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File: 1625874441697.jpg (792.6 KB, 2852x2937, 2852:2937, uw55wjw6xj551.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


My 33rd birthday in a month, but im deciding to check out early.
I've got Vicodin, whisky, and a noose.
im going to no fap for the next 2 weeks then have dinner with my mom and kill myself.
i'd like to live stream it if possible.

anyone else want some free shit. ive got an alien ware p.c like 2k dollars worth of pellet guns. about 2k worth of books. dragonlance novels philosophy books, Schopenhauer and ligotti. ive got a bunch of stuff thats going to either be burned or thrown away. the p.c is decent, its only about 2 years old, barely been used. alien ware desktop with a gtx1060.
you can pick it from my house today. ill give you my info.

anyways. i love you virgins. im sorry life is this way. happy gaming. happy purple epics on world of warcraft.


If you want the p.c im in washington state close to the boarder of canaduh. Heres my email Warcraftsucks777@gmail.com

free alienware p.c for my gaming brothers, please. take it.



See you next time, space wizard.


thanks, man. Hey ummm, can you help me with it?
im going to be doing it by myself. ill be back on august 21fst if you will be here and comfort me through it.
i know that sounds unmanly, but think of it like a fallen brother dying in war.

ill post the same picture. my grandpa was a marine in the korean war. Thanks for replaying.


Not to be THAT faggot but can’t you hold out for a little longer? You’ve made it this far, you could always still check out at a later date. The reason why I’m saying this is I believe the next few years are gonna be “good” as in watching the decay of society and (hopefully) the literal end-times, it’d be a shame if you missed out on the bang that ends it all. And if I’m wrong you could still toss yourself off a building if the need calls for it. Hope you will do good and re-consider because it’s a shame to see wizards go.

To be clear I don’t hold any hope for the future and am a fuck up loser retard who’s (partially) planning to see how long I last in this shitshow before I end myself (probs when my parents die)

If you’re gonna do it anyways best of luck to you


Absolutely not. i hate this world and want to watch baby jesus get his little asshole ripped open and laugh

are you fucking serious bro? are you a real wizard?
come on nigger, get your shi mnind right. you know this world isnt fair and mental crabs have no chance of ever being succsefull unless we can RAP!

but no, im ending it for sure in a month. i hate this godamn fat nigger world lol.
im not racist.
i dont think races should mix though. but i love all my minority bots the same. as long as you know your culture is where you belong. I dont know. Im insane and killing myself.

i love you guys though, and real loner mentally ill gamers with no fathers and shity famlies, i love you all.
august 21st ill be back for the final fappening. Hold my hand as i pass through the sand.


Maybe. Not sure what I will have going on then. I don't usually plan ahead. Don't wanna feel like I'm egging you on either. Just supporting whatever choice you want to make. Your life, so you get to choose how to spend it.


what will be the last thing you fap to?


Don't kill yourself until your blood family is dead or long out of contact.

Schopenhauer disapproves.


Hey wiz don't die, your life can't be worse than mine and here I am.

Also you have your mom, I don't even have that anymore, don't do it, play more games and forget about this fuckinh world that way.


Maximum confliction. On the one hand:
>Don't want to loot a dead guy's stuff right after he's dead before his mother has even processed what's happened.
On the other hand:
>I'm really fucking greedy.


File: 1625896972860.png (947.35 KB, 640x633, 640:633, bateman.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yes, but before you go you must impart some wizard wisdom upon us and tell some tales.
I wish I had the balls to an hero.


>your life can't be worse than mine
so you're saying it can get much worse? I bet someone has a worse life than yours too. he already wants to an hero with his everyday suffering and you're basically saying "now's your chance, do it before things go even further downhill, cuz when that happens you might not even have a way to kill yourself and be totally trapped."

normalshit advice.


book list?


File: 1625934628441.jpg (411.03 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, d33at4p-18bd7db7-7b17-4a40….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you really are dead set on going through with it then good luck and see you on the other side.


I would rather abandon society and live innawoods before I decide to kill myself.


You won't escape by killing yourself, The Demiurge will bring you back into this shithole world. You'll probably reincarnate into a worse life than the one you have now.


Can I have your Arthur Schopenhauer books? I'm reading him right now and would love physical copies of his books. Also any philosophy books in general I love, maybe you have Atkinson books? I'm in Canada so not sure how you'd get them sent to me.


I'd help you but I can't cross the border. Also I'd want you to use a different method.


What if all the normies die from the vaccine starting this winter and concluding in three years which is my sincere belief about what is going on around? Imagine exploring dead normie homes that are abandoned and how fun that will be going through their stuff.


i'll take your money. thanks


>Hey wiz don't die, your life can't be worse than mine and here I am.

There there's always someone suffering worse than you argument is not a valid argument at all. n$D!zT8L


This. Here is the only valid method of suicide and the one I want OP to use: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samadhi#Mah%C4%81sam%C4%81dhi


not real


You literally got pulled out of the void once into this world and many others it's the same.

All things are in eternity and have the eternal as their foundation.

Outward forms change, essence never does.

It's an observable fact of life that you somehow ended up here and that everything always gets recycled.

It's thermodynamics; conservation of energy.

You're going to just end up back here as anon was saying.




I had brought Sodium Nitrite, is it important to take antimetics since i don;t have access to any . I can keep 2 doses ready if first one is vomitted. Gonna do it in forest since home will be too risky with noises from my death. Is my plan good?


Well, then considering I was born middle class into a somewhat wealthy country, I should not commit suicide no matter how horrible my life gets.

Since chances are if I have to come back it will be much worse. Better enjoy this round of suffering while I still can for a few decades.


that guy has made himself believe that reincarnation is real through his mental gymnastics, it's really odd


That poster has valid points, as we all appeared here out of nothingness, there is nothing to stop it from happening again.


Isn't there a contradiction in what you are saying? If you are born "out of nothingness" then how do you get to reincarnate? Wouldn't that imply there has always been "something" from which you are born again? And when and how did it begin? Who or what was the first being?
The """metaphysics""" of reincarnation makes zero sense whatsoever. It's a childish thought akin to time travel.


>And when and how did it begin? Who or what was the first being?

Your question is more in the sphere of the big bang or where energy was created from.

Current theoretical physics doesn't rule out energy being first born out of nothingness.

The Standard Model posits this energy has either always been here or appeared out of nothingness. Thus all matter, organisms, atoms, humans just keep recycling in this universe over and over.

You can't "escape" it by killing yourself.
There is nothing 'childish' about it. What's more childish is thinking if you end your life you can completely evade existence in some other form. You can't. It will happen again sooner or later.


God that tripe irritates the shit out of me too. Been a decade now. Took me a while to realize that it's not getting better.


can i have your cs go skins


If you choose to make it better you can make it better. Unless you have an incurable illness you can find a better life.

If you kill yourself your mother is going to be destroyed. She will ask herself every minute of every day what she could have said at that meal to stop you. She will ask herself if she caused it by something she said while you were eating. Either make yourself infamous so it's "why did he do that?" or disappear by walking into the middle of no where like you were kidnapped or vanished and are still alive out there. One final meal then sudoku will torment whoever you have it with forever and you will ruin their mental health if not kill them.


It's part of being a mother.


>Wouldn't that imply there has always been "something" from which you are born again?
>And when and how did it begin?
there was no beginning since there was no point when it didnt exist
>The """metaphysics""" of reincarnation makes zero sense whatsoever
something always being around may be beyond my comprehension and yours, but it certainly isnt as nonsensical as saying that something came out of nothing


I cant imagine anything More pathetic than suicide. At least go er because of how society treated you


Slow work day, eh?


Get yourself gone CIA, go and convince some retards at 4chan to commit another mass killing instead of here, you disgusting satanic snake.


i can't meditate. wizards should concentrate on achieving moksha, but if you can't better luck next time in another body. my body is not functional.


hey guys its me i think my thread got pruned but im going to live stream my suicide tomorro
ill post a thread and show my picture.

the thread theme will be loser commiting suicide. see you guys tomorrow


HEy its op here. tomorrow is going to be a go at around 3 am or so. im goin to try and have my mom stay with me so the a.i robots take her and know she loved me…
or something. maybe not…
but either way the aliens are forcing me.


For what Timezone?
have you thought this through and come to peace with your possible outcomes?


Thought you said August 21


today is the day


today is the fucking day


hey uim here guys. my mom should be here in a bit. gonna have some breakfast and explain you guys and the government are forcing me to do this. so we'll be filimg it together wshile you guys watch and no it happend. i love you


hey guys just getting things ready. gonna let my grandma and aunt know and have my mom be ready to film it


How is the government forcing you



any last thoughts before your exit? it's too bad we couldn't hang out and talk about azeroth.


Sounds like OP is US Pacific


For my mental well-being I try to ignore this stuff but the solid gold Truth is that reincarnation is real. We came from the Void randomly into Life, and again it will return.


Sounds like a fucking nightmare.


File: 1627000037026.png (181.04 KB, 1108x1009, 1108:1009, no_death.png) ImgOps iqdb

Pic related
>inb4 he posted it again

Immortality sounds appealing until you realize how much suffering you will endure in your infinite lifespan.


homunculus fallacy


>he posted it again


Thoughts on quantum suicide? This makes antinatalism and efilism seem futile.


this is a pretty retarded stretch
consciousness is just a byproduct of having an advanced humanoid brain, when that dies along with the body its wiped


what happened? was the stream/pics removed?


I don't think anything was ever posted to begin with


word up


nothing was posted, i dont believe twas op. i think hes long dead/ hasnt posted here and hasnt been replying to my emails. god bless.


OP if you are still here. You have one reason not to do this and thats your mother, you can't do this to her. Please get off this place and seek actual help, call a suicide hotline, get yourself to the hospital, tell your mother whats going on, anything


Fuck off normie.


File: 1628126516680.gif (477.98 KB, 192x192, 1:1, 33853.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Op i wish you luck, i hope you find peace with the end of your life.


Listen I know it is hard but in another 40 years you’ll probably die naturally. I feel bad thinking of the pain your mom will be in. She loves you anon please don’t leave. Don’t let society win. Stay with us anon. You got this. I’m a 42 year old autistic and disabled wizard neet I’ve hung on you can too. Please anon we love you.


Many of us have wallowed in despair, but not all of us are unable to find a way out. I want more wizards in the world.

Hope you are alive OP. Fuck this world for trying to stamp you out; whether it's fate, god, or chance. every day you live while it tries to kill you, you're spitting in its face. role the dice and stay alive a little longer on the chance you might find a reason to live. hate helped keep me alive when i was suicidal. lean on anything and everything you can to survive. even if life defeats and kills you in the end, there are those of us who will respect and remember you for trying. you have my best wishes, wiz.


> every day you live while it tries to kill you, you're spitting in its face
Never fall for this sort of rhetoric. Everyone wants to convince themselves, through your pointless continued suffering, that there's a reason for them personally to go on. It's not a grand resistance to life, resisting life would just be dying without a hassle. To stay is cowardice, that's why it's easiest. It's so easy to live and resign yourself to a cockroach existence. It's hard to die. It's hard to self-assert yourself against the world and leave.
The weak and the pathetic and the cowardly and the unfortunate remain until old age. Clinging to familiarity and other shaky delusions. Because they're scared. They're terrified.


>It's not a grand resistance to life, resisting life would just be dying without a hassle. To stay is cowardice, that's why it's easiest.

Exactly. We are biologically programmed to survive, not die.


I never got the idea of suicide being the "coward's way out." I knew a succubus in high school who went through with it and I would definitely say she was desperate and living in some kind of hell created by her family and peers, but I wouldn't call her cowardly for taking a way out. What's cowardly is the collective making the individual feel even worse about this shit existence and then turning around and mourning them when they're gone.


>It's not a grand resistance to life, resisting life would just be dying without a hassle. To stay is cowardice, that's why it's easiest.

Never fall for this sort of rhetoric. It's true that it often takes great courage to kill yourself, and it is also true that many who wish to die are too cowardly to do so. but whether or not living is a act of cowardice depends on your personal situation.

ultimately it boils down to whether or not you think life is worth living at all. if you think it isn't then death is an option to consider, but to be considered thoroughly because your perception of life's value/meaning can change with time. if you think life is worth living, but perceive yours to be too hopeless/fucked up/painful to be worth it, then before you attempt suicide you should explore every avenue for improving your situation.

>Exactly. We are biologically programmed to survive, not die.

And as pack animals, we (at least some of us) are also biologically programmed to pursue the survival of pack members.


Op here setting the pc out front tonight and hanging myself gonna have a fire for marshmallows see you spacecowboys


Will you stream it?
Anyway, hope you'll be doing better in the other side.


Having consciousness seems useless pointless from an evolutionary point of view. Wired to fight and survive but for what purpose? I'd kill myself if I wasn't an inept pussy.


Same fag, *redundant words


if I wasn't white I'd have killed myself already


I hope wizbro is just LARPing and isn't gonna Kill himself, maybe he's having fun gaming on his Alienware PC.


if he is better off dead like a lot of us I hope he managed to do it. power to him for escaping from this shit hole.




I really hope you didn't kill yourself


I really hope he did


why are you such a crab, pulling others down?


NTA but why do you assume that someone wishing to die having died is a negative thing? pulling someone down could be ignoring their freedom to not live anymore.


OP, are you still with us?


Live out of spite. Don't give life the satisfaction.


I hope you're still alive. Don't kill yourself, get some help, some form of reassurance.


Hey OP, how you holding up?


>mom this acid reflux is bothering me and it's making life overall hard for me.
>nah ur just lazy - answer from my mom.
I fucking hate her so much


I have bad ulcers every fucking day and my cunt of an alcoholic grandmother calls me useless and goes on and on about how an employer isn't going to want someone like me.

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