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Anyone else has the habit of laughing out of despair?

I've been having this for some time now. Everytime a shitty event happen I just burst out laughing of how randomly fucked up it is. I just woke up looked at the mirror and did it again, all this look like a bad episode of truman show. I might as well just put on some make up and red nose cause in this encarnation God made me a fucking clown.


Yes. My narcissistic boss got mad that I seemed happier than him and repressed me, and now I don't even have this coping mechanism and I'm stuck in the mud of boredom and dysthymia with him (or below him).


always been doing this shit while in "great pain" and other inappropriate for laughter situations. have no idea what it means though


Yeah, I also sigh a lot.


It's a mechanism to get a little dosis of dopamin to keep you going


Happened a few days ago when I overheard my mother say to my dad that I should have been aborted. It's funny because it's such a huge cliche in depressed neet circles, but I never thought I would actually hear it explicitly stated out loud by my own mom.


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I used to browse WatchPeopleDie and do that


Yes, I do that a lot. Laughter has healing powers, whether you acknowledge it or not, your body knows it. In life things are often so bad, what the fuck can you do except for laughing? This reminds me, I also laughed when the doctor asked the last time I was in hospital why didn't I come sooner? I had gallstones and said I could have died. I only laughed in his face.

Comedy and tragedy are very closely related, you just have to look at things from a slightly different level and instead of scary and horror-like you will find life to be very amusing and fun. I guess it is a sign of mania, but mania is still better than depression.


Fuck l, I’m sorry anon.
Yeah, and it causes problems because the most common occurrence is that I laugh/smile when directly insulted, which then pisses off the other person even more. The only time I’ve seen it mentioned in media is Rimmer from Red Dwarf doing it.


Same. I've always associated it with having autism.


Pretty much the only laughs I ever utter. I sometimes worry my parents will think I'm having a good time if they hear them.


I can see what he means. If he's a NEET, they probably think he has no right to be happy until he does something "productive." It's a dumb mindset, but norpers can get very jealous of someone living and trying to minimize their obligations.


yes, there is a strong correlation between how much outward sign of wellbeing I show and how much my parents pester me to become a normalfag wage slave.


I have been recently. I also smile when I am nervous or uncomfortable which in turn makes me more nervous and thus the cycle continues. Thank god for mandatory masks in Australia.


can you share it?


The last few times I cried I was laughing right before. I don't understand the psychology behind it


nigga are you the joker?


File: 1630314957683.gif (2.24 MB, 286x258, 143:129, cant-hold-laugh.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I try to hold it but sometimes it just slips in public especially when normies say retarded things out loud on their phone or to their dumb kids


Why in the world are you still there?


I laugh if I try to hold back a giant uncontrollable smile, it is so much better these days cause I can wear a mask and people can't really directly see the huge smile on my face, I can also talk to my self and giggle a little bit and people far away can't see my mouth moving so that's good too


Yes, I do it as well. But when I was younger, I did it much rarer.


>all this look like a bad episode of truman show

made me chuckle hard


it's a laugh that turns into crying later for me

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