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Anyone else have physical deformities, illnesses or sickness, rancid farts, tinnitus, partial chronic pain. Any solutions ? Also fuck off /cow/


yeah, i have a deformed ribcage since birth, couldnt care less about it tho. what bothers me more is that i was also born without bones in certain areas of my moth which make my teeth look absolutely horrible, they're not yellow or anything, i just have pretty big gaps between them and that has fucked up my confidence a lot. i pretty much blame most of my issues on that, got bullied for it all the time in school which made me isolate myself, thus i have never learned any social skills. a solution to that would be money, im already wageslaving but i barely make enough to feed myself and pay the bills so im not seeing any hope


Mummy split my head open at age 3.
That's how it all began.




I have what seems to be kidney stones and "proctalgia" which is the sensation of having a knife thrust into my rectum. My left knee is bad, I have blisters, tinnitus and calluses, I am overweight and have a hunched, primitive appearance. I won't even mention mental afflictions.


Oh and this as well


Just an update: you have never experienced pain until you have had a kidney stone.


solution for tinnitus: psylobycin mushrooms


Anyone have an unusual gait like an arm that doesn't swing? I haven't put much thought into it, but I walk like Vladimir Putin. Watch his right arm.

My grandfather may have died of Parkinson's and my dad and aunt have tremors in their hands. I'm probably going to die of Parkinson's if I live to be old.


add syncope to my list of problems

now i'm afraid to drive or operate machinery

hope its not a brain tumor and that i don't start having seizures


Kidneystones from Hell and possibly epilepsy.


knee pain… eight operations. i'm going to kill myself because i can't do the things i like to do. also i have no other skill to make a living. so don't be a pussy about pain that goes away or that only handicaps a little part of your life. don't be a pussy about the small things, there are people with real problems.


microtia (one ear was never formed)
it's not a big problem but it has still fucked up my confidence


my face is asymmetrical, crooked nose, different leveled eyes, jaw points to the left, hairline is angled funny, I look like someone smacked me in the face with a pan as a child


>there are people with real problems
You clearly never had a real problem if you still make such a claim.


Knee pain because of a dislocation in high school. Have no real problems with walking or exercise now but scared of future complications.


>rancid farts


File: 1627436846505.png (212.41 KB, 437x426, 437:426, 2353.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Currently suffering from a peptic ulcer disease, a wretched scar and internal pain from a shoddy stomach surgery, and chronic back pain.


File: 1627441688226.png (263.92 KB, 1576x663, 1576:663, CU_associated_with_hypohid….png) ImgOps iqdb

I have cholinergic urticaria. I'm basically allergic to heat, and I break out in hives whenever I start to sweat.


I've had this or something similar happen to me a few times over the years. Starts with mild itching on the head, spreads to the whole body, gets progressively unbearable and feel like I'm heating up inside. Have to scratch till it bleeds and I'm red all over, when it's bad I almost have trouble breathing, thankfully it never quite gets to that point.
It always starts happening outside, usually when it's hot and kinda humid. (I think dry heat is fine) I cannot tell whether it's the heat or some other factor like an allergy to a plant or an insect bite or what have you…


Well nevermind, sweating per se is not the issue in my case, I don't think. It's really frustrating not being able to pinpoint a definite culprit. I thought that was it… Oh well.


I have fas. i have craniofacial deformities. This includes my skull and thus the development of your face and brain everything.
Normally the doctor fixes this when you're a baby but i was unlucky from the start. I'm pretty sure it's inoperable as an adult.


Try drinking strong, but not too strong chamomile tea.

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