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>zoomer, turning 21 in a couple weeks
>suicidal since childhood
>middle school dropout due to illness, absolutely no qualifications, living as a NEET since

Been lurking here for years now and see a lot of people older than me who've been through years of abuse and suffering. I've been through stuff but obviously, I haven't suffered for as long comparatively. Should I end it here before it gets worse or should I at least try and make things better?

I can think of multiple things from the top of my head that could help (going for therapy again once i've saved enough, going back and finishing high school etc).

Could probably turn things around if I really tried hard enough. I don't think I have it as bad as some other anons around.

Am I stupid for being too lazy to make things better? Feel like I'm stalling the inevitable

Any oldfags wished they'd kill themselves sooner?


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Go slave away at some job 9-5 until you die of old age or heart failure. See if it makes you happier.


the breadcrumbs makes me happier
at least I can afford some of the things, like a FUCKING FOOD

earlier I had to depend of relatives, and it sucked big time


Get neetbucks or inheritance.


it just gets better after 25


Utterly depends on whether you have money or not. If you do, wizarddom can be heavenly. If not, it's hell.


life is only about money i laugh at normies who actually care about other things.


Amen. The longer you live as a wageslave or as a poor neet the stronger this feeling gets daily.
It's what makes or breaks a wizards life.


yes true


only those who truly lived are ready to die


If you attempt suicide you must do it in the right way and with the right motives and the right state of mind.


This is only way anyone should suicide. Make this your aim. Work for it every day. Order everything in your life towards this.


>Any oldfags wished they'd kill themselves sooner?

I am 28. Been on imageboards since 15. Been on here since the first wizchan was created. My problems were circumstantial and due to being poor and not having money for physiotherapist. NEETbucks made life worth living for me once I finally got it near the end of 2019. I'm still going to kill myself but I'm aiming to do it in the proper way at the right time.


Don't bother going back to highschool. If you can't study on your own and become truly competent, getting a bunch of papers won't help you. All that matters is you actually can master philosophy, math, writing, etc. and you don't need to go to school for any of that.

As for laziness. Realize that the hard things that you least want to do are exactly the things you should do first and with determination in order to cultivate an iron will. The end result of having an iron will is psychic abilities that make life way more cool, spiritual ascension.

Make sure to rest a lot too. Computers drain you of energy, so does media/television/radio. Spend a lot of time just sitting in a rocking chair, or staring at an aquarium, or watching ducks or catfish or birds eat bread you give them every day, that kind of stuff. Do a lot of this and don't use your mind except to think very clearly about what you need to think about in order to develop a stronger mind. When I ended up homeless I had no internet and a lot of the brainfog and exhaustion left me because I spent so much time just sitting at a bench or on stairsteps or whatever doing nothing except eating food and falling asleep.


Just enjoy yourself


Cliche but you are way toooo young. NEET as long as you can, then when all paths are off limits, only then kill yourself. There is no reason to die young if you are healthy and don't have to work to survive.

>>243799 is right. Enjoy yourself and then die. This is what life should be about, not working and rotting away as a slave and getting crippled by too much work and then one day dying of heart attack.


It never gets better. I'm older than 25 and being NEET for so long has closed most doors for me besides warehouse work. Can't handle manual labor though because I'm disabled. I'd be dead if not for family. I just want to leave this existence behind already.
You'll die alright but not in a good way. Death from heart attack is preferable to dying on the streets. Brace for the homeless life.


If you want some genuine advice to improve your life, then force yourself to start walking without a phone and thinking. Do this every day. Finish your GED. You can study for the test pretty easily if you're smart. If you're retarded, ask your relatives for a tutor. Find a low grade wagie job, not a gas station if you can avoid it, aim for a low tier craft store. Game stores are decent for this although there is a lot of social interaction. It's very dependent on a variety of factors. Anyway try to get a minimum wage job where you are alone and it's low traffic. Get some money and work experience. Try to get into security guard work. Police station might offer some police outreach bullshit you can go to for a little cutesy certificate to boost your chances. I am just spitballing at this point. Honestly though I did work hard and became a full-time wagie and make 18 dollars an hour and it killed my enjoyment of life and die to lack of sleep because of denial of how little fee time I have I ended up completely dissociated from reality. I have been putting off a lot of things I want to do because I want to feel "real" again after I get fired from my job which will never happen. I suggest working for a short time to save around 1k but watch out once you start you might not be allowed to stop. Either way building a skill while NEETing is most important. Become a computer science autist and learn as much as you can and stay current. Then when you lose NEET status you can bullshit your way into something. Maybe.

Btw this is probably all terrible advice. But don't kill yourself. Yet.


>Crippled by work

That was exactly my thought. I could have just acted against it and also expect a miserable ending, so here I am, rotting without labour stress.


>Should I end it here before it gets worse or should I at least try and make things better
WHat I think only applies to myself and not you it is good that you and other wiz want to try "make it" in life whatever that means (it is after all your own uniquely in theory) but I wish I did myself in years before I somehow accepted everything and wilted.

You should probably try one last time but really think about what you want and chances are you dont know yet because young and may never know. Life does not get better for a lot of us it only gets easier to deal with and that is the same as some slave that has been tamed from being beaten until he becomes apathetic.
>it just gets better after 25
true if we ignore all the times it is nowhere near the truth


>I don't think I have it as bad as some other anons around.
You don't. None of you zoomers do.


if youre on disability and have completely given up at every aspect in life and can still find pleasure in entertainment, then yes, I can see this being possible.


It's more likely to get worse if you refuse to address problems.


it got better after 20 for me


For some people it does get better. But I can’t imagine it does for NEETs who hate their family. It got better for me because I could leave, but they can’t.


it never gets better if you have severe issues and or don't want anything in life


File: 1631577326987.jpg (18.44 KB, 394x392, 197:196, x.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It gets better more often than not, given enough time.
It just doesn't look like that because most wizards that find comfort in life lose the interest in keep posting here since it's mostly a toxic place full of schizos.
So, take advices here with a grain of salt (including mine) and keep your hopes up.

>Am I stupid for being too lazy to make things better?

No one here can answer that but yourself. Only you know the complexity of your circumstances. Anyway, I hope things get better for you.


And then
>it gets better after you retire
Just joking, with this economy and policies no one who works right now will be able to retire.



How much do you people know about prepping and building hidden bunkers away from the eyes of the State?

>like, f*k taxes


I know this: it's a hobby only wealthy fucks can afford.


real talk here, it may feel like life is over but you can very easily turn things around here. you are young. look into careers that you can go to trade school for or something with IT where you need low cost certifications. you can and will one day be happy. employment is the first step


Look into jobcorps


File: 1633886028479.jpg (76.02 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, blaise pascal - stay insid….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Could probably turn things around if I really tried hard enough. I don't think I have it as bad as some other anons around.

Do not haste. I already did have a job and its nothing special, just a necessary evil until you really know how to get your substainance with less effort, if such a thing can be ever done in an honest way.
Why so eager for death? This one comes the same, anyway… you never know if you will really find our so loved obliteration from existence or something worse than what lies here.
Beware of testing the depth a river with both feet


I also dropped out of middle school, I never worked, I am 23 and I am suicidal but I am unable to kill myself

I just need the right gun to end my life


Pascal was absolutely the most wizardly philosopher to have ever lived


OP there is a big difference between being unsure if you could "make it" and not being able to "make it" because "making it" simply does not exist at all.

Don't give up if the option for success exists.
>Go slave away at some job 9-5 until you die of old age or heart failure. See if it makes you happier.
You miss the point that people are different some people can take pride in their work or they can have a hobby to make life worth living along with a friend. it can be ANYTHING so dont go pushing your perspective onto others and being so darn negative.

There are a lot of people here who are struggling and we should not be ignorantly pushing them down.


I can stand an entire month only with water and 3 spoons of honey at a day.n It's adaptation.
>muh warp waning stuff


I feel so much torment.Staying alive is burdensome.I know I want to die.Like I shouldn't be here at this time.I feel too old.


old age terrifies me personally. i think that could be the final straw for me. i'm 33.


> I am 28. Been on imageboards since 15.
This does not add up


File: 1634546259854.jpg (37.98 KB, 569x60, 569:60, 2021.10.18 15-37-05.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1634554349975.jpg (49.08 KB, 756x425, 756:425, anime miyazaki.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What? Imageboards have definitely been around since 2008.


but it's 2011, anon


Obnoxious faggot slang


>Anonymage says anon is obnoxious faggot slang

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