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The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.
Previous thread:


I'll copy my post then.
Is train suicide a good option even if it's a slow train? The thing that always bothered me was the bumper in front of a train. It is also rated as the most painful way to go, I wonder how long you can feel the pain? I really hope it's a good idea to put your neck on the line, I am in a difficult situation and I don't want to theoretize another way of dying again.


slow train is a bad idea


How slow is the slow train coming? I think you should consider doing it the best way you can because disability would be a cruel fate and it is the most important choice you have in life when ending it. I know the bumbper you are talking about it looks to me like unless you die from impact it will push you out of the way and mangle you. How is train the most painful way where are you getting your statistics you need to be careful because they do not account for people not being retarded like cutting for example has no reason to have such a suicide success rate if it was people doing it to die but that is another topic.

The videos I seen of trains seemed like instant death unless chopped in half I have even contemplated just a fantasy of attaching a long rope to the train and tying to to my neck.


I've read "detergent" suicide was a popular method among teens in Japan it was done by mixing everyday chemical liquids you use for cleaning the house.the article mentions that a post online was spreading with all the informations about it.does anyone here have anything similar? Regarding ctb with those kind of methods


>irl friend
On my wizchan….
Just let him kill himself everyone would be better off dead maybe fuck off from here if you are a normalfag as well.


>i only have three friends
if you dont have crippling social issue why are you here


File: 1622387256615.jpg (1.69 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, IMG_6882.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

My mom just caught me masturbating, with my hands on my dick and porn playing on the computer screen and all of that. I can't express well enough how embarrassed I felt at the moment and I literally froze out of embarrassment for quite a few minutes. I didn't know how to react to that. Then my mom started yelling at me, calling me names and telling how much of a worthless son that she gave birth to that I am. This is the first time I felt like she was genuinely disappointing and mad at me but I don't think it's just based on the fact she caught me on the *act* but because I'm a literal worthless person with no redeeming qualities. I've been NEETing since 2015 and I will become a wizard in two years. I know it's silly to end your life just because your mom saw you masturbating but it's not just that and this moment felt like a culmination that got me thinking into really putting my suicidal thoughts into action.

With that said, what would be the best kind of rope to hang myself? What kind of store I can find one? What would be the ideal length? I'm 170cm/5'7 and 77kg/170lbs. Does the height between the floor and the ceiling matters? Do you think I can set up an end rope between the gaps of these things on the ceiling of my room (pic related)? It's hollow there so it's possible to do a knot even though I don't know how to. I'll probably do it when my parents are not around.


anyone with friends needs to fuck off wizchan.


>ill probably do it
no you won't you do not even know how to hang yourself showing you are not serious and have not done the research. You just want to let off steam because mom mom caught you jerking your wand to some disgusting pornography. You have done 0 research and know nothing at all you will get over this maybe consider not watching pornography of whores.


>get angry at son for jerking off
>son hangs self
now THATS what i call embarrassing and submitting.


he is yet to hit any huge lows in his life so cares what others think.


She's just mad because she isn't getting any wizwand action



Here they have a few suggestions for what are you looking for.
It's so strange tho ,not the site , everyone i mean suicidal thoughts are here and yet why can't we just go we keep waiting until it's too late to do anything while nothing ever changes


We all have our reasons. Some are of course unironcally LARPers, some have things they want to do before, some are not suicidal but are interested in the concept, some are too weak willed or afraid.


>why can't we just go we keep waiting until it's too late to do anything while nothing ever changes
numb need desire for death to actualize sort of like someone who is too sick to eat so no appetite but knows they need to eat and do what is best for them. Pro tip making yourl ife worse does not make you KYS when numb it just makes everything more fucked.


Tried to overdose. Didn't work. I just have a massive headache.


Not surprising. Overdosing is a very unreliable method. Be more clever next time.


You didn’t really try, did you?


Will hang myself next month as soon as my dad comes back .no particular reason life has been stagnating in a soulless hole of regrets and self pity last time I enjoyed talking to someone was 4 years ago .


Hope you can finally rest


Thank you, how are things going for you?


i can't wait to kill myself, i have to wait a few weeks and then a sweet release of death. but it's so unbearable sometimes, i want to do it right now.


based wizard


File: 1622583987437.png (177 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, YouDied.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm afraid of what happens after I'm gone. It's completely irrational, much like leaving a note or planning beyond your exit. I can realize that as soon as I die I will not exist from a logical standpoint. I will never exist again, the conxiousness that is me will cease to be never to come back. Everything I have ever thought, seen, heard, laughed or cried about will ammount to that moment. Every test I stressed for in school, every mid day drink will culminate during a calm and silent few minutes in my closet and then I will be no more. Yet I cling on to these thoughts of how my family will grieve, the image of my nephews being told about me, the family riding home in the car from the funeral, my little brother crying. Its so incredibly difficult, guess its part of what makes me human


I was thinking about putting a bullet in my head but hanging seems to be a better option because it won't get the loud noise of a gun and it's not as painful as I thought.


File: 1622596569475.png (41.5 KB, 397x592, 397:592, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1622596940814.jpg (42.18 KB, 622x615, 622:615, 5d273a8f4b3ff1d15151cf90e7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hello, i am disabled and very poor, i don't have a lot of money. How can i do it? I can't do it at home because i live with a lot of people and there's always someone at home. Going outside is hard for me. How can i proceed? Please tell me i don't see an end to this and i'm sick of waiting for all those years.


Sometimes I think about it as well. But, my family should know that I failed too many times in life and accept this. Also, I'm planning to go to the woods and make it seems like I was kidnapped or something like that, so they will never know that I killed myself.


What disability do you have?


back, leg, digestive issues that don't allow me to travel


It is all so unbearable, being here, the "people" around me, this place where i live, myself, everything, it really is… I just wish I was never born.
I simply cannot keep living this life, but I can't find a way to end it, it just makes me even more anxious, everything does.
And this weird, horrible feeling that keeps telling me it's never going to end…
It feels like I'm trapped in this never-ending spiral of agony


Get your hands on some fent off darkweb. Does not take much at all just a few mg. do a larger amount than the LD50 just to be sure. Just lock your door and drift off. Wishing you peace in the life beyond this one


«…I'd like to try to live my liiiife again, I'd like to see where I was goooing wrong…»


You can diy shotgun out of water pipe.


File: 1622646168356.jpg (54.11 KB, 458x458, 1:1, aconitum.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Heard a rumor that it's pretty much instant in a high enough concentration.


File: 1622675081551.png (101.15 KB, 502x771, 502:771, suicide statistics methods.png) ImgOps iqdb


Easy to say, but hard to get, very expensive and again i don't live alone, so someone else might take its hand on it, and it's poison


File: 1622690745535.png (15.55 KB, 960x302, 480:151, 2-methyl AP-237.png) ImgOps iqdb

There's another opiate called 2-methyl AP-237 that can kill you and hasn't been scheduled yet.



Wolfsbane (Aconitum) is highly lethal (and painful


>Hard to get

No it’s not, ordering drugs off the dark web is very simple if you just do some basic research.
>Very expensive
No it’s not. Fentanyl is really cheap, that’s the whole reason it’s such a huge problem, people use it to cut to increase the strength of other opioids that have been cut to dogshit, it’s pretty affordable and if you actually wanted to kill yourself instead of LARPing you wouldn’t care how much it costs


There is not a lot of fentanyl in europe, it's not like in the US. You have to buy a lot if you want it. And as stated previously i am poor and i am actually saving money for this request. So yes cost is a matter if i can't afford 500 dollars of something (which is the lowest price i found it at)


I'm sorry. If you get rope plenty of people hang themselves, in privacy as that is required to not be 'rescued', at their sturdy front door. A cheap door will break as you move around. You can hang yourself by closing the rope around the top and closing it or just off the handle and wrapping it around your neck, or tying rather. People die on their knees like this but your body will try to stand up on it's own so you have to tie the rope properly and make it sturdy. If you do it right you pass out rather than panic. I'm sure there is a guide somewhere online but I've seen videos of teens doing it and if I were to do it I'd be likely to use a sturdy doorknob if I could not go walking as you can't. Me personally I'd rather jump off a high place or use a train as I currently am though. it's hard to get to high places so the train would probably be it, plus I personally really liked Haibane Renmei.

A cheap shotgun with a lot of kick sounds like a bad idea and if you don't aim it right into the back of your mouth you could end up blowing your eyes and jaw off and nasal cavity rather than actually damaging the brain. Slamming it into the back of your throat sounds pretty ballsy too, someone that would do that could probably just use a knife something tells me. Fairly unpleasant sounding to slam a tube of metal into the back of your throat hard to die. Then again I have never fired one, perhaps the primers are really sensitive…

That's really not how you use the word larp and disabled people might not even be brave enough to use the dark Internet to get drugs out of fear of how much they'd suffer in prison, wherein they do not allow suicide so easily.


What kind was it that you'd need to kill yourself over?


i want to hang myself off the doorknob. i will use a fixed noose, is it okay?


The noose should tighten as you pull on it so as to choke you out. If you mean fixed as it there'll be room in the throat if your body stands up then that's stupid. You'll likely flop around so much you come off the door and have a damaged neck and maybe even be like Terry Shiloh due to the temporary lack of oxygen. A hangman's noose tightens if you have it around something and you give it a yank.


i already tested it, my body lay on the floor and i lose consciousness from the pressure on carotid pretty fast.


it just would be pretty uncomfortable with rope around my whole neck, may cause panic.


Takes too much effort to kill yourself I really wish you could go to the doctors and get 30-50-100 pills. One of the pills will kill you and you take one every night and eventually die without thinking about it too much. My SN is probably ruiend as I opened it already like a retard and it seems so much harder to get now.


File: 1623051349180.jpg (151.94 KB, 1280x1261, 1280:1261, 1621210399606.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've just lost at a video game and it was the final straw.

I know this sounds dumb, and that's because it is, but it sounded like a funny experience to talk about at least, so hear me out because it's story time.

I was playing a sports game from my childhood, in which there was a save file i'm picking up from time to time and advancing a little on each playthrough. It was my first time seriously fighting for promotion, which is essentially going from a lower division to a higher one, only the first 3 teams make it, and it was a tight race, the last match of the season came and to me it was the final one of this game for me in general, this career would be finished regardless if it ended well or not, but naturally ending on a high note was most desirable, there were chances of me being the champion, and chances of not even being promoted at all, everything was at stake.

Luckily for me the game started off with my team winning comfortably, and that would likely give me the title, but then close to the end, and after losing many easy chances to settle it, suddently i'm not winning anymore, and in the last few seconds, defeat, and my team missed on promotion.

The last few days have already been rough, and my suicidal thoughts are in my head for hours everyday, sleeping is difficult, staying awake is difficult, doing tasks is impossible, and most things that matter to me are going wrong, and then this, which was supposed to be an enjoyable part of life, which was already hard for me to even get the motivation to start playing in the first place, since plugging my console on feels like a chore to me, as stupid as that sounds, it not only made me sad, but it felt like it tried to make it as painful as possible on purpose, it felt like a sick joke.

Honestly this kind of settled it for me, my outlook on life in general is already very negative, as far as i'm concerned we spend most time working on jobs that make us miserable, tired and stressed, only to afford to continue living and repeating this process, and then the parts of life that are supposed to be enjoyable, our hobbies, suddently are making me miserable too, my local team from real life is sucking, on video games i'm sucking and feel miserable when losing, and just slightly happy when winning, for a moment, before feeling empty and not even caring anymore about it, drawing which is something that mattered to me just feels boring and stupid and even annoying at times.

I'm tired, this day settled it for me, nothing is fun anymore and everything makes me sad in one way or another, i'm done.

I've got a few exams coming up in the following weeks, and i'm procrastinating my studies a lot, it's just unbearable to me because i'm a lazy and worthless human, but passing on them meant that i'd go to the next semester with my class, which are ok people so it's nice being with them, but honestly at this point not studying and just dropping out when my failing grades come sounds a lot more appealing, it'll give me the motivation to finally leave this hellhole where pretty much everything sucks.

I know this sounds stupid and childish, but cut me some slack, i'm already miserable enought as it is.


saw this copypasta like 6 times today?


File: 1623056505411.jpg (5.84 KB, 153x179, 153:179, 1611008628185.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm sure this is not copypasta tho, wrote it and posted here first, posted on /r9k/ later too for some reason, but that's about it tbh.


Sometimes I wonder how many people would kill themselves when everyone was given a lethal, painless pill at the age of 18 or 21 that you'd get anonymously just by writing a standard formula to your doctor or a public institution sending it discretely to your home.


Football Manager? I like sports games too. Don't beat yourself up over it. I tried playing GTA IV the other day and I sucked so fucking bad at it LOL. Losing your ability at vidya can be a blessing in disguise


Almost got it, it was the same sport, just a different game, PES, Master League mode to be more specific.

I know it's just a game and i shouldn't beat myself over it, but that's exactly what bugged me tbh, when it was over all i did was look at the screen, speechless, and think: "Even in something as meaningless as this, things have to go wrong in the most miserable way possible, it feels like a joke".


Stuff like that happens to me too a lot in sports games they just have artifical difficulty spikes to keep you playing longer. Like in Madden franchise mode when you start 6-2 and end 8-8 with a stacked team. You rage and then a year or 2 later you win the Super Bowl. Also have had crazy chokes in soccer games like you described. Don't get suicidal over it


I know, it's not really a matter of me getting suicidal over it, i'm already suicidal by default, it's just that even when the things that were supposed to be the good and relaxing parts of life let me down, it feels depressing.


File: 1623107561867.jpeg (77.72 KB, 480x519, 160:173, debreather.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone here tried to buy a DeBreather? They apparently finally have it in stock. The Peaceful Pill Handbook has an entry on it.



Apparently it's a scam that doesn't work. Every 6 months the website pops up again.


I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to get a check-up on my eyes. They will probably tell me I need an operation or something. I know I'm fucked. This has been my worst nightmare for 10 years even back when my eyesight was perfect.

Afterwards I will throw myself off a bridge. I can't go on anymore.


how did your eyes go bad wizzy can you tell me I have spent 10 years in the dark staring at a screen and my eyes are still good



Caps lok was on sorry,
battery "fluid" isnt easily available


>Apparently it's a scam that doesn't work.


Same as you but I guess my body is just weaker in general.


I have the means to instantly end my life. It is comforting to know I always have a way out but sitting there with that shotgun barrel pointed at my brain stem activates that primitive fear of pain.


Mom has has terminal cancer, seems to run in her family heavily. I really don't know what to do. She is my last surviving parent. I guess suicide is in the works. I'm surprised how little emotion I have. I get emotional easily, but now there is nothing. On the off chance I don't off myself, is there any hope for a late 30s neet with no job experience? I think my brain has been fried good and proper from highly emotionally driven anime and hardcore pornagrapghy. I will go charcoal grill method, I guess. Anyone experiment with it, I remember reading the headaches/nausea are so bad a lot of people who attempt using that method end up bailing. Maybe if I combine with asprin + sleeping pills? I just don't know anymore.


>I will go charcoal grill method, I guess. Anyone experiment with it

I tried doing this, but there was too much smoke and it made my room very hot.

I bailed.


Assisting somebody in suicide is highly illegal and will get these clowns sued to oblivion by the grieving families, which is why its a simple scam that wont really do much.
Moreover even if it did work you would instinctively rip that mask of your face and take deep breathes, if you tie yourself up beforehand you will panic and die quite painfully struggling against your own restraints as you hyperventilate with the nitrogen.
There is no easy way to die, and if you are looking for the easy way you arent willing to kill yourself anyway. How come a dumb succubi that got cheated on by her boyfriend of six months jumps in front of a train while the oh so suicidal wizards cant even shoot themselves in the head.


>how come impulsive retards have an easier time throwing their lives away
It's a mystery.


Because normgroids are slaves to their emotions. A lot of people, especially succubi, will do extremely stupid shit just because of intense emotion. Of course I am still human but I at least try to act rationally at most times. Whenever I am angry at someone I at least try my best to go over the situation from a neutral standpoint (of course my mind will always be scewed in my favor) whereas I've seen people angry at others without even fully understanding why.
Wizzards usually live fairly uneventful lives so when a wizzard suicides it's something he has most likely considered and pondered over for years whereas the normgroid just got dumped, fired, e.t.c. and in one quick motion in a fit of rage put a gun to their head and fire. Almost certaintly they could have recovered their lives, normgroid suicides are usually irrational and impulsive. That is why, not because they have more resolve but because wizards just don't live eventful enough lives to warrant extreme peaks that result in impulsive actions like suicide.


Slave to E-motions…

Who are you laughing at?


>>Legally jam paper in the copy machine.
In the name of opensource.


File: 1623469838610.png (106.06 KB, 781x522, 781:522, suicide attempts statistic….png) ImgOps iqdb

>There is no easy way to die, and if you are looking for the easy way you arent willing to kill yourself anyway.
Pulling a trigger and putting a bullet in your brain seems pretty easy


Easier said than done.


I obviously haven't killed myself, but all it takes is a split second of doing faster than thinking to get past your survival instinct and it's all over before you realize what you did


What's the hardest part about shooting yourself?


Getting yourself to pull the trigger.


finding a gun if you live in europe


Americans lucky bastards they can get guns easy


I'm thinking about it every day recently. I still can't tell if I'm just playing a psychological game with myself. I think I'm too much of a coward to ever do it. Hanging seems to be the most reasonable method given what's available here. If I could guarantee I'd pass out quickly and not end up braindead I'd be very tempted.

In all likelihood I'll just continue to wallow in misery and absolute boredom until nature takes its course


File: 1623833719779.png (4.19 KB, 262x50, 131:25, Screenshot 2021-06-16 03.5….png) ImgOps iqdb


Anybody else unable to access lostallhope.com? I've been getting a 403. Tried refreshing, clearing cache, cookies, etc. Guy was turning into a giant preachy douche, did he pull the plug on the most useful site ever?


Nah you would find another cope.


Isn't a rope much cheaper anyway?


The page 403s for me, as well. However, there are 112 pages still back-archived on archive.is/lostallhope.com


get really drunk, it's probably easier


File: 1623871575144.png (96.67 KB, 318x360, 53:60, 32`1231`1`32`231.png) ImgOps iqdb

planning on attempting tonight.
I have a rope and booze and am going to practice partial suspension hanging. if it goes well, i might be dead tomorrow.
The rope i have is slightly small, and i dont have oil to make it easier to adjust pressure. but its decent and could workl. Anyways im doing it because im a pedophile and a secret murderer and now everyone found out and wants me dead, including you guys.
Whelp. I liked you guys anyways…Good luck with the ladies and such


Don't do it.


Getting your nuts blown is way better than a slow and agonizing death.


shouldn't you pass out within a few minutes?


Wizchan 2021
Even there i can't normalfags and their filth.
Wish you worst, plague vermin.


Refrain yourself from quoting me. I don't like to talk with tryhards and wannabes.


>im a pedophile and a secret murderer
welcome to wizchan normie you'll fit right in!


test it before and tell me if it works. i tried to do partial today with 12 mm rope and couldn't pass out. what's your settis?


Realistically how tall would a bridge have to be to kill me?


File: 1624009393840.jpg (60.82 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 955c299a339be1d4c3828af443….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

even a child can hang himself with ease. what's your excuse?


that's a good way to go out, losing consciousness after a mind-bending orgasm


You were totally jerking off to lolis or traps, weren't you?


Im planning on jumping off a bridge in a week or so to end it all.My life has been on a downward spiral for years and its not going to get any better.My pain will be over soon.


I know that overdoses are unreliable but isn't that mostly because of taking the wrong drug or not taking enough?
Shouldn't an enormous dose of intravenous heroin work?
As much as it's possible to inject.
You could swallow a lot too before because it takes a while to work when you eat it so it'll come when you have already injected. Maybe you could swallow a handful of benzos washed down with alcohol too.


I don't get how that works. I hear about people killing themselves by tying a rope - or even a towel in the case of hide - to a doorknob. How does it even stay hooked there?


that's my guess. or worse, loli guro or traps fucking animals. if my mom caught me jacking it to a loli succubus that's getting her throat ripped out by a wolf that's fucking her, i'd be pretty down in the dumps about it.


The vast majority of overdoses are done by idiots that just want attention.

Swallowing things often doesnt work because you can just vomit. Anti-emetics can make that less likely.

>Shouldn't an enormous dose of intravenous heroin work?

yes that is foolproof. You could also just snort it or even better would be fentanyl


File: 1624146901026.jpg (281.07 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, N81ZZu1JYhIWl9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Today is the day I do it, I'm going to hang myself in my garage. It's currently almost 2 am here and my mom is still awake. I have to wait for her to go to bed and then bring a ladder we own to the garage without waking her up. It will be kind of hard because I have to go through a corridor which is next to the room she sleeps in. If I don't reply to this thread within 8 hours saying I failed it means I succeeded.


It's always sad to see a wizard leaving, but I don't know your pain so I hope you find peace one way or another


Best of luck, or would it be worst of luck?


See ya tomorrow.


Likely. My mom is in bed now, but I want to wait a couple more hours before I go to be sure she's asleep.


Don't do it.
>Hurr durr


You don’t know his life. Death is always an option.


See you here tomorrrow wizkid.


Yes, we don't know. Just because of that maybe his problems has solutions.


I made a lot of noise and woke my mom up. I made up an excuse and said I was moving it to the garage because it was in the way. I always stay up late so it wasn't too weird. I will try again in a couple of days.


you need to target the carotid arthery.


for the love of God don't kill yourself. You can always find some sort of joy in your life if you live, when you're dead you're dead forever. Please hang in there. Don't kill yourself anon, please. Tomorrow is a new day and things dont have to be bad forever. Your life can always get better if you live but it can't if you die. For fucks sake dont kill yourself anon, please.


Why do you care enough to beg and plead in the manner you are?


For the hate of demiurge, kill yourself. You can never find any joy in life if you live, when you're dead you're dead and at peace forever. Please hang yourself. Kill yourself anon, please. Tomorrow is a new day and things will be even worse. Your life can always get worse if you live but it can't if you die. For fucks sake kill yourself anon, please.


There are no gods, imbecile, nor is this facebook or reddit for you to farm worthless goodboy points. Everyone has a right to die if they so choose and nothing will ever change that. This is a realm of suffering and death is the only reprieve - trying to take that away is the ultimate evil.

Sincerely, kill yourself.

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