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How did you get over your crippling social anxiety? Even going to the store is a battle for me.
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Your entire post proves my point. You were a normal person who had some difficulty and quickly got over it. THIS IS NORMAL. YOU ARE A NORMALFAG. It's insulting when you try to pretend otherwise. You say "oh I had some issues once but then I tried real hard and I got over it, so you will too". It implies that the person is at fault because he just didn't try as hard as you did to overcome your problem. In reality deep-seated issues like the one OP is talking about preclude anyone from living a normal life at any time, it's not a temporary issue like yours that you can just get over and go back to being normal. The whole point is that you're not normal to begin with. In effect you are taking the opportunity to stroke your own ego in the guise of offering advice. I agree with the other poster who called you disgusting.


Brother! If you live in the US try phenibut. I use between 1-2g once a week when I go out. It erases all social anxiety


how is the comedown?


Do you know an online source? Looks very interesting. I am in europe though


Anyone else get tangible headaches after being out somewhere with a lot of people for more than 30-60 minutes?



Realized you have to log in to read the article, but you can just search about it on google and more information will pop up


I was prescribed propranolol for a little bit, it's just a beta blocker with no psychoactive effects. If your anxiety is purely physically based then it will work, if it is cemented mentally from years of anxiety it won't do a thing. I consider propranolol a thing you would give to shy children so that they will end up forming better social habits, but for an adult with years of anxiety already reinforced it does nothing.


how does it compare with xanax?


propranolol is a beta blocker that lowers blood pressure, xanax is a psychoactive drug that enhances the effect of relaxing chemicals in your brain


have you tried both?


At the same time or used both? I've used both, but not at the same time, propranolol basically does nothing, I took 10 of my propranolol pills once and nothing happened, its only use is to stop shaking/sweating/stuttering when you're nervous, it doesn't have any anti-anxiety effect


Why are you downtown on a Friday night? Usually if I needed groceries or something I'd go in the last hour before the supermarket closed and nobody stares because that's when all the weirdos are in anyway. I didn't have to go anywhere else though so can't help you there.


Why do you care what normalfags think? When I would run out of alcohol I used to just go into a bar and drink alone whether it was a weekday or weekend. I've gone out into the city alone, movies alone, etc. Fuck what they think


Gaba inhibitors


I used to have pretty bad social anxiety I guess. Spent pretty much the first 6 or so years of life after graduation rarely leaving the house or speaking to anyone. Before then I always had regular nervousness with social situations but I could somewhat manage with nice people.
Exposure therapy does work to lessen it but it is not a cure. In the old days I would walk through a store dripping sweat off of my hair and glasses because I was terrified. I would have to find empty places to hide in until I could recuperate and if someone spoke to me they would either get a nonsensical mumble or a nervous laugh in return. Now I can at least function enough to handle dealing with business matters and hopefully come off as human so long as they don't try to start a conversation. I still do not enjoy social activity and it feels like whenever someone starts talking to me a stressful chess game begins and I have to make all the right moves. I usually try to end the game asap so I can leave.

As for drugs that work I have never come across anything among all of the usual ssris, beta blockers, phenibut, etc.
What does seem to work is alcohol and xanax. Good luck getting xanax anymore because it seems they really hate giving them out and it annoys me because my normalfag grandmother was getting them for no real reason while I was dying of anxiety from just hearing a doorbell sound .wav
Obviously walking around drunk all day isn't going to be a good idea

I hate to say it but you may have to simply accept that this is how you are. You can probably still make friends and stuff if they're understanding.


It's not as simple as that
It sounds like you're trying to pretend you're socially anxious, for some reason, specially reading the last part, it's pretty weird.
Either that or you got something different, or you're just privileged, because I can't really imagine accepting it as it is, I'd had to be stuck hiding in this desolate room for the rest of my life, and I'd rather just kill myself, there's no reason to keep going. Even if there wasn't (there is) a solution, i would die coping, cuz there would be absolutely no reason to keep going otherwise.
Being an introvert i guess is part of one's personality and mostly immutable, social anxiety is something you develop and can definitely overcome.


>It's not as simple as that
True. However it's still helpful to try to keep those thoughts in mind. It might give you a slight improvement. And you can also remember it as a goal.
You can't convince yourself of it now but it would be good if you could reach it.


>It's not as simple as that
It literally is though. The one and only requirement for living and people like us is money. Once you got that you are free to do whatever you like.


This. A wizard's life makes or breaks on money.

It's heaven or hell based on whether those numbers are present on your bank account or not.


In Sweden they really don't want to give it benzo but then it's possible to buy serbian benzo on the darknet


There isn't one really. I just sleep it off

I use 250mg capsules from nootropic depo. You can find it cheaper elsewhere though


Jesus Christ you are a faggot and lazy. Read >>245258. Also, you won't share your life experience to substantiate your views having any validity. This makes you either a fraud or a pussy. I was never accepted or normal. I've been an outsider most of my life (you didn't read>>245330 either) and have been abused by normals. I just learned to make my life less painful to live. You don't read posts in the thread and you think your unproven expectations are facts. Thank you for wasting my time and the time of the other people in this thread.

People who are too intransigent to accept new information or ever revise their opinions (to even the smallest degree) are not worth speaking to. I'll continue posting in the thread, but I'm done with you since you either lack character or are a troll.

To everyone else in the thread, I am sorry for getting off topic.


Anyway, getting back on topic.

I take it to help with my panic attacks. It's a life saver. Any time I need to do public speaking for school activities I'll take a dose beforehand. I had a panic attack in front of one of my classes in the past which was humiliating and set wrecked my social credit at my workplace.

>Exposure therapy does work to lessen it but it is not a cure.

I would echo this. I think it's a necessary element for dealing with this problem. However, you sort of need to take cocktail of actions if you want to substantially mitigate the issue, in the same way you usually need a cocktail of different meds to deal with a mental illness.


>How do you do fellow wizards


yea sounds based but this mindset also basically disconnects you from people even more. this can make your life even harder


very good post. for me, getting stabbed for wearing a covid mask was basically a gamechanger.


just leave and never come back crab, mass replying dont do nothing for you either, just leave and dont look behind you normalfag.
"hurr durr im a teacher"… just fuck off cunt


This is pretty much how I've spent my entire 32 years of life. I've learned to just let my eyes glaze over and stare ahead unless someone is in front of me then I turn to the side.


No it's not. SSRI's are a god send for panic attacks, didn't do shit for my social anxiety.


Exposure, and adults can't just bully people like teenagers did to me when I was also a teenager, adults don't get validation from openly bullying other adults for no reason, so no matter how much a of a awkward stuttering mess you are, nobody will say anything most of the time, after realizing this I just stopped caring, I can even make small talk now, not that I enjoy it, but I can.


>adults can't just bully people like teenagers
>adults don't get validation from openly bullying other adults for no reason
>nobody will say anything most of the time
Ohh boy this is plain and simple WRONG, where are you even from?


>adults can't just bully people like teenagers
Do you even leave your house once in a week? 3 Steps out of the door and i already get attacked by boomers for wearing mask so your reply is basically a fantasy of a blind person but whatever helps you sleep at night right bud, i just hate untruthful people man, you just cant do general statements like >>245965
>adults can't just bully people like teenagers
or >>245965
>adults don't get validation from openly bullying other adults for no reason
>nobody will say anything most of the time
Just dont lie, is that really too much to ask for?
Adults can be even much more gruesome because they are way more superficcial, they will mock you for your crooked teeth, they will rip you apart for EVERYTHING you do.


my experience is, even being too confident makes them attack you.
i was basically shy all my life, now, im basically napoleon complex the person, and western succubi try to shut me down for "speaking too loud". Trust me man, we will never be good enough "for them". Just realize, its a satanic world because of war and the media, there is bascially no freedom, dont expect peace, i know it sound harsh but, the smartest thing to do is to attack first before they find something to attack YOU. just scream at them, this will scare away 95% of the people already, in my experience, even bodybuilders or even boomers.


but I can't physically fight so I can't afford to chimp out like a nigger, like you do.


fights are in tv but thats not reality bud. You are scared of the unknown but thats a normal thing. see, thing is, you have to "win" situations to get a better mindset about your life.
its okay to ignore bullys but remember, you need "wins" too, otherwise something satanic will build up in you. for me, buddhism helped me alot, i live in an almost empty apartment, people cant hurt me no more, they cant take away things off of me, im already gone, its just the flesh left.


children, teens, adults, the amount of evil (appetite for bullying and other forms of cruelty, etc) in people doesn't change, but how it manifests does. the typical "school yard" bullying which most people define as "bullying" fades away, but is replaced by other forms abuse. like your boss chewing you out over minor mistakes and giving you shit assignments for petty reasons. i would argue that the style of abuse changes but the quantity usually does not. so in a certain rhetorical context, the poster you responded to is correct. what most people define as "bullying" doesn't really leave the school yard, but rather is replaced with a different system of cruelty inflicted in a different style.

i don't agree with his point on attacking first, but i do believe that harsh retaliation against people who attack you is necessary. you need to show bullies you aren't a soft target. if they know you will defend yourself, they will look for new prey. they are cowardly filth looking for easy fun.


>you said you're a teacher so i'm going to not read the content of your posts and just criticize you based on my assumptions



Why do you remain with them?
When I found anything in a job I despised I started making plans for moving to a different one.
Never stagnate.


smartest person in the room but talking to you is just a waste of time, typical smartass behavior, using big words but in the end nothing more than unhelpful,general statements to collect karma points.
>harsh retaliation against people who attack you is necessary
because attacks=attacks? you are the big mr. teacher but refuses to differentiate between "attacks", interesting. random occurring attacks of strangers are not same as attacks of people from your close social circle though. this is why >if they know you will defend yourself, they will look for new prey
is just not really the case here bud.
>i don't agree with his point on attacking first
why are white people scared of Untermenschen then? i am careful in their near because i know they have no barrieres to attack me first, right? screaming at people first to turn the table from the beginning in your favor are basics of cult and religion school. i dont want to go into details because i enjoy you guys suffering but in reality its basically "whoever screams first, wins" but anyway, for you its better to leave and never come back.


>adults can't just bully people


>adults don't get validation from openly bullying other adults for no reason


>just don't care
when you're in the social situation it doesn't seem so easy anymore
>just keep doing it until you get used to it
if i didn't get used to it by now, i don't think i ever will

it's easy for people to give advices like this, since they don't exprience that problem themselves or simply, it worked for them


I get socially anxious when I have to talk to people beyond work/study related stuff or plain small talk. They get weirded and petrified by my existence once they recognize I'm celibate, don't enjoy things like tv shows, anime or video games, don't talk much and generally look weird.
I'm perfectly fine with going to the store and doing chores like that because you're pretty anonymous that way. I don't really understand why people are afraid of this exactly, unless u live in a small city where you can get recognized by people you don't want to see.


>I don't really understand why people are afraid of this exactly
normies love to measure up and stare down others, averting their gaze is sometimes, in certain situations, even worse than looking at them
every time you pass by a normie outside and look on the floor while he looks you in the eyes is giving them a feel-good dominance check


Spite. Eventually, after struggling with anxiety for a long time, I began to despise other people for making me anxious around them. I realized that it was hyper cucked to be injurious to myself for the sake of other people. I don’t feel anxious or nervous around them at all now. In fact, sometimes I willingly do things to displease them or get them mad, just to remind myself that I don’t give a fuck about them. Live only for yourself, because there is no one else worth living for


This seems conflicting with your post about SSRIs


How do you always know who I am? Are you watching me or something?


Try kratom anxietybros


admins can track everything


Dunno, it never gets easier honestly. I've put myself out there and it's just more torture and humiliation. Good shit.

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