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in every community I have tried to fit in with I wasn't really welcome especially if I didn't act particularly reserved or spoke my mind/ was "myself".

I absolutely hate this I feel like I am in a prison with no key, I just wanna be in a community where I can be myself and speak what I am thinking without people calling for my ban.

I dunno what to do I just want a social group, people to be friends with/people who have something more than reserved disdain for me, whenever I interact with people it's always the same cycle that plays out with me being received rather positively and then it slowly gets worse and worse.

I may be the issue, I don't fuarrrking know I just wamt a community/friends maybe it's me who has unreasonably high standards for friendships maybe I am unreasonable or take things that weren't meant as insults as insults,

even at the darkest corners of the internet, the place for rejects and mifits I find myself ostracised and can't seem to fit in, if even at these furthest corners I fail what hope do I have? am I just a genetic dead end

maybe I am aiming too high with trying to emulate the things I see in 2d in 3d, is this truly the best in this world? I don't know

I have been pondering leaving all my communities and continuing further this retreat from reality. is that the only solution?


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Anon, i feel the same alienation as you do. Best thing is to invest in a fullfilling hobby or you will suffer greatly. People seldom change and group mentality has become more toxic with social media, because people can easier replace somebody and dont have to put in effort in apprecisting the person for who he is. It certainly isnt your fault.


I have a similar issue where I can somehow make my way into groups in the sense that people tolerate me but I'm never truly inside the invitable cliques that forms


Don't retreat from reality. Accept it and adjust. Nobody wants to be your friend. So? Then go full loner. People aren't worth your time anyways. Friendships and communities are based on lies, delusion and faking, ALWAYS. Don't forget this. Being mentally deficient is always a requirement for belonging to a group or collective, you have to be deluded enough to believe that you share something in common that bonds you with people who live life completely differently from you and had entirely different events influence their lives, not to mention the genes, environment, all that. Insanity is a requirement for any sort of collective, while in individuals it is rare, Nietzsche wrote it in Beyond Good and Evil and it is true.

Short answer: give the middle finger to others. You don't need them, they don't need you either, why waste time on each other? Focus on yourself, find hobbies, study, learn, enjoy life alone. Being alone is a lot more fun than having to restrain yourself in front of normals just to please them or don't offend them.



There are things that cannot be grasped. Only given after completely forgetting about them for a long, long time. A thing is: you are not looking after this company for legitimate reasons, just because of an inner void that deserves nothing.

Relinquish. Only then you might find peace.

>Also, did you ever watch "Wreck-It Ralph"?


This. This gave me balance when I was worrying about people I shouldn't.


I agree with you in principle, and I'd rather interact with people like you online than the average person in real life.

But sometimes it becomes difficult to override the need for interactionin "meatspace". Wish there was medication to turn this instinct off.


>I dunno what to do I just want a social group
wizchan 2021


>Wish there was medication to turn this instinct off

Benzos and some good TV shows/movies/vidya/anime/whatever the fuck


File: 1625805640740.png (302.1 KB, 500x375, 4:3, download.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm in the exact same boat as you man. I've never used any social media before, never even used reddit before in my life because I'm a total outcast. I've always been picked on/bullied in my school years by everyone, I did terribly in school but my mother wouldn't let me drop out. Video Games were my entire life of cope because I'm a diagnosed Autist (diagnosed at 2 years old). You get used to it, I have zero friends both online and in real life. I'm only on imageboards (accept 4chan). But the thing is; you can't trust anyone but yourself, which is what I learned for a while. There are also things you can't control.

>I have been pandering leaving all my communities and continuing further this retreat from reality. is that the only solution?

I've never really been in a community so I wouldn't know anything. But what i would suggest is getting/practicing a hobby or skill/new skills. I've always wanted to study compsci but i'm always distracted.
Also, nice picture.

good fucking post.


File: 1625897146864.mp4 (77.62 KB, 640x630, 64:63, flan_says_nigger.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

He said
>I feel like I am in a prison with no key.
He doesn't know
<A prison becomes a home once you find the key.


Where does that picture comes from


dumb anime nigger on depression board what a surprise


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You ain't alone. I cherish places like wizardchan because it eases me knowing that I'm sharing my thoughts with likeminded individuals who dealt with similar terrible shit, or at least can emphasize with those feelings. Trying to interact with other communities feels like a chore, even when those groups share my same hobbies, I can't help but feel like I'm walking on eggshells.
I agree with this statement 100%. The only problem in this is finding a place to live. I have to keep my habit of "not saying what I really wanna" or else my parents will kick me out.


You might just have low testosterone OP


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