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I'm finally done, I think I'm going to do it tonight. No more shit. Freedom.


If you think there is at least one more good day ahead of you, then maybe it is worth reconsidering.


Good luck anon. You're stronger than me.


Wish that were me. I hate this world so fucking much. Everything is so fucking pozzed. Sex and it's motions are so fucking disgusting yet it's what creates human life. Everything in this world wrong from the start. Even light and math doesn't mean anything because it doesn't stop human behaviour. Everything is so ugly and unperfect. Success doesn't really mean anything, because everything kind of starts the same. Everything is fucking disgusting. Some body parts look like they were designed by the Devil. I fucking hate this world. Please Fucking end this disgusting universe already.


See you tomorrow


godspeed anon. hope you get through with it.


Wanted to post the obligatory "See you tomorrow" but someone already beat me to it. Oh well.
Anyone think suicide is unwizardly? It presupposes that you have a strong will and you are brave enough to actually hurt yourself to the point where you die. Idk, for me it seems more wizardly to just enjoy what you can in life and suffer and wait for death to come to you.


people that suicide most likely feel that they can’t get the things they want out of life, I guess some aren’t content just being alone and using their pc all day, to each their own, I love being a basement dweller


No. I think the wizzies who actually commit suicide are the brave ones who are the most wizardly of us all. They have really gotten the message of Schopenhauer, Benetar, and Ixtab and then taken it to heart and action in their life. Godspeed to them all.

Although, I have to agree with you on the obligatory "See you tomorrow" joke.


I kind of feel like suicide-wizards are the wizchads of this place. I am weak, inactive, passive and a coward so I will never kill myself. You can call me bitter and envious because that is what I am but I hate suicide-wizards. They leave us here to suffer, they go emigrate to 2D heaven or to non-existence while we are forced to endure this shit existence.


if you're still here, I hope that you don't go through with it. You have no idea what is waiting for you after death and its completely irreversible. You're going to die one day anyway. Please stay, we need fellow wizzies. There aren't many of us, as desperate and horrible as you feel right now, consider that there are wizzies just like you, feeling just like you do, who you can help by offering some succor here


After death there is what was before you were born. Eternal peace.


Not all wizards can afford to be basement-dwellers.


Before you were born in this current form you had another form and individuality but you forgot it. After you die, you will be reincarnated again. If you kill yourself you score negative points so you will have to incarnated at a lower level, you will probably be reborn as a normalfag, a succubus or as an animal. Have fun.


>you will probably be reborn as a normalfag, a succubus or as an animal. Have fun.
Neither of those have a soul, so yeah it will kind of be a fun living


I hope reincarnation isn't true, I want eternal bliss.


>Before you were born in this current form you had another form
This constant out of ass I pretend/hope to know what came before confuses me. What are some people basing this on? Books? Religion?


Quantum Mechanics I'm guessing. It's impossible to know.


They have souls and they incarnate all over again. You can never escape life.

I remember my previous lives. This is the second time I live a life like this, I already lived THIS life. There are slight differences probably, but mostly my current life is the same as my previous one. Sometimes before you incarnate as another being you have to repeat your own cycle with some differences, this is what I gather. Also, I remember living as a noble in 19th century Russia, as a heretic buddhist monk around 15th century in India, and as the apostle John in the time of Jesus Christ. I also remember other worlds, multiple heaven, hell and purgatory-like dimensions which I travelled through. I am a wanderer through galaxies, dimensions, time traps and reincarnation cycles, I wonder where I will end up after this life.


why even bother


Stop larping and scaring innocent wizards. This ain't /x/.


i have no interest in a full length description of your experiences, but i would enjoy a highlight reel.


>What are some people basing this on?
i dont know if there are any books that originate the idea of reincarnation since the framework for it existed pretty much everywhere. if you believe in a soul and that everyone and thing is essentially the same thing deep down, its easy to postulate that your essence is eventually recycled into new beings. just like how your body returns to the earth when you die if you have a soul it would make sense for it to go back to where it came from. one thing i disagree about though is that reincarnation is a must, there is nothing to suggest that you have to reincarnate, but i imagine everyone caves in eventually.


Translation: I'm too big of a bitch to commit suicide so I'll claim it's unwizardly to somewhat justify my miserable life

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