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My mother caught me about to overdose last night. She cried and hugged me. I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to upset her despite the shit she's put me through, but I can't take existence. Nothing is going right. The only thing keeping me sane is h, and I'm so deep in debt that I can't afford more. I want to close my eyes and have the world disappear. I want to surf through my own ideal, surrounded by joy. I've lost so much.
>ready to die
>stop eating
>spend the day high and drinking
>finally end it
>my mother undoes all of my progress
Every time I try anything, I fuck it up. I can't die properly. I can't bleed beautifully. I can't do fucking anything.


Why you will do it? To be another number in the stadistic? One more that is not important? You need to keep going.

And stop using that crap. You know is hurting you.


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This is pathetic


Truly pathetic. You wanted to be caught or else you would have done it properly


I didn't think she was home, she's usually shitfaced out of the house


Why? What did she do (in the past) ?
I have mommy issues too, fortunately I have no debt.
If you can, move out from the family home. It'll help on your mental health.


Just wait for your close family to die before you kill yourself. Time flies and another few decades will come and go no matter what you do.


>You need to keep going.


How were you caught? I call bullshit. Either this is your first time trying and failing misserable, or you're crying for help which is better than offing yourself.

I've accidentally ODed multiple times and I'm never caught. I can't comprehend how someone would randomly walk into my nest of despair as I'm lying barely alive on the floor.


I'm so envious of someone like you who has access to opiates. Would kill go get some?
How do you think OD'ing on it would be like? Do you think it will be peaceful? Ever been close to it?


I don't think it was a overdose but I took a bunch of opiates once and I was pretty sure I was about to die and I didn't care at all, I remember slightly laughing about how awkward people will feel when they realize I just died next to them then I passed out briefly


I came close to overdosing once on opiates. It is the most peaceful way to go out


Really? I've heard nembutal but that's probably harder to get.


Try to get pure fentanyl


Didnt you read the peaceful pill handbook? Nembutal is only used instead of opiates because old people are biased against heroin and illegal drugs etc
what? they are everywhere and easy to get. just order online to your mailbox


Is it possible? I've seen most markets restricting fent.


Only a moron uses that, even a slight OD kills you.


Do you want to die or not? Y'all just wanna LARP on /dep/ your whole life. If you want to die, do fent.


You don't actually want to die


That's the point? I'd gladly do some but it seems like they're cracking down on it pretty hard.

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