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Wondering if any other wizards suffer from this, so here's a General thread for depression with psychotic features and other psychotic/quasi-psychotic disorders.

Dealing with MDD without getting medicated for years, combined with DPH/DXM usage lead to my demise. Constant paranoia, spiders on the wall, shadows in the dark and flashing lights. Breathing/whispering emanating from my bed and whatnot. Etc. Abilify made things worse if anything. Sorry for the disorganized speech if it's there.


Well, I'm depressed 90% of the time and if I don't take my meds I started hallucinating heavily. Guess that can be called pyschotic depression?

>spiders on the wall

>Breathing/whispering emanating from my bed

That's exactly what I go through. Every fucking day I suffer trying to sleep with those whispers. It's so fucked up and it scares me a lot. I have to let my computer screen with max brightness so my room gets less dark, but it's never enough. At this point I'm just hoping I get used to it cause I don't see it leaving my life so soon.


Been feeling more depressed than usual for the last few months and I've also been hearing my name being called out at work, turns out no one was there. Seems common, but I also had a phonecall at work, it was my boss and she told me to do something, and I did. Turns out that phone call never happened. It's really scary when these things start happening, who's to say I'm not in some trance/delusion and walk into a moving car or something


Was diagnosed with it when I was 15 and haven't seen a psych since then. I get hallucinations quite often, especially in the evening. My mood seems constantly fluctuating, because I get these delusions occasionally, which usually make life hell.


I'm actually kind of jealous of you because I know if I had psychosis I would instantly qualify for bux and no one would ever expect anything from me. I'm sure it's terrible and all that, but so is being a failure for no reason. I just want to suffer in peace.


you don't want mental issues


I think there is a Goldilocks zone where you are just divergent enough that you don't have to worry about work. It is also possible for mental issues to make you weird without causing you much suffering. However, it's impossible for me to really imagine what it is like to have symptoms like OP everyday, seems like it could be very bad


Yeah. I've been to the mental hospital a few times for it. I can tell when its starting because I feel like I've been shoved though a portal into another dimension full of darkness and misery.


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OP here, I'm done with the Abilify. Doc raised my Lexapro to 20 MGs and switched me over to Risperdal.

Abilify made my hallucinations worse at first, made me restless and made my eyes twitch back and forth. Nausea. Will update with how Risperdal is at first for you guys.


>Abilify made me restless
ah, you mean this?

I too had this side effect with abilify, and that was a fairly low dosage! I also took risperdal and it didn't do much, neither good or bad.


sorry for pissing you guys off.. im not kidding about really wanting to die and give you guys my pc
im scarfed of roping because im a fucking pussy. i feel like when i dide too that aliens are going to harvest my soul.
i ant to build a helium tank.

im not shit posting on your guys's website. im generally suicidal and if i had a medical supervised way to die instantly and painlessly i'd do it. sorry for not roping tonight. im thinking of putting together a exit bag..once again im sorry for disturbing your threads


abilify almost killed me man. i think resperdal is bad too. im on escitalapram and try not taking the antipsychotics after being a about 1 year on seroqual


i can't completely relate to being psychotic, but don't feel bad for trying to get help. we're all fucked up people trying to be happy (or at least not be in pain) in this fucked up world.

i wish i had something profound to say, but sadly i don't.


It's okay man, calm down. Most of us are on the same boat here, be free to share your thoughts and ignore the trolls. I hope you get better. Be well.


You have nothing to be sorry about. Not like you have any obligation to anybody to commit suicide. It's a hard decision to make.

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