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Whats the longest youve been awake? Did you trip?
Sleep deprivation SEEMS to be lethal so im considering going out in a flurry of mania and schizophrenia. According to ancient accounts 9 days are enough for a man to die of no-sleep. If I survive i might get a breakthrough,tho


How will you die of sleep deprivation? At some point you'll pass out and sleep


Ok but what if i keep waking myself up ?like,for a year
>Yes,i DO know "micro sleep" is a thing


> According to ancient accounts 9 days are enough for a man to die of no-sleep
Those men were likely on the move, working, hunting or being hunted… If you're lazying around just waiting to die, you'll need to recover a lot less energy from sleep. One way to die thats contributed to by sleep loss is to overexert yourself significantly. Do constant exercise while eating just enough to keep you muscles moving, and don't sleep. This is how many athletes have died, by supetraining and slimming down by pushing themselves around the clock for a week. Their heart just stops and it never has the energy to fire up again.

No sleep is like no fap though. With every minute that goes by where you avoid napping, the nap feels better. It's an absurd luxury to have such a schedule that permits a man to refrain from sleeping at his leisure, so that he may feel the relief of a supersleep in his warm-but-not-too=warm cozy bed, with his fluffy pillow and anime gf dakimakura. The sound of crickets and distant normalfags driving to their wageslave dungeouns for he graveyard shift while sleepy wizzie reclines in his homemade hugbox indulge in dreams for 15 hours. Wonderful!


Such a schedule or day rhythm is only possible if you're rich (no need to work and still live comfortably) or in a country with neetbux (no need to work and still live comfortably).

It's not physically possible to pull off in any other situation because ordinary people are wageslaves.


I feel royal now


What about stimulants?


Being neet with neetbux is kind of like being royalty, since before the 19th century only nobles could live comfortably without working.

They didn't all live in palaces either, some barons and lords in the UK and France lived in apartments. They did have nicer furniture than a neet (unless he is an antique collector) but not necessarily a better quality of life.

Medical care, food, sanitation, overall safety was certainly worse back then. And they had no water toilets or tap water either.


Even if you were a baron in a nice 1500sqft apartment in London, you were still surrounded by the smell of horse and human shit everywhere.
Open your window, and shitwinds fill your home. There were no toilets so everything was dumped on the streets.


I live in Korea and it's still like 19th century London because the sewage system is horrible.

It smells while walking on the streets. It is horrible and I still am not used to it.

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