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File: 1622830962980.webm (1.63 MB, 402x720, 67:120, extreme anger.webm) ImgOps iqdb


This thread is for posting grudges you hold. Whether it be against a person, place, thing, idea, what do you hate? You don't need to explain why, but you can if you want.

I'll start with mine. I fucking hate homosexuals. It's not a political thing even, I just want them to not exist. I would be fine if we could somehow ship them all to mars and let them have their own little fag planet, I just hate them and want them gone. I also fucking hate v-tubers. Something about them just makes me super pissed, I don't even know what.


i don't want people with friends to exist because they are heartless and shells of a human being


I hate the Demiurge for making me incarnate into this hellhole of a world.


That's a very large category of people. Aren't we technically your friends, in a very diffuse and abstract way? Anyhow, the consensus among normalfags seems to be that people like you (people with no friends) are the cold and heartless ones.


I hate people who won't listen


i hate that i'm alive its just pointless. normalfags have a positive view but theres really no point. i could have been a normalfag but i trhink anyone who likes life is a coping faggot.


>i think anyone who likes life is a coping faggot.
thats a really big cope coper
normalfags are happy


I hate the wizchan mods for destroying this community by allowing females and sexually active homosexuals to freely post and hold moderator positions.


The way you two use cope bothers me.
They probably got lives and realized how 'toxic' they were being if true.
I have too many and none will ever reach any sort of goal I'd like to set to get rid of them so I can't really choose. It's bad for my hypertension to try to even list them. My father is at the top of the list even though I rely on him as an eternal neet. I hate random bums that call me pussy when i go for a walk. I hate my coisin's husband that messed with me before even though I don't know him at all nor her. I hate the bus drivers that boss people around like a school teacher on the city bus to the point of pressing a warning button over profane words. I hate pigs and niggers in general and also rednecks. I hate anyone that votes or 'chooses' (reminder that choice is not real) to fall into the central left and central right drama. I hate the religious also when it's of abrahamic religions.

ps: then again with how choice is not real I have no reason to even be angry. Nature vs nurture makes people who they are.

pss: due to nature vs nurture I can't help being angry very often.


Happiness is rare and normalfags are rarely happy, they are pretending to be


Idealogicans disgust me to the core, truly inhuman abominations with need to smear everything with their shit.
Literally species of invasive vermin separate from humanity and actively harming it with their disgusting shit just for sake of it.


Bullies from childhood, parents for sending me to rehab all the time, liberals, blacks, juuws, uh…… Satanists…..idk


Niggers and jews.


>I fucking hate homosexuals
People like you. I can't help being a homo. This is a site for virgins but apparently I have to keep being reminded that even here you have to police people for their sexuality


The fact that I could never be on my own side when in conflicts with people. Always took their side and felt that I'm an evil person.


being gay is the most accepted and mainstream thing ever. fuck off faggot


I’m not the guy you’re talking to and I don’t hate homos but your virginity and hetero guys virginity is not the same we don’t socialise in a website with people we’re sexually attracted to like you and vast majority of hetero virgins never do interact with succubi including me.There are very strong differences between hetero virgins and homo virgins.


File: 1622898831304.mp4 (2.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jamie Vardy VS Corner Flag.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>I fucking hate homosexuals
They put lgbtaids in everything nowadays, even in sports like football, they force players to wear lgbtaids armbands, shoelaces, and have lgbt corner flags even. Imagine watching football and seeing lgbt messages in the stadium.

>Perimeter advertising at every Premier League match included messages supporting the campaign and every game was opened with a giant Premier League Rainbow Laces flag.

>the Premier League has become a member of TeamPride, a coalition of organisations committed to making sport everyone's game by encouraging fans, players, sports clubs and organisations to show their support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.


Whoever is behind lgbtaids has lots of shekels.


Try to pay attention to how much media is full of straight relationships and messages. Almost literally everything, even if it's for kids


great combination of sentences


It’s almost as if gays are an extremely small minority.


because of straight propaganda, or genetics?


>straight relationships is alike lgbt propaganda
Ask yourself what kind of relationship is a gay one when they infect each other, get UTIs among many other diseases because shit, HIV positive blood enters their urethra when they fuck their anuses the nasty fucks. Also no one fucks as much as the faggots and gay relationships exist entirely for sex and sex only since they will never fear getting pregnant. They engage in relationships to fuck each other, faggots are the inverse of wizards and there's nothing that stop them in that regard hence why the big majority of them have AIDS and STDs unlike straight people.
Faggotry leads to disease, mental illness, and misery and they should not promote it. It's evil to do so.


Most straight men have had anal sex


I would get much like to know where you heard that.


>mst men have had anal sex
prove it and even if that were true FAGGOT sex ALWAYS involves SHIT.



Straight people become fucking nasty now that sex apps became so popular in the last few years


File: 1622932348744.jpg (190.69 KB, 968x1998, 484:999, faggg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like the word faggot, it encapsulates everything that's wrong with homosexuality, a faggot is hypersexual searches for social and self-validation thru the number of sexual partners they had, making them no better than a regular succubus, actually, they're far worse because of the incredible amount of STDS they carry around, and like you mention faggot sex always involves shit since the "sex" part involves the anus of one of the participants, plus the media support, it's revolting the amount of forced LGBT propaganda that there is
And what's even worse (if that's even possible) is that is protected and encouraged by the normal cattle, how can someone living like that deserve a whole fucking month or a parade? NO, it doesn't it's lunacy, they're even worse than succubi.
>faggots are the inverse of wizards
I stand with you on that one, and also I really doubt that straight cattle will have or had anal sex at one point, but can we agree that a wizard CAN be a homosexual? not a faggot a homosexual


>but can we agree that a wizard CAN be a homosexual? not a faggot a homosexual
If we want to get very technical, yes. In a functional sense it's a question that doesn't need an answer as a wizard is a virgin and thus has never had a heterosexual or homosexual relationship. Only in the sense of fantasies during masturbation does it matter at all, and even then that shouldn't matter to anyone here.

It's honestly just the same matter as anything anonymous on the internet, if they post in a manner fitting of a wizard we shouldn't be able to tell they're gay at all.


Wonderful response, there's nothing else that I can add or rebut.


I hate people who think have the rights to control other one's life, like control freaks parents for example (mine included). I hate religious people, highlighting evangelicalism. Political people like leftists scum. I hate Brazil and latin america in general. I hate people who are not respectful so basically more than half of the population of this planet. I hate living.


I hate people like this, because when inevitably I am talking to a fellow wizard and they try to bring up anime girls or they start mentioning the porn they jack off to and I tell them that I'm not attracted to females and not interested in the topic they will all of a sudden label me as a "faggot" and then constantly question my virginity when they previously had no problem with me. Many will also constantly bring up my sexuality and then claim later that *I* constantly bring up my sexuality to them. Fuck people like you. This should not even be a problem on a site based around celibacy yet you awful bullies still congregate.


im asexual from years of trauma and antipsychotics so i kind of understand you a bit. just wish you wouldnt say it. its kinda annoying thinking of queers with shit eating grins.


> when inevitably I am talking to a fellow wizard and they try to bring up anime succubi or they start mentioning the porn they jack off to and I tell them that I'm not attracted to females and not interested in the topic they will all of a sudden label me as a "faggot" and then constantly question my virginity

I've never seen this happened on Wizchan and I'm here since 2013.


I am talking about private conversations, over steam for example. When you befriend a fellow wizard, they seem perfectly fine with you, and then all of a sudden they hate you because they brought up their sexuality and you didn't relate/want to talk about it. Also don't care about you trying to subtle brag about how long you've been here, so quick to try and make a contest about something, do you want a medal? Trophy? People like you fuck off as well.


You should really know by now what kind of absolute retards try to pick up friends on imageboards. Then again it’s pretty fitting that you do and you’re gay.


>I am talking about private conversations, over steam for example. When you befriend a fellow wizard


Nobody gives a fuck about your failed attempts at friendship in discord or steam. You sound like a failed normalfag with a victim mentality.
Why even bring up your bullshit online drama that happens when you try to befriend "wizards" on steam?
An easy solution for you it'd be to say you like random female characters and that X is your waifu and then talk about other topic with them. If they're decent people they will talk about other shit besides hentai and fetishes.


>I am talking about private conversations, over steam for example.
1 why are you having conversations?
2 why on steam of all places?
whatever, then why don't you simply change your answer? if you know "I'm not interested in succubi" gets interpreted as "I'm a faggot" then just say anything else other than that, if you're talking to normal cattle just give a generic response "big tiddies and big ass!" they'll believe it, or more simply just behave like a wiz and stop talking to normal cattle, or go to 4 leafs where you'll feel more welcome with your kind.


>trying to play games with wizards? fucking normalfag!
Oh look, it's the truwiz™ gang everybody
>just lie bro lmao, it YOUR fault that you do not like females
I should not have to lie, simply saying that I am not heterosexual should have no bearing on your opinion of me, and if it does, the problem is you, not me


File: 1622947090986.jpg (23.33 KB, 453x500, 453:500, 112556763442.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>wizards offer failednormalfag a simple and logical solution to his pathetic online friendship problems

lol the same victim mentality and irrationality as the lgbt retards. Just befriend other GAYmers like you if the evil straight wizards don't like you. Why are you even trying to befriend male virgins on the internet as a gay person or looking for male virgins to play "games" online?


why don't you just suck the wizard out of your friends and get over it? that's what you really want isn't it.


He's on a mission to deflower the wizchan community. It's his quest to dewizard the wizardly population. Most likely hired by the FBI.


The world, for existing.
My parents, for giving me life.
Church for FUDding me into thinking there's eternal suffering for commiting suicide.
Myself, for continuing to draw breath.


I hate nosey people that don't understand personal space and somewhat related I hate people that call the cops for anything other than a last ditch situation


The faggots you are talking about are obviously completely exclusive of a gay wizard. A virgin doesnt have sex but you see keep talking about how gross gay sex is; it doesn't make any sense.
I'm gay and fucking hate pride parades like in this image. Nobody even knows about the 'normal gays' because they are essentially invisible

>FAGGOT sex ALWAYS involves SHIT.
There are forms of gay sex that don't involve the ass, believe it or not


File: 1623010020361.jpg (539.54 KB, 2560x1681, 2560:1681, 209510-original_characters….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

-/pol/fags. They are cancer in its finest, they shit up everything they come into contact with, they pretend they are outsiders yet they are normalfags at their worst, etc.
-religions/occultism/spiritualism. Especially if it is eastern religions which are the trend nowadays. People try to portray them as enlightening or wise but they aren't different from other religions at all.
-people who think quoting from and referring to famous philosophers will make them right instantly or wise or actual philosophers. Parroting the lines of dead men won't make you win an argument instantly. It is like sheep hiding behind the backs of their shepherds.
-people who torture animals and others needlessly or for fun.
-the pessimist circlejerk of this site. They always go on about the same shit endlessly, Schopenhauer this, Ligotti that, muh antinatalism, I-don't-care! It is all just roleplaying, just like the father of pessimism, Arthur Schopenhauer was a roleplayer who even admitted that it is impossible to live by his philosophy. Yeah, right I will just believe that the guy who fucks succubi in his spare time, writes numerous books and wins prizes for essays, who doesn't have financial troubles at all hates life so much. Fuck off. AND he and other "suffering" intellectuals have the nerve to say to the people that life is pure suffering and you need to just reject the will to live. Hmph, how spineless.
-parties and loud gatherings. Since the lock-downs ended here every Saturday night I have to listen to normals listening to their crap music at max volume multiple streets away from where I live.
-doctors, policemen, priests, politicians, teachers, professors, any kind of authority persons. They are almost always arrogant assholes and bullies who abuse their power and special priviliges. I really hate health-care workers, seriously. They don't work shit, only the absolutely necessary work and demand respect and worship because of covid. Fuck them.
-nofap posters, same reason as /pol/ posters mostly
-anti-anime posters
-people who want to force me to contribute to society


File: 1623011262898.jpg (146.69 KB, 1080x792, 15:11, 16511195489749797909_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

anti trash anime posters are the best posters because they speak the truth. /pol/fags are good posters too because they're not indifferent fags and care more about wizards and the wizard life than apolitical fags like you. Nofap posters, good to have them, real rebels who know pornography and hentai is bad and obviously unwizardly. Pessimists are good too, fuck being an optimistic retard, that's peak normalfaggotry.
>people who torture animals
You're a vegan? You're no better if not.


Get a load of this Hot Topic communist


>I'm gay
Why? not why are you gay, rather why expose yourself as that? why do you feel the need to shout "HEY IM GAY" no one cares, you're the type of faggot who makes the rest look bad, a regular wizard will not have the need to expose himself EVEN if its a homosexual
Also, read the rules
>Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.
<There are forms of gay sex that don't involve the ass, believe it or not


Good post I share many of these views myself.
How are polfags good posters? maybe if you are 16-20 and just discovered pol and are unable to understand what it menas to be human so rally behind simplistic ideas like a retard as a form of cope because that is all it is for polfags on imageboards in nearly all cases.
>Nofap posters, good to have them, real rebels who know pornography and hentai is bad
They would be no porn posters like many wizards already are instead of being a reddit meme which is what no fap is. How is being no fap a rebel when it is just conforming to a different crowd a semen retntion cult in this case?
>You're a vegan? You're no better if not.
edgy non argument.


>good post because I think like you
low IQ.
>How are polfags good posters?maybe if you…
already explained why in my post. Nice adhom retard.
>They would be no porn posters
>nofap is a reddit meme but noporn is good
Nofap is no porn you retard. I say so in my post.
>edgy non argument
Cognitive dissonance. You hate animal cruelty while eating animals. You're a moron.


Anime posters rank on top unchallenged.


I only do it when people keep shouting "hey i hate anyone who doesnt want to fuck vaginas" on a board that's meant to be a refuge from this sexuality bullshit

>Also, read the rules

Learn English


Same except the church part and I aldo hold extremely big grudge against females for not realizing their priveleges and still crying for “oppression”


Hating vtubers is understandable. They get a good amount of money, almost as if the retards watching them think they are really anime succubi. As far as I can tell, most female streamers are only popular for sex appeal. You would think the dipshit fans would just watch real succubi instead of homely ones hiding behind animated anime avatars. Pretty much everyone I ever heard fondly discussing vtubers had other retarded interests (like painting miniatures or taking tabletop games very seriously) or sounded dumb as shit in general.


>Pretty much everyone I ever heard fondly discussing vtubers had other retarded interests (like painting miniatures or taking tabletop games very seriously)

I want normalniggers to leave.


No fap is not no porn you can be no porn and still fap to occasiional anime succubus. The only reason people do no fap is because they think they benefit from not fapping it is all some way for them to try become normalfags which is silly as normalfags fap anyway. pol posters are some of the worst posters in general but you must have to be one to tolerate all their stupidity.
>hold extremely big grudge against females for not realizing their priveleges and still crying for “oppression”
While true succubus tend to have privlage that men do not it is not true that they are simply not oppressed and in actuality they are very much opressed if they dare veer away from the conventional thought. Let me explain: succubus have to accept or be willing to accept men into their spaces or they will get ostricized from the group and attacked. The men in this case are transexuals who have already infiltrated sports and succubus support groups. Lesbian succubus are opressed by men and pressured into being open to having sex with men for example.


Explain how this isn't faggot shit. I tried playing DND in high school over two decades ago and it wasn't fun even goofing around. I've met people online who are anal about character builds and strict roleplaying. Come up with a better defense of these retarded hobbies rather than just quoting me and crying about normalniggers please.


I think he meant that you are a normal nigger because you know real people with whom you talk to about this stuff.


If I'm playing multiplayer games, I'm bound to have to interact with other people. Doesn't mean I keep in contact or ever check up on them. I read this site alone more than I talk to anyone on video games combined.


No, I think he called him a normalnigger because he talked shit about "nerdy" hobbies. I don't really care about these things but I agree with him.

>/pol/fags are good posters too because they're not indifferent fags and care more about wizards and the wizard life than apolitical fags like you.
Laughable. They worship working and breeding. Enough said, I hope this is ironic.


They're shit hobbies and always have been. May as well just buy funko pops and call it a day instead of being a dumbass poorly painting little pieces of plastic trash to "enhance" the group-delusional make-believe dollhouse dressup games.
Ironically, thinking these hobbies are nerdy anymore is the real normalnigger take. The same normalfag retards who think spam about UwU/bussy and watch vtubers are well into this shit now.


File: 1623079587013.gif (134.38 KB, 560x315, 16:9, bgk2o1_640.gif) ImgOps iqdb

The loud noises also drive me crazy, since the lockdown ended you hear brats shouting as if they were being slaughtered during the day, and drunken people howling through the night.

I hate toxicity in online-games, especially where people put down their own team-members. Returning to Left4Dead after a long time was a shitshow.

I also don't like vtubers in general (except Pekora of course), it's only widening the subculture of anime by slapping waifu over stuff that originally didn't have a connection to the actual artform. It's also reducing the whole medium as a thing you watch only because your waifu is in it.(Streamers being fans isn't enough a connection, almost everybody has seen DBZ, Sailormoon or One Piece at one point), CoD now comes with anime-skins, Samsung now has it's own E-Thot lol (at least it looks more like a disney princess than anime), what's next, will my washing machine get anime tiddies slapped on?
Also by broadening the target-audience you get the usual gate-keeping problem, but what concerns me most is that you now have "ironic weebs" looking down on "actual weebs" for stuff like owning figures or merchandise etc. I am fine with my highschool-bullies not getting my hobby, I hate people that claim they have a better grasp on my hobby than I do, basically creating disturbance in their own subculture.

I hate arrogant people, those that convince themselves only because they get older they also get smarter. Those you can't argue with because they think their own opinion is the only truth in existence. Probably because my whole life in whatever decision I have made I questioned myself and beat me up for not knowing anything, and obviously that's also not healthy, but at least I still try to understand other viewpoints to broaden my horizon. So I hate myself for reading too much imageboard-posts, comments etc.

I also hate review-scores and stuff, or generally our like-culture. I get the point that we have too much trash available, but something gets a bad score? Chances are I won't hear about it as much as something that gets hyped to death, and I found quite interesting stuff by searching through garbage anyway. People get likes for their opinion? They get an ego-boost, people get no likes/dislikes compared to others? Chances are they won't voice their opinions anymore in the future, even though it might be the more interesting one.


I hate internet culture. Maybe once it was good but I didn't live to see it, I only know it in its current obnoxious iteration. Its full of normalfags who have been coming online to play epic irony misanthrope man for years now. People can't just like things, being ernest is dead. You have to ironically engage with all things then bully and harass others with shared interest so you can be King Retard of the shitpile. I also hate that liking obscure things has become some weird fetish for these people. You can tell it's just another way to cynically signal something about themselves to everyone else, not that they actually enjoy it for what it is.


I don’t wanna side with that other fag, but DnD is 1. A physical social gathering usually and so not exactly wizardly and 2. Like everything has well and truly been invaded and coopted by normalfags so it’s really a moot point to say whether DnD and other tabletops are inherently nerdy/wizardly.


People who complain about being "too tall"

I'd like to throw them off a very tall building. Or, better yet, strangle them to death with a garotte made of barbed wire.


Do you know same things happens to men ALL the time right?Men are forced the take succubi in their areas by force like boy scouts forced the take succubi and there are propaganda for increasing female percantage in EVERY male dominated area while in vastly female dominated areas such as education and healthcare nobody wants to increase male percentage.You look like brainwashed by feminism to me.


>in EVERY male area
No just the desirable ones. There’s no push for female garbage truck drivers, or miners, or construction workers, etc.


Thats true females only want higher percentages in high status and good paying jobs I forget about that


Funny thing is lots of those undesirable jobs are high paying. And then they turn around and claim there’s a wage gap.


I hate myself, but I don't really feel anything towards anyone else.


File: 1623343347984.jpg (442.34 KB, 1920x1940, 96:97, bld.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i hate NOISE. Hate the people MAKING noise. I despise them, especially the cunts that blast music from their smartphones on the balcony. Or the wannabe musicians on their shitty piano/guitar. I CURSE THEM with lifelong disabilties, may their lives be long and full of suffering. And fuck you if you do these things.


why the fuck is he not banned yet


Philip Mainlander hung himself on a stack of his own philosophy books, so I would consider him an exception to the pessimist philosopher roleplayer rule


File: 1623361329107.jpeg (527.94 KB, 1640x1150, 164:115, remember what they took f….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I hold a grudge against my parents for forcibly subjecting me to male genital mutilation at birth.


I personally really, really hate state schools and consider them evil institutions designed to get kids away from their families and indoctrinate them into whatever values the elites want


What's your take on ASMR?

I find it to be a simulated equivalent to chewing very loudly with the mouth open.


>anti trash anime posters
Are ridiculous because they are using image boards which have always been influenced by anime and japanese media. The very meme "wizard" has its origins in japanese media.
>/pol/fags are good posters too because they're not indifferent fags and care more about wizards and the wizard life than apolitical fags like you
1. They don't care about anyone except for white, rich, healthy or hard-working normos.
2. They do care in the sense that they would gladly imprison us or send us to labor camps because we are seen as leeches.
3. I do care about politics, as long as it concerns my well-being.
>Nofap posters
are either deluded ascetic monk roleplayers or failed norms who think not fapping will make them more attractive.
>Pessimists are good too, fuck being an optimistic retard, that's peak normalfaggotry.
Normalfag optimism is annoying for sure, just like the whiny hypocrite pessimists. Beyond normalfag optimism and wizardly pessimism lies wizardly optimism, which is the ultimate wizardly mindset you should strive for. Pessimism still implies that you actively care about the world, the people in it and society. When you stop giving a shit about others and embrace your egoism then you will reach true wizdom, apprentice.
>You're a vegan? You're no better if not.
Heard this meme argument countless times, still false. There is a difference between torturing cats for fun and giggles and raising animals and slaughtering them for their meat. Men are part of nature too, we are justified to eat meat. If you don't eat that meat then chances are other animals, including harmful animals like vermin will eat that meat. Do you hate lions for eating meat? Or pigs? Then why are you a hypocrite and condemn meat-eating? Men can consume meat for a reason.

As for the actual torture, I don't like how mass production and gigacorps keep their animals in tiny cages or spaces, living like that is suffering indeed. I don't see anything wrong with keeping animals and raising them if they have lots of open space they enjoy themselves on and their keepers take care of them accordingly. I can speak from experience, the chickens and other animals my family keeps always taste better in every way than the things you can buy. It is not only in the benefit of the animal, but it is good for meat-eaters too if the animal is healthy and satisfied.
I personally never sympathized with this ultra-moral or sissy-like mentality that killing animals or eating meat is wrong in all cases. If everyone thought like this, our cities and the world would be overrun by rats and other disgusting and harmful animals, man has a right to direct the animal-world as he pleases since he is on top of the food-chain. Also, I really hope if you live by this principle that you don't kill flies or cockroaches either since that would make you a hypocrite.

I'm an epicurean, I approach politics and treat it accordingly. Whatever system provides me with the greatest material pleasures and luxuries is the one I support. As things stand, /pol/ and the right-wing generally doesn't like to give anything for free, they would only demand more and more from the average people and take away benefits, bux, welfare and all that. So since I'm not a self-hating faggot no, I don't support any right-wing ideology. If the right wants my vote and support then they should take up the gloves and offer better things than the left.

One exception, all right.


You're fine bro, don't stress. Not everyone here is tripping on you.


>They don't care about anyone except for white, rich, healthy or hard-working normos.
2. They do care in the sense that they would gladly imprison us or send us to labor camps because we are seen as leeches.

Totally agreed, to conservatives and right wingers we are nothing more than subhumans. It's delusional to think they are on our side because in their eyes we are useless mentally ill retards who can't even get succubi or provide for society. They'd force us to work or go to the military/jail/labor camp and I'm sure the nazis on /pol/ would treat us even worse because we are such a disgrace to the white race.

What /pol/ posters are doing is throw a bait by addressing certain issues and once someone gullible enough bites they'll try to change their mind but we are not even part of those gullible people because we are unwanted.

If we didn't even make it in our society then we definitely won't make it in a right wing conservative one because they are all about things that everyone on here fails to do, the only ones who have little use to them are the ones who wageslave and pay taxes but they would have the same shitty life and still couldn't create a family and that's what right wing politics are all about: Working, paying taxes and creating a family.


I love the idea of police but hate every single policemen I've had any contact with.


I'm neet so obviously I support the only political side that tolerates this lifestyle. Don't want to fight against my own interests.


>actually thinking any political doctrine or politician supports NEETing
Rolling on the floor laughing.


How do you misinterpret such a simple post? He explicitly said "tolerates".


Actually there are tons of NEETs now and our collective voices are only getting stronger. More people are realizing that working is not necessary and that most jobs don't contribute anything of value to society.


I haven't literally done anything during covid at our job. We weren't allowed to work remotely so I still go to the office though.

I just surf the web, pretend to be busy and print some old useless customer emails to be archived in paper form.
Life truly is a joke. Well, it pays better than neetbux so I wont resign yet.


My favorite part is when they come in here and start hating on "degenerates" and minority people. Why does /pol/ hate minorities? Because they don't contribute first of all. Who else doesn't like working? Hmm…oh look at the title of the website we are on! That is right, wizards. And about degeneracy, well, people here of all places should know better that is just a buzzword normals use.
The goal of /pol/ is to recruit more people and convince them that it is actually in their benefit if they support or vote for this and this while the truth is the opposite. If I supported /pol/ I wouldn't be different from a rich man who advocates for communism or from a jew who supports neo-nazis.

Probably has to do with the fact that the police is no different from criminals, they just happen to have fancy uniforms and are permitted to do whatever they want to a certain extent. Thugs of the state, indeed.

What side is that? I hope you mean capitalism with welfare state style mixed economics. Because other systems would suck for neets
-nazism-fascism = you don't want to work and slave away for the nation? See you in the concentration camp, buddy.
-communism = you don't want to work and slave away for the workers and the collective? See ya in the gulag, buddy.
-unrestricted capitalism = you don't want to work and YET you dare to exist? See ya on the streets begging after your parents die, buddy.


That's why Nordic social democracies are heaven on Earth. Systems that can't be improved upon any further.


I hate my co-worker for practically forcing me into legally dubious stuff. All of a sudden now he wants to meet, I have to leave my house in 30 minutes. If I don't return I'm either dead or he set me up, I'm in trouble in a lot of ways so both are possibilities. Just listening to music now, enjoying small things. I will post here again if I come back otherwise I am locked up somewhere or dead


I made it, he just got really high and wanted to tell me his life story while crying armed


They are entropy


Any and all people who willingly bring a person into this world


File: 1624531388909.jpg (58.04 KB, 960x753, 320:251, 1534627707413.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>/pol/fags are good posters too because they're not indifferent fags and care more about wizards and the wizard life than apolitical fags like you
you shitting me?


>-anti-anime posters
"Take care of em, Rico"
>-people who want to force me to contribute to society
succint summary
Just kidding, I've been burnt too and despise many parts of it

Didn't think about the point you brought up with Shopenhauer, but you're right.

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