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Did anyone else watch this movie or read the book?

It is supposed to be a novel and movie about depression and staying at a mental hospital. It just presents a really inaccurate depiction of what a mental hospital and depression really is.

If you are depressed, there is no Noelle who suddenly wants to kiss you and thinks you are edgy. There is no Dr. Minerva who wants to listen to you. There is no Aaron and Nia who give a shit about you. Staying at a mental hospital is a boring and miserable experience that is nothing more than holding you and drugging you.

I liked the movie more than the book, the book focuses on too many characters, and the movie is just more entertaining. The author Ned Vizzini committed suicide, which sends the wrong message.


Wait so do you like the story or not?


I liked the story of the movie. It was really inaccurate of how a mental hospital actually is. But it is kind of uplifting I guess. It does give you that "life's not so bad" feel at the end.

The book is basically the same as the movie with a little bit of backstory and focus on some other characters. But I like the movie more because it focuses mostly on Bobby and Noelle.


I think the author killing themselves might send a contrary message, but not "the wrong" one. Sounds like a shit book though, typically feel good normie horse shit. Maybe you are right and the movie is better but if the hero has some succubus jump on his dick as soon as he's in there then it's fake and gay and wouldn't appeal to wizards anyway.


I would disagree, the author killing himself sends "the right" message, the overall point of the book, is there's hope, you can find people who care about you, everything will be fine, in your words typically feel good normie horse shit, and the fact that the author killed himself shows the reality, that book is fiction not reality, and reality is often disappointing.


OH FUCK I was watching this I had family who told me to watch it as I have had my stay in a mental ward before and have some problems to say the least. How could you like this garbage unless you are some zoomer that has no idea what any of the movie is about?
>spoilers ahead but movies shit anyway so who cares
[spoiler]So we start off with this faggot kid who is on a bridge and he thinks he is going to jump but it does not even look like it. He decides to ring the help line. He gets addmitted and is like "WTF I wnat to go home" it turns out he blames being off his jew medication SSRI for feeling down and says he is just stressed about school.

Straight away there is some succubus with self harm and meant to be BPD and they start talking and relating. He is worried about stigma and then he talks to some succubus he likes at his campus and they relate over what jew med they take!! OMG mental illness is so totally normal!.

we meet the oddballs the schizophrenic who deos not act like a schizophrenic at all they can be annoying fuckers in a ward even if harmless nearly all the time.
basically the kid was just lonely and literally WANTED A GF and when he starts dating the succubus in the hospital they get cure themselves or some retarded shit. I turned it off as it was so horrible.
[/spoiler] if you wnat a laugh give the movie a watch it is pure garbage for anyone with serious mental helath issues.


>"the right" message, the overall point of the book, is there's hope, you can find people who care about you
This really menas nothng though to anyone but a normalfag or r9gay person.


> the fact that the author killed himself shows the reality, that book is fiction not reality, and reality is often disappointing.

How lazy can you be?


what do you mean?


yeah i saw that movie years ago, it was kinda good at the time but i was completely blue pilled at the time, it did seem wishy washy to me at the time, definitely looking back that kind of stuff only happens to good looking guys. a sad but interesting note is that the director of the movie killed himself a few years later


I hated it because it sold this entire idea that depression is because TFW no GF and for many of you crabs it may be true but that is not real depression.


dont gatekeep. many things can cause depression. if your body wants something badly and you dont get it, it can cause depression. so for people who want to reproduce but cant attain a partner, of course they'll become depressed.

im not a crab, i just know that good looking people have an easy time getting partners, especially more among men. knowing that doesnt make me a crab.


Please, let us all know what real depression is.


Never called you a crab but I think it is perfectly fine to gate keep depression when the cause is TFW no GF as it is just a desire that can be let go of and typically seriously depressed people do not want a relationship as there is no desire for anything. The cause is not X,Y or Z lacking in life and if it were those people are incredibly lucky as they have a chance to be happpy andn ot "depressed". TFW no GF could lead someone to a depression but it is not the cause or cure for a depression itself if that makes sense. Real depression does not care what you get or have it is posioning your perception on a level deeper than desires and rots any enjoyment you could gain for anything anyway. You think ctatonics would sudddenly be happy if they got a GF? even normalfags can get serious depression and they can have everything they want. Living is the issue




Looks like normie shit. Cuckoo's Nest was a great movie


you implied i was a crab by saying "you crabs…". dont lie.

only experts who specialize in depression can "gate keep" it, although i dont like using that terms. "no desire for anything" sound more like anhedonia to me, although its kind of depression. depression is when you're lacking something in your life that your mind/body wants, or it can also be having something in your life you don't want (like if you're being abused). you're wrong on depression, there are many causes and types of it. there's situational, there's chemical imbalances. im not tyring to argue with you but again, you're not right on this.


>depression is when you're lacking something in your life that your mind/body wants,
meme kinds sure but the serious depression cases you will physically ache with emotional pain as it manifests that way. You can hardly think or read and are tired all the time. you may even go long periods of time without moving at all becoming unresponsive to anything.
This is broken brain not lacking something and I am purposely ignoring "depression: that is cured by getting a GF or money or any other bullshit.


A lot of biographies about depression or mental illness seem to follow these kinds of patterns. Friends, teachers, partners, therapists, etc putting in effort to help the person and normally an economic stability. Also people paying attention to them and commenting on their behaviour.

It’s very hard to find relatable books from low functioning depressives who the world kind of ignores, maybe it’s the self selecting nature of who writes books. There’s also the case that a book about struggling with tedious things for years isn’t interesting to people, and maybe many lower functioning people just don’t get better. Melancholic depression with sadness can be made in to relatable poetry that touches on that discomfort in your chest, struggling to do basic chores and recounting years of failed attempts at fixing things isn’t interesting.


File: 1623253448851.png (24.47 KB, 723x206, 723:206, women.png) ImgOps iqdb

No, if you're actually depressed there's literally no one there.
But there's plenty of Chads and Stacies who will present you with lengthy tirades on how you're a burden and a horrible asshole who isn't worthy of anyone's time and effort and how actually you deserve to be alone and miserable.
You'll frequently read vicious, bitter complaints how friends and partners are "not your therapists." This is where modern society is at. You're expected to hire what amounts to emotional prostitution and treat people "close" to you as fellow strangers. Maintain polite appearances at all times and deal with them in a comfortably distanced profit/loss based market-like approach.


I fucking gagged reading that pic.


The empathic gender.


why would you want to interact with normalfags? your post stinks of crab


It pertains to the book/movie in OP you imbecile.


Well I’ve known of people who lost 20 pounds in a month because they wanted to date someone who didn’t like them. this person I was told about basically stopped living, low energy, no motivation to do anything. If that’s not depression then I don’t know what is. I mean they were diagnosed with major depressive disorder by a clinical psychologist. But I guess you would know more than them.


Oh my, so? You think yourself better than everyone else because you were born a stronk unfeeling solipsistic droid who don't need no basic human interactions? It's ironic that your kind spends their days combing the place for people to call crabs and shit talk, but somehow I never see the dreaded inncells doing that. Truwiz hall monitors are the real crabs in this bucket.


When I was 15, this book convinced me to both admit myself into a mental hospital and admit to my parents I was depressed. I never even got admitted into the actual ward, instead I had to stay in the PSU which was basically just a room with a few recliners in it. I stayed there for three days and was released because they thought the ward would not be helpful to me. And the PSU would??? I had very little to do besides jigsaw puzzles and talking to the people assigned to monitor me. One of the monitors was actually very understanding and attentive in our conversations, but for the most part I just slept in the recliner. I was later taken by force to the mental hospital and they tried to admit me into the ward, but my parents signed a paper to take me home because they didn't want me to be away from them. The only other patient was a somewhat annoying guy around my age with a very fucked up past (dad putting him in a cage and chucking him down a staircase, etc.) Overall it was a shit experience and made me hate the book for glorifying American mental health services


>If you are depressed, there is no Noelle who suddenly wants to kiss you and thinks you are edgy. There is no Dr. Minerva who wants to listen to you. There is no Aaron and Nia who give a shit about you.

There is if you're hot. I think this is just another one of those examples of a different life for attractive and ugly people. I didn't read the book but Noelle sounds like your typical BPD slut who are to be found in mental hospitals. Dr. Minerva sounds pretty standard for psychiatrists, they're all empathetic types who are literally trained and paid to listen to you. I also found some helpful and caring types among the patients when I was there so that doesn't sound far fetched.


Well maybe this movie is more about romanced teenage years than it is about mental illness even though it's obviously a mix of both. I turned it off after 40 minutes or so. These things might happen irl or no but who cares, the characters are fucking teenagers and we can't relate anyway, time flies by really fast. I've been to a psychiatric hospital when I was 13, in the teenager and young adult section and it was really cool and peaceful after the initial horrible trauma. I remember the people i met there, vaguely knew most of them cause I was the youngest and I can't remember the names of most but do remember their faces very well. There even was a couple, just like in the movie, and they loved each other passionately. The succubu's name was Manon buy can't remember the guy's. I wonder how things are for all of these people now, i miss them and miss being there when I think of it.


File: 1623448182898.jpg (166.9 KB, 793x1177, 793:1177, Ned_Vizzini[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ned Vizzini had a wife and a kid. He had a lot of money and a few published books.

Craig's problems were that he was jealous of his best friend Aaron for banging Mia. Craig had problems with keeping food down. And he was applying to some prestigious prep school. Those really aren't all that bad problems.

Craig's problems weren't as bad as Bobby's problems- the guy portrayed by Zack Galifianakis in the movie.

The book and movie kind of is made for tweeners. It is in the young adults section at my local library. I still like the movie though as a sort of "fantasy depression escapism." It presents a fantasy of what depression is actually like.

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