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mandatory overtime edition

previous >>240013


I accepted a meeting thinking it was online. I got an email reminder with the schedule for the day, it's a 1 hour meeting with 4 hours of "catch up and socialize" bullshit in an overcrowded office. I


I had a good day out on the tools with the boys. First time working for over a year.

t. laid the foundations for a shed


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I hope some shit goes down this year so everyone just pretends to forget about covid vaccine.
I feel like cattle hearing soft-threats about not being able to find employment on contracts if I don't have the correct vaxx paper.


this literally breaks rule 3
why is it still up


File: 1626266346367.jpg (198.97 KB, 1053x830, 1053:830, florida gate.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They didn't forget? People are alredy going on beach vacations like retards and packing into areas with 9999 people per square foot.


I think employers will only 'forget' if they start having incidents in the workplace and have to deal with headaches.


Wagecucking honestly ruined my life. I started working early so I have to wake up at 6 and I go to bed at midnight and I have no energy. Even when I went to bed early I had no energy. Doing simple things like taking my cat outside or working on personal projects, it all seems like a waste of time. The influx and outflow of money seems as natural as breathing to me now (even though I live with mommy to save). I read a book and think "wow who was paying for all this he better get that overtime to make up for all the days of work he missed during his adventure!" I became a full antinatalist instead of partial antinatalist. I don't care for the future much and my soul feels dead, mostly from sleep deprivation. Started working full-time after a year of NEETing and only part-time work before that, in November 2019. I remember falling asleep standing up while watching a machine run. Around June 2020 I noticed I was definitely feeling more dissociated from reality. Continued until now. Time keeps flying and Im going nowhere.



I hate working, everyday i want to fucking kill myself. I just want to travel and have nice things without labor.


I start an overnight stocker job for Walmart in a couple of days. They're paying $17.50 an hour, 8-hours a night from 10/11pm-6/7am (not sure exactly, will figure that out on friday, which is orientation).

From what I hear, the overnight teams are so busy, you more or less stay in your own lane and just get the work done, and I'm pretty sure the Walmarts aren't 24/7 anymore, so I won't have to deal with customers wandering around.

It seems like I'll just haul a pallet of product from the backroom to a designated aisle, unbox product, place product, make sure shelves look neat, toss boxes, then get new pallet. Idk.


I'm sorry for making the post, I'm just really happy.

For the first time in like a year, I'm actually happy and feeling good with myself. I enjoyed building sheds at work with the other workers. I've been a miserable NEET for years and I'm happy the repetitive thoughts have stopped long enough for me to get out and about. I had a really good day today and now I'm relaxing with some Gin and Tonic :))))


I am currently job searching and my parents forcibly try to get me employed.
I want to work part time but my mom's boss informed her on a job opportunity and he has connections. It's a fulltime job and i applied for it today with my mother

I seriously don't want this job, it's hard labour and it's in freezing temperatures (refrigerators)
Still i just want a parttime job, i'll quit after a few weeks if they do employ me, they're going to call me today to work next week as a test run. I already know it's going to be a disaster


Good luck wiz. Full-time is dogshit. Just do what you can for a while sae some money and don't take on any major financial obligations such as a car. Then when you can, gtfo that job.


it sucks majorly and i haven't even started yet. To top it off in my rural town there's hardly any employers willing to give you parttime work
I will keep searching though, i might take this job momentarily, i fuckin hate the cold as well so all around not a good time.


Been working 2 and a half months straight and it feels like I'm time traveling on warp drive.


oh nice it got cancelled


I left basically 5 years of working at various places to NEET two kings ago and it already feels like the past two months have been longer than most of that time.
It’s an awful way to speedrun a life.


Some roastie broke down crying at my job today. They wanted her to train people even though she barely knows what she's doing herself. I actually felt a bit bad for her, despite her embarrassing outburst. She started going on to her friend how she never has time, too tired, no one there talks to her, etc etc etc. Dumb normie concerns but I can sympathize if I substitute my hobbies for social activities. Either way, don't really give a fuck, but I figured it might be interesting as a soundbite for a concert album I've wanted to make, a bunch of post rock instrumentals with little voice recordings at the beginning of people's misery. I have a few written out. Having some succubus on it would sort of ruin it though.


Neurotypicals are social animals so that's not really surprising. And it's not something I would mock a person for, be they male or female.

For them there is no separating daily work life from leisure time or "real life", anything happening at the job is just as real as anything happening at an amusement park or at home. They can't tune it off.

If someone is antisocial towards them or does not pay attention to them at work, they might very well quit the job because of it.
I don't say it's good or bad, they just live strongly through emotion and interacting with other humans.

As a non-NT I can function perfectly well at my job even if 5000 normies told me to kill myself every day and threw tiny rocks at me.
I'd just brush off the altercation and keep working.

I work in a factory so usually a random normie insults me about 2 or 3 times a week.
It doesn't mean anything to me or affect my performance in any way. I've actually been promoted twice, to equipment manager now.


I just became a wageslave. They want me to write a "request for proposal". I dunno what the fuck that is and they didn't tell me. Apparently I'm in a team but there's no-one else. I guess I'll just play video games until someone tells me what the fuck to do


Recently I've been becoming more and more introverted, even more so than before, to the point where I just want to live in the forest alone forever. But whenever I talk to someone at my minimum wage job about movies we like, or something, I can't help but feel better. Maybe that's unwizardly, and it never goes beyond discussing movies or something.


I guess I'm very different then. I think if some normie insulted me for real I would be pissed and would probably find a passive aggressive revenge. I also hate most of them for no good reason because I hate the job, even though they are all nice to me, I am just misanthropic and judgmental. But as soon as I leave work I stop thinking about them. They've invited me out a few times but I've always said I'm too busy and eventually they stop asking.


What job? Sounds like work from home. I'm interested in any details as I'm trying to get one myself. I hate wasting an hour driving every day and not being able to do what I want in downtime.


It is work from home, I'm working in risk management although I still don't know what that even means. I may be making a hasty judgment but it feels like one of those jobs that only exists to give the cogs in the machine something to do. Was put on to it by the benefits people. I had hoped I wouldn't get the job, I never even got a response from any of the entry level shit I applied to up until now, not even the ones I had applied to in earnest. I still have some years of NEETing before my situation comes anywhere near warranting a full-time job, but oh well. My first day consisted of me doing nothing at all so I imagine it won't be long until I'm back on the jobsearch.
>I hate wasting an hour driving every day and not being able to do what I want in downtime.
I feel I don't even get this benefit because the role is 25 hours a week, but they're having me work 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. So I'm working "full time" but only barely, for shit pay and shit hours no breaks and doing it every damn day. My shift even starts right in the middle of the day just to be as inconvenient as possible. I haven't been able to find any job postings that aren't like this so I suppose this is the standard workweek, but it's so fucking asinine. Is working 8 hours a day a thing of the past or something? Maybe I've just been looking in the wrong places. I don't want to have this shitty job looming over my head throughout the week. I hate it already, they've got me doing homework as if I'm right back in school, writing up meaningless drivel for reasons unknown. My parents also have been overjoyed to see me give up my freedom, which just makes me hate it even more.

I honestly feel like I made a mistake looking for work from home roles. It's nice not to have to go anywhere but at the same time I already spend all my time sitting at my desk and I can feel the effect on my body and my mind. And now it will become mandatory.


Working in general is shit. Does it pay well at least? Do you have a degree? Are you American? Any info would be helpful, as I'm trying to find the quickest path to wfh I can find.


If there are any NEETs here, don't feel bad for being NEET, feel bad for wasting your time. I finally realized this after so many years. I spent 5 years wasting my time in college, going into debt, doing stuff I didn't want to do because I thought it was necessary. Then I graduated with my CS (AHHHH) degree, which I mainly picked because of the the job prospects, only to realize that I hate computers and pretty much all modern technology. Now i work at the same tech support job that I got my senior year. Even though my boss expects me to quit because I'm so overqualified, I probably won't because I've no desire to enhance my skills or apply for jobs, because it is all pointless nonsense that makes me want to die. If anything I prefer this job because I can read a book when there's nothing to do. If I got a "better" job I'd be staring at lines of code 8+ hours a day which would be a nightmare. However being inside all the time, in a dull room with no windows does make me start to go insane even if I'm not working. And lately there is more work to do. Sometimes I dream about walking away from it all and doing something crazy, like squatting on some vacant property while growing crops to feed myself and building a little shack to sleep in. There I would not even know what goes on in the rest of the world, it would be paradise. But I'm a coward, I won't do anything like that. I'll just keep going to work, doing everything that's asked of me, acting like an ordinary person, waiting for the day I finally leave this world.


It's minimum wage, and I don't have a degree. I didn't seek out this job so I don't know what I can say that will be helpful. In my country there's a government scheme where - to my understanding - they pay companies grants in return for them offering to hire undesirables with no skills, qualifications or prior experience such as myself. The benefits people send you these job openings and hassle you about applying to them, and if you don't they cut your benefits. I don't know if there's anything similar where you are, but that's how I got this job.


Undesirables should be given neetbux for life, not forced to work at a company that only hires us because of grants. What kind of sense does that make?


workfare is mostly politics, and a way to get people not to apply by harassing them, while providing jobs to social workers, civil servants and the likes


There's nothing wrong with being NEET but it becomes unviable eventually. Does tech support pay decent at least?


I make $17/hr which is pathetic for my background, but if you're a NEET with nothing you could probably get your A+, Net+ and get the same kind of job (that's waht I was planning to do before my parents coaxed me into uni). Just avoid big companies as they tend to be chronically understaffed so you'll be constantly kept busy.

Although they're harder to find these days, if you find an IT job at a small office it can be very comfy. And if you stick with it for a few years you can become a sys admin and make twice as much. I think it's the best option for a wizard as you're not constantly supervised, you're in control of the company's systems so they treat you like an actual wizard and leave you alone until they actually need something, I know because I take over my boss's role whenever he goes on vacation.


File: 1626544775355.png (40.96 KB, 260x190, 26:19, 1558130325468.png) ImgOps iqdb

jesus fuck how do people do this shit? my neetdom is forcibly coming to an end and i've started looking for some wagecuck jobs and cheap apartments. even with a job that pays quite a lot above minimum wage, living in a crack den roach motel, eating nothing but ramen, and living the most meager existence possible, i'd barely be able to save up any money at the end of the month and im sure one catastrophe would wipe that out. i guess the wagies weren't kidding about what a miserable, on-the-edge existence it is


I'd an hero if mom wouldn't let me live with them and pay the bills.


It's called renting a room in someone's house for $400


That's no better than hell on min wage.


in this drugged-out hellhole full of fucking violent maniacs? no thanks. i'm happy paying more if it means that i'm at least separated from the crackheads by my own apartment.


where i'm from you can only afford to live by yourself with a top 30% salary, most norms live with a s*x partner to share expenses

why pay a stranger to live with them? at that point stay with your parents


The impossible job market we're trapped in makes me want to turn the continent into a crater.

If the only jobs available are the worst ones in our society, why even try to participate? Burn it all and hope something better rises from the ashes.


this was very aptly articulated. I've always wondered why it seemed that the only jobs immediately available is warehouse labor or something similar.


It's called, there is basically nowhere in the United States where you can do that.


File: 1626612697692.jpeg (75.51 KB, 498x650, 249:325, main-qimg-d162c409a90f075….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm so tired of driving a semi guy's. All I want to do is be neet and garden. I want to grow big tasteful tomatoes and have chickens.


I haven’t worked since September 2018 and I’m 30. I honestly don’t think I can do it.


i haven't worked a real job from before 2017 or ever since i left school, i've just been in and out of asylums working odd jobs for 2 days a week max
Now i'm looking for an actual job and it's a nightmare.


>I've always wondered why it seemed that the only jobs immediately available is warehouse labor or something similar.
High turnover rates I guess.


File: 1626722783701.jpg (20.01 KB, 400x300, 4:3, i wanna die dolphin feel.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My password expired on Friday, so I've been without access to do my job since then, today boss sends me text
>It should be fine can you try it tomorrow?
>yeah, no problem
I dont want it to work


File: 1626738311121.png (918.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1579120233996.png) ImgOps iqdb

I almost have some dumb IT degree from a community college and this shit is just too technical and I don't care anymore, all of this to get paid 15 dollars instead of 12. My stepdad thinks I'll be making like 70,000 and wants to kick me out


If that IT degree will only get you 15 dollars… It's really pointless. I get that much from my warehouse jobs for picking up boxes and laying them out at night shift, sure you get to stay on your computer and fuck around tech, but it hurts your brain while I literally don't think. I honestly think you should do something manual labor so you can turn off your brain and go autopilot while making decent money.


the key is to find a position where you can pretend to work while actually doing almost nothing all day


Yeah going to college and becoming a white collar worker is my biggest regret by far. When I was 16-19 my mom forced me to work at the bar she owned, and I would spend all day moving around, carring heavy boxes and kegs, it made me feel alive. And yes it was mindless. While filling buckets of ice or stocking beer I'd just daydream about fantasy worlds I came up with. Much preferred that to emasculating office work, as any sane man would. If it weren't for the loud music and the drunk normalfags at the bar, I would've never left and gone to (((college))).


File: 1626750628307.jpg (563.79 KB, 1440x3200, 9:20, Screenshot_20210719-220527….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That is shit wages anon. Picture related what I make an hour for team driving in a semi. Tuesday 0500 to Saturday 0800. Memphis to Portland and back. I get Saturday, Sunday and Monday off rent free in my truck.


Because you're a truck cuck fag, my job won't allow me to work that many hours anyways because I don't sit on my ass driving shit from point A to B, I guess that one anon should be a truck driver, but honestly its not for me.


I would become a truck driver but with how Europe is with refugees nowadays, and how cucked our law is with self-defence, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. Overnight warehouse sounds okay to me.


IT in flyover country is desperately needed. At least where I am in the Midwest. You will be doing really stupid shit, though. You will make less, but you have to keep in mind that the cost of living is often much lower than what cost of living calculators tell you–so as a proportion of your expenditures you make more.


if you are in america and have a CS degree get a programming job… even a low paying one is going to pay a lot, you could work a year and NEET 2


How do you do when to quit? I feel defeated and wrecked. But I'm going back tomorrow. It's absolute hell. But I need money to survive.


There's no escape unless you're a northeurowiz with neetbux.


Holy fuck is CS that bad?


i'm like anon at 244132 and i've been forced out of my house after calling my mom out on her bullshit. even renting a room in the middle of a "diversified", crime ridden negro neighborhood is over $1100 a month! rural towns are even worse when a single room cost over $2000 just because the towns are right next to some small, boring ass mountains!

how the fuck are normans supposed to work full time at a job they hate just to live in a shitty apartment surrounded by poverty and misery?! i do want to be productive and make money, but it seems no body knows how to make money (and NOT SAVE MONEY) except through whoring themselves out!!

seriously, fuck this shit!


no one can really answer that for you, but a good friend of mine says that "despite what they tell you, no job is worth killing yourself over it". it's also good to have trust in the universe/higher power/flying spaghetti monster that you will find a worthwhile job. i'm struggling with this part too, but i vowed to myself to never let anyone disrespect me, even if they're my boss.


File: 1626922473235.jpg (908.25 KB, 1200x1437, 400:479, 1624210358957.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know what you expect.. You honestly thought CS was gonna be a cute funhouse where you relax and do nothing all day? It's a job and its to make money, sure its souless and boring but 99% jobs are.. I'm sorry it's like this way but that how it is, not saying I aprrove of wageslaving but what else can we do? I saw a video of a guy in your situation crying about how he did what society told him too only to find himself hating his life, it's fucking sad, this world sucks.


File: 1626924311573.gif (1.1 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Blame gif.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Is that Blame fanart?


god I don't want to work
I want my state to shut down again because of corona
our high was 44,000 new cases a day. it started at like 1,000, then jumped to 3, then after it hit 8 all the brakes just came off and it surged up to 40k. The vaccines lowered numbers but now it's on the rise again and we're looking at 6k a day right now. I hope it keeps going up. I hope we shut down. Fuck in person work. I want to work from home for the rest of my life.
>mfw governor is facing a recall election because normies hated being told to stay home and wear masks when they crowd into a room together, so the governor is being quiet on returning to shutdown rules so he won't get fired by an angry public even as numbers rise to pre vaccine levels
In a month I hope we're back to where we were in winter time and I hope everyone's forced to be a NEET again earning boosted unemployment. That was the best time of my life. Took a whole year off and made more money than I earned while working.


Are you a overnight frozen stocker? They seem to put all the people that are deemed "losers" which is why i think they hired me for that job when i worked there.


I would kill myself or go on a rampage if neetbucks didn't exist.

I absolutely and categorically refuse to work, let alone generate profits for normies through labor.


yet somehow you feel entitled to the fruits of others' labour.


Go back faggot


And you think human lives aren't worth a thousand or so dollars a month in protection fees? Tells a lot about your values in life.


Society felt entitled enough to breed us into this world without our consent, and failed to raise us to be functional and happy participants, so that is their problem. We are a result of the society and they should accept responsibility for their output.


Imagine having lelf esteem so low that its even lower than one of r9k fag.
Imagine being actual bootlicker.
Have some selfrespect, for once.


The government does the same and you don't seem to care about that.
>inb4 whatsboutism
No, I'm attacking your entire premise.


My job took away their mask rule today. Now I have to see all the normies stupid fucking faces again. Im leaving mine on and if they make a comment about it I'll give one warning then threaten to go to HR.


They put me on produce initially, and on my 5th day the last half of my shift I was put on frozen stuff. It's really crazy how disorganized and chaotic it is at Walmart, there was zero training, and I basically guessed at what I'm doing. We're also not monitored at all, and I've already found ways to semi-disappear. Once the pallets are unloaded and you kinda do some of your work, if you put a stressed out look on your face and wander around the store, no one will question you since the team-leaders are busy and don't really care in the first place. Out of the 40-hour work week, I've already wasted like 4 or 5 hours just walking around not doing anything while listening to a podcast. I like to collect all the empty boxes, then take them to the bailer since it's on the other side of the store, and to pallet it there it takes even longer. I try to time it so other people are there, and I get to wait in line while they crush the boxes.

Produce is kinda hard because it seems like most of the shit I encounter on produce is heavy shit. Like big ass sacks of potatoes, or crates of citrus. Also, produce has a lot of boxes, and opening them over & over has cut up my hands and made the sore. I don't really want to wear gloves though, because I kind want roughed up calloused hands so I have built-in gloves.

Once I make it to 5am when the morning shift comes in, I can sort of shirk my responsibilities and do very little for the last 2 hours.

Crushed my foot on a pallet jack like 3 times already, luckily the think wasn't fully loaded or I would've broke my foot.

The place is really depressing. Old people my parents age are doing the job and seem frail and miserable. The minority employees are all brash and stupidly loud.

I wonder how long it will take for me to get fired. I really want to see how good I can get at not doing anything.


Actually I do care about that. The government should be abolished, it's a criminal organization.


I'm a maintenance guy subbing for 50-60 year old boomers who have their summer vacations. I'm now in a place where I managed to do a day where I did literally nothing except lie down.


I would never be able to get a job unless I lied on my resume to include a fake company. Otherwise there's a decade-long gap of unemployment. "I was freelancing" may not be that good of an excuse, but I don't know what else I could say. I could always pull the "sick relative" card and say I was taking care of them instead of working. Any wizzies who found a job after not working for years on end?


I got my first job at 27.5 years old.

I found recently defunct companies in my area or out of state, then listed myself as bookkeeper or administrative assistant, or general laborer for some construction company etc. etc.


I temporarily have an alright job. It's a job as teacher except it's online and I don't hold classes. I just need to reply to their messages and grade their assignments.
I still barely manage to do this and do this late.


Say that you found religion and spent that time meditating in seclusion.


Merchant Mariner wizzie here, going back to the meat grinder on thursday, curiously enough the ship's gonna be in my country so I avoid a little bit of airport madness.
I wonder if they'll let me go without a jab though.


Pirate Ship captain here, will be on the lookout for any "Merchant Mariner" ships to sink, fuck the Jews


Doesn't sound too bad if there isn't pressure to work faster all the time and if it's at all a possibility to finish early. I mean someone has to do this, and it seems like a necessary job I wouldn't hate doing if money's alright for me.


Just don't take my dakimakura.



I only work 35 hours. My full round trip is 90. Which is including sleeping, showers, fueling the truck etc.



I'm FIRE'd, but trying to work part-time for some socialisation. It's going…


Crazy to see another wage mariner here. Where are you sailing? I’m in the North Pacific.


Sounds good. I just need to be able to say that I've been working this whole time instead of NEETing at my parent's house.


Got a new boss and he's trying to fuck up my comfortable situation. I've worked from home the last 18 months and he wants me to come in a few days a week.
I can't go back. This will be the hill I die on, going to see if he's ballsy enough to insist.




It never changes in this industry. Software developers are treated like cattle, they are abused by scrum masters and other management people. They invent a shit ton of metrics, they want to someway measure a work that is volatile, requires creativity and is difficult to predict, so they can squeeze the most of the developers. Speed is all that matters. Are we creating technical debt? are we creating bugs everywhere? will this software blown up in our faces sooner or later? it doesn't matter as long as you, the developer, comply with the time estimates of the sprint and management can get rich by selling trash.

Managers are selfish assholes and scrum is inhuman and demeaning.


>be uber eats wagie
>restaurant forgets shit in the order/takes 40 minutes to cook a hamburger
>this is my fault and i get shit rating ​
an hour later
>customer gives me the wrong address,doesn't tell me and gets mad when i deliver to that address
>this is also my fault and customer calls me pissed while im waiting at a ghost kitchen parking lot and thats also my fault and i get shit ratings
id still rather do this than work at mcdonalds or do 99% of entry level/min wage jobs though tbh


Finally someone says it.


Don't really know in advance, especially not until I'm on board.
Last time I visited Canada, Asia, Middle-East and Australia, but it was COVID so I was stuck on the ship for ~6 months.


I understand, delivery sounds much better than constantly working with other people


Depends on the company. I've found that a good CTO makes all the difference. Our current one is always on the side of the devs. Sales promised something retarded? He yells at them. Product owners aren't listening to the devs? He gets them in line.

I've been in your situation as well though. Had one scrum master who made our roadmap/every sprint viewable to clients, was a fucking nightmare explaining why x wasn't finished.


>Software developers
who cares, youre rich


File: 1627438840249.jpeg (105.18 KB, 1024x1000, 128:125, 1602930162190.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm currently working the till at some pay-to-park BS. I didn't want this job but odd circumstances landed me in this position where if I quit, I get kicked out of where I am currently permitted to sleep, and so maybe does my family who considers this ramshack to be a home. I used to work here part time for cash alongside a relative but since he quit the place has cone under new management and they flipped the shit switch. I am apologizing to elderly people who come, get their picnic stuff out of the car, looking forward to a day out with the grandkids, but then can't afford the $20 (up from $8 last year) I'm now obligated to charge them to be there. The foreigners who own and manage it blame Covid for making the price of gas go up or something, so apparently we need to charge more for parking. They're a documented greedy and arrogant subspecies of human.

So it's dependent on the weather somewhat. Only when it's not a torrential downpour is someone expected to be there. Aside from working the till, I'm also expected to cut grass with machines that can't make left turns, and change garbage bins throughout the path etc. Everything really. But on any day without rain, the hours are from 8AM to 8PM, a full 12 hours on days where I don't need to tend to the trail which takes an additional 2-3 hours. That's 12-15 hours a day, 7 days a week. The original payment plan was that my relative was getting 50% of all proceeds to sit there from what was 5AM to 9PM, a 16 hour shift. However, the owner (the now current manager) would make expenses like signs, grass seed, ads in the phonebook and other shit for his other business. He would divide the money 50/50 after these expenses, so the relative would sometimes come out of a 112 hour work week with $200 to his name. There is no running water, stable electricity, cable, internet, or even a deskfan in this shack so imagine it being legitimately worse than a a light prison sentence. The relative couldn't afford a car and he was too big to walk or ride a bike, and in the same "work here or get kicked out" scenario, he was forced to do this job for years. Now it's my turn. I got off at 8 and have to be up for 4 to shovel dirt but the other live-withs are drunk and tripping on the cat so I don't expect I will get much sleep.

I'm not having it though. I demanded $17/h and they get me down to $15. Fine. Most sales are Mastercard but the cash is recorded informally in a notebook, so I've switched to a burglar class and have been scooping 20s. I've been evaluating it for years and tried to wormtongue my relative in to stealing what he was owed but he never bit. I make sure to only take what won't be noticed. No electricity, no security. No receipts, no record unless I write those records. The manager has been impressed with the sales figures so far, and I've thrown him a virtual bone by not recording some money that I've put in to the till, so he'll see eventually that there's been a miscount but in the good direction.

At least one 20 each day x 30 days in a month = $600, enough to buy a handgun and some diesel. Plus assume $500 a week after these bastards skimp on my pay, that's $2600~ month. I live here for free but frankly I'd rather go back to sleeping in the forest, at least there I didn't have to apologize to the elderly. I'll be working for at least 3 months and be saving hard, so by winter I will combine this $$ with my own saving and sell some things and maybe work a few odd jobs, then I will most definitely not shoot myself and set myself on fire.


File: 1627440775987.png (441.07 KB, 476x456, 119:114, whatiexpectedwhatigot.png) ImgOps iqdb

Started doing some orientation tests for uni to help me to choose a career at 30.
Everything seems hopeless but im doing it anyway.


Honestly, it's better than rotting on the street or working a shitty retail job.


i can't find parttime work at all in my rural town. I need to get the fuck out and get a job.


just bombed an interview for an analyst position. that was probably my only way out of my shitty minimum wage job. never gonna make it

i don't understand this mentality. i've had to go into work every day when things started opening up last year. i even got the rona from public transit, yet i see people who actually get to work from home complain about having to come in a couple times. people complaining about having a good deal should not be on wizchan


The amount of bullshit us delivery drivers have to go through is asinine. I’ve experienced what you mentioned many times. My favorite is waiting 15 minutes in a drive thru only for them to be out of whatever food they ordered so you have to cancel for no money. It’s also fun needing the customer to unlock the front door to their apartment complex while they don’t answer the phone for 10 mins. I really love it when it’s snowing and they haven’t shoveled a path to their door at all and your feet get soaking wet. I’ve even got bit by a dog before lol. Having a car with a broken AC really adds to all all this misery. Besides all that though here’s a cool trick you can use for some easy cash. I don’t know if this works with Uber Eats but it does with DoorDash. If you deliver on holidays where restaurants are closed, most restaurants don’t actually mark themselves as closed. So if you accept an order from one of these stores and they’re closed, you can cancel the order telling DoorDash that they’re closed, (you have to talk with customer service and prove it with a picture), and DoorDash will pay you half of what you were going to get when accepted the order. DoorDash doesn’t actually stop people from ordering at these restaurants even after you tell them they’re closed, so all you have to do is wait out for these and get paid for just going there. I’ve made a lot of money doing this. Hope this helps someone.


Had to cover from 13:00 to 20:00. I fell asleep at the till half an hour in and woke up to rain so I went home.
manager said he'd pay me 40 hours of work from the register, even though there's less than $220 in there. The rest comes from his pocket. That's 52 hours so far plus maybe 12 tomorrow, which could be $950. That would be $1100 with the bux i scooped, followed by $550 is covidbux. $1650 is nbaa for a week of reading manga and driving a utv around, but my god I need sleep. I struggle to get 8 hours a night because I need so much after waking up before actually heading out to cope with the reality of life. Without internet or hydro at the booth I can't do my usual internet routine so I need to hurry through that when I get back. I was doing 24hrs+ without leaving the bed a few months ago and got used to taking naps throughout the day like a cat. This is brutal, but it's the normal and I can only hope to adapt for my own physical well-being. A customer caught me sleeping yesterday and had a laugh but in my daze I gave him back extra change. The owner was supposed to come today and he's a mental wreck who's been phoning me nonstop but I refuse to answer.

This job would be a dream for any wiz coming from hard labor or abusive coworkers because it's pretty easy and solitary, but I'm too much of a sensitive manchild to deal with the few people I need to answer to. I want to NEET. I want to SLEEP!!


>i don't understand this mentality.
probably because you're mentally healthy? after years of fighting myself to get out of bed to go into the office 5 days a week and then being blessed with remote full time work, I'll never go back to the office. My boss didn't ask again after I made that clear, competence helps in that regard.


why would you want to turn your own home into a cage? the people who go into work at least understand the divide between slavery and comfort


>people complaining about having a good deal should not be on wizchan
They shouldn't, yet here they are


How the fuck is every normie not an antinatalist yet? I can't imagine bringing another life into this dumpster fire


File: 1627878276672.png (241.54 KB, 340x318, 170:159, 1235234621342389.png) ImgOps iqdb

The main blessing I've received from this mental journey is humility and gratitude.

There is something being done on earth that is pointless. Righteous people suffer for what the wicked do, and wicked people get what the righteous deserve. I say that even this is pointless.

So I commend mirth, because a man hath no better thing under the sun than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry: for that shall abide with him of his labour the days of his life, which God giveth him under the sun.

To enjoy in spite.


Platitudes and TTCs. Basically, cope.


my job is literally worse in every way than yours (no benefits, minimum wage, paying to commute to work), but you think i'm more "mentally healthy"? more like you're just a fucking bitch that complains about nothing


Good on you. Conditions will only get worse if we let these slave drivers push the envelope on what's permissible. One day it's "just come into the office once a week," but by the end of the year it's "back to normal." If your work can be done from home but they still want you in the office, then they only really want you in the office as a means of further control.


>welfare benefits that you only get if you have kids
>external validation for being a "responsible adult" and prolonging the human race
>society tells them to "do x" and they follow without question
This is all pretty obvious if you understand basic human psychology


Office worker here. I can't do it any more. I had my appraisal today, in which my manager lambasted me for taking too long to complete pieces of work. All I want is to live out my (hopefully short) life without anxiety or fear, but scratch out the barest living in this shitty world we have to sign away our lives to employers who belittle and drain us until we die or break down, at which point we're tossed on the scrap heap to rot.


>people complaining about having a good deal should not be on wizchan
No such thing as a good deal when it comes to jobs, unless ur doing something that is low stress combined with hands on work like gardening, sewing etc.
Besides what do you know the guy you replied to even does? Yeah his job has benefits and all that but usually higher paying jobs are also more stressful(with rare exceptions)


File: 1628267249532.jpg (605.78 KB, 456x628, 114:157, help.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

suddenly I went from winning 6500k MC (its sounds like a lot but it really isnt) to winning 3900k and my boss doesnt want to tell me why


File: 1628332822857.jpg (277.15 KB, 754x1000, 377:500, 1627735588870.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

finally summer vacation see you in a few weeks


starting a temp job for the brevity in-between my college semesters. i'm also 24 today.


I forsee having to wageslave soonish. How do you deal with large gaps of unemployment? Like more than 5 years?


Lie in your resume and get people to make fake references for you.


People that tell you to lie are people you shouldn't listen to.


The only way to cover up that kind of gap is to lie, and you have to make it believable. Also, don't lie for jobs that actually require prior experience or education, like specialized roles. Only minimum wage positions.
Sorry but no other way, wizzie.


5 years is a large gap, normalfags do it all the time.


you're right, we should feel bad for normies. fucking wizchan 2021 everyone


I had a tech support job as I graduated, but later on I put the effort to get a coding job, 100% worth it, I only need the talk to other people 15 minutes a day, and it's remote, so I usually finish my task in 3 hours and then I watch for the rest of the day.


Remote programming is, honestly, as close to a perfect wizjob as you can get.


unfortunately coding is now a normalfag job with all the bullshit meetings, mandatory fun, office politics. I hate it


> bullshit meetings, mandatory fun, office politics
I hate all that bullshit too. The shit I hate the most is fucking scrum, you end stressed and writing trash. I endure this job because I know that any other thing would be exponentially worse for me.


I'm fuckin fed up with finding work. I need to fuckin get out of this shit fuckin town.
I don't have a drivers license so i'm dependant on public transport, i spend additional hours just commuting to work.
I'm an intern so people just bounce you around employ you for a few months and fire your ass, it's hard enough finding a decent job.
I don't have enough unemployment benefits or SSI to live independently, not to mention landlords don't rent to people with no fuckin job or stable income

Maybe i should just fuckin kill myself and get it all over and done with


This was bound to happen eventually. Normalfags had to flood the tech industry and ruin a profession that was autism-friendly with their meaningless social graces that add absolutely NOTHING of value. The only reason they have meetings and other shit is to weed out spergs. I'm pretty sure the only place left that is good for socially awkward wizards is academia. Leave the world behind and get lost in research.


afaik in academia you need to give classes

>The shit I hate the most is fucking scrum, you end stressed and writing trash
hOw l0nG iS tHAt gOInG tO tke???? I neeed an eStiMate!!!


>afaik in academia you need to give classes
yes and work ridiculously hard for shit wages compared to industry


Why is it that whenever i job search there are additional loopholes.
I applied for a job from 5 to 10 all fine, then i get a call and they tell me it's a job on call

So now they'll call me up to work whenever, as if they expect me to just teleport to work at their beck and call


File: 1628608395742.png (191.13 KB, 300x604, 75:151, kaguya05.png) ImgOps iqdb

If it's any consolation to anyone, I was a semi-unemployed NEET for close to 7 years before I even found my first full-time job. Before that it was basically a period of neeting and working part-time min-wage jobs after finishing my schooling. Comfy times though, I don't regret that time at all.


I have a job interview tomorrow for a customer service role on a low salary. It's via zoom which I would rather not get involved with but I guess I'll take it if it's offered.


>then i get a call and they tell me it's a job on call

Work on call is illegal in many countries now. Just leave the job, that's slavery.


yeah since you haven't ended it. I definitely would in your position.


I feel so lucky that I live in a state that's been constantly locked down for the last 18 months so I can work from home. It isn't even that bad considering I work on a different university campus to the rest of my department so I don't have to engage in social bullshit since I'm in my own office anyway, but being able to just sleep for half my shift and answer a few emails while gaming has become a habit for the last year and a half that I can't go back.

When there were the 1-2 weeks the state opened up and the university tried to force everyone back on campus my boss argued so that our whole team could stay working from home since I do everything remotely anyway, everyone else can. Hopefully he can keep that happening. I think he only does that because he has a disabled son and it means he can work from home and care for him as well.

Even before the lockdowns I'd only show up to the office for my weekly 1 hour team meeting on webcam so it looked like I was there. Now I just have to make sure the new person getting hired isn't from my campus so they don't dob me in for never being at work.


white collar = normal


It's funny. The news is saying there is a low unemployment in this country (new Zealand). And how businesses are struggling for workers. But all good trade apprenticeships a Backlogged for 2 years at this point and everyone is struggling to get into compsci.

It's not that is low unemployment you fucking retarded boomers. It's that people are permanently over wagecuck dead end jobs. In the age of cheap phones and computers, and with most people not having kids, why the fuck should anyone grovel to work at a liquor store for minimum wage?

those workers aren't coming back, ever. Covid made normie wagecucks see how much they're bullied for no reason for no benefit. The habit has been broken.


File: 1628741831708.jpg (63.87 KB, 538x536, 269:268, 1628740444298.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

handed in my letter
i am free now bros, neet master race


>businesses are struggling for workers
it's always the same, they cry there's a shortage when in reality the salaries offered are too low


Eh, I'm an autistic wizard living in Cuckstralia and never had a retail job but getting real bored of living with my shitty boomer parents. Normalfags still won't hire me and ask why I never had a job before 30 etc. It's not that they're short of workers, it's that they're short of neurotypical normalfags that had a job since 18, that's the only type they want to employ anyway.


File: 1628763645483.jpg (54.8 KB, 524x499, 524:499, autism-jobs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Working 70 hour weeks. I want to die.


Not anymore, ever since normalcattle went remote too, we now have "office hours" virtually where you are expected to sit in front of your computer with your camera on pointed at your face while the normgroids talk about sportsball teams and their weekend plans.


I've been working a temporary job this summer to save up money. Fortunately, it's only temporary but the horror I experience whenever I end up working really shows me that I have to keep postponing the moment I become a permanent wageslave as much as possible. Life is not too bad when studying is the only obligation you have and you can live mostly isolated from society but I don't think I could keep on living working with insufferable normalfags all day long. It's not like I can really relax when I come home either, my normalfag neighbours make it impossible for me to just read a book in peace in my garden for a few hours.


why? idk why would you do this unless you can't support yourself at all with shelter and food. working and having no days off feels like insanity. you literally live to work.


Then you know how slave rebellions rose up hundreds of times in history.

Nobody can bear such an existence for too many years. It's unnatural for huge masses to slave away literally working to live, just that a handful of people may rest and do nothing while enjoying the fruits of their labor.


File: 1628835620436.jpg (126.77 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1627819455497.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah I can understand that society needs people to work to function. Most of the things we have like computers, internet, water, eletrcity is from workers. But it's just unnecessary and retarded to make them work 7 days or more a week, it's literally slavery and fucking retarded.


It's mandatory. If I refuse I lose my job.


How long will this go on? I had to do some mandatory overtime but it wasn't this bad.


Months on end. Possibly years.


if i had such power to change the world i would cut all working hours in half and keep wages in full hours proportion


Good luck, only way for this to happen if automation comes in full effect, robots will do most of the work while we take care of robots or do other stuff. It will help cut hours a lot while having survivable wages.


>robots will do most of the work while we take care of robots or do other stuff. It will help cut hours a lot while having survivable wages.

there are people out there who still believe this


We have no other options, but yeah I can see this going wrong and people will get fucked in the ass someway or another.


if you think about robots being able to reduce the amount of hours humans work you are wrong, they are there to make things faster, less error prone and with less humans involved in the process (because of social rights)
the humans who do work with the robots have to stay with them all the time in case of failure

have you seen any high productivity factory pipeline? robots do most of the work already
don't think of robots as humanoid shaped general machines


I sometimes romantasize the idea of just driving a semi all day as a job.
are there many awful details that ruin it for you?


depending on the field you can reply 'I just did some freelance jobs for a friend' if they ask about it.
it cant really be proven since it'll have been simple/no contract and under non disclosure agreement.

alternatively claim you just did a 'finding yourself' bs thing normalfags sometimes do after inheriting a decent sum of money.
always make it sound like something normal, no one really cares about the gap they just want to know you werent unemployed for any no-no reason.


Is humanity doomed to be wageslaves for life? Do you think one day in the near future, it will finally be over and we all can live freely with food and things given to us easily? I want paradise to finally be real.



>Is humanity doomed to be wageslaves for life?

>Do you think one day in the near future, it will finally be over and we all can live freely with food and things given to us easily?

not all, but more than half of the population live like this (kids living from their parents, old people living from pensions, housewives, people on government benefits…)
that's not even counting fake and useless jobs (paper shufflers, public employees, scammers…)
i'd say maybe 1/3 of the population really does work, and the rest pretend to work or live leeching off the real wagies


Got myself into more debt because my parents want me to study and get out of minimum wage. You'd think the first time would have had them get off my back and understand that i'm a useless autistic faggot that can't do shit to save his own life


File: 1629208148297.jpg (807.99 KB, 1515x1158, 505:386, 140709pigeonloft.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Me and my coworkers car pools. Was three minutes too late out of my apartment. We still were seven minutes early to work. Yet one of this boomer fucks goes on a twenty minute rant about how important it is being on time and how people who are late should be left behind and how I shouldn't snooze and how he has never slept over and yadda fucking yadda. Then after work as we are about to drive home he goes on another 20 minute rant. Fucking control freak fuck I swear to fucking god normalfags will make themselves feel superior over the pettiest fucking shit.
I hope he fucking get cancer and dies god damn I'm so fucking tired of his self-satisfied ass.


I don't get why co-workers and even managers have to be so insufferable for no reason. Can't we all just get along and try to make as much money as possible, so sick of work drama, almost got fired because I told someone that one tard was talking shit and threatening him to beat him up and I got in trouble for "instigating" but telling him that. I just try not to talk to anyone at all.


If you're actually pathetic enough to bow to your parents' whim like you're their slave then you deserve whatever suffering you get. Maybe it will teach you a lesson.


When people do this just stare at them unblinking with a neutral look on your face. It really makes them uncomfortable.


Not him replying but I usually just say "okay" or "yeah" when they try to talk to me, just very little tiny small talk and go back to my work. I don't wanna be known as the big creep because I feel like something bad will happen to me or they might get me fired in some really dumb way. Best way is to be friendly or neutral to everyone.


If you let people walk all over you they're usually going to take advantage of it. You need to learn how to stand up for yourself. Nothing horrible is going to happen.


I don't necessarily let them walk over me. They mostly go away and stop talking to me when i'm clearly not interested. I don't just go overboard and be a super autist around them or be very hostile. They will gang up on you over something very soon.


Everyone I associate with considers me to be very polite since I say please and thank you a lot and make sure to strictly observe verbal etiquette. If someone does try to push me I only use nonverbal signals at first to make it clear that it's not okay. I encountered a lot of these people growing up, you have to make it very clear to them that you're not an easy target or else you're going to get messed with for fun for as long as you know them.


File: 1629261318761.jpg (14.85 KB, 288x288, 1:1, 1586630930188.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My company is very carebear and you can get in trouble for saying a lot of things. 99% people around my job report everything to HR if something goes wrong and they handle it strictly. It's whatever, why should I care? I go there to make money, not make friends and deal with retards, aslong as I get to leave soon and put food on the table and pay my bills, I don't really give a fuck what people do to me.>>245730


What kind of nonverbal signals anon?


what are some wizardly 1 day a week jobs i could apply for?
i am a neet currently, around 130iq


>around 130iq


Landscape gardening maybe. I saw a posting online a few weeks ago that was 6 hours a week. Just visiting the site once a week, trimming the grass, picking up any litter, easy shit like that. Sounded like it was solo work.


how much did it pay?


I've seen even easier work than that, bookstore claimed it just needed someone to come take out the trash cans once a week for like $100 a week


£20 an hour I think it was
Nice. I wish job sites weren't so shit to use and it was easier to find that kind of thing. I'm sure there's loads of non-jobs like that out there, just buried under everything else.


Just adopt an attitude that you're not going to back down or give in to these people and your body should automatically do the right thing. If you try to fake it it will come off as weak.
Their goal is to intimidate and scare you. If your emotions are the opposite of what they're trying to evoke they'll know it.


You are a coward for not following your heart


Can you please tell me what qualifications would get me your tech support job? Certifications, classes, whatever.

I’m not trying to work hard or make a lot of money I just wanna go to a job, sit on my ass, and mentally check out


what's the point in $100? not even worth it


That's $400 a month, enough to pay for a studio apartment if you live in a small town.


Mandatory PCR tests twice a week for the unvaccinated have been announced by our dictator today. Wageslavery is an unbearable deadend, but being deprived of your livelihood you've put so much effort to obtain by fallecy is another thing. It's taxing on my parents to see my only repaying efforts go down the drain, but for me I feel joy because I see my predictions coming to realization. It'll be hard to sustain everything my existance undertakes with the little amount of saving I managed to put aside for the past two years. I'm still grateful I will not consent to selling of my mind and soul thanks to the knowledge that has been delivered to me.
I will not give in and it makes me feel righteous for the first time.


>Mandatory PCR tests twice a week
Unreal. It astonishes me that normalfags will roll over and allow this bullshit to pass unchecked. I'd be looking for someone to murder if they tried to force that on me.


your parents probably go through more in order to put food on the table


just get vaccinated in this case, stop listening to the q schizos and talk to your doctor to see if it is right for you


fuck off


I rejoin the workforce in about 6 hours and I can't sleep. I'm so fucking nervous. I haven't worked since it all shut down at the beginning of COVID in March like 2 years ago. I spent all day just browsing text boards without really reading them, dreading the return. Even though it's a field I know well. Even though it's a field I'm good at. It's just hard to go back. I literally made more money on unemployment. I only went back to working because I can tell that gravy train is gonna end real soon and I don't want to be screwed when it does.

Dunno why I'm even writing this. I guess I just needed to vent. I'm gonna miss just sitting at home all day, playing video games and semi leisurely learning to code. I wish I could make time loop, like Haruhi's endless summer. This period of COVID sponsored lockdown was the best and I miss it already. FUCK working. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd go right back to just playing MMOs all day in my underwear. Fuck careers, fuck "passion," fuck ambition, I just want to chill the fuck out and exist. Why isn't there an option for people like me who have no actual drive? I'd be happy in a small room with a PC, a desk, an internet connection, and some kind of thing to sleep on. But where I live, you can't even get just those things without spending a ludicrous amount of money. Everyone's gotta have a soul sucking "career" just to survive, and even the dead end jobs demand all of your energy. FUCK



Uh where the fuck are these “”””small towns””” with 400/mo rent? Seriously, I’ll head there immediately


Hope your first day went ok wizzie. I agree with everything you said. My job is a fucking joke.


File: 1629474377942.png (536.67 KB, 760x736, 95:92, 1629256903929.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's over wizzie, just embrace the pain already. You're gonna have to go back to wageslaving to survive again, while the rich swim in money. Welcome back to the rat race.


The extra funny thing is that basically because of global warming, chilling the fuck out is literally the best thing you can do for humanity. If we had an emergency chill the fuck out where everyone just stopped working to make things except for the essentials we could solve global warming but the faggots who designed this stupid system of wage slavery won't have it and force us to work and consume fossil fuels in the process.


Global warming isn't real.


so you're a skeptic of thermometer technology? That's a new one.


I've been working for about 2 months now after 2 years of doing nothing and since then each day I'm thinking about suicide. Or snapping. I might just run over a person so they lock me up and I'm free of work.


everyone a skeptic if nothing is shown right into their face. people are so fucking retarded at times it's laughable.


You're not real. Faggot.


I've applied for neetbux one last time and if it goes south I'll probably have to wage and did think about academia as an option. Only problem is I don't have the references or research needed to apply for a PhD


>I've applied for neetbux one last time
Did it go poorly the last few times? If you're at multiple attempts, you either need to become crazier or follow a better guide.


They're not soft threats. They will absolutely do this.


I think it's real. But I really don't think it matters. Even if it wasn't real, they'd just invent something else (like the freaking virus). Life is over.


It actually went well, thank you. I'm scared of getting sick though.
>just embrace the pain already
I had to do exactly this to get out of bed this morning.
The real fucked up part is so many industries showed that they could work from home just fine, but there's this retarded push to have everyone in a building together getting sick. I really do think sometimes that the world is run by a death cult.


Only did it twice so far. The first time I had too little evidence I think even though the SSI psychologist did say I was depressed/anxious enough for bux. This is my second time after a few years with more medical history so I figured after the second time it won't be worth it anymore.


File: 1629587259493.jpg (384.53 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 9574a8d07f3c0ad909b596750e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>with more medical history
Almost everyone agrees a good history is critical so you should be a shoe-in this time. Regardless, don't forget to study up on whatever illness you're applying with. The psychologists, case workers, and judges are usually normalfags, so they'll be looking for standardized "signs" of illness that you'll need to be able to convincingly express.
Don't ever give up. For a wizNEET, autismbux is a godsend and will help give you the confidence to lead a slightly better life. It's well worth it especially when the alternative is eternal wagecucking.


Thanks wiz. I'm convinced I did well with the SSI psychologist those few years ago so the next hurdle will most likely be the judge unless my therapy/psychiatry sessions prove fruitful to the case workers.


Can any of you guys tell me about fishing jobs in Alaska? Apparently you can make 15-20k in 3 months. That’s something I could probably endure and then NEET in some shithole for the remainder of the time.


if you're not physically fit or sturdy, you wouldn't last a week


also, don't lie to yourself and say you could do it. if you had the balls to do it you wouldn't be asking about it on wizchan. that type of job's not for you (it's also not for most people).


File: 1629735391744.gif (1.23 MB, 500x281, 500:281, humanity.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I know what I can do and what I can't. I just can't do office work with retarded normies


File: 1629741086401.png (97.1 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1541568669674.png) ImgOps iqdb

I just accepted some meeting dates without thinking about them expecting them to be some random weekday but they're actually both saturdays


Just say you have covid and can't make them


don't show up, when they ask tell them it must have been a mistake because you don't work on the weekends


Bux for 7 years now, no ragrets. What was the other option? Working as a literal fucking slave while I'm certifiably insane? No thanks, bux is where it's at.


stuff like that never becomes a reality, it's hard enough to find a regular job. they don't just hire someone willy nilly


Took 2 weeks to finish some items assigned to me that won't be needed in the project for several months. Next item put on my plate is literally due next week and I don't think I'll make it. Why can't project managers actaully "project manage"?


So you don't relax and don't find the shackles that bind you too bearable.


you shouldve just left it be until they asked, then said it was nearly done and turned it in.
thats how I used to be able to barely work at my last job, it can be pretty comfy as you can just slack off with your work already done till they ask


File: 1629924784358.jpg (23.44 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 12387492347852345.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've become a pathological liar at my job because no one actually checks out the work I do.
Now it's getting to the point where I have to deliver but the Will just isn't there.
I fucking hate being a dumb nigger and being around dumb niggers lads.
Browsed some job postings but the thought of enduring anything else or wasting more of my time to resent the money I've piled up which means nothing since spending that money is unpalatable/makes me nauseous and more resentful…
Just fuck this shit man.
Tired of being a slave and being around complicit slaves and being a dumb fuck.
Waiting to quit my job and neet off savings until I die I guess.
Please let this next month pass swiftly.

It's actually unbelievable how stupid everything is
How can it be this stupid?

Why is it so hard to endure other people?
Other people are hell.


Anyone ever done seasonal employment before? A job that only lasts for a few months sounds ideal.


File: 1630243178811.webm (2.46 MB, 720x780, 12:13, 1630182141558.webm) ImgOps iqdb

last day… thinking about quitting again


I can't work, expectations and schedules make me want to kill myself, can't sleep if I know I have to do X thing the next day.
I have no clue how normies, let alone wizards are able to do this shit.


Does anyone here have experience working with VOT (virtualassistantjobs.com)? My mother signed me up for their newsletter a few years ago and while I probably won't need a new job anytime soon I'd like to know if they'd be a good backup to have.


to anyone hoping the blessing of lockdown will come again: it won't. the government and jews are losing money, and all the normiescum are literally going insane because of lockdown. They go crazy UNLESS they can slave away in loud humid cesspools of disgrace, loud talking and cuntlicking office politics. I cringe every time someone says "my boss". it is something a dog would say.

But no, they dont want to stay home, they want to be a little puppy for thier boss. Probably because married normies cant stand eachother.

We are a disgusting, filthy, backhand species of apes and we should have been wiped out by the meterorites. Alas, evolution led us to hell on fucking earth.


The rich are not getting any poorer because of lockdowns. Small business owners maybe, but college-educated white collar normans who work from home? The lockdowns are a blessing to them, it allows them to virtue signal like mad at no financial cost.


I'm getting ready to try to find work. I'm not mentally as stable as I used to be so I hope I don't explode into rage or start bursting into inappropriate fits of laughter like the joker (which I am known to do) a few weeks into employment. I know someone who signed up for part-time and now they routinely get slammed with ten days in a row of work. If they try to pull that shit on me, I'm walking. I will find an employer that treats me like a human or else go back to being a NEET or possibly homeless someday.


>employer that treats me like a human
i mean, its great if you have the opportunity to NEET in between jobs but there is no such thing as "human" wageslavery, just better pay and less effort depending on the job.
also part-time usually means you're gonna get fucked over in some way or another, like your acquaintance.


>I will find an employer that treats me like a human or else go back to being a NEET or possibly homeless someday.
You are always going to be a 'human resource' at a job. 99% chance you won't be treated like a human, unless you have some family type relationship with them that goes beyond work


Most jobs pay over $20/hr in my area now. I was a posting for a job that pays $25/hr and all you have to do is drive a pickup to Home Depot and the garbage dump. If I did freelance programming, I would probably make about half as much money. I'm a firm believer in working smarter and not harder. The smart option would be to choose the job where I turn my brain off and drive a truck for stacks off cash.


saw a posting*

i hope i don't start routinely typing words backwards


That would be something, haha. Just write random words backwards and let the normies figure it out. ahhaha


File: 1630708588382.jpg (21.7 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 1442498988107.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I keep telling myself my IT job is less effort and eventually it'll pay out when I stay long term. enough to put up with all the bs.
but its tempting every time I see posts like this to look for well paying unskilled labor.
the company politics and project responsability is wearing away at my soul and I've only recently started working again after the pandemication.


File: 1630776989310.jpeg (57.34 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 80EED854-E6BD-404A-BFB6-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb



Are there wizzies that do pure work-at-home stuff? I want to find a career that'll let me do it but I don't know what would be the best job for someone like me.
If you do can you tell me what you do, how long you work on it, and what are the downsides of your job?


You could apply to office jobs from home if possible, although after a while I was just as miserable at home than in the office mixing private with workspace.
I thought about creating stuff and selling from home, I've heard people making pokemon gadgets, special soaps or whatever really, if you have an idea and the motivation to organize everything, have space and know how to establish a targetgroup it could make nice pocketchange in the beginning probably


I mean working at home for myself would be better than working at home for some corpos


> I want to find a career that'll let me do it but I don't know what would be the best job for someone like me.
If you don't mind office jobs, look for software companies doing remote work, they are very open about it. Even if you can't do anything related to software they need other employees too, grab whatever entry position you are able to do.

>how long you work on it, and what are the downsides of your job?

9h a day. Mentally draining I want to quit


File: 1630967348985.jpg (34.22 KB, 340x372, 85:93, mmo fugg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

About to start Uni while working since tomorrow.
Feeling little anxious but my sole motivation for studying is to get out of the customer service hell for good at this point.


honestly i think i was happiest while working at amazon. i worked at a sortation center and it was super chill and not as wageslavey as the fulfillment centers or at other places. i quit to go to uni and now im studying some STEM bullshit i dont give a fuck about and can barely concentrate on. im not looking forward to spending the rest of my life on this, but i dont want to spend the rest of my life making $16/hr


i'm in the identical situation. i'm not anxious though, im fucking worried im going to fuck up again. my worst mistakes all happened when i was trying to improve.


I got pressured into an interview, then was given some test to do, I didn't do it (was supposed to deliver it last week) and I'm still getting emails, can't normalfags take a hint.


Anyone quit a well paying job and just NEET it up?
Apprentice here and not aiming to wageslave anymore

Someone on the other side, what has your experience been abandoning the 'perfect' track record on your career bullshit?
Seems like waging is a scam when you have fucking furry porn faggots making more money monthly than you


Furry porn faggots? Or just tiktok whores buying houses because they do onlyfans on the side or something. Yeah, I'll go repair the road in the middle of the night for a minuscule amount of that!


Hi wagies NEETfag here who does not have to worry about working_ever_again : /
I am thinking of getting a job because I don't enjoy any of my free time.
is this stupid? will I just be depressed and working instead of laying in bed?

I don't need money at all


the skilless jobs immediatelly available to anyone are repetitive and shitty as fuck, you are honestly better off doing nothing.


I have no skills and don't know if I could work but I thought maybe even doing a few days at mcdicks or something could be fun. How do wagies even work? if I have to go outside in the coming week it ruins my current week and you guys slave daily.


>I thought maybe even doing a few days at mcdicks or something could be fun
you havin' a giggle mate? Fuck off. Draw furry smut and call yourself a freelancer.


I always romanticized working the graveyard shift at convenience store. You can try that, let me know if it’s any fun.


are you working at mcdicks full time then? I worked there full time as a young teen.
graveyard shift is actually pretty kino desu it is nice working at night and if you are a wizard who has no friends then it is better than working at day time.


>hOw l0nG iS tHAt gOInG tO tke???? I neeed an eStiMate!!!
I hate my PO so fucking much. I recently started taking more time to complete tasks out of spite of this faggot.


In the same boat. It's almost my sophomore year of a CS degree. If I still can't find a decent job after graduation then I'll make a living by recycling cans on the street.


I can't wait for summer to end. I have to drive on a bike all day for my shit gig and i hate all the commotion, the heat, the happy happy, smiley smiley people that even commented my face a few times for seeming weird or sad or angry. I was wondering why it started to be harder lately and i think i have found the culprit. I want this cosmopolitan self-satisfied ebonicized city to be the most dead, morose and unpleasant possible for everyone, i just want it quiet, fuck summer


Is there anything keeping you chained to the city? Getting an apartment in a quiet suburb close to the city would be ideal


Suburbs are the worst. Cities have anonymity and walkability, rural areas have quietness and open space. Suburbs have torture, suffering, neighbours watching and listening to everything and trying to talk to you, screaming children, no walkability, etc etc…


File: 1631161981193.jpg (68.12 KB, 467x660, 467:660, 123419283491234.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's coming.
I don't see any other options.
About to give my two weeks notice.


File: 1631191930132.jpg (87.95 KB, 500x671, 500:671, 1293369126666.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>bridge I take to work is closing for over a year
>traffic is diverted to a toll bridge
>new weekly expenditure of $25 on top of $40 in fuel
>monthly propane bill went up by $110
My yearly raise didn't remotely help to keep up with inflation and every other bullshit, suicide is looking better and better.


it's as if you crawled in my head, so true suburbs make you homicidal


File: 1631198319081.jpg (7.97 KB, 190x281, 190:281, hank hill.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How are you using so much propane? are you heating your house with it or something of that sort : /
Can you tell your boss it costs you more money to get to work now and use petty change for the toll daily? Tolls seem very unfair and legal robbery.


didn't come to work today, didn't call in, kind of not giving a shit.
call center bullshit, not like my absence would have made any difference.
sick of waking up at 4am to work five cities over 8 hours a day for six days a week on minimum wage.


Is propane typically what is used in gas lines? I thought it was some other fuel.


It is usually something else, but natural Gas lines aren't everywhere. Propane is the go-to upgrade for houses that have oil heaters which need routine deliveries. The propane still needs to be delivered but it's cheaper and easier to do so.


We have an elderly furnace from 1987. We couldn't afford to upgrade everything so we just did maintenance. The unit uses a ton of gas and my mom insists we keep the pilot light on for 2+ months longer than we need to, just because she doesn't want to sleep in a slightly chilly house a few times.
Our oven also runs on propane, which I think is stupid but I can't justify replacing a fully functioning oven when my car could fall apart on me at any time.
I'm at my current job for the health insurance which I've had to use consistently every year. I can't negotiate directly with my employer because my contract is mediated. If I quit I could potentially get a higher paying job, but I'd get screwed by medical issues.
I feel completely trapped in my life and the bottom could fall out at any time. We're going into an economic collapse and I'm barely making ends meet as it is. In a few months the squeeze will really be on and then I'll have to decide whether I want to go on or not. I have a fantasy of abandoning my mother and disappearing into the wilderness.


>look at job postings for IT help desk
>MUST HAVE: Bachelor's degree & 3-5 years experience
>salary: $20/hour, 3 month contract
i give up, fuck this. It's self employed or nothing.


the sopranos fag is still at it
loss for words…


I imagine it's like being in a mobile solitary confinement cell. Except worse because you're always at work. Having to keep focused and pay attention at all times to not die and being stuck in a fucking truck for days or weeks.

They're not telling anyone to stop because it's not real. After the virus scare fails to keep people in submission they'll replace it with a global warming panic to make you have less and work more in unbearable obnoxious conditions.


Translation: "we already have the candidate in mind who we want to hire, but labor laws require us to post an job opening. So we make them ridiculous so that we can justify hiring the guy we wanted to hire in the first place."


We all do.


I'm currently living off meagre savings to keep a roof over my head. Haven't had a real job in about 15 years and that was only temporary. I keep thinking about becoming a self-employed gardener or handyman. But the fear of starting a business, borrowing money, having to deal with people every day, working long hard hours and "hustling" as the NPC's and negroes put it is just too much to bear.

I'm simply too neurotic to function anywhere in society it seems. Every single career seems untenable and pointless. I can't get over what an insane situation it is to be alive on this planet. I think about roping a lot but I never will.


Anyone else spend a lot of time wondering what the point of things are? There's so much shit on Netflix most normies don't even have time to watch cause they are wagecucking all day. So many books to read. I get depressed going into bookstores and just quietly going amongst all these books that are probably fantastic but I don't have the time or motivation to read them. Like, what is the point of trying to be a successful writer? You're not going to write anything original, most normies don't even give a fuck about the most staggeringly original and mind-blowing works out there. I've had this feeling for years but since I started waging it's only intensified.


I have come to the conclusion that essence of life is "Do your thing until you die".
I envy people that commit suicide, but I guess it's never been bad enough for me to join them.


File: 1631723283253.jpg (16.03 KB, 430x319, 430:319, 1511507553507.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>work at a firm full of boomers
>none of them ever wore mouth protection during the pandemic (despite being provided a multitude and despite mingling around randomly outside the firm)
>they all got vaxxed
>lo and behold, now they try to guilt me into getting vaxxed as well, calling me uncaring and shit
The hypocrisy is delicious.


better get it quick or you might lose your job


wearing a mask is both useless and 100 times more inconvenient on the daily than getting two shots. just take the jab and stop being an idiot.


>"Do your thing until you die".
Seems like an oversimplification and thought terminating cliche, but you aren't wrong. Just a cover for the deep inherent meaninglessness of life. I just hate PRODOOOCING when there's already so much out there. Why bother?


God shut the fuck up. Speak like a human being.


File: 1631731264879.jpg (9.95 KB, 158x199, 158:199, 1478463729852.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Whatever, it's not like it's a permanent employment to begin with. I have social security in my cunt.
Two shots that are only effective for ~6 months (not accounting for novel viral mutations). Literally every researcher says the virus is here to stay, which means, given I live for ~50 more years, 100 injections of experimental mystery chemicals (if not more, in Israel they're already preparing for the FOURTH refill). I sure wonder how I'll feel after the first 20-50 ones. Also I remember the swine flu when the Pandemrix vaccine gave severe side effect like NARCOLEPSY which only came to light YEARS after vaccination taking place.
So yeah I'll much prefer the .00-whatever odds of dying from COVID being sub-30y.o. rather than risking permanent damage that potentially make those ~50 remaining years of my life even more hellish.
Fact is in a few years time no one under 50 will stay vaxxed and it will only be given to nursery home oldfags much like regular flu shots. I think everyone knows this on some level.
Also the more unecessary vaccination taking place the faster the virus will evolve resistance to it, which in turn will render the vaccine useless for everyone. Same principle as with those antibiotics-resistent bacteria.

And regarding the mask-wearing, it's the principle. First they give absolutely no fucks, but now that they drank the kool-aid I'm evil for not doing the same even though I probably won't benefit and potentially suffer damage.


File: 1631765017880.png (117.46 KB, 530x366, 265:183, 1630960511076.png) ImgOps iqdb

Welp time to start my 4 day weekend shift from thurs-sun. I'm new to wagecucking and now i'm finally understanding the dreed and the repetitiveness in this horrid life. Please pray I die in my sleep.


>try to get off my ass and go down a career path
>choose tech
>figure I'll have to start at the help desk
>Already fairly IT literate when it comes to networking, troubleshooting, and some webdev projects
>find a "tech support" job
>See glass door review that says they are eager to pay for employee's industry certs
>Got hired
>It's a goddamn call center
>Ask about certs day 1 and hr tells me they don't do that
This is fucking bullshit, I just escaped a fucking call center and for what? I hate this. Never have I felt more worthless. At least there are a couple of other IT guys and coders in my group of "cussomer service" trainees that look like they got duped too.


I love reading the wagie bread as a NEET


I'm praying for your peaceful passing from wagie life, wiz.

Don't be mad at the new memes, they are good for mocking normfags.


Quit and tell them to get fucked, obviously


I would, but I'm about out of savings. I'm probably gonna sell some crypto and I'll be good for a few months. I also have to send all of this equipment back when I quit too. I hate this.


just got fired, finally i can be a based neet




I'm struggling in uni. I have no willpower to attend classes or do the work. I have an exam tomorrow but I haven't attended the lectures for the class or done any of the homework. The only thing I'm interested in is masturbating and wasting time doing nothing. I often put my work off to the last minute and buy myself a ton of time, and then use it to get stressed about deadlines. I am utterly incapable of self control and creating change in my life.

I always hear all about the college experience, how great it is, how much people you meet, how much you grow and learn. But I loathe it, and despise all the people who tell me this. For me it's just a road bump before I can get a real job. And I don't even want to work, but I live in America so I can't get NEETbux and my parents wont support me.

I wish I could just stare at the ceiling and sleep all day and never have to do anything. I hate having to be a part of things


Same here


Following through on this.
First time not having some bullshit on my plate like a job, school, summer job, internship, etc.
Ready to face the music, just waiting for the two weeks to end


Drop out. I mean it. I was in the exact same situation my freshman year. I dropped out after I failed almost all my classes. The mistake I made was listening to my mom and going back a year later. I even changed my habits for the most part, and got good grades and went to career fairs. I've since graduated and now I'm working in a dead-end job that pays shit. My boss actually hands me resumes she gets for a position, and laughs at how people with multiple degrees and many years of experience are applying to this job that pays no more than $20/hr. Btw this is in IT, supposedly the field with the most opportunities. Though it's not an IT company, just a small department within some boomer office. But I live in flyover land where jobs that aren't the typical retail, trades, etc. are sparse YET there are still unis in every town pumping out grads like mad. This is why a wizard, especially one living in a backwater town, will never get far as a wageslave. I have a friend who was the smartest kid in our high school, also studied CS, and he's also working a shity job because he's even uglier and more spergy than me.

Especially if you lose interest in your major, FUCKING DROP OUT. By my junior year I wish I had picked something that interested me more like geology (although that would've been 100x worse in terms of jobs). Now after four years of studying and two years of working I despise computers. I want to destroy every one I see. The only reason I tolerate them is because they provide me with information that I can't easily get from books, and money from my job of course. The faggots who like computers just for the sake of it, I want to smash their heads into a bloody pulp, even though that's exactly who I used to be (yes if I could go back in time I would beat my old self to death).

So then what do you do? You wageslave at the jobs that nobody wants and therefore pay relatively well, and save money until you can retire, which shouldn't take long if you're frugal. Or you can live the semi-NEET life by doing seasonal work, like a snow plower. You can start as a shoveller and make at least $15/hr, then get your plow driver license and make $20/hr+. And when it's not snowing you get to be a comfy NEET. Then in the spring/summer you can do landscaping, or not if you have enough saved up. If I wasn't such a sweaty pussy, I would've done that right out of high school. But now I don't have a choice, becasue I have student loans to pay, and my family will look down on me if I waste my degree… why I still care about them idk.



>my family will look down on me if I waste my degree
I get the same bullshit reasoning w.r.t. "waste my degree." They just don't under-fucking-stand.
>My boss actually hands me resumes she gets for a position, and laughs at how people with multiple degrees and many years of experience are applying to this job that pays no more than $20/hr. Btw this is in IT, supposedly the field with the most opportunities. Though it's not an IT company, just a small department within some boomer office. But I live in flyover land where jobs that aren't the typical retail, trades, etc. are sparse YET there are still unis in every town pumping out grads like mad.
That's strange. I got a job probably 5 years ago in IT in flyover country, and my experience was that they couldn't find _anyone_. Have things gotten even worse in just five years?


>Have things gotten even worse in just five years?
Yes the field changes quickly, and the media has pushed STEM especially hard since then so a lot more people went into it. Although it's not so much about being in flyover country as being too far from major cities. That's why the countryside and small towns are all dying, the only way for all these young people with degrees to find work is by moving to the cities. There's remote work now but then one has to compete with the entire country, if not the entire world.


The thing is, my parents are paying for everything. Tuition, housing, food. I really don’t have a reason not to do this because I won’t end up with any debt. Plus it’s more than just upsetting my parents if I drop out, because it’s their money I’m blowing.

I thought about getting a job that doesn’t require education. But I’ve worked jobs like that and ended up getting sick of them after a couple months. I think I am just apathetic to all work. My degree is data science. I know a lot of people in my major go for masters, but there is no way in hell I’m doing 6 years of school. I’m just getting my bachelors. My hope is that I can find an easy job with not a lot of work. It doesn’t have to pay the most


>the only way for all these young people with degrees to find work is by moving to the cities
You sure about that?

Maybe work that pays off student debt I could understand, but if you look at the ratio of pay:cost of living (ACTUAL cost of living, not what the bullshit gov stats are saying), rural living is pretty comf.


Weekend arrives and I have nothing to do and I don't want to do anything either. Weekdays are a tedious routine that I would prefer to avoid given the choice but when I have free time I can't force myself to do or enjoy something. I'm a empty husk, a worn out piece of shit. The prospect of the incoming Monday fills me with anxiety and I prefer to do nothing, get slightly drunk or immerse myself in mindless entertainment to avoid this distress. I'm in my mid twenties and having to bear this for a few more decades seems like a pretty bad joke. I don't see the point in doing this anyway, once my mother dies it will be over for me.
Friday nights causes me this melancholy: job finally ends for the moment, you are free, so what now? you can feel the absurdity and emptiness of it all.


I feel the exact same way as you do lol


Is it possible to be a human guinea pig as a possible side-gig in the UK? I read about some people who did it in the US but havent found anything in the UK



>spent all of covid collecting unemployment
>can't get a decent job now because it's impossible to get hired if you don't already have a job


What should i do ? a supermarket is hiring shelf workers you can choose your own hours and days
I'm very socially incompetent and i can't work the register, but this job is just stocking shelves

I really need a job though, i just wish there was a system like in america where they stock shelves overnight that'd be ideal.
Not sure should i apply, like i said i'm awkward and not socially competent but i can manage stocking shelves.


Doesn't sound too bad. Go for it and ask for just enough hours to pay for what you need. A job where you don't need to be any bit of an authority over the customers but are still surrounded by them is a great way to get your foot in the door and eventually start seeing them for the NPC automatons that they are. I used to be too afraid to order lunch but after working a sales counter for a few weeks I've become completely numb to the whole customer interaction thing.

The most interaction you might get as a stocker is someone asking if you have a product and what isle it might be in. All you'd have to do is say the isle number and point in a general direction, which should be easy to remember which isle has what after you've stocked them up for a couple hours. Ask about item recovery work if you're going in there too. It'll make you look more enthusiastic about working there. Depending on what other help they have and your area's Wuflu regulations, you might get offered recovery work instead of just stocking. basically it's like shelf stocking but you go around looking for items people put back on shelves in the wrong place and unsold items from the registers, evaluating if they're damaged or tampered with, and then putting them back or writing them up as lost stock (usually just scanning them with the barcode reader and marking them as gone from the inventory). I think DragonLordFrodo worked as one at Walmart and it was easy solitary work.

Don't worry about being awkward. They get 16 year olds who are afraid of their own shadow, dementia-ridden elderlies, and people who don't even speak your area's language to stock shelves. That fact that you're punctual enough to string sentences together, and that you posses enough self-awareness to question if you're even capable of working there, are both signs that you're many steps above what the bottom of the workforce barrel has to offer.


Living alone in an empty apartment is so brutal. I go back home to see my parents sometimes and every time I leave I feel like I’m going to cry. I hate being alive so much.


I'm the complete opposite, i hate human contact, i literally could spend my life alone
I can't wait to move into my own place, solitude is bliss


i hate human contact as well. whenever i have a chance to socialize with people, i always scorn them, and whenever i have a chance to go out in public, i choose to stay inside. i guess being alone isn't specifically the problem.

what is so brutal is having to take care of yourself. like you have no one to stick up for you, no one to have your back, no one to take your side except for yourself. it used to be my parents would love me unconditionally, but now i am out on my own and they wont let me come back.

this is why i hate having friends and tell everyone who talks to me to fuck off. because america in the 21st century is entirely self interested. no one has a real friend, and i feel completely alone even when surrounded by people.


our boss told us today that he will have to fire some people due to the lack of contracts and now im fucking scared, I only make like a buck over minimum wage but this is the first job I ever had that isnt absolutely horrible, Ive had dozens of jobs but none of them for more than a few months, Ive worked almost 2.5 years now at my current job and I dont fucking know what I'd do if I lost it, I just cant go back to some fucking bullshit like working in a warehouse or something like that


what are the highest paying jobs that are easy and low stress? im going to college so ill have a 4 year degree if that helps

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