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To clarify by old I mean as old as boomers or older.
It is easy to just put it out of mind by assigning yourself death in the future however that may not be the case at all.

If you rely on the breeders and they do not leave you money to live after they are gone you will in the best case scenario become institutionalized with social workers providing you the bare minimum to live on and homeless at the mercy of groids.

The /dep/ NEET wiz who gets bux will continue to exist in some small apartment until they die, living a dreary existence devoid of pleasure and that is if they are lucky enough for the system to continue feeding them.

A lot of wiz take refuge in the internet as being some form of escape but even a brainlet like me can see this structure which shields us is crumbling more and more by the day. Have you thought about how alien everything will be to you in 30 years? forget being able to talk to wizards on some chan like this if it exists because even if it did how could you relate to the next gen of wiz and outcasts.

We don't need others to validate our existence like most people on this rotten earth but maybe it is a shame that we cannot find worth in what could be the only reason to continue existence.
No matter how you look at it the future is grim and will only get worse.

/hob/bit wizards may escape the boredom and years of misery but for other wiz who cannot enjoy anything what are we even living for? If you are reading this you may think death is for the best but neither of us have killed ourselves have we.

As wizards we are fucked.. in the west it is common to get put into a home and while the east may look after their old it is only because they have a family and we wont have a family to look after us.
Are we all just waiting to gain the courage to kill ourselves?


I'll see if I can dig it up, but is the wizanon who _literally_ wrote the book about how to deal with getting older as a wizard around and willing to post it again?


File: 1630945998455.pdf (2.08 MB, howtogrowold.pdf)


>old as boomers

I hope to God you're not using that in the meme sense, fucking hell the internet is rotting people's minds.


thanks wiz reading now.
I mean 60+ as boomers are


Just get some extra strength fent when you turn 65.


Possibly vid related. If anti-aging technology gets advanced enough, if you make enough money, and if AI doesn't kill off humanity, there's a chance you could live to be 1000+ years old.


‘’This is the way that it goes. In your mid forties you have your first crisis of mortality (death will not ignore me); and ten years later you have your first crisis of age (my body whispers that death is already intrigued by me). But something very interesting happens to you in between.
As the fiftieth birthday approaches, you get that sense that your life is thinning out, and will continue to thin out, until it thins out into nothing. And you sometimes say to yourself; That went a bit quick. That went a bit quick. In certain moods you may want to put it a bit more forcefully. As in: OY!! That went a BIT FUCKING QUICK!!!…. Then fifty comes and goes, and fifty-one, and fifty-two. And life thickens out again. Because there is now an enormous and unsuspected presence within your being, like an undiscovered continent. This is the past.’’ - The Pregnant Widow by Martin Amis


Whew might have to read that book


This is correct. The Human body is not magic. If it fails, it's because a certain number of points of matter are not positioned in a way conducive to life. If you can put it right, using any sufficient method, you can maintain or bring back life. Nanotechnology would be perfect. If we can print integrated circuit parts so much smaller than cells then we can print machines at the scale of cells and viruses. If you could manufacture batteries in a similar way, you could have nanomachines with enough energy to push shit around really precisely by directing lasers. All that nanodust could make my drunk ass undrunk and then drunk again and shoot me some fucking weed.


eheu fugaces


Magical do-everything technology and the best use you can invent for it is to get yourself permanently poisoned with the gay weed? Maybe we don't deserve it.


Bit too much focus on how to deal with normies but good advice I guess. Especially the teeth thing.

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