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Anyone here not play vidya? My parents were too poor to afford vidya for me when I was a kid so I never really got into it. The best I had was a gameboy and some freeware PC games. I know it's a huge facet of many wizards' lives, and I wish I could fit in in regards to this. I'm trying to get into gaming now, but I think it's too late, I don't really enjoy anything anymore despite being a wage slave but I have no time or energy for vidya. Does anyone else relate?
I really wish I had the chance to play as a kid, maybe it could've turned into a serious hobby that I actually enjoyed.


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Heh i'm your opposite, I love video games, it's the only thing I truly like and care, I don't really have much other hobbies than vidya. As a kid I played platformers like Jak and Sly, shooters like star wars battlefront and all that shit got me into gaming very early so yeah playing as a kid is good. But you don't have to get into gaming as an adult if you want, but I suggest you just play old vidya if you wanna like video games, new games nowadays is ugly, too political and boring.


>but I think it's too late
Key part of your post here; the time has past.

Games are hella time-consuming at this age and feel like massive wastes of time now, the magic is lost though every now and again I'll pick up something that would remind me, if only for a short time, why I enjoyed videogames.


It's not too late to make it into a hobby. The enjoyment is learned through experience, as your brain makes certain pathways and starts expecting certain rewards, as well as developing certain skills that make you competent at the game. I grew up on games like Counter-Strike 1.6 and GTA:SA, and after finally being able to afford a good gaming PC, none of the modern games felt very compelling, except for CS:GO and GTA V which were easy to pick up and enjoy (you can imagine why).

Basically, games aren't enjoyable right away. For every new type of game or genre, it takes a bit of time to learn to enjoy it. I used to hate RPGs until I started playing more of them and now I really enjoy exploring different areas, finding new quests, picking up loot, leveling up skills, weapons, spells etc. Before that, if you were to describe the gameplay to me, it would sound completely tedious. But after playing for a certain amount of time, your brain just "gets it" and you start looking forward to playing. It's completely subconscious tho, so nothing you can really do to accelerate or optimize the process, just play the game and if it's not fun after a couple hours, find another one or try again later. It could be that it's too hard for you and you should start with something more casual.


I am reaching that point where vidya is no longer enjoyable but I have no idea what else I can do other than watch youtube videos.


Im used to enjoy the videogames but a "guilt" in my chest appeared, i started feel when i play videogames i just lost my time, time that i could use doing more import things.
This happened when i was 11 years, the last game i really enjoyed was jak 3 and my last console was the ps2, years after when i was 16 years i got a ps3 but the feeling still remained, i cannot enjoy the last of us 1 and then i sell the console after this i've never touched any console or game


I liked videogames as a kid myself but nowadays, I just feel too lazy to play them most of the time. Like they take too much effort. I'd rather sit back and watch an anime or film since that requires zero input on my part.


It doesn't feel the same tbh. I played as a kid until my early 20s, for some reason I just stopped playing. I tried to play some desktop and mobile games but the magic wasn't there.


I grew up playing world of warcraft and I have really fond memories of that game. A few years ago I tried to play the game again but It wasn't the same, the magic was lost. The difference between the first day when the world looked huge and unknown and the day I tried to come back to the game and I was just sitting pointlessly on elwynn was abysmal.
I accepted the fact that games will never give me again the same level of enjoyment but still I prefer to play games rather than poisoning myself with the rancid, ironic, edgy content that internet has to offer these days.
I downloaded some emulators and now I'm playing chrono trigger, final fantasy, metroid. I don't feel ecstatic but I enjoy it somewhat I guess.


I'm 29. I liked playing with video games when I was a kid but I slowly got burned out from it (same with watching anime).
I spent most my 20s playing with solitaire while watching yt vids.
I play out triple A singe player games once when they come out and never touch them again.
The funny thing is I feel guilty wasting my time on "childish" activities but I still waste my free time doing random shit. It's not like I'd learned to code or learned a new language or something that is actually useful


I feel like I am wasting my time whenever I play video games, for every hour of video games I should put at least 2 hours in to my personal studies, but it’s not really how it works out. I actually wasn’t as in to video games as a kid and the first time I actually beat a video game I was like 22 years old. Video games suck but I do have my go-to’s where I can casually jump in and play 45min~ then go do something else. I don’t like the competition that comes with many of these type of games so I only play casual kinda ones if I do


Also had Jak 3. No point from how it looked to me against what I feel (not) now while using the pscx2


File: 1628523793816.jpg (75.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, vidkid.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

vidya is a nice cope


I'm feeling the opposite. I can't enjoy anime at all, maybe I'll see an OVA or a movie here and there… I just cba to watch these long drawn-out shows anymore.
I don't enjoy vidya that much either but I'll play some shitty ass game to pass time, I don't whole heartedly enjoy it.
I feel so left out that I don't enjoy anime man, everybody on every single imageboard(including this one) seems to love anime and I just can't


a lot of us are in the same boat and are unable to enjoy anime or games. I wish I could happily sink time into anime but those days are long gone.


>everybody on every single imageboard(including this one) seems to love anime and I just can't
I can't get into it anymore either.



Yeah vidya does nothing for me anymore.

I can slightly enjoy playing retro games, but even then only for a little while.


it's all shit for retards. you aren't missing out. i watched 100 anime series when i was 16-19 before realizing it's a down's syndrome waste of time.
japanese comedy is on-par with what 4th grader americans find funny. the japanese and 4th graders laugh at screaming, funny faces, sex organs and bathroom jokes. pretty much exclusively.
and it's everywhere. almost all anime is very comedy-focused, even seinen does this. so really you might as well watch Pewdiepie or markiplier if you want to laugh at screaming and funny faces.


Imagine enjoying things. Such a waste of time.


better to waste your time thant o waste a dime


Video games take up so much of my time I genuinely don’t know what people who don’t play them do all day.


I don't like playing video games anymore, but I watch people play because I enjoy their commentary.

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