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File: 1623514329627.mp4 (24.82 KB, 184x144, 23:18, images.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Kiwi farms created a thread about me. its impossible to get a thread deleted in there,what should i do


ive had lolcow people hate me and i am very eccentric but theyve never gone that far because im proud of myself and open about my weird interests. what did you do to do this?


Best two things you can do are spill less spaghetti and ignore them. KF is a site for failed normalfags that get off on bullying autistic people because that's the only way they know to forget about being such royal fuck-ups.


File: 1623525533321.jpg (161.11 KB, 876x768, 73:64, tibetan mastiff.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

get a tibetan mastiff for protection, they grow up to 300lbs and their tiger-like roar will scare away the riffraff if they try to confront you IRL (if you've been doxxed)


They need like 10 pounds of quality meat a day. Or 5 kilos.

That's going to cost hundreds of dollars/euros every month just to keep the dog alive.


Don’t respond to the obvious shitposts.


Fine, I was just pointing out it's not financially feasible for most wizards (I know there are some rich wizards but they are a very small minority).


You posted this on /adv/ too faggot. Show the post on KF NOW


Kiwifarms is filled with a bunch of low IQ normies that try too hard to laugh at people


Kiwifarmers are morally corrupt.


Ignore them kiwifarms is failed normalfags who got bullied in highschool and try to bully others online.


Ignore it. Lay their ass out if confronted IRL


If you use social media to the point that you are in the public eye enough for people to document you, you have failed as a wizard.


Feed your enemies to it.


let me guess, sewerslvt?


He doesn't seem at all like the type to browse this place.


That wiznig fat AF lmfao 😂


The only thing you can do in these situations is to stop delivering and start ignoring it.

Some time ago I've been terribly manipulated and trolled on the internet when I went through a neurotic phase and alcoholism and tried to socialize with ppl online, it makes me feel like shit everytime I think about it because it's humiliating how I've been gaslighted and degraded as an adult but at least I avoided anything worse because I understood what was going on at some point and started avoiding these situations. The most difficult thing is to notice you're getting trolled because some of these people will really gain your trust first and then exploit your mental health issues over time.


sewerslvt isn't a virgin though, (she) said (she) lost of her virginity playing this one song she likes, that retard wouldn't be here.


What's his deal? BPD tranny doing venetian snares but with anime succubus samples?


LMAO yeah p much


Being nameknown to an extent warranting kiwifarms mocking you is unwizardly.


The OP is Lain so it fits.


are you european?


it's not bad music, I'm just amazed at how big and active that kiwifarms thread is


Retarded troon pedo bullshit


I like the music too just thought the way you described it was funny it made me laugh IRL. I despise kiwifarms they always have gay interpersonal board drama that shows they are bigger "losers" than their precious LOLcows


i'm so sorry


i had to delete my every single social media(including whatsapp). i can't talk with my friends anymore, i hope null and other kiwi farmers dies by heart attack one day




come on dude, at least it will be a wiz laughing at you and not a failed normalfag kiwifarmer



File: 1623708568131.jpg (78.96 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, imagev139d27f0cf69bd1105fe….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Null (the owner of Kiwifarms) is a fat failed normie.

I trolled the shit out of Kiwifarms, then he banned me for "attention whoring" and "derailing threads". He made me send him a selfie with a timestamp in private otherwise he said he was going to ban me.

He also called me a freak.


my advice is you try to profit from it, become a lolcow celebrity and win money


Didn't he used to lurk in the wizchan IRC?


i hope he burns alive


Based null


He made his own chan from the money he scammed from hotwheels.


File: 1623717967110.jpg (102.29 KB, 562x640, 281:320, sheeeeeeeit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why does this thread even exist?

>trolled the shit out of Kiwifarms
>He made me send him a selfie
Sounds like a pretty epic troll there lad…


You mean mine or kiwi farms thread?


I'm so glad to hear this. I always thought the site is crap. A lot of times the "lolcows" aren't even that interesting and the whole thing comes off as scraping the bottom of the barrel.


This fucking thread. You haven't even shown what thread was made about you, the extend of what happened, if they are even doing anything to you besides just laughing, or really explain anything at all. Pointless, the obvious answer is to stop feeding them anyways, if you are so dumb you can't even figure that then you deserve to be a lolcow for kiwifags to laugh at. How do you even end up on kiwifarms is beyond me, unironically if you are there then you probably deserve to be. Shit thread.


but what if i die and they mock my death too?


Then I'll be right there to laugh with them, not that I believe you were posted there at all. Stupid thread to fool gullible retards, low effort trolls these days, you don't even need to show a shred of evidence and people believe whatever garbage is shat onto the site. Real or fake, this thread is shit anyways.


This, this thread is AIDs


Delete every piece of account and start a new one.

I got doxxed for being a retard years ago, was about to kill myself but an anonymous gave me that tip.

Now nobody talks about me anymore, and started a new persona. Sometimes i remember it and enter in panic.


I don't mean to dig up old bones here, but is it possible this thread was made by the creator of bsnes and higan (among other emulators renowned for their accuracy) before he killed himself?


must be some scary stuff to go through, were you harrassed on the phone/social media or anything?
that's messed up, all he did was code like that other dolphin dev that also passed away a couple of years ago


Are you Byuu the creator or Higan? Weren't you dead?


Making a new account is stupid. If you're lulsy enough to be worth talking about you need to step back and self reflect. Stop using any form of social media or named forums. Delete everything and never respond to any one contacting you related to it. After a year of ghosting you will be off the radar and probably less of a retard.


how do you become a lolcow unintentionally?
it feels like you'd need to try pretty hard to get the attention and then self doxx yourself


Not everyone is smart like you. Some of us are low iq + also emotional which allows people to extract information from us.
Stuff we shouldn't post anywhere, but we blindly trust others.

It's no grounds to mock anyone, any more than those old people who trust the Indian tech support call they get to be "microsoft support", then send them a bunch of gift cards to fix a "virus".



I know you guys hate the lolcow community but what about all the evil succubus out there who deserves to be shit on because they make others suffer and you are just waiting for their death
Like "Skelly Chan" Ashley Isaac's or the slatton sisters?


>He made me send him a selfie with a timestamp

did he force you to take the selfie while nude too? id understand if you complied, you had no choice.


Is this sarcasm? Do you really believe a horde of abusive normans attacking anyone they can for entertainment is worth it because they also attack… a sickly looking anorexic succubus and a super fat succubus youtuber? Those threads newest posts are just insulting how they look.


Wow found the thread on kiwi where they try to brush off their involvment regarding his suicide

>No evidence of bullying here on kiwifarms exists, except for example the 13 page-thread about him duh, but

>He had a history of manipulative behavior!
>He wanted me to delete his pile of personal information we made public, and I was like no
>Kiwifarms is just an entertainment site, you know a lighthearted discussion forum, we are just here to have fun

That site looks dangerous, they seem good at sniffing out information


Pretty sure they only say they don't encourage bullying to cover their asses or something. I'm sure a lot of them fuck with people off-site.


certain cows get better or preferential treatment, its a sick offshoot of the worst parts and instincts of humans.
i only use kiwi farms to kep up on the happenings and with imageboards in general.
also , thoughts on neet.moe


>its a sick offshoot of the worst parts and instincts of humans
it always just struck me as a site for succubi, and if any men go there they must be very feminine. who else other than that crowd could read through those hundreds of names and find enjoyment? i can understand actual bullying and trolling being fun but just reading about someone and trying to find it funny evades me.


>how do you become a lolcow unintentionally?
Low self-awareness, disregard for privacy. I was dumb enough to post some pretty embarrassing stuff online back in the early 00s and I even used my real name for some accounts. I never became a lolcow but it's easy enough to find some embarrassing stuff about me if you google my name which sends me into a panic.


Exactly. This kind of obsessive targeted social attacking is insanely effeminate. Mean succubi nonsense.


Is everyone on this site part of the same discord or something? It seems like everywhere I go, my posts get singled out and then people start mocking me. They must coordinate their posts so they can tell who isn't part of their discord. Or maybe it's obsessed moderators. Really feel like a lolcow sometimes.


Maybe they will "catalogue" you eventually, and feign harassment. Sad ordeal.


As someone who goes through episodes of psychotic depression, I can see how kiwifarms harassment will lead someone to kill themselves. I have done cringy shit online, but have never been cataloged. But during my psychotic depressive episodes, I just imagined all my stuff being well known and everyone laughing at me. I can't imagine how horrifying it would be if I was in that state and I really did have people online all laughing at me like a freak show.

Now that I'm stable and normal, of course, I couldn't give a fuck if they knew I got off to sissification erotica and did cringy shit on camera on omegle. But during my dark times it was terrifying.

When people are suicidal and depressed, they basically always feel guilt and not worthy. Kiwifarms is at least in-part responsible for the suicides. Of course everyone that kills themselves "has other problems", it's a pathetic excuse.

There's no reasoning with sociopaths though, they do it out of pure sadism.


File: 1626497486887.jpg (1.07 MB, 3508x2481, 3508:2481, 1779407_nakamanga_nagatoro….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> I got off to sissification erotica and did cringy shit on camera on omegle

Wizchan was kiwifarms honeypot, former wizchan admin was kiwifarms admin. Who knows about now. I wouldn't share those details on here they can see your IP and track you.


Kiwifarms typically moves on if there's no "milk" and I don't interact with them. A coomer doing sissy shit is a dime a dozen.

I worked with a guy that got ousted as a cuckold. He was literally getting the young teens from work in to fuck his wife while he masturbated in the corner. I learnt from that that it's really no big deal, nobody irl really gives a fuck.


File: 1626500202685.jpg (162.39 KB, 1170x1490, 117:149, 1623616502943.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Glorious China keeps track of everybody, don't fret.


The most cursed picture on the internet


File: 1626505329284.png (1.53 MB, 1024x1272, 128:159, 1624382564417.png) ImgOps iqdb


>I learnt from that that it's really no big deal, nobody irl really gives a fuck.

Where the fuck do you live that someone who's ACTIVELY a cuck isn't being spat by his colleagues?


I'm not a part of anything and I don't feel like I get singled out. Not trying to speak for you. Maybe you really are getting harassed.


File: 1626916773091.jpeg (74.08 KB, 443x599, 443:599, we're all weeaboo.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

i know that eventually i'll summon the wrath of kiwifarms for being my weird, fucked up self. it makes me nervous but i've received shit from all kinds of people and a lot of artists that they attack, like minus8 or bleedman, are my heroes.

lolcow lovers are lolcows themselves; why else would they be so interested in spending so much time around lolcows.


It's strange seeing how my consistent and frequent posting over time on 4chan has kind of wormed its way into the collective subconscious of the internet perhaps even leading to the birth of memes. I fear that people's awareness of my influence will cease to be subliminal and they will become fully aware of my existence and identity.


a lot of lolcows are really fucked up people and i never think about them, but some are just mostly harmless spergs and i can appreciate their individuality on some level.


The anon you replied to is right. The cuckold guy might be joked about every now and then but no one actually cares all that much about what others get off to. All of my friends knew I was into trannies when I was a teen and literally none of them cared. Attitudes towards sex have really changed.

I was most surprised when True Geordie, a popular YouTuber, was outed as being a cuck and scat fetishist yet no one seemed to care that much; in fact people seemed strangely supportive of him.

I wonder if it's because everyone has hidden fetishes nowadays thanks to the Internet; it probably has something to do with it.


what this thread is doing here?


surprised this post didn't get deleted, but yes, it has been confirmed on multiple occasions that the mods are active members on kiwi farms. Both current and former. I believe they pass the site down as some sort of weird in group troll job.


I know for a fact I created at least one phrase on a specific 4chan board, because the first post in the archive using it was mine. Saw it misused but in a way that made sense, a few days ago, 2 years after I made it, and started kekking hard and thought about it several times throughout the day.


They created a thread about me last month and doxed and humiliated me. I had to delete every social media I have and say goodbye to all my friends and any life I had while being a disabled neet.


Why and how?

Social media is a honey pot for stalkers. Why would you ever make it? Why would you associate accounts you're forced to make? Chadthundercock93749 and Beaver_collector shouldn't have any obvious ties and you would never be found.



Ignore and stop attaching internet persona to your own self? Not that hard, internet is anonymous.


Someone socially engineered me for my information pretending to be a friend and I stupidly shared. We were going to be pen pals.


Start making and books art and selling them.

They will buy them to make fun of you, but you wise wizard, will have their money.


Isn't that strange, how these circles will incessantly mock somebody like KingCobraJFS for his behavior and yet he makes some decent cash from selling his handcrafted wands? Creating an autistic and belligerent lolcow character and merchandise for them might be a good way to get orbiter bux.


why the hell is this thread on wizchan


no idea. a stranded traveller perhaps


Hello, Ethan.


If someone criticizes you, then change
If they say wrong, then laugh

>but, hay, being a wiz… things must surely more complicated than that

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