

I basically researched local companies in my town, asked if I can intern, they said it was cool. Worked on a couple mobiles apps while I was there, learned how to do that from scratch. I also helped out on a ton of other projects people were working on. I didn't really like the environment so I didn't stay as an employee, but I still occasionally get emails from the manager there about mobile app projects.

For my current job, I just applied and did an interview. Told them I would attend Uni at the same time but ended up dropping out pretty quickly cuz doing 8 hours of school every day was not as rewarding as just getting paid to write code.

Lol, it's not a cabal, dude. You don't have to spend ten years killing for them to become a "made guy". People get hired every day, even shitters that attend javascript bootcamps. Just work on your resume and if all else fails, suck up your pride and just do an internship since it's better than sitting on your ass all day.


You're simply wrong and those other posters right.

Here (in Germany) there is no such thing as unpaid internships, you start as an apprentice and you get paid 70-80% of a professionals wage.

Nobody in their right minds here would work for free even in an internship or apprenticeship. What a sad slave mentality.


my mom doesnt want to feel as guilty about taking my money and my bro is mentally retarded and car rides soothe him.


Volunteering? You don't even get paid for that shit.


File: 1624911949225.jpg (29.74 KB, 298x403, 298:403, Waiting-Skeleton2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm so fucking autistic I've got a basic IT Job but I'm too much of a sperg to ask for help so I just die inside everyday.


How did you get made fun of for being retarded?


File: 1624917082730.jpg (20.52 KB, 300x273, 100:91, You.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Underageb&? There was a giant wave of young Germans trapped in unpaid/low paying internships after the 2008 economic crisis and people still kinda are to this day, it even coined the whole term "generation praktikum" (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_Praktikum). Considering the german state these days actively tries to keep people in the educational system as possible to milk them dry (as long as you dont work you usually create profit instead of getting paid) and lower unemployment numbers this will result in every retard getting an university degree and since employers now can't distinguish between good/bad workers anymore they'll just hire them for cheap and to "gather experience" first, sending the whole situation into a death spiral. A win/win for the corporations/politics at your cost as usual.


GP as a term mostly applies to the huge masses unemployed academics who can't find a job.

There is no problem finding manual labor here, I work in a Bavarian car plant (not hard to figure out the company) as an apprentice and I get 3900 euros a month.


>I work in a Bavarian car plant as an apprentice and I get 3900 euros a month
I sure love being born in a shithole


>factory wagie
>hate my job it's the same shit over and over
>fucked up sleep schedule
>become very competent with certain machines, they always ask me for help
>get raise as of this week, $18 an hour
>hate it more than ever and now I'm trapped cause I can't make the moment anywhere else
I keep praying I get fired. Thank god I stayed living at home and saved over 45k. They've also been forcing me to train a normie the past couple weeks so my life sucks even more.


I hate training new people. The last one quit lol so now i can leave early without any witnessess.


NTA but I quit a job just because they decided to start doing performance reviews soon.
The social experience of negative feedback like getting fired would be worse than being unemployed or many/most forms of physical pain.


I'm back at the office, just wanna die. Fucking piece of shit covid, get your act together and return.


First soft 'recommendation' to get vaxxed for my job.
So far I just say I will, but I won't.
I'll see how rest of the year goes before I decide should I or not. Hate this world.


Delta variant is seeing a rise in cases all over the united states. I'm hopeful we shut down again.


I got back this week too
luckily, the leaders in my country are somehow able to confidently say that the next wave will happen in late august. I'll survive that long


You use the word cabal, because you know it sounds silly/spooky as a way to dismiss the claims as ridiculous, but that's exactly what it is. Once you get past basic knowledge of a certain field, success in this world is based on knowing the right people or luck. There is no middle ground.

"It's a big club and you ain't in it."


File: 1625380361175.jpeg (32.15 KB, 391x376, 391:376, 0e6ba662d61a7062316a1edb9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Do any former NEETs know how to enter the workforce with little experience/no degree

Not sure where else to ask this


apply to any chain restaurant


Which country do you live in? In every English speaking nation and probably Western Europe, there's always factory work that can't be automated and requires no former training. Search for 'employment agencies' in your area. A lot of times their websites and offices will list a bunch of openings for prestigious office work, but every single one also has contracts with factories in dire need of assemblers. Absolute bottom of the barrel stuff intended for immigrants who don't speak your country's language. It can be tough, but such places are always desperate to make quotas for whatever automotive manufacturer they need to make parts for, so don't expect to get fired for falling behind.

Three times in the past 5 years I've gone in to such places and proudly touted that I have absolutely no experience or education, and every time they offered a choice of many jobs. All minimum wage mind you, but nevertheless there are more companies desperate for worker ants than there are workers willing to stand in a factory line. Just being literate and punctual in your country's native language makes you an employee worth training in the eyes of these agencies.

In the absolute worst case, you can claim addiction or mental issues. There's this weird goldilocks zone of mental stability where the government sees you fit to work but not for conventional jobs, so they will hand you a counting ticker and pay you to count bicycles passing by. In my city there can be seen guys who go around with weedwhackers trimming around bushes and signs, and while not fully retarded, they all display definite mental health problems. If you have former diagnoses, aim for such work.


I imagine jobs with high-turnover rates like Amazon won't be too picky.


File: 1625541755011.jpg (307.37 KB, 2048x1011, 2048:1011, 1584401741260.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Unpaid Internships do sound gay but its better than being 500k+ in debt because you went to college (fucking all of them). The only time its unacceptable to intern is if you went to college. Fuck colleges, they're a waste of tax payer money and makes young people stupider than they are now.


Someone posted positive at the office, so we are going back to working at home(temp). Rejoice fellow slaves, covid is back and its a matter of time before we lockdoN again.


I never wanted to kill myself so bad due to a job. Only reason I keep on going is because I think I will snap soon and just freak out so they will lock me up or I'll have an accident on the way to work and I welcome that.



File: 1626045033597.jpg (288.96 KB, 1280x851, 1280:851, 1465504064291.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fuck baby boomers. Every single shitty customer I had to deal with is a baby boomer. Entitled, disgusting, shitbags that can't die sooner.
>first time as cashier
>struggle with entering a couple of coupons
>baby boomer hag starts getting mildly annoyed
>tries to gang up on me by going up to the next customer(who is also an old lady) and talks about how disgusting I am
>I try getting it over with as soon as I can
>card reader thing has been going laggy because its some old device
>she REEEEEEE's and begins slamming the card reader and proceeds to scream at me
I really wanted to snap back at her and say "I hope covid rapes you dead" but I was in those small communities, and I had to play along and be amicable or else I would literally get fired.
I wish covid WAS the lethal boomer remover. I bought into the hype but of course nothing actually ever bad happens to bad people.

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