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Why do you still cling to this disgusting existence you endure wizard? What hold you back?


Because regular society takes joy in people like me killing myself, so I am denying them that joy by enjoying my life as healthily as possible and stretching it out to 100+ years if possible.

My country also has extensive neetbucks so I can have another form of revenge by simply existing and draining its resources.

I had severe depression when I was in my 20's but now I'm somewhat serene though I still have depression.

There is no longer a reason to suicide. I've renovated my home to look nice, I have about €30,000 in savings, an acceptable car and no health problems or medications.

And since I prefer solitude to human company, life is pretty much perfect at the moment. My window of suicide has already passed, that was in my early-mid twenties when life was an absolute shitshow.


I honestly don’t know. I just turned 30 and I’ve felt like I’m watching the rest of the world through a TV screen of my eyes. I feel like Im spectating on a game that I’m not a part of.

I haven’t felt participatory for 5-6 years. Nothing about my surroundings elicits any kind of feeling anymore. Not the sunset on the beach, not the summer, (admittedly autumn still has a feel), but the novelty of existence has completely worn out. I almost romanticize my feelings of forlorn and melancholy. Even if I travel to a different country, I might as well have just stayed in my room.

So at the end of the day I guess I just lack the mental fortitude to kill myself. I can’t “imagine” that pure nothingness is better than this life. I don’t have a desire to die, but life is a bit tiresome.


Waiting until I die is 100% effective suicide method and I don't want to botch it.


A sense of complacency although I can feel my resistance being worn down. Every day, I walk almost an hour and yet I never lose any weight. The only thing I have accomplished is wearing down my feet and knees. I am putting miles on my engine and getting nowhere. Each day passes with zero accomplishments aside from necessary chores. My hours invariably consist of browsing one or two websites until it is time for bed. My existence has become that of Sisyphus: rolling the boulder up the hill only to watch it roll back down in perpetuity.


Every suicide method is imperfect, and my access to methods with high percentage chance of killing me is restricted. With my luck, the method will fail and I'll be stuck as a vegetable for decades, which is hell.
I'll probably wait for euthanasia to be legal so I can rest easy knowing there's a 100% chance of death.


Two reasons, actually:
1. There hasn't been a foolproof suicide method invented yet and I don't want to suffer in agonizing pain or end up as a vegetable.
2. The normalfags want people like me to off ourselves, so I'm not giving them what they want.


File: 1621826654627.jpg (110.8 KB, 716x640, 179:160, py3wj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes they take joy in our suffering and likewise, hedonism and copes don't take away the existential dread and brainrot, plus some wizzies here are really suffering I know I am so suicide is rational just waiting for apocalypse and fucking with normies is my reward but it causes more suffering ironically lol


I lack resolve since i tried once and failed, anyway im not able of even thinking about violent ways for it, is gas or pills for me.


Going for two rat poison pills in the near future.i am afraid it will be inhumanly painfull but I have no other methods t>>240421
hat will work for sure


Quantum immortality.


nothing. i'm waiting for a momemt when i'm alone at home for a moderate amount of time.


Do you not have access to rope and a doorknob?


Unironically no

also was thinking of alcohol poisoning,tips?


>alcohol poisoning
Why bother
Even with benzos you may not die alcohol alone very unlikely as people drink until passed out every day


I think it will work tbh
I have never drinked till I passed out also last time I drank was 4 years ago.i was thinking I could add some meds to the mixture but where I live there is no way I can get something effective. Another plan is: fast for 12hr get drunk and slurp a cup of dish washer fluid. dunno what to do


You seem too restarted to discuss the topic with also you need to be at least 18 to post here


I'm 21


Well you post like a kid. Why do you want to die?


yes just wait, wait for another excuse not to do it. he cant even kill himself what a pathetic person


It's because I do not speak English very well/never had a conversation in English so I cannot give my phrases the sense I'd like to give them
And the result is the cringe kid writing style you already saw.

I have made bad decisions and basically fucked my whole future life. Haven't graduated highschool bc father told me it will be useless since he had plans for my future couldn't object his decision and lot more for I guess fear.childhood was a nightmare.been lonely my whole life never "hanged out" with anyone and bla bla


Not to sound like a normalfag but you are still young your future is not yet written in sand try to find your own path. You are in a confusing part of life the transition to adulthood it may likely get worse but you can find peace within yourself. It is worth trying before quitting but its your life.

Not saying to become a normalfag regardless strongly consider taking DMT before ending your life because it may just help.
Good luck


I don't think it will get better. A goal would be moving out but where? There is no job(for someone without a dilpoma who never worked)anywhere that can give you enough money to sustain yourself .Dmt is out of reach for me . regardless thank you for your time I really appreciate it.


DMT is easiest drug to get the material it his in is legal in every country in its raw state. Not to patronize you but your response shows how limited in scope your view is and how you are philosophically yet to wake up.

Chase your goal it won't make you happy but actually moving will even being homeless living in the moment is more rewarding than stagnation. The rules of the game are fixed but can be exploited.

Or choose death but you hardly know if the state after life will be better no one does so meditate on it. Do as you please but at least ring out whatever thou can from life first instead of troubling yourself over trivial things like being a misshapened cog in the machine.

I am pro choice and pessimistic it just is a true shame is call but after all it is likely better never to be as far as our limited understanding of life can see.
Read and think school DOES not teach you how to think and beyond the prestige of a degree holds little value.

Half your issue may be how the system social/cultural has shaped you and you need to expand beyond conditioning.


True , but then again everyone has his own problems and the respective solutions on how to cope with them.killing myself wasn't something I came up with all of a sudden . I've been thinking of it since around 13 and life only kept getting worse to the point that i don't care on what's waiting for me in the other side I just want to be gone .man that sounds like teen succubus suicide note but there is no other way to put it.
For the dmt thing …if only you know we're I live


Whatever you do do not do the way you alluded to.


I think rat pills are the way.
Thanks for your patience you seem a nice person godspeed


Not having a peaceful way to do it. If there were a center where they hook you up to a machine that lets you fall asleep peacefully, then I'd wait until my mother passed away, burn through my savings traveling and seeing the world, and then make my last stop the deep sleep center.


At the age of 29.5, I am experiencing my wiz-life crisis. I need to go completely off the rails and disobey my own programming or else it will be my undoing. I don't think it can be done. My brain just switches off if I step away from the computer.


I had an acquaintance who killed himself and I saw the pain it caused his family and friends. I don't want to do that to my parents I can keep living until they're gone.


What's up fellow 29.5er. I was born in Jan 92, you?


Fear and cant tie a rope


Waiting for a miracle to a happen I guess


pain and fear of unknown


Figure I'll be dead anyway after I'm on the streets from not working so it doesn't really matter. Not sure how hobos die but I assume it's either from disease or getting killed by a passerby.




I know edgy wizkids will shit on me for this but; fear and guilt.
I am simply put a coward. I know how to do it, I have the means, yet I can not bring myself to. I do not particularly enjoy existance but I'm afraid to die. I wish to simply not exist. To die in my sleep after a long night of drinking would be my ideal.


it's a sin


File: 1621971681879.png (1.4 MB, 1000x706, 500:353, wrongpath.png) ImgOps iqdb

I fear death is not the end. How many times have we done this? Can you change anything? I just want eternal oblivion. You still gonna die though as a pathetic prisoner. Maybe i'll get the answer before dying and crack the gnostic paradox and unite with god aka nothing.


My OCD is to blame, I believe. I always have difficulty letting things go, even if the rational part of my mind knows when it's time to quit. Whenever there's a failure or loss of some kind, the chemistry of my OCD brain makes it such that I go through repetitive cycles of panic, rage, and despair, with repeated futile attempts to try again to force it to work because I can't accept reality.

>When I accidentally break something.

>When I lose in a video game.
>When I vow to "never do [something] again"

Whenever a normal person experiences anything like the above things, they seem to have very little trouble giving up and moving on with their lives. But whenever it happens to me, I may reluctantly give up for a period of time but I almost always go back to try and fail to make it work again, re-opening the wounds over and over perpetually, scarring my mind with trauma. Because, for me, there's nothing else to "move on" to. OCD makes it where my brain feels like it's on fire until I finally make everything right, the way my OCD brain thinks things are "supposed" to be. Since that's incompatible with reality, my brain feels like it's constantly on fire whenever I think about how far things are from how they "should" be. My life is in ruins, the world is in ruins, all far beyond the point of no return, but since my suicide would technically not actually fix or undo the damage, the notion of being dead brings me no peace or relief of any kind. I know it's completely over, I know I've lost everything, I know the damage can't be undone, I know I should let it go and accept the loss and put an end to my pointless suffering, but my OCD mind simply cannot reconcile. My life is constant burning agony, perpetual anguish, like a grieving normgroid who can't get over the loss of their child, except unlike normgroids I don't have any delusions of religion or justice, or any kind of friends/family to help cope. The only thing I imagine might help is perhaps some kind of psychoactive drug out there may help tame my OCD notions of what "should" be; then maybe I could embrace death more easily.



you can't tie a rope?


Mostly my family/parents. But it won't be long til they die, they are both 70ish. Then there's my four siblings, but once my parents die it'd be easier.

Hope of better days… hmm not really, not anymore. I just go by the motion. I could try to make money and live an hedonistic lifestyle but it would be just killing/buying some time.



Hope for SSI be and my own room and hope for better days tbh hope to be a star as well and hope my parents stop sending me to rehabs I'm not drug addict just neet, not even neet was in school but still they send me to hellholes and I'm 29 I just need to hang on and hope things get better but it seems like they never do ya know? My parents are fucking retarded, so it's really tough this rehab is like prison, I can become a star with luck maybe, with luck. I have dreams like that, dumbass parents why does this happen to me it is so cursed, I am cursed always have been cursed I realized it when I was very young. Zj


Also soda is really good so that helps anti suicide also uh.. And whippits alcohols LSD etc whatever and Mario kart double dash and smash bros and stuff like that are good for anti suicide, and watching your favorite anime and movies yeah


I honestly don't know.


Any other recommendations for knocking yourself out for hours at a time other than alcohol? I don't drink and have never been able to drink to the point of blacking out, I think I simply lack the stomach and constitution for it. But the best part of my day is going to bed at night. I often have insomnia or wake too early. I'd really love to be able to sleep for 10+ hours or for a few hours during the day but my body won't let me.

What kind of shit can I take to knock me out effectively? Michael Jackson had the right idea getting himself anaesthetised all the time


The only thing that's keeping me from suicide is the survival instinct ingrained into my fucking mind, i absolutely hate it, it's like a iron chain shackled to my feet and i cant break free from it.


I wish guns were legal here so I could blast my fucking brains out. It is 100% the best suicide method as far as I'm concerned. All it takes is a split second of courage and its over. Much easier to overcome survival instinct that way. No drawn out planning process or suffering during the act. If its a powerful weapon, the odds of guaranteed death are beaten only by jumping from a a great height. Americans are lucky.


What if everyone who's on the fence about killing himself that posted on this thread commited suicide at the same moment?
28th of may midnight.


Extremely easy to get in Western Europe/ US.
Look up research chemical vendors.
>But you need to have a permit/ be researcher


File: 1622048450471.jpg (530.14 KB, 892x1213, 892:1213, oblivion.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cool,thx for the info. The Osho guy i know from that documentary. Didn't know he followed the path. Hope he's free now.


I’m in the uk and my dad has a 12 gauge but I’ve no idea where he keeps the key for the safe where it’s stored. Probably for the best anyway as it would ruin my parents marriage and he’d potentially get a criminal conviction. They’re not bad people so the least I could is try and minimise the fallout when I go. I’ve tried partial suspension but it’s too uncomfortable. I suppose I could always jump in front of a train but I’m terrified I’ll fuck up and it won’t be instant or worse I’ll survive and be mutilated



Yeah there's a freight line near me which runs through a park. Level crossing. I've stood and watched them come flying through and thought about it. No way you'd survive. It would make one hell of a mess though, I have just about enough compassion left within me to feel guilty about someone witnessing it or the aftermath


There’s a significant chance death doesn’t happen instantly especially if the driver spots you and hits the brakes. Then you have to spend your final hours in the worst agony imaginable


This problem seems to be catching up to me as well. I'm not sure what to think of it.
I'm told that I'm to blame when somebody feels bad about something I've done, but I can't follow the logic. Why is it my fault when you don't like what I did about something that is totally my business? I feel like following this idea would just encourage emotional immaturity to thrive. I'm thinking about a type (commonly female) that acts out (presumably without own understanding) an "Oh no, I'm so hurt, look someone hurt me! Poor me! Someone was cruel to me!" act and get showered with affection for it.
It's pitiful. What a striking lack of respect to others and to your own boundaries. It's the concept of entitlement to another person.
On the other hand, I think my siblings are each about to bring about another circle of suffering, and if they fuck up their children even more because they feel like they are in the right to be devastated by my death, that doesn't sit right with me either.

Perhaps, the taboo of suicide in society is affecting me more than I'm quite able to grasp. It would be nice if I could reduce the suffering on this world by committing suicide, not increase it, but that is down to what other people make out of it to an extend.


Pussy, this is how females suicide. These methods are horrible, unreliable, potentially very painful. Much better jumping off a rooftop/into a train.


File: 1622095419759.pdf (2.44 MB, Autobiography of a Spiritu….pdf)

he is. interesting book on how he attainted enlightenmnent.


why dont these people show their working out? I did not read this but read the oshi link posted and he does not compel me to consider he actually knows anymore than I do.


File: 1622097828526.jpg (74.1 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 7fa0a50ea53774dd6ca14f9a48….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Osho was a true wizard
>Eventually Osho collects over 100,000 books, which are still in his library in Pune. It is one of the world’s largest private libraries, with approximately two kilometers of shelves


rope and handcuffs before jumping is safe too but whatever helps you to sleep at night bud.


OK but did he read all of those?


according to him yes(claimed he read so much books that will take most people a few lifes to read). he did it to disprove all religion and belief systems.


I used to think that I was too weak to ever kill myself, even tho I wanted to for ages. In the last 6 days, I had 3 multi-hour 'panic attacks' where all I could do was writhe in agony in bed doing my best not to kill myself. Now my options are shrinking and soon I will have to choose - endless unbearable agony? Or suicide? I suppose soon I will have to find out if I can do it.


>according to him yes(claimed he read so much books that will take most people a few lifes to read). he did it to disprove all religion and belief systems.
How can he read that much and then think enough to make sense of it all he sounds like a meme but I am still reading his book.
WHen you are at your worst you cannot kill yourself you are incapable of moving or doing anything but few experience how deep depression can go. How will you do it.


there is a book where he comments on some of the books he loved the most


I don't know, when I have these symptoms I simply feel like I have no choice. It's not even depression, its more like I feel anxiety that makes living unbearable. I've never thought it's possible, but it's pure hell and if I can't fix it, I'm gonna end up worse than dead, stuck in a mental ward forever? So I have to be realistic.



going to hell


I go through very bad anxiety and panic too, it's terrible.


My mom.
Can't abandon mom. Gotta take care of her, even if there's nothing here for myself. She doesn't deserve to lose her only son. If she can handle bringing me up, I can handle clinging onto the world and all bearing all this suffering a while longer fo her.


My mom. But i dont think she really cares.
So mainly my grandma, because it could cause her to die if i killed my self because she would be sad.


I'll die regardless, i won't definitively kill myself without at least taking someone with me
I'm still here under false hope that the future will be better, i want to get extensive surgery done if that fails that's it, either that or i'll die during surgery


File: 1622404174796.jpg (2.16 MB, 1582x1920, 791:960, Saint Paul the Hermit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nothing else matters


>muh mom will be sad

Just admit you don't have the balls to do it.


that's always funny to me the decotomy, people call you a coward for commiting suicide other times you're a coward for not commiting suicide


Pathetic people will use anything as pretext to bully you.


File: 1622484106328.jpg (91.47 KB, 512x475, 512:475, suicide ean.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Suicide is the only universally correct choice you can ever make.


i agree suicide is always the answer


I don't think it's mainly about these people not having the courage to do it, it's just that, like most of humanity, they are a bunch of privileged snowflakes (as much as I hate using these terms) that have and never will know true suffering, and they should be so fucking thankful for that….. Yet they love to complain and romanticize their pathetic, but mild existences, mild in every way possible (even though they can't see that), just because they don't live in some kind of perfect reality they envisioned or whatever it may be that makes them this way

They have no idea what someone like me would do to have such a comfortable life like theirs where, the excuse of "my mum be sad" is enough of a reason not to think about suicide


Thank you for articulating this.


>all these MOMMY
if you have a fucking mother that cares about you you're so fucking privillaged


>thinks in terms of privilege in a suicide thread

Off you go now.


My mother is still alive and other than that i am terribly afraid of the pain that my chosen method of hanging would cause, there is no fear of death left, but still an immense fear of the pain that precedes it.


Mom made the decision to give birth to me and didn't provide me with enough comfort or a healthy upbringing so I turned out mentally ill and I suffer because of her. I don't blame my dad though, I see him as an animal who lacks awareness and conscience. My mom on the other hand is guilty and must suffer the consequences just like I do.


File: 1622557039890.jpg (24.53 KB, 317x475, 317:475, Suicide note Mitchell Heis….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You get dragged into existence and then sympathize with the main offender?
That's what they call being a cuck.


Did you guys get raised by single fathers or something? It’s only natural to be attached to your mother, no matter how much she spites you.


No just shizoid.
Don't quite get "family" and most of the time I spent with my parents was getting punished for my fanatical moral compass.


Fear. Somehow the thought of it being all there is isn't comforting. I feel like I wish I had a second chance or something, even thought I know that in reality I would just fuck it up all the same.


I’m too much coward for it.I was a coward my entire life and always underachieved and felt bad because of it


I want to do some things first, but I promised myself that, even if I achieve my goal, I'll kill myself in the first half of 2022.


Some of us have psycho crazy certified mentally ill bitch aul ma's


I say to myself it's pain, but I snap out of it most of the time by jerking off or going to bed


The fact that I do not have reliable and painless way to do it.


this is the dream, but it's impossible for me to get one in my country
probably my best option, but requires me to do it outside (risk) and is not a nice way to go out
>CO poisoning
have no way to get the chemicals necessary to make the reaction, no small space I can seal off to keep the gas in etc
>drug overdose on fetanyl or similar
no access to that stuff
>jumping off a bridge or building
doubt I could ever overcome the feeling of life preservation and actually jump
>everything else
too unreliable, painful, inaccessible etc


I've done 20+ grams of DMT and all I got out of it was drug induced psychosis and 6 months later I still hear voices murmuring in my head.


As a 2nd worlder I'm so fucking jealous of you


the ideal life of a wizard, yes

>Because regular society takes joy in people like me killing myself, so I am denying them that joy



>too cowardly
>too dumb/incompetent to trust the job I would do
>no access to suicide methods
>scared I'll turn myself into a vegetable
>afraid of the after life


File: 1624942890833.png (28.88 KB, 800x1303, 800:1303, Pentobarbital_2d.svg.png) ImgOps iqdb

its not legal in the us


I dont have a gun


>You get dragged into existence and then sympathize with the main offender>
I forgive mothers for being ignorant. They honestly believe their child will turn out a normgroid. That is as long as they recognize that they are responsible for how you turned out both through The act of creating you, and how they brought you up. Mothers who get angry at their offspring for becoming a wizard can go die in a fire.


File: 1625001280930.jpg (44.19 KB, 1024x842, 512:421, 034_1951836.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Suicide is one of the worst mortal sins you can commit. Typically, you can only go to Heaven if you commit a suicidal act that begins the process of death, and then during your death, you regret what you have done and perform an act of perfect contrition. Reading this post prevents you from doing this now, by the way, since you probably have too many blessings to be invincibly ignorant now. You cannot just do what I have said and hope to go to Heaven. You now have a duty to discern and seek Truth at all costs.

One of the greatest sins after suicide is willful ignorance. This is probably how the majority of people try to get to Heaven, since they think it works, but it is nothing more than suicide of the mind. GOD judges fairly, but if you move through life refusing to use the gifts that GOD has given you to do what is good, you will be called a wicked servant and probably sent to Hell. Remember the parable of the ten talents. You cannot just bury your gold in the ground and say that that's good enough. You must discern and judge the world around you. You must multiply good and divide evil. Turning away from evil and pretending it doesn't exist is a wicked behavior, and many people go to Hell for this.

Some of the greatest pain in this world comes from knowledge. This is our punishment for eating from the tree of knowledge. We know what is good and evil, even if you try to play ignorant. GOD gives true invincible ignorance to a minority of people. If you are using the internet and are on wizchan, the chances that you are one of these people is almost zero. So get on your feet, go to Confession, and if you fall down in pursuit of the TRUTH, go back to Confession. Are we not men? We walk on two feet because when we fell as toddlers, we got back up. We did not stay on the ground and cry about the unfairness of life. The only unforgivable sin you can commit is despair. Despair is when you fall and refuse to get back up and try again.

Now stop being children of the devil, and become Children of GOD.


What if your IQ is not low enough to genuinely believe in religious crap?


Blasphemy is a mortal sin against the Second Commandment.

Furthermore, a man cannot serve two masters. Money is more real than science, and yet, our LORD tells us to serve HIM above money. If you have to throw away science to love GOD, then the answer is obvious. You throw away math, chemistry, and all knowledge if it gets between you and GOD.


"He" lets 40,000 children die daily of malnutrition.
He allows catholic priests to murder and abuse hundreds of thousands of native kids.

In other words, "he" isn't even real. It's all make-believe by sociopaths like those catholic priests running those orphanages and churches.


You're just thinking about the suffering of humans but there's also the constant suffering of billions of animals that never ate the forbidden fruit or whatever other 'reason' for incurring in divine punishment. If God exists she's either utterly incompetent or utterly evil or both.


Or trapper plants like brambles that catch a passing by "beautiful gods creation", tortures it by making it starve to death for 2 weeks, then drains the nutrients.

Very godly and harmonious.

Nothing shapes this shithole planet except natural selection and random chance.

There are likely millions of such inhabited shithole planets in the universe.
I wonder where we fall on the horribility-scale.


And HE will let you die how HE wants, along with myself. If your faith is so little that you cannot tolerate the Mystery of Our GOD WHO lets babies get aborted by mothers that are supposed to love them, WHO lets children starve to death, and WHO allows grave evils to propagate in this world in order to bring us closer to HIM, then the Antichrist will eat you like bread.

Our GOD is Mysterious, Wonderful, and Good. I choose to submit to HIS Will, and I choose to be tested by HIM. You can refuse this test if you want, but it is the only test in your life that will matter. Refusing to be tested by GOD is a mortal sin. Do you keep people in your presence indiscriminately? Would you give the same preference to a judge of high repute, as you would a child rapist? Of course not. GOD must test us because Heaven is Perfect.

And if you think the evils of this world are so terrible, then why are you on wizchan instead of working 24/7 to prevent them? You should not even be here. You are a hypocrite! You say one thing while doing another. If you are Holier than GOD, then try to become greater than HIM, and then when you fail, fall like the great deceiver did. Will you fall to Hell, or will you, in your final moment, reach out and call to GOD for help?

You are prideful, and GOD will have nothing to do with prideful men that think they know more than HIM, WHO created them.

Animals do not suffer, they do not have human feelings or emotions.


>Animals do not suffer

See? These religious nutjobs, 99% of them, have an IQ below 80.

That's why they perpetuate these ancient camel dweller myths in the 21st century. That's the best explanation they can come up with, just like cavemen.


Second Commandment, no blasphemy. How many times will you compound this mortal sin on yourself? Will you come out of your wickedness someday, or will you simply go to Hell and suffer more because you chose to fight against GOD?

You are made in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of GOD. Not a cow, or a sheep, or a potato. You do not know what anything else feels except what you, as a human being, can feel. You may not even know what other human beings feel.


File: 1625006066162.jpg (63.23 KB, 749x423, 749:423, 113.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>You are made in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of GOD

I doubt it. Does this look like a god to you?



They are/were human beings with human lives. They live/lived and interact/interacted with other humans in the very complex fabric of human existence, just like you are doing.

So why do you try to play games with these pictures? Let's just get to the base premise with you.

Do you hate GOD?

Do you hate JESUS CHRIST?

Do you hate your CREATOR?

If you hate HIM, just say it! Say what is on your mind instead of playing games, as though we cannot extrapolate this kind of message through the way you talk about these people. Those are people, your fellow human beings. They may even be Saints in Heaven. Your entire post wreaks of you implying, "Where is Our GOD?" And I know exactly where Our GOD is. Your refusal to accept my answer is simply a problem with your own heart, and that is something you do not want to admit.

Why post those pictures of living people instead of dead people? Why not just post a picture of a dead person killed in the most horrible way possible? Will you curse GOD for letting you, and those people, die the first death? Don't you know that in Heaven, those people will be Perfected and all of their imperfections turned into Perfection?


Go meet god irl then christfag


I do meet HIM in real life, and so can anyone in a state of grace.


And using a derogatory term against Christians is blasphemy, since We are in the BODY of CHRIST.

Second Commandment. Again, do you want greater pain in Hell?


yes burn me daddy uwu


Do you believe in DNA and viruses? I am just wondering.


>normalfags want people like me to off ourselves
>regular society takes joy in people like me killing myself
I really can't believe this. Normalfags are so afraid of death, suicide and stuff. Nobody even thinks about.

Also, why would they care if you live or die?


>jumping off a rooftop
Is 25 meters enough? I live on the 12th, but I can get to the rooftop, which is like 14th floor (30 meter height I think).


I would not chance it and instead use a more surefire method. Best wishes


Because the world is a retarded place and I'm just a guy that doesn't want to work and small talk with people. Basically I just don't want to kill myself for a petty reason like this.
No need to dramatize my existence just because I'm slightly different from others I simply won't kill myself over this.
If my retarded normgroid parents insist I move out or get a job I'll just relocate to my dacha(soviet village) and be a farmer there. Until then I'm in my mid 20s and they let me stay at home for now.


File: 1625076518513.jpg (165.18 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, komnata-sssr-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can you explain why a large portion of Russians live in kvartiry? I cannot understand it. If it were me, I would get a dacha and set up solar panels for supplemental electricity, and then you have the best of everything. Who the fuck would want to live in a Russian apartment? I seriously do not understand this mindset with Russians. A dacha is better in almost every single way except for local convenience. Like, you can't go to stores so easily, but you have so much more freedom on a dacha.


File: 1625079410419.jpg (94.81 KB, 900x583, 900:583, russia.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A wallpapered one bedroom apartment is the russian way of life


there's a lot of russians who are pissed off at the legacy of post-stalinist architecture. The khruzhev dwellings, brezhnev dwellings, and putin-era dwellings are all concrete cubes but that's pretty much the only kind of dwelling outside of villages


File: 1625079707800.jpg (398.47 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, dacha.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>hy a large portion of Russians live in kvartiry? I cannot understand it. If it were me, I would get a dacha and set up solar panels for supplemental electricity, and then you have the best of everything. Who the fuck would want to live in a Russian apartment? I seriously do not understand this mindset

Who wouldn't live in a dacha if given a choice and it was even somewhat close to the cities?

The thing is they cost a lot of money to own and maintain. An apartment can be had for 100 USD a month worth of rubles.

Really, you make it sound like those oblivious teenagers asking "why don't homeless people just buy a house".


>Who wouldn't live in a dacha if given a choice and it was even somewhat close to the cities?

Yes, I suppose this is the answer. I am not an oblivious teenager, I just wanted to hear someone else say the right answer.


Then you hopefully understand it's a money issue like everything else in this shitty world.


Yes and no.


Acetone + styrofoam = napalm. Napalm produces carbon monoxide. Would this work?


I enjoy my life as a wizard, the only thing I lack is money. If I had enough money to live without having to work for the rest of my life, I would probably be the happiest being in this shithole of a world.


Killing yourself is way too normalfaggotry for me. I mean, it presupposes that you are an active and capable person who can do something extreme like suicide. I am a passive and inactive person, I don't have the willpower to do things that would cause me even temporary and little suffering. The wizardly way is to suffer silently like a stoic sage or to go mad from life. We shall see which one suits me more.


>suicide is for normal people

Wizchan hipsters are too much.


Most wizards never kill themselves, this is a scientific fact. Wizards suffer and wait for the (Dark) Messiah to come and deliver them from this joke of a world, the ultimate and finest wizard ever to exist, our lord and savior.


On one hand, it's easy to stay alive in this day and age, on the other hand it's extremely hard. It's easy cause you can sit on top of thousands of years of labour accumulation and developement of comfiness. But it's hard because every second you cling to life your soul is defiled by the corruption you're partaking in, including any sort of escapism which is evil when you dig what lies beneath. What holds one back from killing themselves is lack of dignity and self worth. Comfort is simply giving up of autonomy, if you like the taste of it you have no right to criticise any element of humanity, which is inherently opposite of wizard philosophy.


File: 1625248070671.gif (918.85 KB, 500x224, 125:56, 72e142270fa0b42131bd1a73b7….gif) ImgOps iqdb

What holds me back from killing myself or even considering suicide is the fact that in the future, we will be able to live forever in a virtual paradise and escape the infinite process of rebirth.

This makes me very afraid to even commit any amount of crime or endanger my life because then I would miss out on this opportunity. It also makes me feel trapped with no way to opt out.

I used to consider suicide and it used to console me knowing that if things go too bad, there was always a way out, but there is no more a way out.


I hope you are not rich. You sound like the kind of sucker that would pay to have his body frozen post-mortem.


The earliest cryofrozen bodies will probably be wasted. The methodologies used were crude and ineffective.

In the future it might be possible to freeze a human, then wake them up again a few centuries later.

There are animals with the inbuilt ability to be thawed decades after they've been frozen and resume life. Humans could study their DNA sequences.


File: 1625250190437.jpg (45.08 KB, 800x534, 400:267, svinka-3-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Frozen solid guinea pigs have been able to be brought back to life and even 30 year old frozen tardigrades have been brought back to life.

In the future, we will probably be able to reanimate frozen humans after we invent artificial general intelligence.



I'm ~30 years old and so worn down and world-weary by life. Why the fuck would you wanna re-animate your corpse and live even more??? Childish, infantile fantasies are all the techno-futurists have because media and an endless procession of screens have regressed them to teenage years. One life is more than enough friend


I agree, imagine having to live something like 4300 years.

Even 100 years can be beyond torturous. Some people can't take it after 25-40 when they see the true nature of the world.

Death isn't a punishment. It's a release.


Good views, which I haven't fully considered.
Now that I think of it, many centenarians in interviews seem to be hoping for death. Over a century on this planet is just too much to bear.


My mom and my pets. My mom is the only family who loves me so it would destroy her, and I love my animals and no one would take care of them like I do if I wasn't here. When they're gone I am 100% killing myself.


>What holds you from killing yourself?

My fear of what lies on the other side. That, and the hope I'm holding onto for a better life one day. The times my life got too shitty, I just numbed my brain with drugs until I found a reason to live again. I don't do that anymore. I just keep pushing forward in hopes of maybe eventually finding something worthwhile. Who knows what kind of interesting shit I can end up doing eventually.


Do you know this for certain? In the past people were sure that by the 2000's all cars will be flying cars.
Sounds like the atheist version of waiting for the Messiah or living just to die and go to heaven.
Even if what you describe will exist I'm at the beginning it'll only be for the rich and powerful.


My family also I love petting my bird. My bird is also a part of our family I guess…


I try to be more parent than master to my pets. I don't want them destroying my furniture (because lying down on it is one of my few comforts) and I don't want them doing something to hurt themselves, which I attempt to preemptively foolproof my house against.
With positive attention and care, animals can be even more cordial than most humans. They can easily be considered family. I would definitely go out of my way to help one of my pets whereas I wouldn't do the same for my extended family.


I mean a pet will only ever want your help getting food or when it's stuck, it's not gonna ask you to borrow some cash or shit that a family member would need help with.


Where are you from?


We are all going to hell. God hate us all.


I could get drafted if I want to. Should I because I'll get an access to a gun? I'm too much of a pussy to kms but who knows maybe the madness and misery of the military might push me to the edge


I'm not leaving my dog to suffer alone.


the semitic god yahweh is not my god. i might have another one, but it's not what the jews and romans tricked europe into worshipping.


Don't want to attempt and become a vegetable, that's it. If I had a high success rate/sure thing I would do it.

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