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Does anyone else feel like their life is just a living nightmare instead of the normal experience others have?

I'm not even depressed, I was just born with such horrible cards and starting gear for this life (including my appearance, height etc) people are just automatically repulsed.

In a way, I realize we are just animals, and those animals who weren't born with good genes simply get bullied out of existence in all species.
How can you cope with living up to 80-100 years being shunned and bullied almost every time you exit your house?


I dont really get shunned or bullied but I isolate from other people due to mental illness, I just hope I can live my life without becoming homeless at some point, my life will really fall to shambles if I can't get my meds


Support youtube streamers who harass people to increase the rate of social degradation


"The future is a boot stomping on a human face, over and over."

This is a horrible reality if you are the face. It is a wonderful reality if you are the boot. This is the dialectic of the Dark Watcher, the Fear in the Diamond. If you refuse to play His game you will take the negative role. Embrace His reality and you will assume the positive.


That makes no sense


>it doezn't need to


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I wouldn't say my life is a living nightmare, at least not yet, though it's definitely abnormal. Sometimes excessively so, but in the overall life roll of losers my life is probably fairly textbook.

At this point I can't tell if it's my self-destructive neurotic behaviour getting in the way or if I'm just a fundamentally unlikable ugly person.

How am I supposed to power through it all and exist like a normal guy when my mind has been twisted by a huge catalogue of negative experiences and no positive reinforcement? Maybe it's conformation bias but surely there's a reason these things happen in the first place. The more intel I gather being around people the more it just reaffirms whether through nature or nurture I can't behave like a proper human and lack the mettle to become one, I exist on a fringe of aspie and failed normalfag, unfortunately smart enough to be chronically aware of my own failings but too retarded to fix them.

As for your question, coping is "easy" so long as you don't have to engage with the world, otherwise yeah good luck unless you're some genetic lone wolf schizoid type who genuinely doesn't care.


This is a good post.


It used to be, really bad, nearly holocaust level. I thought I'd never get out of there in one piece. I've had the gurney in my face, I get drugged for days at a time, black out half a week sometimes, prison-coma stays and every encounter with the police is hell. I swear to god one shot me and I needed full reconstructive to not be a retard. I'm not to mention that my booty is a pin cushion in the psych ward either, and it is.. they nearly killed me with Geodon in there and they used to love clapping me there. Anyway, in my psych ward days, shit was rough, I used to eat propofol tablets all the time to try to sleep and only wake up for meals. I'd also get really snowed on ativan and have a good cry a lot of days, lots of days of that, many weeks spent in a deep depression.
And you overestimate how long our lives will be. I assume you've not hit rock bottom yet, just wait. You need money to make it stop. On a day to day basis I'm not suffering though, it seems to coincide with wartime.


Yeah I feel like Zeus has a cursed thunder bolt over my head. That God or Nature is just so stingy with me, not begruding me any good at all IRL. Only solution to escape from IRL as much as possible


>Maybe it's conformation bias but surely there's a reason these things happen in the first place.
There isn't. You already know the answer, you said it the previous sentence even. Sometimes life just shits on people and through a huge variety of random circumstances piled atop another throughout life, you end up with nothing but negative experiences which fuck you right up mentally. People aren't usually actively malicious, so just let go of the need to point fingers. It's not their fault and it's not yours. Life really does just suck shit.


Good post, I feel for you and the schizoid lone wolf type is apt description of what I want to be in this world now that I gave up.


Yes you're right anon. Life is just chaos and one's life is largely pre-determined and outside their control. Being born short, ugly, poor, and/or mentally ill is outside your control and sentences you to a shit tier life.

Normies like to think everything they do is the result of their hard work and decisions but honestly, if they were born missing a chromosome I highly doubt they'd still be living their same life.

Don't fret over being a loser loner. It's just the roll of the dice. Do your best, live your life. Most people would crumple the same way if they were forced to wear your shoes. So fuck it. And fuck them.


It’s mind blowing to me how different the course of my life has gone compared to other people. It feels like normalcattle take these experiences for granted and assume they are easily accessible for everyone. Like all the fun they had in high school they hark back to. High school was miserable for me because of ocd. Damn, things could’ve been so different. And really, it’s all just a roll of the dice that decided how things were gonna go. Like I could’ve been rich and never had to be miserable wageslaving. And that’s just a luxury I will never experience. With the only life I get, I have to wageslave and be miserable


Yeah it does. it doesn’t help the fact i get easily distressed at any task given. even the simplest task distressed me. i can’t do anything my mind gets easily distressed. even writing this post distressed me. i rather do nothing and think nothing.


lol why are americans so obsessed with highschool


Why are Vietnam vets so obsessed with military service?


definitely i was fucked before born npcs boomers parents got divorced then growed with demential grandpas soo always was the weirdo since i remember, not playing the victim role but this boomers fucked my head, i really envy normal fags growed in functional families life for them seems soo easy


I’m going to be poor my whole life. I will always be at the bottom of scumciety and universally hated. Everything I do is a struggle, and try as I might nothing changes. All the doors are closed for me. They always have been. It’s easy for people to scoff at losers when their whole life they have had opportunities. I’ve learned to stop letting them gaslight me with shitty advice as if I hadn’t tried it


american high school is a living hell

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