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I haven't given up yet, but I know I'm not getting very far.

My dream of learning coding is shattered cuz of this. All I want is a well-paid job where I don't interact much with others. I'm still gonna try, just because I want to so bad, but you do need problem solving abilities for it, as well as intelligence obviously. I don't really have any of that, I am only somewhat decent at math, but literally only basic math, everything else I forgot other than add, subtract, multiply, divide and maybe some other basic concepts (mostly grade school shit). For coding its more of the harder concepts of math, I barely even remember algebra tbh. You also need skills for advanced math topics, as well as problem solving abilities along with it. And this is why learning it is a real challenge for me. Plus I end up forgetting everything.
This is why I dropped out of high school, everything is too hard for me and will only get harder as time progresses. I've noticed over the years that I'm actually retarded.


You gotta trick yourself into high effort tasks and be goal oriented otherwise you're not going to do it on your own.


>All I want is a well-paid job where I don't interact much with others
How is coding going to do this for you?


programming/coding is not a solitary job, that is a meme. There is basically no job that is solitary unless you are self-employed.


>All I want is a well-paid job where I don't interact much with others
As someone in the position you want to be, this is unlikely.
Furthermore, once you reach this point, well, I welcome you to the oasis
This about sums it all up


I have spent the last 5 years learning to code and now have good job opportunities from it. Now I regret all of it and wish I had spent that time doing things I actually enjoy, especially outdoors stuff.

>all I want is a well-paid job where I don't interact much with others
Those don't exist unless you're a boomer who has been working the same job for 30 years. Especially "coders" these days spend more time in meetings than actually coding.


Don't feel bad. The field is so saturated now that it isn't worth learning how to code anymore. Every other "leet coder" is a pajeet. You would be better off finding the new trend that normalfags are just starting to notice and learning that instead.


Curries are taking over the game anyway. If you are not curry then you will not be in the coder caste in the future.

Somewhere in the midst of dumping dead bodies in the shit-filled rivers of Calcutta they decided programming would be a good way to take over 1st world countries. Superpooper 2030


Every single "professional" field is saturated, except things like doctors that require like 50 years of schooling and training. But if one has decent intelligence and is willing to commit their life to their career it's definitely feasible to get into one. Though as a wizard it can be hard as we must learn to emulate normalfag behavior very well. In fact that's probably more important than any other skill.

If you think you can be an programmer who gets paid to sit in a room alone and work on your autistic project, you will be deeply troubled by the reality. In the past it could be done, but that was when software was much simpler. Now even the most trivial apps are a nightmare of complexity which require huge teams of developers constantly communicating just to know what the fuck is going on. That's the reason the field pays so much, not because it involves typing l33t commands into a computer.


>Now even the most trivial apps are a nightmare of complexity which require huge teams of developers constantly communicating just to know what the fuck is going on. That's the reason the field pays so much, not because it involves typing l33t commands into a computer.

This. I've been saying it for 2 years now, you don't just "choose" to be a programmer these days, it's an exclusionary, self-purging social group which selects based on high IQ.

Modern software development is so complicated it automatically disqualifies people under 120 IQ or about 85% of the population.

You don't just "memorize and learn" programming like some bits of trivia and history.
An average C++ code snippet for any app above a helloworld will look like aliens wrote it to the vast majority of normies, and a good deal of those who "studied programming".


File: 1628086970855.jpg (104.41 KB, 933x311, 3:1, code snippet.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Also, did I mention, even intermediate level programming is autistic as hell.
Even as an autist my brain hurts just looking at low-medium level code and trying to debug what's wrong with it (even a single slash or symbol too much or too little in one place makes it uncompilable).


Keep in mind your code isn't even "complex".

Reading complex code 12 hours a day for the last 9 years probably gave me autism if I didn't already have it or wasn't predisposed to it.

It has messed me up as a human being regarding my sociability, talkativity and thinking.


So what job is best suited for a reclusive wizard? Assuming I'm flexible on pay


You can be a Truck driver or try Mail delivery.


It seems above average IQ and problem solving skills is all you need to be a programmer.
I'm not a coder but my friend is. He's a socially awkward quiet guy that's not that hard working: he's dropped out of school and I see him on steam playing steam games. Yet he managed to land a job at microsoft.
I think a good portfolio + somewhat average iq is all what you need. It doesn't seem like demanding work at all or am I mistaken in something?


Meant somewhat above average IQ sorry


You make it sound easier than the poster above.


Compared to the training doctors have to go through? It's certainly not as demanding. You bust your ass while being in massive debt for 8 years and then you have to pass some pretty hard bar exams from what I've heard. If being a doctor or top lawyer was easy, then either wouldn't pay as much as they do.


There's a certain type of personality that you need as well, naturally gravitating towards tinkering with code and compilers for 8 hours a day, without thinking of it as work. I was like this in my teens and early 20's but nowadays I could never imagine spending 5 minutes debugging. I'm smarter than I was back then, so I figure there's been a shift in my personality.


Medicine is mostly memorizing so I thought it would be easier than programming.


doctors purposely gate their fields to create artificial scarcity though, their salary reflects that as much as how hard it is to run around taking people's temperature and checking webmd.


My point was you can bypass all that schooling and menial bullshit in programming if you're just good at doing your stuff. There's plenty of great programmers who've either never finished or gone to school


I never get a straight answer from anyone regarding this topic, always conflicting answers.


It will get automated in the future and is actually something really commonly said. It's ironic because programmers are actually the ones automating a lot of jobs away. So if anything, programmers only benefit from this trend.


I am able to program and have no clue as to how I should apply my skills. I wish I could make games but I have no imagination.


Unless you are writing machine learning / optimization libraries or 3D video games, the amount of math you need in day to day programming is negligible. Even then, the math you need rarely goes beyond linear algebra. You can get pretty far with just simple arithmetic and boolean logic. In practice being able to problem solve and work on a structured/directed manner is far more important than raw intelligence. Think Sherlock Holmes rather than Einstein. Though clever code is rarely good code. Simple, stupid and obvious is what one should strive for.


File: 1630326960113.jpg (184.97 KB, 680x527, 40:31, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The job market is utterly fucked for everyone. But let me tell you this: If you think that every single person who has a job in IT is a complete genius, you just couldn't be more wrong.
There's a world of idiots who can barely form a sentence who work on this area.
Unless you are trying to learn something like C or Assembly to look "based" showing off hard code, you can always learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a Framework like React and land a job.
Fuck it. Lie, do whatever needed and apply for every single job until you land one.
Living without money is not even worth, unless you are some monklike guy who plans to live in the woods, and that doesn't seem to be the case.

TL;DR: The IT market is full of idiots, and although it's becoming more difficult to enter, it's not impossible.


This is true. The requirements are so ridiculous that most only scammers and over-confident normies manage to manipulate recruiters. It is a vicious circle. The recruiters try to fix the situation (low quality lying developers) by having harsh requirements, but then the good developers who are realistic and honest don't get in.

The end result is that they are desperate for highly skilled developers, but the market is COMPLETELY FUCKED for new developers trying to break in. You must be young and very carefully took advantage of your education by taking internships and making your own projects that are suitable to share and talk about with employers - no fun projects that you actually want to do.

Graduate without internships and projects and do nothing for a year, then you are ruined. Too old? ruined.

it's a miserable, highly social job anyway. Expecting to be a reclusive, antisocial developer that isnt working in a horrible place with daily meetings… that's where you need 200 IQ. You can read posts by developers to confirm this, such as on hackernews: there are many stories where people make $150k+ in a company, but they are not capable of living off their own projects. If you do become the 200 IQ developer then you can also shop around for any remote job, and make huge demands such as being alone with your own time. Getting to this level without being highly social is extraordinarily difficult - developers learn from each other, by being in teams with other smart people


>Too old? ruined.
How do these cunts even know how old you are? I'm 27 but still look early 20s.


pretty much same, once they find out how old you really are they abort ship, basically try to never reveal your age


Ageism really that bad? RIP. Is it even worth it now? A lot of it is outsourced to pajeets anyway.


Why would they not want to hire a 27 year old? I thought ageism only really applied to Boomers and people at least in their 50s, maybe late 40s. late 20s and 30s though? really?


I meant if you are like 25+ and you never had a job they will think something is wrong with you


You're not normal if you're 27 without significant work experience. It leaves no doubt that there's something divergent, and you won't fit in with normals. No normal person can resist the social pressure to work for that long. To be a good wageslave you should have debt and be dependent on the work, and trained well to be able to tolerate it. A good wageslave shouldnt have any gap in their resume, otherwise they will know what it is like to have freedom and will long for it


More importantly, the workplace is a social group of pseudo-friends. You need to participate in social games and amuse your fellow slaves. It needs to be become your life, and you can't make the 21 year olds that you're working with uncomfortable


Well, I guess I’m out of the loop then. I mean if it were me in an interview and the interviewer seemed shocked or dismayed or perplexed that I had big gaps in my jobs, I would reply “so what?” and not make any big deal out of it. I’ve had a few interviews but never once was any big deal made about the gaps on my resume. I think people here blow things out of proportion, or at least the sensitive ones do.

I’ll finish with a short anecdote. I’ve heard people here say that if you have big gaps in your resume, they’ll know you’re a depressed weirdo who just stays in their room all of the time. But actually, they’re most likely to think that you were incarcerated. I know this because I was told this by a worker at a career help place. I asked him about my working gaps, and he asked me if I had ever been incarcerated, which I have not. I think he was expecting i had. He seemed relieved that I hadn’t. Being a depressed shut in is way less worse than being a criminal.

I think people here forget just how rare we wizardly types are. So if you’re in an interview, be confident that you have no criminal record (if you do, this post isn’t for you), and if they make a big deal of your working gaps, don’t make a big deal back. Usually they’ll ask if you’ll consent to a background check. Since you aren’t a criminal and you respond “yes” confidently, they’ll assume you have no criminal record and should feel much more at ease about your working gaps.


This is true for every job, not just in CS/IT. It's not normal to be unemployed into your late 20s. This is obvious to anyone who has been outside at least once in his life. I've read stories about people who never worked a day in their lives yet still got a job later on… but it's extremely rare, and it's only because they had connections (ie friends) who were willing to help them out. Your average wizard is not going to have that advantage. Best apply for welfare and low income housing asap, or be self-employed. Stop worrying about "making it". That ship has sailed. You'll thank me later.


What do people even mean when they talk about "making it"? I see it among younger people who are not yet wizards and making it means having a wife and family as well as money. A wizard making it could mean their own room to rot in on welfare.


File: 1630704154277.jpeg (108.81 KB, 700x714, 50:51, BDFD2D10-4F72-49BF-BC42-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Having your own wiz room should be the ultimate goal. A place to be alone and do whatever you want without having to deal with others. Sounds so nice to be able to have a place to call your own, even if it's a shitty apartment. Pic-related wouldn't be so bad tbh.


You set a goal and then you achieve that goal. I know that this is a foreign concept to /dep/ posters but a lot of people can actually do this.


If your goal is to hide from the world and live in isolation then yeah, I can get behind that. If your goal is to have a wife and children then no.


>they’re most likely to think that you were incarcerated
It doesn't even have to be incarceration. People with severe mental illnesses or disabilities typically have long gaps on their resume. An employer will treat you as a liability and simply discard your resume or not hire you after the interview if they suspect you are "unreliable" in any way. Discrimination exists in many forms.


If you have big gaps in your resume fill them with BS, say that you worked on your familh business, or look around for some local businesses and write those names, for the phone just give them some fake number and you either say that they went bankrupt or give your parents number (just tell them that they will receive calls from an employer)

Normies bullshit and lie their way all the time, I don't know why we can't do the same.


>programming/coding is not a solitary job, that is a meme. There is basically no job that is solitary unless you are self-employed.
what? it is if you're working remote, which many programmers do.

anecdotal but my cousin works remote from the wuflu and he wants to commit sodoku now because he sits in his room all day talking to no one


online meetings, voice calls, video calls, emails, text chat channels… yes you can be remote (for now) but it is not solitary


The youtuber Joshua Fluke made a good video about it.
Don't be afraid to bullshit your way through to employment fellas.
The end justify the means in this case


Forgot to add. My mom owns a business and I asked her about these kind of stuff. On which things she can run a background check. She said she can only call the past employers but she never did that. Because the only thing matters is if the employee can do their job. When the employee is incompetent then she'll asking around.
So sharp your skills guys and apply, apply, apply. Color your resume a little


You don't need high IQ to be a code monkey.


Even stitching together a bunch of libraries is beyond some people.


Do "code monkey" jobs where you just write basic code or use the basics of libraries really exist? Maybe cybersecurity? Software engineering requires you to master a massive array of technical and communication skills. It is chock full of ultra-competitive, highly-motivated normies and leftist types; it's extremely unfitting for recluses.


>Fall for Math phd $2098374 starting salary meme
>Don't get shit for jobs let alone an interview.
>Go back to hometown ruralfucknowhereistan.
>Holyshit rent is $400/mo for the _good_ apartments without a roommate.
>I can get food at a restaurant for half the price.
>Why are there so many lies about city life?
>Try coding here by managing a website for some boomer fuck who doesn't understand what the internet is thanks to my parents.
>He and everyone in the office is far more impressed by the fact that I'm the only one in a 300 mile radius who knows how to fix a printer.
>Slow realization of the lack of any kind of competition in ruralfucknowhereistan.
>Get paid 16 1/2 cents, but don't care because everything is so goddam cheap that I only need 2 cents to live.
>Pick up degree
>Throw it in the trash
>I can't believe I'm way more successful fixing cat5 cables and people's printers than actually using my brain.
Leave the cities.


File: 1631262067915.png (98.92 KB, 561x595, 33:35, 1615164540186.png) ImgOps iqdb


Eventually people from cities will come and fuck up rural lands anyways, prices will go up and wages stay the same. It's inevitable, the world is going to turn into shit.


God I fucking hated my theoretical compsci classes. The lectures were so dense with made up words and stupid techniques to prove self imposed logical riddles.


I recently quit my programming job because my attention span and focus are completely fucked. You definitely need to be able to learn a lot in a short amount of time. "I have no experience with that" does not matter, you are expected to look at the documentation for whatever it is you have to use and learn to apply it rapidly. Certainly this gets less worse the more experience you get but it was too much for me at the moment.


Is being a web developer worth it in England? I heard from some that you dont need to go to Uni to work at a programming job (web dev, sec, etc). But let's say that's not true so I take a computer sci course at Uni, is it possible to go to finance if your programming career goes to shit?


>is it possible to go to finance if your programming career goes to shit
Imagine being this retarded
Working in finance requices an entirely different skillset which is mostly based on interpersonal skills.
I cant image a wiz working in finance. Maybe something thats more like accounting.

Working as a software eng. (eg code monkey) requires less social skills as you mostly work with the same group of people even if you have to take part in frequent meetings.
These meetings are, at least for me, easier than most social situations because you mainly have to talk about technical stuff (like what you are working on/ if you can keep schedule or need help) while small talk bs mostly isnt there.

My experience has also been that people who work IT tend to be more on the "nerdy" or redditor side so if small talk is required you can talk about anime or pc hardware and not be seen as an insane person.
Also expect woke people to be there so be careful about political statements.

In general picking comp sci as a field of work has been a good choice for me so far mainly because i can compensate my spergness with performance or as my pm said to hr "he has technical competence but the attitude is still lacking".

Also consider the general situation of the company you try to get a job at. Companies that are doing well tend to tolerate unwanted behaviour more so than companies that have financial trouble or even worse are start-ups.


im amazed no one mentioned this sooner. you can fill this empty space with bullshit: fake unpaid projects, volunteer work, helping with family business. i "broke in" to the work world with a lot of lies. my only real reference on my resume was a phone number for my aunt.

i've often wondered about doing this myself. when people mention "going where the work is" you always thing of big cities. rural life sounds more wiz friendly from the way you describe it.


It means having money and status to gloat and make poors feel bad about themselves every day. That's what "making it" is.


I have no "passion" for either (except for the pay, it isnt 100k+ tier but its good enough) but I guess not having to be as social is good. Would it be possible to get into web dev without going to uni or not? If I cant get a job without getting a uni degree I was planning on starting a business via a website although I dont know how successful that would be


I want to learn, should I go for web development or shit like Java, C++, Python etc?


It depends. I've been seeing a lot of job posts to people who know Wordpress.


I did web development during my short stint at a software development firm, it was absolute hell. Always having to worry that when you fix something on one browser it'll break in another, Apple Safari never working in general and just having to learn and apply tons of JS animation shit on the fly whenever your boss decides that the website is "too boring". I thought C and Assembly was autistic but at least it doesn't make me want to blow my brains out quite like web development.


what do u do now, wizzie?
i dropped out of an unrelated degree and taught myself assembly, c. not sure on if i should break my neetdom. heard SE jobs can be on the cosier side


I suppose I'm a "fulltime student" until I drop out or finish of my computer engineering degree. Like all jobs, there's a huge variety as to how cozy/hellish they can be. The reason I like assembly and c is because they are used to program machines, tangible things as opposed to purely abstract applications

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