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Looking back at the last two threads there seems to be somewhat of a general consensus that we've come to some kind of …impasse(?), that if we're not the last wizard, we will be the last wizards of our kind.

Question is who, if anybody, will come after us?

To me it's ridiculously obvious that the subculture(s) that the wizards, outsiders, outcasts, losers, etc resided in are completely in the hands of the normalfags, right down to the degeneracy contained within them. (Now, it seems like it's starting to consume them but that's another topic maybe).

Some anons in the last thread have argued that wizards should erect ever higher walls to keep out the normalfags from their hobbies but I say that's a futile and exhaustive exercise thanks in no small part to retard-proof internet access.

I think wizards, of the current generation at least, have to make peace that what was once theirs, is no longer. (Older wizards I'd think are beyond caring at this point since they've sort of defeated time.)


File: 1623242461380.jpg (59.24 KB, 1264x945, 1264:945, There's no one here.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Someone in the last thread suggested that the new wizards might not be recognizable.
>more "primal" wizards who exercises physically in order to feel better about themselves and kill time and they will be more hooked to what most people call "reality" in general, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It actually already started and some of them are sometimes mistaken for improvebrahs especially by older wiz too old to change their ways but i think i know what lead them there, there's just nothing else left to do for yougers wizards.

I'll add to this and say that they might not even be on the internet, those with the means might just go full-Ted and go live in the woods, those without means will just use the internet for the necessities (since you need a damn smartphone to participate in this society).

I'm asking for a lot but I'd like opinions from actual 30+ wizards or people near the end of their 20s.


I’m not old, but I can already see that happening. Wizards, as they are loners, avoid things that are mainstream just by definition/tendency. So as things that were once unpopular become ever more celebrated by the masses it’s natural that most wizards will lose interest, or just never develop an interest in the first place. I think that’s why there’s more anti anime/escapism sentiment as of late because you can’t escape into something when it’s shoved in your face IRL. Though I have no faith in young wizards going uncle Ted, they are raised with tech and trying to remove it would be akin to trying to sever your own limb.


File: 1623243662451.jpg (197.91 KB, 728x960, 91:120, collective consciousness.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>they are raised with tech and trying to remove it would be akin to trying to sever your own limb.
This may sound far fetched, but it is true. Being unplugged myself I go quite mental and melancholic.


>I think that’s why there’s more anti anime/escapism sentiment as of late because you can’t escape into something when it’s shoved in your face IRL.

lol the real explanation is a lot more prosaic: it's a bunch of poseurs trying to one up each other. The others will follow along out of fear of getting judged by them and to get cool credibility points, and this is how you end up with a cycle of larpers and phonies superficially getting into more worthwhile and deep pursuits, or so they pretend. Few things ring as hollow and desperate as these posters who flood imageboards and social media (esp. twitter of all places) with their pseudo-mysticism and living off the grid.


>I'm asking for a lot but I'd like opinions from actual 30+ wizards or people near the end of their 20s.
So… someone like me? Okay.
Truth be told, wizardry, as a concept of rejecting society and living as an enlightened monk, is dead. We have too many simps and crabs here who worship succubi and don't even attempt to do any sort of self-reflection on their behavior. They are most likely not even virgins because they may have already paid a hooker to fuck them. That's how obsessed they are with pussy. So why do they post here? Because we've lost the fight against them and failed normalfags in general. They won, and the ship has been sinking ever since.


I question the concept of wizard as a distinct and strict identity and it makes me wonder how you would classify a 30+ virgin volcel who still seeks out social interactions (I have a relative like this) but not sex partners. That said I think wizards will just go offline as online spaces are flooded with normies. Zoomers will start approaching wizardhood soon and there are a lot of crab zoomers, as in a LOT, and they will soon begin to give up and embrace their doom. And many are probably volcel all along. I think porn is a major driver there. So wizardhood might disappear simply because there are too many wizards and the old and new scatter apart from each other.

I really wonder how many 40+ or 50+ wizards are on this site. What happens to them? They lose interest in message boards? They all kill themselves? What happens? What happened to them, is what will happen to us next. The zoomers will become the new wizards. Expect a lot more mobile posting.


>Truth be told, wizardry, as a concept of rejecting society and living as an enlightened monk, is dead.
It never was alive to begin with you moron. It always was one big larp by shitposters with an overinflated ego. Do I need to remind you of the buddhafaggot/granny killer that used to post here? Come on now.


Fucking this.


>I question the concept of wizard as a distinct and strict identity

This might put me in the firing line but it's more of a self-aware meme than an identity.

But I understand why things are the way they are since the collective pool has been poisoned since 2014.


>We have too many simps and crabs here who worship succubi and don't even attempt to do any sort of self-reflection on their behavior.

I would also like to see examples of this. I believe it is severely frowned upon around here and has been for a long time. If you're talking about the occasional /b/ fucktard then I would agree but we all know that board is unsalvageable.


Dude is probably confusing social media and other imageboards with this place.


This thread here >>>/lounge/265323 along with every other fap thread is full of succubus worshippers
Obviously /b/ has a ton of them as well
Also make sure to type in "virgin" for /dep/ using wizardchan's search feature and enjoy


I think the problem is bigger than just some anons on an imageboard, everything these days can commodified and sold off.


>masturbating to succubi means your a female worshiper
Absolutely retarded stance.


yeah pretty much, lots of r9k outsiders come here and get confused what site they are on

you are retarded, confirmed


I have the suspicion he’s just the gay /b/ nigger trying to stir shit.


File: 1623261283654.jpg (291.34 KB, 1668x1665, 556:555, b22e0e46a37992374e449657d1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What do you guys mean by "the end of wizards"? Sorry if it's a dumb question, it's been a long time since iv been on wizchan. Only ever lurked anyways.


You could always just read the OP past the title.


You probably think hikki neets are fake and just larping, right?


No, I've often lamented that neets are actually a minority on the site, but whatever.


From the original thread:

>Wizards, and social retards/reclusives/outcasts, are a dying breed. It took me a while to figure that out, I don't know if we're being breed out OR that the modern state of the internet has opened all doors for self-improvement and congregation for people who would be us (I think it's the latter). Cos on 4chan people are always complaining that "reddit is leaking" or "it's so reddit in here", it's not. It's that the "zoomers" that have replaced us, come from a much more socially inclined background by default and most, if not all, of internet (and geek) culture has seeped into the mainstream.

>Those of us that did not fully commit to a fandom or a passion, are now left with no real identity. I think in a certain sense it's a lot harder to be a loner now, like, you can have a giant anime figurine collection but the internet these days will always remind you that there are other people who also have the same hobby, but are enjoying with other people who take it to different places they wouldn't have dreamed of on their own. Basically reminding you that *your* giant anime figurine collection are just lumps of shaped plastic.


Hikkis and NEETs are not difficult to be. Being self sufficient and living in the woods is not only stupidly difficult, but obviously does not leave much room for computer/internet access so even if someone did manage it they wouldn’t post here.




I don't get why do you care about your hobbies going mainstream if you do it on your own? If your hobby requires participation others, or if it's due to avoidance of being part of the herd, than that only proves you were one of them to begin with as you share the same interest.


It's not a fucking hard concept. Anything hobby that involves consumption is liable to be altered to fit the whims of the normalfags. Something like carving, because you are the sole producer and consumer, is immune. Something like movies, anime, or video games are subject to normalfag infiltration as you are the sole consumer, and essentially unable to produce your own content.


A few posts from the last thread.
>hobby invasion
>I guess it mostly depresses anons who became wizards in the last 10 years or so, to have your small corner of the world just slowly taken over by people that include the ones who never cared for the hobby in the first place.

>I mean, I assume most wizards have been excluded from many things growing, so to have your own space/hobby was something special.

>There's been a "flattening" of the geek/nerd cultures so that newcomers or invaders can just waltz in without any prior commitment to it. Whether someone is a "real" geek or not at this point becomes irrelevant because all of the effort that was required, things like collecting comic books, arranging clubs, getting rare items from abroad etc, has become trivial to do.

>….the idea that anybody with a buncha cash could just outright buy "nerd cred". I mean, if you were on a crappy wage or on NEETbux, it meant something to you to spend that much on something. And I guess if you were a rich nerd, it probably meant something as well because "nerd cred" wasn't worth anything outside the community back in those days…..

>That is his point fool the NEET neckbeards had to save their paycheck to buy figurines, while rich normies can just throw some pocket change at it and acquire just as many, if not more figures. So now normies can claim to be "better collectors" while not devoting any effort or interest in the hobby.


File: 1623278321682.png (713.94 KB, 641x725, 641:725, Screenshot_60.png) ImgOps iqdb

The normal people urge to be "unique" among their kind led to the swallowing of underground hobbies like anime, geek, etc, just because they're different. Just a few normies practicing the specific hobby, + some posts on social media, are required to turn something once marginalized into a mainstream shit.
But this hunger for attention never ceases, so when everything is normalized that will always have a select group of normies fiercely searching for anything culturally unknown in the society to bring it up so they can have their so special few months of alternativeness before it spreads as the other stolen hobbies.

My questioning is, after a certain time, will the old hobbies normalized by the society at some point be forgotten? Will someday anime and geek stuff be treated as "outcast" shit as it was back in the 90s and beggining of 00s?

All of us here know that mainstream culture is liquid as hell, it doesn't take long to something be exchanged for another, it's actually been happenning quite fast in the past years. I've seen a monstrous growth on people leaving internet and abandoning old fashioned geek stuff like RPGs, but what is the limit?

Any thoughts?


I will neve forgive normalcunts for ruining Berserk OST with their shitty memes


what meme?



Maybe, and I hope so.
My best guess is that modern anime will evolve into something new in a few years and we can then make a hobbie out of enjoying the "classics" kinda like old movie buffs.


>All of us here know that mainstream culture is liquid as hell, it doesn't take long to something be exchanged for another, it's actually been happening quite fast in the past years.

lol no.

>In conditions of digital recall, loss is itself lost.

Nothing really disappears anymore, it just get absorbed by the monoculture sans any soul.

It's why if there are any new wizards, outsiders, outcasts, etc they'll be into something completely leftfield and disconnected from the old geek subcultures.


File: 1623315514735.gif (250.99 KB, 500x470, 50:47, 1608107760275.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I think the main problem with the new wizards is the filters, around 2014 I was happy to find this place, a place with people like me.

That's basically it "people like me" I already had an idea of myself, I'm me, I like this and that, but how can new wizards become wizards if they can't even find that, an identity, and even if they had one could they become one of us? (referring to potential wizards and not regular normalfags) how many things are out there that can drain your life before becoming a wizard?
>Porn (copious amounts of porn of all kinds and colors)
>Weeabos (making a clear difference between enjoying anime and being a normalfag who uses anime as an identity)
>Political stuff (/pol/ or regular left faggotry)
>Inc*l culture(which is a term easier to find and understand which can be alluring to new potential wizards and lead them through that path)
>Drugs (At the expense of sounding like an old man, today's generation has an incredibly easy access to hardcore drugs, which obviously take potential wizards away)
>And any of the other things that can poison you before even realizing "hey I can live without succubus cant I?"

There are way too many things that can and WILL prevent the "creation" of new wizards, and there's nothing we can do about it.
We will die, well be replaced by normalfags, but I want to think and hope that out there some young guy has my same hate, my same void if you will, against regular humans and succubi, and even if they don't come here those will be our successors a new breed that won't even be here.


Unrelated but I can't stop staring at this gif, something about the polygony aesthetic of the 90s that draws me in. Nothing the modern graphic could ever replicate.


that's not how it works


I hope you're not a zoomer who waxes lyrical about old games which they could have any real attatchment to beyond "it's retro".

The number of zoomer retards claiming Goldeneye 64 was the best fps they've ever played is fucking ridiculous. I love that game but it haa aged horribly.


*could not have any real attachment


But a hikki is completely detached from society, which is similar to living in the woods. The difference is that you get to have the comforts of home and not have to worry about dying from a bear attack. I would argue that being a hikki is actually a requirement for being a wizard, but then I'd get all kinds of negative replies here like "larp", "you're retarded" or some other childish insult.


I don’t know what any of that has to do with my post.

Also, being a hikki is a luxury, most people don’t have family that would tolerate let alone enable such a thing.


File: 1623333057547.jpg (46.14 KB, 1424x185, 1424:185, Neet overman.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It really isn't.
Just don't be retarded and find a way.
I haven't as much as messaged my family in 6 years and have been fully hikki for 2 years in that time. I worked or lived in the woods for the rest of the time and saved up enough to go hikki again, but now for 4 years straight.
I am living the NEET-dream.


> I worked or lived in the woods for the rest of the time and saved up enough to go hikki again,
Holy shit you even admit in your own post that you had to stop being a hikki in order to get money to go back. Why are you denying it’s a luxury?


Becuase you are now on "their" turf whether you like it or not. THEY will now dictate the flow of whatever hobby they invaded.


File: 1623381958338.png (107.89 KB, 1355x508, 1355:508, gente vacia.png) ImgOps iqdb

The whole subject makes me think; the machine will keep spitting out people who are not compatible with it and will want to break away with it regardless. Are we the same as the outcast/loners of previous centuries? Would they look down on us for being connected to a box and talking to other thus not really alone?

>So now normies can claim to be "better collectors" while not devoting any effort or interest in the hobby.
I find this line of of thought disgusting.
Would you collect anime figures for some nerd cred or cause you like collecting the things? Why should you even fucking care that some vapid rich boy is able to afford more shit than you, posting in some youtube channel about it, even tho it doesn't even mean shit to him and most likely selling them off when he hops on another wagon?
Should I get mad some rich baby boomer can afford a 20K carbon bike with a load of the latest, fanciest accessories while I still ride my 20 year old bicycle? No, cause I can go bike riding the same.

Maybe there's something im overlooking or this is something that mostly happens on passive hobbies.
Like the things you like and if the people that produce them stop doing them for a different audience you cut them, simple as that, brand loyalty be damned and try to find someone who does them as you like.

>My questioning is, after a certain time, will the old hobbies normalized by the society at some point be forgotten?
Surfing, skating and extreme sports. People still do them despite not being mainstream no more. Then again these are active hobbies that don't require a producer to make content for you to consume.


>Surfing, skating and extreme sports.

I don't know where you live or how much money you make but it's mostly trust fund kids that are into that where I live.


Very vague and not helpful at all.


It wasn't supposed to educate you only show that it has been done.
Now the formula:
Live in Eastern Europe
Work in Western Europe


You know this is a slow site that lives of quality posts, I dont know why you people even bother with such nonsensical posts. How is this even going to be an option for shithole wizards or people who dont speak a Slavic language?

What is "worked or lived in the woods" even supposed to mean? What, you are a lumberjack? You lived in the woods like Ted or how do you even save up enough money with those shitty Europoor wages?


This is ridiculous. This guy can manage to travel thousands of kilometers to work and save money and claims he's a hikki. It's the week-end neet joke taken to a whole new level.


Just a dumb troll.


File: 1623443180192.jpeg (42.88 KB, 580x388, 145:97, McCandles.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm sitting on 30k right now all from manual labour as a second worlder.
Lived in the woods, as in I quit my pops at 17 lived in the woods for 6 months until I got my mind together, joined the military for 2 years, got bored and since I'm not a retard saved up everything and spent my days as a hikki on my own dime for a year.
Then signed up with an agency for manual labour in Western Europe for another 2.5 years, saved all of that up and got back to my country for some more sleepy hikki time.
Stop being retarded and wasting your money. I don't know how normies manage to spend all of their money and there definetly is no reason you can't save 90% being a wiz.
Get a grip.

100 Euros and that's being wasteful. Plane tickets cost 30$ one way.


It isn't about the money you fool. You lived in the woods, were in the military, traveled regularily, worked (in foreign countries, no less) and you call yourself a hikki. Look up the damn definition.


You don't have to interact with pretty much anybody to do any of those things, put up with people for as short as possible and move on. I kept to myself, got through it, now I'm back to watching anime 24/7 and reading.
Do I need to be a sissy twink to qualify?
I didn't do most of the things I did out of sheer will and motivation. Living in the woods sucked so I pulled myself out, military was boring so I quit, Hikki days were magic so I got myself some money to fund more of them.
No willpower needed.


Hikki doesn’t mean you don’t interact with people it means you completely isolate yourself inside your room. Working, living in the woods, and being in the military do not qualify.


Haven't gone outside in a 9 days now, down to eating cooked rice just so I can avoid seeing another human. And whenever I do go for groceries I go as early in the morning as possible so there are as few people as there can be.
I'm pretty sure I'm Hikki-prime.
Ya'll still deal with your mums, I don't do even that.


So if I work and take 9 days off I qualify as hikikomori right, try to educate yourself before using terms you romanticize but have no clue about, like the redditor-highschooler who thinks he's hiki because he didn't go to school for a week.


Why yare am*ricans with no reading comprehension allowed on this website?


Not him but I have a similar feeling about graphics of that sort. I'm in my 30s and played SH1 when it was first released, so maybe that makes my comment legitimate for you? I don't like replaying the games, though. I can't enjoy video games at all anymore, so it's just a visual appreciation.


Only good post ITT



The question remains sorta the same don't you think?

What kind of outcasts are going to appear after the millennials?



Found the succubi worshipers


Damn, sick rebuttal. Really showed them.


File: 1623666787819.jpeg (98.44 KB, 935x960, 187:192, 1608933088727.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

*I mean, ok lets say it is a LARP, so what kind of outsiders, outcasts, losers, NEETs, Hikkis etc are going to appear after the millennial outcasts?


why should anyone here care?


We are the last ones also this >>241884


I care.

Normalfucks are the reason games are casualized and filled with monetization.


File: 1623677943968.gif (2.06 MB, 431x237, 431:237, kasumis thoughts.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Playing anything other than VNs
That's what you get for having shit taste.


>playing games with actual gameplay
How dare he.


I think the really schizoid type wizard will disappear and it's possible that male mental health issues are acknowledged more in society over time.

Some would think that the younger generations get sexualized but all these onlyfans and rough sex topics on tik tok are actually getting too overwhelming for most young people, especially young men and it doesn't cause them to actually engage in sexual activities, it's almost the opposite, if you look at what most young men think then you'll notice that regular normies and even Chads are getting irritated by all these outlets that enable any succubi to sell porn of themselves or to expose themselves to anyone, they are actually staring to lose interest over time and all these succubi will be left behind once the trends are over and every man saw their genitals and how they deep throated their exs dick on video, even some social media stars made hardcore porn and it all came down to such extremes that it eventually gets boring and uninteresting.

A lot of things seem to actually shift towards a slightly better future for men who are facing problems in life since even normies are starting to critique a lot of things. And to be honest I'm personally glad if no one has to live as difficult as we did.


This is delusional. The problems men face are a result of fundamental biological differences set in stone by evolution - the individual succubus simply has more reproductive value than the individual male, and liberalism/birth control means succubi get to exploit their sex power to no end.

"Male mental health problems will be taken more seriously" fucking lol. I can imagine the sun going out before a pussy wouldn't dry up in response to a man being vulnerable. Their instincts haven't changed since cavewoman times and it'll stay that way.


No I think he has a point. Sex is a two way street, and succubi have such power over men because before they (mostly) controlled how and when sex happened. But now with all these twitch whores and onlyfans, men not only have more sexual release than they could ever desire, but succubi are actively devaluing themselves sexually. So either two things are gonna happen, men will get fed up with succubi since they can know within seconds if the succubus in front of them has posted naked pics and this have no reason to even attempt to woo them, or they will continue letting succubi step over them and be cucks because their potential female partner makes more money flashing their tits than they could hope to make with a real job.


sexual liberation does not benefit the majority of men this is well documented, it benefits succubi and a small number of chads who form harems


It doesn't matter how things shake out in the short term, the constraints remain the same. Men who are satisfied with porn don't have kids and thus their traits are purged from the composition of the next generation. What you're always left with is the majority of men who are unattractive but still need pussy so they succubi keep their power.

>men will get fed up with succubi since they can know within seconds if the succubus in front of them has posted naked pics and this have no reason to even attempt to woo them,

Desperate simps will wife up porn stars and whores because their genes program them to feel miserable otherwise. Similarly succubi get desperate to have kids around 30 and will lower their standards and reproduce with said simps. The ones who don't will have their traits purged from the gene pool, so there's no progress.


I don't know, if the onlyfans was just succubi maybe but there are a bunch of dudes and trannies doing the same thing.



Men also prostitute themselves but they hardly are making any business and their clients are usually men, same goes with onlyfans, men do it but the demand is so low that it's not even relevant in comparison to succubi who engage in sexwork.

succubi usually don't pay for pornographic material of men, succubi don't even get horny as much they just act like they got the sex drive of a man to get attention and manipulate.


>but the demand is so low that it's not even relevant in comparison to succubi who engage in sexwork.

The amount of trannys and crossdressers and jailhouse gays that have popped up over the years…

Remember when traps use to be a joke? Now shemale threads dominate porn threads on 4chan and other chans to the point where OP have to put females only in the thread title to get female porn.


and just like that we have a thread where the """wizards""" gather around to talk about their favorite subjects; succubi, trannies and sex.
I feel sorry for your pathetic rotten little minds but also would very much enjoy if your type just fuck off from this place for good.


>doesn't know the mods are trannies


If you could redirect it back to hobbies and sanctuaries being destroyed instead of crying like a bitch, I would be most grateful.


The "You will own nothing and be happy" aspect of gaming nowadays, I'm not sure if it's the nerds' fault or the normies' fault because who else actually bought the horse armor back in 2008? I mean I know us nerds were the ones who bought pc expansion packs when they actually added value but I don't remember normies clamoring to buy horse armor.


I don't remember many free-to-play games back in the 90s and 00s, subscription games sure but f2p I don't remember many. I don't think sub games were a big hit in the mainstream.

The f2p thing, I personally think, happened because of mobile freemium games like candy crush which were filled with microtransactions which they were able to hook normalfags on and apply the same shit to console games.


I’m sorry your little tranny asshole got hurt, but it’s an aspect of society and this thread is all about the direction society is going and how that will shape potential wizards.


Replying to the wrong guy. I wouldn't mind talking about how there seems to be a crab/virgin-to-tranny pipline these days.


You're right, I meant that for >>241940


I grew up online, and the internet was an escape from the horribleness of the real world. Now it's dominated by corporations and infested with normalfags and exists to shove that reality right in your face and remind you that there is no escape and that anything good in your life won't last, it will be destroyed.


there is not escape for cursed people like us


I really hate everything


Yeah, the internet seems really small nowadays.


most of us are slowly being killed by the internet so the natural solution is to dumpster our computers and live a life of hermit-like solitude

shunning the contact of our fellow wizards and being totally alone with books and nature has the potential to strengthen us mentally and physically although the opposite might seem to be true

don't believe the normgroid science that says you will die if you aren't continually interacting with other humans every hour of every day

they don't want you to be strong and independent


It's become the same for games, cartoons, movies. For the last decade or so they haven't been trying to provide escapism but are corporate propaganda designed to enforce conformism.


yep i been on the internet since like 2004 back when nothing was censored.


File: 1623979504946.jpg (65.6 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 90210312_4f899b570b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

you'll stay over 30
and you'll stay a virgin
there won't be an end to wizards, lol

there are no generations for people who don't have kids
if you are 30 and a guy gets born today and turns to a wizard when you're 60, is that supposed to be the next gen wizard?
there's no generation where there's no generative principle

if you want to be less literal then there'll always be new guys who are virgin at 30
virginity is rising

muh culture is cope
normal people made that content we like or used to like
we just happened to be more open to it that other people
once they got their pockets full they made stuff that appealed to wider audiences

identification with simulacra is self-objectification

t. guy who was on cripplekike's first wizardchan in 2012
ps. study philosophy


You mean the internet is dead?
Yeah, it's been dead for awhile now. I'd say it died when 8chan went down. That was the last canary in the coal mine. The last place of freedom, snuffed out.


File: 1623982460385.jpeg (114.02 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, 4c53e71ef285d5058b9a66721….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizards/ourcasts/hikkis etc etc aren't dying. You're being overly dramatic because the echochambers you've been using for the last 20~ years to validate your existence and obscure social clique are being phased out and you're too tired/uncaring etc to find the new ones where newer generations are pooling to. On top of that your autistic imageboard pride won't let you even consider other places to begin with.
Protip: Just get off the internet and be a wizard, specially since you dislike nu-net so much. It's the last place normalfags will ever think to look anyway.
8ch was a piece of shit website anyway that was ruined by /pol/'s gravitational pull long before it got nuked.


/pol/ was an excellent surface level distraction for all the /v/ kiddies, so everyone else could congregate on smaller boards and actually enjoy themselves. Though you’re correct as they are the ones who ultimately caused the site to get nukes.


social isolationmaxx is the best for us the internet and real life is for normies only



8chan sucked donkey-balls, the internet died by 2012-2014 if not earlier.


>you're too tired/uncaring etc to find the new ones where newer generations are pooling to
so where exactly do outcast zoomers go to?


I'm personally almost certain that outcast zoomers, regardless of whether they'll be wizards or not, will be some kind of Ted-style loners.


Having both no real life nor any internet presence whatsoever besides, at most, the occasional post on an imageboard is the modern-day equivalent of that, yes. I expect that future generations of wizards will be so ostracised on all fronts, leaving them no recourse but to retreat into their own mind for vindication, that it will be impossible to even know they exist.


Delusion. “Zoomers” are too ingrained into the internet to be able to be able to sever it.


It will likely evolve into consumer tat once the western market grows big enough, kinda like the new Star Wars movies from disney.


File: 1624048570443.jpg (51.77 KB, 546x520, 21:20, tedideas.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Based and tedpilled


One thing that irks beyond just the wizard/outcast perspective of being booted out of your own niche, is that geekdom and everything that is connected to it or surrounds it…has mutated into something sickening.


I hate the female worship cult it has become. The writing was on the walls but it always had the rule of 3DPD until now.


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Most of this thread is sadly stupid nonsense. For the thread to have any meaning there should be zoomers giving their opinion (since the thread is about what is to come after the already past era of outcast) or at least people from other generations with some sense of perspective, which obviously most who have posted don't have even a bit. The majority of what is in the thread resumes to:
>Buaaaaaaaah everything is done, time to eat trash and nothing more! (defeatist moron)
>Guys what about we go to live like in the stone age? (delusional anarchoprimitivist)
>We are the last outcast broh, we're the only ones and there are no more! (people totally disconnected from reality)

So yeah the thread as is stands now has little to no value. At least I feel the OP had good intentions asking.


>I’m the only one who’s right and everyone else is big dumb doodoo heads
Thanks for nothing bitch.


>Most people in the thread are wrong?!
>B-but the majority of the thread…
Normalgroid thinking.


You’re just coming in here calling everyone stupid yet not offering up any response to the OP yourself.


>It will likely evolve into consumer tat
It pretty much already has, Shounen Jump for example now has a strong mandate to make series that appeal to "global" audiences and not Japan


I will sum it all up
Wizard 2021


Japan is ageing dramatically it was to be expected


When are they inviting wizzies over to boost the numbers?

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