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Anyone else here starting to miss quarantine times? I hate that normies go out again and do their socialising stuff.


i miss wearing the mask cause it would cover up most of my face


The new variants like sigma and lambda are deadlier than delta and the first wave.

That's really the main hope, the new variants becoming so deadly (and mutating into even deadlier strains) lockdown will continue again.

Unfortunately I don't think we will be seeing mass deaths, as mortality will stay between 1-2% unless we get some kind of superstrains that start taking out even vaccinated folk.


>he thinks the omegalul and los zetas variants are real





Why is death such an alien concept to folk here?


Yes, definitely feel that. I hope we have permanent lockdowns with marshal law. I can sit comfily at my computer 18/7 365 while NT people lose their minds.



Neurotypical presumably, although I thought of Windows NT at first as well.


I hope that lockdown will start up again. Lockdown was so comfy


I thought I was the only one…


nobody would care if you still wore it


>no mask
how else will lounge eye fuck with succubi?


I've never enjoyed /nightrides/ more than during that first normie panic
The entire city was mine, all the roads were mine, all life was somewhere else and I was the king of the streets. Then I said goodbye to the great outside and now I have to defend my 5 square feet from invasion.


File: 1634705504436.jpg (98.15 KB, 540x564, 45:47, 1545025604820.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

damn ugly


The lockdowns will definitely be back this winter, the government had too much fun on their power trip and the media had too much fun scaremongering that there's no way that they would not do it again.


Definitely and they have the unvaccinated to use as scapegoats. People are utter retards who won't question the legitimacy of these restrictions, they have come to accept them as almost natural and self-evident.


I miss the level 4 lockdowns, at least I was getting a 10% pay raise as I am an essential worker. However, they've decided to stop paying us that and moved us to level 3. Customers have never been more rude/violent. Workload has never been so high, and the media is dancing around pretending our country is the friendliest group of people on the planet


I ironically hope the anti-vax schizos are right so I can cover my face and have an excuse not to go outside as much for some more years


I don't understand the mentality of getting upset just because there happens to be normalfags outside. Just don't go outside.


there wont be any reason to cover your face when everyones dead


Hell no.
I had to kept myself locked in with my parents who were snorting conspiracy shit 24/7 cause they didn't had anything else to do.


The vaccines don't do shit, most people have caught covid by now and once you recover you get natural immunity to it for a long time, maybe even for life.


because you're a normalfag


The summer of 2020 was my favorite so far. No one expected me to do anything and I could at least ignore society. I also was allowed to become nocturnal which I feel is how I naturally tend toward. It wasn't until the fall that I had to start working again + stop being nocturnal. The fact that it'll never happen again, at least I don't imagine it will, makes me sadder.


The only real difference is that now my parents are having visitors over to the house again. It was better without this of course but I highly doubt we're ever going back to lockdowns again now that we have MRNA vaccines.


that shit doesn't even work


The effect only lasts 6 months, after which it's the same as if you had no vaccine at all.


>my parents are having visitors over to the house again
Anyone else absolutely unable to deal with this? I can't help but avoid whoever they bring over even though it's probably clear as day I'm a failson recluse NEET.

The anxiety is getting to me.


I don't care I'm not some immature crab hating normie.
Grow up and stop creating threads about normies. You have normies living rent free, like some feminazi tumblrina hating men. You fucking crabs always find a reason to cry and hate others.


It kills more than the virus, at least.


All too familiar for our type.

Whenever someone visits I do nothing but wait for these people to leave so I can breath.


yea, I've hid in closets for hours when people are over sometimes, its just ridiculous


i don't know what it is, but being around strangers (or even servicemen i have seen several times) or driving around a high-traffic area gives me tangible migraines after a half-hour or so


My Mum has invited extended family over when its my birthday in the past and I've literally stayed in my room not even coming down to say hello to people, this included a dying grandma and her carer. I told her before hand I don't want people over.




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