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So we all know equality is a scam, and the economy is a pyramid scheme, so how do you cope trying to find security in an inherently unsafe world?

Is there a way to hack the system like Kevin Micknic or just be a slave in Kaczynski's world. Sorry if I sound like a moron im an actual Dog.


>Is there a way to hack the system

Yes, be born into North Europe, live a fairly good existence on Neetbux while ignoring society, then die reasonably happy of old age.

If you were born in other places, tough luck, grind out a meaningless wageslave existence until you snap.


There's no escape for the vast majority of the planet.


There are plenty of ways but they only exist for the rich and beautiful and ultranormie. Humans are basically always conspiring with one another to take advantage of each other. If you can get in with the dominant social group, you're set for life because they have rigged the game so they always win, but let's be honest we were not born into that group and we will never be able to become a part of that group no matter how hard we try. The best option we have is wage slavery.


Born in Eastern Europe where getting neetbux is extremely hard. Is there any chance to move to Northern Europe and get the bux or am I fucked forever?



Companies just contract out other companies who hire foreigners at shitty wages or do the semi-illegal contract out IT labor to 3rd world workers. Same for manual labor like amazon did with its warehouses.

Or companies like amazon just let companies who do illegal shit like import chinese counterfeit goods sell them on the amazon marketplace so amazon gets none of the legal risk.

"learn to code, bro"

Coders who work directly with memory in languages that are hard to master like C/C++ are seldom needed. Because memory is so cheap, resource hogging higher abstract languages like javascript are now used on the background. low IQ retards who can code in JS can handle the IT needs of an entire company and do it for low pay.

Most full time positions are going away.

"Get into accounting, bro"

most software automates the work they have to do and most accounting is just bulk importing CVS or excel files into an app

The only useful skills left will be people relations, meaning shit for chad-lites and succubi.


There are and have always been well paying jobs that are secure that few people want to do. If you want security, find these jobs and see if whatever makes them undesirable is a deal breaker for you or tolerable. Ship work, skilled construction positions, engineering work, etc.


Surprisingly, what I've done to get buxx with minimal people interaction is running ATMs and Vending Machines.

With Fiverr, it's actually never been easier.
>be me
>go on fiverr
>set listing for "find me places to put vending machines"
>either meet someone myself (rare) or have someone I trust (rarer) or hire a third party (expensive but worth it) to negotiate with the owner for me.
>Usually, placing the vending machine there is free in terms of rent, and I give 0 commission.
>Then, I buy the vending machine refurbished, because they're like cars - new is for the fool who paid to save you money, max warranty of course
>set delivery location to store location, sometimes have to be there myself to make sure it works, sometimes I can fiverr a guy to do it for me or have the owner set it in place and text me (somehow text is okay for this stuff)
>I then fill the machine with snacks I buy on amazon alibaba or through costco, outside is for routes, and with the no clerk option and "muh social distancing" enabled, I can finally go in the store and buy things in person, and cheap too
>I then load the vending machine up, and install the card reader that tells me who bought what (works with coin purchases too!)
>sends it to my laptop, so I know how often to force myself to go on routes
>collect the cash
>maybe go to bank, maybe keep cash to buy more stuff, depends on how much interpersonal I feel like doing, ATMs take a while with a ton of singles and I have to have a business bank account now too
>then just go on routes
>routes are basically (store for product>vending machine>clean, collect, restock, bank ATM>home)

for what it's worth I make about 100/month at my worst machine, 2000/month at my best machine. Basically the opposite of where you'd want to go (normiefeeds/normiestations) are the best locations for vending machines. Obviously it's better to have good locations and dump the bad ones but if you don't have a good location to move the bad one's machine too, it's better to keep the bad location (it costs about 1/4-1/2 a vending machine to move a vending machine, or you have to do it yourself which costs your time risk of injury and about 1/8 vending machine, averaged)

I've done so well over the past 5 years I don't need to interact with just about anyone, as fiverr does most the unwelcome work, and sometimes when I'm up to it I'll do it myself (the best results).

Yeah it makes me leave the house, but only twice to three times a week. I have a cheap, shitty house I got from family, so it's paid free and clear. I'm sitting on enough to start running an ATM business soon, which is far better paying, but… far more social.

So, I'm working it out and this is how.


It's extremely hard now. A lot of people from third world countries swarmed them in 2015-2017 and now they are very cautious, and you can't stay in the country permanently unless you earn a pretty good chunk of money working.

Neetbux is only for the native citizens who were born there.

Vending machines are one business wizards could do anywhere, and one that will never dry up or stop existing. Machines will modernize, products will change but people will always buy sodas, chocolate bars or potato chips from those.

Would be fun to make sandwiches, wrap them and sell them in those machines too. Essentially adding more value to the selection with your own labor. The ingredients for a quality sandwich are maybe $1, it can be sold easily for $3 or $4.


Just like any business, I'm sure vending machines are fiercely competitive. You have to have the social skills needed to persuade people to put your machines in their stores. There's also the liability of people purposefully knocking over the vending machines so that they land on top of them so they can sue you.


>northern europe
Sadly, since the early to mid 2010s this is not viable for at least sweden and (as far as I know) finland. If you want money here you will either need to have 10 kids in a cramped apartement like the refugees do or you go on unemployment money. Basically you will have to take any shitty job they offer. Like cleaning toilets for 11 dollars an hour, but they'll give you a small ammount while you wait. If you really want to NEET in europe sustainably you are going to have to wage for a while. Here is a quick guide.
>Minimize spending
If you wish to NEET you probably already don't spend a lot of money. You are still going to need to cover rent, food and enough to let you buy things you want occasionally.
>save as much as you can and work nights, flip the day
Here you'll earn a big bonus if you work "uncomfortable hours". And you will also not have to deal with as many people, it's a winwin situation. Say you can save 1.5K a month. If you live in northern europe this is perfectly doable without living like a church rat.
>Invest the 1.5k into a diversified portfolio
Basically just use any of the trillion avaliable apps to check what rich people are buying and holding and clone a little bit from everyone in all different sectors. Assuming a 4% return after inflation after 10 years you'll be earning 730 dollars on average each month. Try to buy stocks with stable dividends so you don't have to buy or sell ever.
I know 10 years seems like forever but really it's the only stable solution. If you manage to save 500 dollars more each month by cutting out even more it will "only" take 8 years to be able to NEET forever.


Might as well OD on heroin and rope now, holy fuck this is brutal.


I disagree with much of this. Salaries for senior software engineers are inflating hugely. They are in VERY high demand.
Software has become extremely complicated and it is very hard to learn how to deal with it.
Security is an absolute disgrace now and needs a huge amount of expert work and monitoring.
Even if you're just using easier languages than C++, knowing how the infrastructure works and how to properly deal with all the different pieces needs someone to practice for many years.
The problem is that it is near impossible to become such an expert without years of work experience. Studying at university barely teaches you anything of practical value.

Only at the level of inexperienced junior engineers you are right. There are an ocean of dumb graduates so it is near impossible to break through that as a wizard, an insurmountable barrier


IT in general is becoming oversaturated. why even mention this if its impossible to actually obtain said salaries? or maybe im just the only unlucky one here


It's time to pretend it's the 1980's and take the bedroom vintage computer programmer pill. Return to monke.


>Usually, placing the vending machine there is free in terms of rent, and I give 0 commission
Would you mind extrapolating what the terms usually are? How do you convince them?
it sounds like a flat fee, how much is this fee usually?
This is an interesting idea and one i would like to explore, so thank you for sharing.


They don't need to be in stores. They can be in public places like train stations or just busy roads.


>you have to get a degree to get a good job
>no you have to get a STEM degree to get a good job
>no you have to get an engineering degree to get a good job
>no you have to get a specific engineering degree after predicting the exact market conditions for its demand 4 years from now to get a good job
>no you have to get a specific engineering degree after predicting the exact market conditions for its demand 4 years from while getting work experience and being the top of your class to get a good job
>no you have to get a specific engineering degree after predicting the exact market conditions for its demand 4 years from while getting work experience and being the top of your class and being a social butterfly with lots of friends and connections to call upon to get a good job
>no you have to get a specific engineering degree after predicting the exact market conditions for its demand 4 years from while getting work experience and being the top of your class and being a social butterfly with lots of friends and connections to call upon and be willing to move to africa or the middle east to get a good job

anyone else want to add to this?


>anyone else want to add to this?
"Now pay off that loan!"


I hate it when people say this:
>should've learned a trade, bro
Because it really means:
>should've gotten a job that destroys your body and leads to severe health problems down the line
One of the reasons people are getting college degrees is to avoid the trades if at all possible.


Really I don't think that most people have to worry about money. If you look at what people spend their money on a lot of it is fairly easy to cut out. If you don't go to the bar every day that's easily a hundred bucks saved. Learn to cook your own food instead of buying it, another 100 dollars. You see what I mean? A dollar saved is a dollar earned. When I were 17 years old I applied to 20 different places for menial work online. Things like "land maintaining" (cleaning and such), gardening, the local cemetary and such and the cemetary is where I managed to get a job. I basically spent 7 hours a day going there to clean tombstones of moss and debris, throw out dead flowers and burnt out candles e.t.c.
The pay was pretty shit (about 1.6K USD after taxes) but after paying my rent I realized "holy shit, I have this much money?". Even after paying food, internet and such I still always had more than I could or wanted to spend. I don't know how people in developed countries struggle with money.
Of course if you're in some shitty asian or southamerican country this does not apply


Rent, insurance, gas, utilities…
You're a moron.



Could you please email me so I can ask more questions about how to set up vending machine business?


They all shit out seven kids and then struggle with child support.


I just said this was the big expense (along with food).
Electricity is cheap in most of the civilized world, so is water. Don't be wasteful and these costs will be minimal. Wifi costs more than electricity and water combined here.
Depends where you live, I have a shitty old car but it's faster to bike almost anywhere. I know it might seem like a meme but biking is pretty great. You never have queues, breakdowns (if you take care of it), keeps you in good shape e.t.c.
Almost in all cases where I see people complaining about a lack of moeny they have a bunch of shit they don't need. "I cant even pay for food" they say with subscriptions to entertainment for 100 bucks a month and they eat out every day. Passive bills like rent, wifi and basic utilieties are the only thing really eating a hole in my pocket


Underground hidden bunkers, away from the eyes of the State.
>Self-powered energy systems
>Water distillation, etc
>dry toilets
>mushroom farm
>LED lamps
>whatever else you may wonder


If you ever learn to code is not to enter the race rat: indeed they all should be ruined for their reliance and defense of copyright.

Do a thing for thyself


How do you dig one away from their eyes though? That sounds like a project.


Minimalism, live beneath your means, have long term goals, but focus on short term ones. Accept death, accept life, survive, not live.


>live beneath your means
I'd say this is an easy bullshit answer from someone with money. Lots of it.
A slippery slope to make one spiral into drinking cooking whine and dying.
>short term goals
Like what? Waking up at the same time every day? Checking that one off for failed.
>accept death
no faggot you do not have to do that unless you are saying to see what happens when you try to die
>accept life
You what?
>survive but don't live
I'd think that that is pretty shitty advice all in all.

How much money and work did you get addicted to before you got his bunker you are now posting on the Five-Eyes Internet from?

Is is it a reaaaal big vivarium so it can grow it's own food and such? Like Biosphere #2? Or is it like a bear's cave?

>charisma + nepotism + attractive = success
That's every age of mankind just so's you know.


It’s pretty easy to live if you’re a single guy with no debt, wife, or kids.

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