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I always feel so uncomfortable when I am around someone more attractive than me or more successful than me. I hate hearing about other people’s achievements. I never buy anything I don’t absolutely need or watch videos so as to not give other people money and views and contribute to their success. I am a firm believer in secular humanism and believe that all successful people work hard to get to where they are, even though my rational side knows this isn’t true. Nevertheless I am a secular humanist.

Whenever I hear about someone like a family member or something who just got a full ride to Cornell or had kids or something I become green with envy. It is very difficult for me to communicate after hearing things like that and I usually have to get myself out of the situation and find something to take my mind off things. Who else is like this? I know there is a lot of spiteful bastards on here


Most people feel jealous when hearing about other people's success. It's just a normal human emotion.


If I have to read one more post from some "depressed" normalfag with a degree from Cambridge, a loving family, an expansive peer-group and an excellent/thriving career – I don't know what I'll do. I may probably begin research into the dark magics in earnest, in order to expunge these cretins of their enviable qualities; if that fails, then I'll simply curse them all. And if magic turns out to be a sham, then there's always an assault rifle waiting to be unloaded into a crowded shopping mall.


Slow day at the office huh Fedsama


It's kinda normal for people to talk about things where they excel at and omit talk on things they fall short at.
Omission is a tool humans use a lot to make others think their lives are idyllic despite the fact no one lives a completely perfect life.

Top glow.


I don’t actually want kids. Neither do I want a job nor a college education. And this isn’t sour grapes either, I genuinely think they are stupid. But I still envy people for having these things nonetheless, because they are socially desirable, so people perceive me as lesser than them for not having these things. And I hate it when people look down on me


Glowing with envy, sure.


I feel EXTREMELY similar to you interesting thing is I was’nt like this before but after all the time my parents friends gloat about success of their kids and make my parents feel bad about me I’m getting filled with extreme envy.As the time passed I feel more and more envy towards succesful people and I feel like as a 28 year old hikikimori neet I want to work and buy things I want but can’t have because of being poor who is completely dependent on parents make


>socially desirable
> people perceive me as lesser than them for not having these things. And I hate it when people look down on me

Kek I don’t even interact with people unless it’s necessary to transact a good or service I genuinely need. Why are you so fixated on this shit? Who cares if they’re social desirable? It’s a game you don’t even play


Let's be honest here: the main reason why losers like us drop out of society is because we can't compete and give up.


Compete for what? I already have more money than 99% of normies because of inheritance.

Why would I ever slave away at a job?


Go fuck yourself


Typical 80 iq normie has no arguments left.


God speed anon.


He's right, you should keep your luck to yourself asshole.


You can't compete socially, in sports, appearance, romance and other achievements so you fall back on your parents wealth as a safety net, many such cases


Don't cut yourself on that edge.

Feels good to be far better off than most of your contemporaries, doesn't it? As long as you're fiscally fit and invest it rather than squander it, you'll be set for life!

t. hated outcast who became a silver bug


File: 1624036150979.jpg (187.07 KB, 800x800, 1:1, turd-flinging-monkey.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


None of the things you listed mean shit, only personal comfort means anything.

I'd rather have a million and be bad at sports, than be the best volleyball player in India and live on 80 dollars a month.

Only people with a toddler's ego care about sports or "achievements".
Having a comfortably large house, enough money to do whatever you want in life, never going hungry etc. are what matter.


>believe that all successful people work hard to get to where they are

lol wat


Yeah but generally speaking, you need to be good at something if you want to make money. Unless you're lucky enough to be born into a rich family and get a large inheritance, you're probably destined to be a poorfag making minimum wage if you're a talentless loser that sucks at everything.


That's for sure. I agree with you on that, and that unfortunately describes most of the planet.

But I'd trade places any time with that inheritance wizard because I work like a monkey for $2500 a month. After rent, bills and food I can save up maybe 800 dollars. For busting my ass off all month from morning until 4-5pm? It's awful.


Pay others no mind. Start constructing a bucket list of things that YOU can accomplish. Check items off the list at your own pace. These goals can be completely pointless. Write whatever flippant ideas pop into your head down. Just do something. Stop worrying about what other people think about you. Be yourself by yourself. Get busy with something and fuck other people.


Self help book generic copy paste number 173 dot log


I always forget that people get mad when you give them advice. Nobody wants a solution to their problems, they just want attention.


Not sure I’d call something as nebulous as “go do things” and “just be yourself” as a solution.


Seriously you should go to reddit and farm your good conscience upvotes. And never come back.


File: 1624104305819.jpg (344.19 KB, 695x666, 695:666, asdfrradsf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


you guys really missed the point of that guy's post. if you bothered to watch part of the video, you would have noticed the humorous context of the text. the video lends the text a different tone than it has by itself.

if you were less lazy, you would have watched (at least part of) the video and been amused by the post as a whole, rather than just reading the text and getting salty. well done.


I don’t watch 90% of the links posted.


File: 1624137693538.jpg (50.27 KB, 750x920, 75:92, flat,750x1000,075,f.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I guess I shouldn't rely on links to convey a message.

I appreciate that at least one poster was able to decipher the intent of my post. It wasn't intended to be an empty platitude but a call to action to do something dangerously based like steal Mountain Dew from a Taco Bell restaurant.


>you need to be good at something if you want to make money
stop this dumb meme. there are sports coaches who get paid to not win so their team will get higher draft picks. there are farmers who get subsidies to not grow things.


I used to envy people but then I realized that this is all based around a perfectionist image which I projected at other people. However recently I searched a couple ppl from the past I didn't like and none of them seem to have achieved anything other than driving a car and having a job and the ones who were more ambitious than the others back then weren't able to proceed at some point or even failed and all of this made me feel good, not because of petty but because I proved to myself that envying them back then was really stupid.

Even if you wanna compare yourself to the average normies, their life's seem just as meaningless, we keep fooling ourselves by having this grandiose image of the normie life even though it's not that great.


there's a succubus who used to be a rival of mine but she crashed face first into the wall and almost looks like her face was burned off by battery acid and then the face of an overweight 50-year-old succubus was grafted on in its place

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