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mandatory overtime edition

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Suburbs are the worst. Cities have anonymity and walkability, rural areas have quietness and open space. Suburbs have torture, suffering, neighbours watching and listening to everything and trying to talk to you, screaming children, no walkability, etc etc…


File: 1631161981193.jpg (68.12 KB, 467x660, 467:660, 123419283491234.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's coming.
I don't see any other options.
About to give my two weeks notice.


File: 1631191930132.jpg (87.95 KB, 500x671, 500:671, 1293369126666.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>bridge I take to work is closing for over a year
>traffic is diverted to a toll bridge
>new weekly expenditure of $25 on top of $40 in fuel
>monthly propane bill went up by $110
My yearly raise didn't remotely help to keep up with inflation and every other bullshit, suicide is looking better and better.


it's as if you crawled in my head, so true suburbs make you homicidal


File: 1631198319081.jpg (7.97 KB, 190x281, 190:281, hank hill.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How are you using so much propane? are you heating your house with it or something of that sort : /
Can you tell your boss it costs you more money to get to work now and use petty change for the toll daily? Tolls seem very unfair and legal robbery.


didn't come to work today, didn't call in, kind of not giving a shit.
call center bullshit, not like my absence would have made any difference.
sick of waking up at 4am to work five cities over 8 hours a day for six days a week on minimum wage.


Is propane typically what is used in gas lines? I thought it was some other fuel.


It is usually something else, but natural Gas lines aren't everywhere. Propane is the go-to upgrade for houses that have oil heaters which need routine deliveries. The propane still needs to be delivered but it's cheaper and easier to do so.


We have an elderly furnace from 1987. We couldn't afford to upgrade everything so we just did maintenance. The unit uses a ton of gas and my mom insists we keep the pilot light on for 2+ months longer than we need to, just because she doesn't want to sleep in a slightly chilly house a few times.
Our oven also runs on propane, which I think is stupid but I can't justify replacing a fully functioning oven when my car could fall apart on me at any time.
I'm at my current job for the health insurance which I've had to use consistently every year. I can't negotiate directly with my employer because my contract is mediated. If I quit I could potentially get a higher paying job, but I'd get screwed by medical issues.
I feel completely trapped in my life and the bottom could fall out at any time. We're going into an economic collapse and I'm barely making ends meet as it is. In a few months the squeeze will really be on and then I'll have to decide whether I want to go on or not. I have a fantasy of abandoning my mother and disappearing into the wilderness.


>look at job postings for IT help desk
>MUST HAVE: Bachelor's degree & 3-5 years experience
>salary: $20/hour, 3 month contract
i give up, fuck this. It's self employed or nothing.


the sopranos fag is still at it
loss for words…


I imagine it's like being in a mobile solitary confinement cell. Except worse because you're always at work. Having to keep focused and pay attention at all times to not die and being stuck in a fucking truck for days or weeks.

They're not telling anyone to stop because it's not real. After the virus scare fails to keep people in submission they'll replace it with a global warming panic to make you have less and work more in unbearable obnoxious conditions.


Translation: "we already have the candidate in mind who we want to hire, but labor laws require us to post an job opening. So we make them ridiculous so that we can justify hiring the guy we wanted to hire in the first place."


We all do.


I'm currently living off meagre savings to keep a roof over my head. Haven't had a real job in about 15 years and that was only temporary. I keep thinking about becoming a self-employed gardener or handyman. But the fear of starting a business, borrowing money, having to deal with people every day, working long hard hours and "hustling" as the NPC's and negroes put it is just too much to bear.

I'm simply too neurotic to function anywhere in society it seems. Every single career seems untenable and pointless. I can't get over what an insane situation it is to be alive on this planet. I think about roping a lot but I never will.


Anyone else spend a lot of time wondering what the point of things are? There's so much shit on Netflix most normies don't even have time to watch cause they are wagecucking all day. So many books to read. I get depressed going into bookstores and just quietly going amongst all these books that are probably fantastic but I don't have the time or motivation to read them. Like, what is the point of trying to be a successful writer? You're not going to write anything original, most normies don't even give a fuck about the most staggeringly original and mind-blowing works out there. I've had this feeling for years but since I started waging it's only intensified.


I have come to the conclusion that essence of life is "Do your thing until you die".
I envy people that commit suicide, but I guess it's never been bad enough for me to join them.


File: 1631723283253.jpg (16.03 KB, 430x319, 430:319, 1511507553507.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>work at a firm full of boomers
>none of them ever wore mouth protection during the pandemic (despite being provided a multitude and despite mingling around randomly outside the firm)
>they all got vaxxed
>lo and behold, now they try to guilt me into getting vaxxed as well, calling me uncaring and shit
The hypocrisy is delicious.


better get it quick or you might lose your job


wearing a mask is both useless and 100 times more inconvenient on the daily than getting two shots. just take the jab and stop being an idiot.


>"Do your thing until you die".
Seems like an oversimplification and thought terminating cliche, but you aren't wrong. Just a cover for the deep inherent meaninglessness of life. I just hate PRODOOOCING when there's already so much out there. Why bother?


God shut the fuck up. Speak like a human being.


File: 1631731264879.jpg (9.95 KB, 158x199, 158:199, 1478463729852.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Whatever, it's not like it's a permanent employment to begin with. I have social security in my cunt.
Two shots that are only effective for ~6 months (not accounting for novel viral mutations). Literally every researcher says the virus is here to stay, which means, given I live for ~50 more years, 100 injections of experimental mystery chemicals (if not more, in Israel they're already preparing for the FOURTH refill). I sure wonder how I'll feel after the first 20-50 ones. Also I remember the swine flu when the Pandemrix vaccine gave severe side effect like NARCOLEPSY which only came to light YEARS after vaccination taking place.
So yeah I'll much prefer the .00-whatever odds of dying from COVID being sub-30y.o. rather than risking permanent damage that potentially make those ~50 remaining years of my life even more hellish.
Fact is in a few years time no one under 50 will stay vaxxed and it will only be given to nursery home oldfags much like regular flu shots. I think everyone knows this on some level.
Also the more unecessary vaccination taking place the faster the virus will evolve resistance to it, which in turn will render the vaccine useless for everyone. Same principle as with those antibiotics-resistent bacteria.

And regarding the mask-wearing, it's the principle. First they give absolutely no fucks, but now that they drank the kool-aid I'm evil for not doing the same even though I probably won't benefit and potentially suffer damage.


File: 1631765017880.png (117.46 KB, 530x366, 265:183, 1630960511076.png) ImgOps iqdb

Welp time to start my 4 day weekend shift from thurs-sun. I'm new to wagecucking and now i'm finally understanding the dreed and the repetitiveness in this horrid life. Please pray I die in my sleep.


>try to get off my ass and go down a career path
>choose tech
>figure I'll have to start at the help desk
>Already fairly IT literate when it comes to networking, troubleshooting, and some webdev projects
>find a "tech support" job
>See glass door review that says they are eager to pay for employee's industry certs
>Got hired
>It's a goddamn call center
>Ask about certs day 1 and hr tells me they don't do that
This is fucking bullshit, I just escaped a fucking call center and for what? I hate this. Never have I felt more worthless. At least there are a couple of other IT guys and coders in my group of "cussomer service" trainees that look like they got duped too.


I love reading the wagie bread as a NEET


I'm praying for your peaceful passing from wagie life, wiz.

Don't be mad at the new memes, they are good for mocking normfags.


Quit and tell them to get fucked, obviously


I would, but I'm about out of savings. I'm probably gonna sell some crypto and I'll be good for a few months. I also have to send all of this equipment back when I quit too. I hate this.


just got fired, finally i can be a based neet




I'm struggling in uni. I have no willpower to attend classes or do the work. I have an exam tomorrow but I haven't attended the lectures for the class or done any of the homework. The only thing I'm interested in is masturbating and wasting time doing nothing. I often put my work off to the last minute and buy myself a ton of time, and then use it to get stressed about deadlines. I am utterly incapable of self control and creating change in my life.

I always hear all about the college experience, how great it is, how much people you meet, how much you grow and learn. But I loathe it, and despise all the people who tell me this. For me it's just a road bump before I can get a real job. And I don't even want to work, but I live in America so I can't get NEETbux and my parents wont support me.

I wish I could just stare at the ceiling and sleep all day and never have to do anything. I hate having to be a part of things


Same here


Following through on this.
First time not having some bullshit on my plate like a job, school, summer job, internship, etc.
Ready to face the music, just waiting for the two weeks to end


Drop out. I mean it. I was in the exact same situation my freshman year. I dropped out after I failed almost all my classes. The mistake I made was listening to my mom and going back a year later. I even changed my habits for the most part, and got good grades and went to career fairs. I've since graduated and now I'm working in a dead-end job that pays shit. My boss actually hands me resumes she gets for a position, and laughs at how people with multiple degrees and many years of experience are applying to this job that pays no more than $20/hr. Btw this is in IT, supposedly the field with the most opportunities. Though it's not an IT company, just a small department within some boomer office. But I live in flyover land where jobs that aren't the typical retail, trades, etc. are sparse YET there are still unis in every town pumping out grads like mad. This is why a wizard, especially one living in a backwater town, will never get far as a wageslave. I have a friend who was the smartest kid in our high school, also studied CS, and he's also working a shity job because he's even uglier and more spergy than me.

Especially if you lose interest in your major, FUCKING DROP OUT. By my junior year I wish I had picked something that interested me more like geology (although that would've been 100x worse in terms of jobs). Now after four years of studying and two years of working I despise computers. I want to destroy every one I see. The only reason I tolerate them is because they provide me with information that I can't easily get from books, and money from my job of course. The faggots who like computers just for the sake of it, I want to smash their heads into a bloody pulp, even though that's exactly who I used to be (yes if I could go back in time I would beat my old self to death).

So then what do you do? You wageslave at the jobs that nobody wants and therefore pay relatively well, and save money until you can retire, which shouldn't take long if you're frugal. Or you can live the semi-NEET life by doing seasonal work, like a snow plower. You can start as a shoveller and make at least $15/hr, then get your plow driver license and make $20/hr+. And when it's not snowing you get to be a comfy NEET. Then in the spring/summer you can do landscaping, or not if you have enough saved up. If I wasn't such a sweaty pussy, I would've done that right out of high school. But now I don't have a choice, becasue I have student loans to pay, and my family will look down on me if I waste my degree… why I still care about them idk.



>my family will look down on me if I waste my degree
I get the same bullshit reasoning w.r.t. "waste my degree." They just don't under-fucking-stand.
>My boss actually hands me resumes she gets for a position, and laughs at how people with multiple degrees and many years of experience are applying to this job that pays no more than $20/hr. Btw this is in IT, supposedly the field with the most opportunities. Though it's not an IT company, just a small department within some boomer office. But I live in flyover land where jobs that aren't the typical retail, trades, etc. are sparse YET there are still unis in every town pumping out grads like mad.
That's strange. I got a job probably 5 years ago in IT in flyover country, and my experience was that they couldn't find _anyone_. Have things gotten even worse in just five years?


>Have things gotten even worse in just five years?
Yes the field changes quickly, and the media has pushed STEM especially hard since then so a lot more people went into it. Although it's not so much about being in flyover country as being too far from major cities. That's why the countryside and small towns are all dying, the only way for all these young people with degrees to find work is by moving to the cities. There's remote work now but then one has to compete with the entire country, if not the entire world.


The thing is, my parents are paying for everything. Tuition, housing, food. I really don’t have a reason not to do this because I won’t end up with any debt. Plus it’s more than just upsetting my parents if I drop out, because it’s their money I’m blowing.

I thought about getting a job that doesn’t require education. But I’ve worked jobs like that and ended up getting sick of them after a couple months. I think I am just apathetic to all work. My degree is data science. I know a lot of people in my major go for masters, but there is no way in hell I’m doing 6 years of school. I’m just getting my bachelors. My hope is that I can find an easy job with not a lot of work. It doesn’t have to pay the most


>the only way for all these young people with degrees to find work is by moving to the cities
You sure about that?

Maybe work that pays off student debt I could understand, but if you look at the ratio of pay:cost of living (ACTUAL cost of living, not what the bullshit gov stats are saying), rural living is pretty comf.


Weekend arrives and I have nothing to do and I don't want to do anything either. Weekdays are a tedious routine that I would prefer to avoid given the choice but when I have free time I can't force myself to do or enjoy something. I'm a empty husk, a worn out piece of shit. The prospect of the incoming Monday fills me with anxiety and I prefer to do nothing, get slightly drunk or immerse myself in mindless entertainment to avoid this distress. I'm in my mid twenties and having to bear this for a few more decades seems like a pretty bad joke. I don't see the point in doing this anyway, once my mother dies it will be over for me.
Friday nights causes me this melancholy: job finally ends for the moment, you are free, so what now? you can feel the absurdity and emptiness of it all.


I feel the exact same way as you do lol


Is it possible to be a human guinea pig as a possible side-gig in the UK? I read about some people who did it in the US but havent found anything in the UK



>spent all of covid collecting unemployment
>can't get a decent job now because it's impossible to get hired if you don't already have a job


What should i do ? a supermarket is hiring shelf workers you can choose your own hours and days
I'm very socially incompetent and i can't work the register, but this job is just stocking shelves

I really need a job though, i just wish there was a system like in america where they stock shelves overnight that'd be ideal.
Not sure should i apply, like i said i'm awkward and not socially competent but i can manage stocking shelves.


Doesn't sound too bad. Go for it and ask for just enough hours to pay for what you need. A job where you don't need to be any bit of an authority over the customers but are still surrounded by them is a great way to get your foot in the door and eventually start seeing them for the NPC automatons that they are. I used to be too afraid to order lunch but after working a sales counter for a few weeks I've become completely numb to the whole customer interaction thing.

The most interaction you might get as a stocker is someone asking if you have a product and what isle it might be in. All you'd have to do is say the isle number and point in a general direction, which should be easy to remember which isle has what after you've stocked them up for a couple hours. Ask about item recovery work if you're going in there too. It'll make you look more enthusiastic about working there. Depending on what other help they have and your area's Wuflu regulations, you might get offered recovery work instead of just stocking. basically it's like shelf stocking but you go around looking for items people put back on shelves in the wrong place and unsold items from the registers, evaluating if they're damaged or tampered with, and then putting them back or writing them up as lost stock (usually just scanning them with the barcode reader and marking them as gone from the inventory). I think DragonLordFrodo worked as one at Walmart and it was easy solitary work.

Don't worry about being awkward. They get 16 year olds who are afraid of their own shadow, dementia-ridden elderlies, and people who don't even speak your area's language to stock shelves. That fact that you're punctual enough to string sentences together, and that you posses enough self-awareness to question if you're even capable of working there, are both signs that you're many steps above what the bottom of the workforce barrel has to offer.


Living alone in an empty apartment is so brutal. I go back home to see my parents sometimes and every time I leave I feel like I’m going to cry. I hate being alive so much.


I'm the complete opposite, i hate human contact, i literally could spend my life alone
I can't wait to move into my own place, solitude is bliss


i hate human contact as well. whenever i have a chance to socialize with people, i always scorn them, and whenever i have a chance to go out in public, i choose to stay inside. i guess being alone isn't specifically the problem.

what is so brutal is having to take care of yourself. like you have no one to stick up for you, no one to have your back, no one to take your side except for yourself. it used to be my parents would love me unconditionally, but now i am out on my own and they wont let me come back.

this is why i hate having friends and tell everyone who talks to me to fuck off. because america in the 21st century is entirely self interested. no one has a real friend, and i feel completely alone even when surrounded by people.

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