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i saw this thread >>>/lounge/275733 and i used to be the same way and i thought every day was a blessing to be alive and i LOVED playing video games and eating food. i was happy pretty much every single day starting at age 16 when i dropped out of high school.
im 26 now though, it's been 10 years, 10 years of sitting in this chair consuming media and scrolling endlessly on image boards and twitter. now every day is ruthlessly painful, mentally and physically.
i slept 16 hours yesterday because im tired for no discernible reason, maybe malnutrition. both arms hurt from carpal tunnel, i have back pain from scoliosis, i have shoulder pain from anxiety, my teeth are rotting out of my head and cause fevers and i can't afford to get them fixed. im scared anytime i leave the house. i hate everybody, i hate everything.
i try to consume old stuff i grew up with to relive the good times. but i can't, because it's become hateable. watching these anime i used to like is just a constant eyeroll, i roll my eyes and fast forward every few minutes because it's become such a cringe slog of childish cliches.

the teeth are the worst part. ive been thinking about killing myself because my teeth are making me sicker every day and it's pretty much all of them, the only hope for me is to have them all extracted and replaced with dentures, but that's 10 grand. i think i just have to kill myself before my teeth cause a brain infection and do it for me.

which brings me to my point which is: isnt this the experience that all wizards will have someday sooner rather than later?
sitting in a chair talking to no one for entire years objectively causes agoraphobia and many many physical health issues, i'll probably start shitting blood soon from damaging my body sitting down all day.
if you aren't depressed, it's because you haven't been wizard for long enough.


maybe you can fix your teeth by eating raw meat. they have some ability to repair themselves even when damaged. worth a try if you are not afraid to die of bacteria or whatever lmao.


The worst part for me is the mental decay. I'm reduced to a bag of meat after all these years. My only hope is complete abstinence from alcohol, drugs, porn, fast food and processed food, mindless internet and youtube browsing, and going out at least once a day and start reading again. But I feel like my brain is already too damaged and that such behavior would not make me feel better at all. I'm stuck in hedonistic self torture.


Of course, if you don't exercise your muscles they will shrink, and your body will be sore and health will deteriorate. Same with the mind. If you have so much time to come up with posts, you have time to read stoicism and fix your mindset


>Im 26
>You haven't been a wizzie long enough
You aren't a wizard yourself tho


its a really long time since i've seen someone repost your pic OP. i always think that pic is amusing. normies devote massive amounts of time to acquiring girlfriends and sex. every single major mens magazine, youtube channel, or any other "mens" consumable has massive amounts of content directed at improving your skills, looks, or wealth to acquire succubi. the writer of that post is either the most cliche brain-dead schoolyard bully or a seriously low level troll.

pretty much all your health problems stem from sitting at a computer all day doing literally nothing else. this kind of extreme inactivity can cause sleep issues, severe depression, and diminished physical health. its pretty obvious that some lifestyle changes would drastically change your quality of life. i doubt you don't realize this yourself, but you've chosen not to make any changes. if your emotional state is bad, you dont care about your physical health, then it gets worse. that amplifies your bad feelings which in turn makes you care even less about your health. you've been in a cycle for a decade. you're 26, so you are young enough to repair a lot of this damage.

go the fuck outside right now and walk for 20 minutes then do it again everyday. its an easy place to start that will make noticeable positive changes. seriously, go the fuck outside for a walk


no that pic is 100% correct
if you try going to the gym you will only find out you have gyno or wide hips which will make getting muscle useless
its better to just rot than have to put in 200% extra effort just to be a lower-than average subhuman


That post is written by a guy obsessed with genetics that holds an entirely fatalist view. He has zero faith in his own effort to change and projects it on all others. It doesn't take a genius to know that you aren't set in stone as a person, that's the whole reason we aren't still in huts in a jungle.


the men who avidly consume these products are losers, this is the point of the post in the screenshot


>teeth rotting
damn, that's the worst, you are really screwed on that one, but if any wizkids are reading this, brush your fucking teeth, and floss your molars too once in a while

Anyway I'm the same age but I started taking care of myself when I was like 20, started brushing my teeth, eating healthy food, showering every day, sitting with correct posture/getting a back support cushion. Yeah I still don't go outside and I'm mentally ill but at least at the end of the day I can say "at least my body isn't rotting", well I'm probably better off than most normals too since my body is unmarred by radioactive sunlight and toxic chemicals from the outside air
>isnt this the experience that all wizards will have someday sooner rather than later?
nah, you can be a recluse and take care of your body like I said, I don't exercise though so that might bite me in the butt at some point but we'll see
>if you aren't depressed, it's because you haven't been wizard for long enough.
same age and not depressed, >why are you on this board then I have a mental illness though so sometimes I have problems and of course agoraphobia


join the military for free dental


exactly my experience too.
i sold some of my video games and used the money to buy an athletic smartwatch to try to motivate myself to exercise, one last time. if it doesn't work im giving up forever.
yes i realize it's self-inflicted.
this. i knew somebody who was already Chad in both appearance and behavior when he was only 12 years old. he had never even heard of these self-help products. Actual normal people don't need them, they do it all already themselves.
>why are you on this board then
it's ok, i wanted to have a discussion about this so thank you.


I also got the feeling that the party was over when i turned 26, and i didn't even have any health problems. Neetdom will often bite you in the ass sooner or later and it has already been discussed many times on this site, makes me think of that screen on the subject that sometimes circulates here. To survive solitary people should actually be tougher than the rest, not getting weaker and more out of touch with reality as time goes by, it's slowly creating a little hell for oneself especially once you get the animes/vidyas overdose and start to feel too old for this shit, then you stop for a moment and contemplate the fact that you are so empty. I'm not even talking about the fact that at some point you'll probably have to work at some not-so-easy dead end job. But maybe some wizards really don't give a flying fuck about anything and i'm just a failed normie.


well then stop being empty. do whatever you want stop caring what society thinks. build your life up doing what you want then you will feel something other than empty. the empty feeling is because of wasted time and not working on something you like


File: 1631388026550.webm (612.09 KB, 640x640, 1:1, which gamer.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>do whatever you want
that's what neets do for several years. do you think neets do things they don't want to do?
you literally run out of "what you want to do", everything is finite. i watched every cowboy movie with a decent imdb score. when i finished that, i watched every horror movie. it all took about a year.
>working on something
most people are here because they have no talent.
working on art when you're a retard just makes you feel worse. nothing has ever made me feel worse than writing and failing.


I think it depends on if you have good mental health or not. There are NEET who are in a minority but enjoy every day even a decade into being a NEET. Young NEET fall into the trap thinking they will be able to entertain themselves and play all day every day as a NEEET and then they discover they dont enjoy anything.


Fuck off


as a long term neet im mostly going through the motions, pretty much like a carefree normalfag like in the screen cap but in my own way, it's hardly a 'choice' that i rationalized one way or the other… just something that happened and was sort of inevitable
some of you sound like you overthink the circumstances that brought you here too much, most people don't have that much control over their own life that's just how it is.


to be fair there are well-adjusted normal people who do buy these self help books, services, coaching sessions and so on, but 95% of them are succubi


I cant think of a way that doesnt sound like a grumpy dad to say this but if you let yourself fall apart, you will actually do just that.
A life of junk food, video games and anime will make you feel bad.
Taking care of yourself physically and mentally are essential in my opinion.


the world isn't just, you won't get extra brownie points for virtue signaling like you do on reddit


It's not about genetics. Someone naturally confident in themselves doesn't have to try to be confident. A cyclist doesn't have to try to cycle, they naturally enjoy it and become /fit/ because of it. The idea is nature and nurture makes them who they are and you're putting effort in trying to be half as good as they are with zero effort.
One thing I really hate about these circles is the purity spiraling over being a NEET. It's an extremely unhealthy life style and mods ban you for being against it. It's almost like they want you to fuck your healthy up, waste your life on anime and then post about you on kiwi farms or something.
You don't need talent to work on stuff. It takes practice to get good at any hobby and those mistakes are all learning material. If writing isn't for you try building model monsters or cowboys and see how that turns out. There's loads of Weird west miniatures you could try painting.
Then when they realize they've destroyed themselves it's too late. Consuming is bad for you, it's like an addiction. There's nothing wrong with watching a movie here and there but you shouldn't be spending all day staring at a screen. It will make your eyes melt eventually and then all screens become unwatchable.
A lot of people buy those books today because they lack proper parents to teach them who they are. Self help books are filling a voice of culture and parental void.
There's disabled people on this board looking at you and thinking you're a faggot. They'd kill to have a body to ruin instead of living with the crumbs they have left. He's right in what comes around goes around, but some times random luck fucks you first.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


you dont belong here


File: 1631425796182.png (1.52 MB, 2777x1447, 2777:1447, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>You don't need talent to work on stuff.
people say this and expect you to ignore the 50,000,000 artists on twitter who draw like shit even though they've been drawing daily for decades.
people say this and expect you to ignore the 50,000,000 indie video games on the app store and too shit to get greenlit on Steam.
the 50,000,000 indie bands that have zero sales on bandcamp and itunes.
etc etc

it's not due to lack of practice or trying. it's due to lack of inborn talent. you either have it or you don't.
you're literally blind to reality if you refuse to accept that Da Vinci was born with a gift for the arts, a gift no one has been born with since.

yeah try saying that line of fucking shit and slander to the millions of 30 year olds who've been drawing every day since they were 8 and never made any money and stopped improving when they were 16, i'm familiar with plenty of them if you want their usernames. they sit in stream sites like picarto toiling away for hours a day, blind to the fact that they hit the skill wall long ago and there's nowhere else for them to climb even if they were immortal.

lots of people are probably growing to understand the existence of talent thanks to video games providing such a simple lesson in it. someday soon, normalfaggots espousing such down's syndrome opinions such as yourself will no longer exist. because lots of people these days are obsessed with competitive shooters and MOBA's. these genres both have an objective skill aptitude test called an MMR.
Examine this MMR graph.
many people play for over 1000 hours a year.
yet, under 1% ever move into diamond and champion MMR rankings.
this is due to talent existing.
no matter how much these Gold and Platinum 3 players practice, they will continue flailing amongst themselves and stay in Gold and Platinum 3 forever. i've heard many stories of them getting worse over time even and moving down into Silver.
video games have finally allowed us to show number data proving talent exists.


>the 50,000,000 indie bands that have zero sales on bandcamp and itunes.
To be fair often the best music artistically is ignored or extremely obscure.

I largely agree with your post but think that the correct perspective is also important. Skills in art can be learned and talent itself is only a natural propensity to excel and employ skills without understanding them. Are only a fracction of people who try ever going to get anywhere? yes but is it because inborn skill set for something? not entirely.
otherwise I agree
>He's right in what comes around goes around
you are an idiot


>Skills in art can be learned
and are useless if they can't make you money or produce a quality product you can be satisfied with having made.
only retards lacking self-awareness can make a subpar product and clap for themselves.
for me, it's just pain when i've looked at what i've made.

the planet has no need for shit, and there's enough shit in it.


ok i'll bite
>and are useless if they can't make you money or produce a quality product you can be satisfied with having made.
This is entirely perspective based as to what qualifies something as satisfying the creator and often people who are brilliant are not satisfied. If you only desire to feed your ego then having others enjoy what you produce is important but whether it is satisfying or not is based on how you see things.

You are misusing the word talent so I think it would be helpful if you could define what you mean by it in your usage. Does everyone have the disposition towards creativity? no and they never will in most cases but skills are mechanical in nature and you can learn them.

I do not disagree about how futile it is to think you can actually rise to the top and that there is a ceiling to potential but I disagree about your reasoning and what you imply with this basic take you have.

Why is enjoying what you made without it being aesthetically pleasing and signalling status to others retarded? you are caught in your own snare and your own ego clouds your perspective.


if you don't enjoy it and it isn't financially profitable, then what is the motivation for creating?
pointless torture?
i guess that makes sense when coming from the same /pol/ LARPers who encourage you to starve yourself and eat disgusting foods for every meal, and never masturbate. pointless torture is worshiped around image boards a lot lately.


>if you don't enjoy it and it isn't financially profitable, then what is the motivation for creating?
You are not responding to what I mentioned but something you created likely from misunderstanding but I will continue.
Why? well it may just function as a distraction and that is where the value is or it could not be directly what the activity is but something else you value and associate with said activity.

If you don't enjoy something you may not be able to but it is YOU who DECIDES if something is enjoyable or not even if it transcends consciousness you can influence and is the will itself it is still your problem and not whatever it is that you don't value.

Do you understand this?


File: 1631434303357.jpg (73.98 KB, 498x441, 166:147, 1628083162899.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>If you don't enjoy something you may not be able to but it is YOU who DECIDES if something is enjoyable or not even if it transcends consciousness you can influence and is the will itself it is still your problem and not whatever it is that you don't value.

I'm not the anon you were replying to, but I feel the need to give my thoughts on this specific statement. I fundamentally disagree with the idea that it's up to us to decide if something is enjoyable or not. I'm pretty sure many people here, such as myself, struggle with not enjoying things anymore, sometimes not enjoying anything at all.

If I could simply decide to like something, I'd choose to like everything, because then I'd never be bored and I'd always have something to look forward too. However me and a lot of other people don't do things like arts or other activities simply because we get nothing out of it, I used to be a hobbyist artist, but nowadays it just does nothing for me, almost nothing does, somewhere along the line something definitely happened, but I can tell you for sure that it wasn't a conscious choice, a decision, to stop liking something that brought me joy, why would I willingly replace joy with boredom and emptyness?


anon you replied to: I agree with some further comment and see I may not have been clear or was unintentionally obscure about what I exactly meant.

>we want what we will but can't will what we want

While this is obviously true we can still have some influence on that distant force within yet out of reach of our direct manipulation.
Whilst a lot of our disposition is unshakable we can still influence ourselves indirectly through experience itself. Think of the will like an animal, a separate entity with a mind of its own- we cannot make it do anything but we can prime it and encourage it so it is less like we can sculpt ourself in the most intimate way and more akin to cracking open rocks to see what is revealed in its ever changing form.
By experience I mean not only activity but your thinking as well. When it comes to altering yourself indirectly think of a door that has many locks within it all connected with a central lock that will click and open the door after all the numerous others have come into place.

We can exercise control within our own limits which may seem superfluous to mention but people are not aware of how they can change their minds if possible about those aspects of ourselves.

We can change our perspective on things by learning to step outside of ourselves and employing a cynical attitude towards everything which originates within. I never stated we can just simply choose to like X but we can for example work on what we value and raze some obstacles that were erected from how we view things.


>One thing I really hate about these circles is the purity spiraling over being a NEET. It's an extremely unhealthy life style and mods ban you for being against it. It's almost like they want you to fuck your healthy up, waste your life on anime and then post about you on kiwi farms or something.

Why don't you fuck off then? rule 4


File: 1631452090410.png (1.17 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 20h44m50s953.png) ImgOps iqdb

at least people here don't wish neets suicide like on a different famous imageboard, still i wonder why some would get so upset about neets being at peace with themselves, if you are a neet you have to feel bad because i would!


Art can't be learned actually. I have experience in attempting to learn both traditional and digital drawing and painting. I tried to for significantly more than 10 years. I've seen already pretty good self taught artists walk into a workshop and learn more in a month with minimal guidance than I did in years of religiously following the artist meme and doing the dedicated consistent hard work routine. You absolutely have to be born with a talent to succeed in learning art, and I suppose it's like that with everything else too. In art talent means inborn aptitude for developing accurate perception, precise motor control and the capacity for instinctively grasping, utilizing and combining certain observational, manual and conceptual techniques. A talented man can shirk training and become above average with zero effort. A talented man who trains regularly will become a master in a couple of years. A talentless man with a master's worth of training will still be subpar and will likely never exceed that level, not to mention reaching actual mastery. Completely impossible. Natural talent is 70% of success but you're never allowed to talk about it. Popular artists tend to be feminine brained duplicitous manipulators who maintain a culture where proficient artists can safely present themselves as virtuous self made hard workers and no one is allowed to question how they got to where they are. It's common for artists to maintain and boost their social status through displays of performative humbleness and putting themselves down, emotionally coercing their audiences into generating acclaim and clout for themselves. It's impossible to get sincere help from the artist community. Unless your mentality and perceived experience aligns with the established artist mythology or you can somehow feed into the transactional quid pro quo system of artist "friendships" you'll be treated as completely invisible.


>Art can't be learned actually
Blow it out your ass, honestly. Stuff like this discourages people from actually learning arististic techniques. Just learning about how art is made on different mediums with different tools, on different types of material, with different types of instruments is a task any student should endeavor to learn. You have what they call a "fixed mindset". You probably have this viewpoint due to a life of intense failure and learned helplessness. What's the point of dragging everyone down to your own deluded and broken world where everything is predetermined and useless?


Why are you even here? Go back to where ever you came from.


The entire concept of "wasting your life" presupposes that there is a sort of objective meaning of life. Spoiler: there is none. We're all going to die and at the end of the day it doesn't matter what you do and there is nothing wrong about "wasting your life watching anime 24/7" or whatever. The universe doesn't give a shit. Sorry but we are not special creatures with some kind of cool cosmic goal, we are just random animals and pieces of meat and there is nothing to gain or lose here.


Telling people to go back because they disagree with your erroneous judgement is bullshit. You can be a grand wizard and say retarded shit and get told you are wrong. we are not your safe space for dampening your perceived blows from the world. You should probably go back to our crab circle jerk if you cannot handle being challenged.


Get bent prude. >>246866 is right. Coming in to a thread, a board, a SITE full of guys who are sad that they're struggling to pursue their dreams only to tell them "It's hopeless for you, you can't do it (but normalfags can), just give up"… What a horrible thing to do. That guy failed to find his own way to learning art, and through a textwall tried to tell us that we can't either. He's blaming the "talent" boogeyman for his failure, and it's fine if that's the excuse he'd like to use for his own shortcomings, but going on to say that we're just as doomed as he was.. Projection! Misinformation! Trolling at its finest.

Natural talent doesn't exit. The length of your fingers doesn't determine how good you can draw. What your mother ate while you were in the womb won't disqualify you from learning new things. >>246865 Isn't the first to come here and try to convince users en masse that they are hopeless to learn no things due to genetics or predetermination or some shit. But hopefully he'll be the last because it's nothing but a big cope salad that can have some serious negative influence on wizards who are teetering on the edge between hope and eternal depression.


I doubt he is trolling and if he is that is unfortunate. lacking ego is what propels people forward past their peers and if you have known people who are highly skilled they will tell you that talent itself is fairly meaningless as far as ability to use technical skills without understanding the theory of application.



This whole thread is a discord LARPer invasion.


>get some real talk from someone who has extensive experience with the issue
>reject it and keep flailing because muh feels
Get AIDS if you haven't already, normalfags.


trying to placate yourself within a cocoon you constructed out of deception.
are you comfortable in there "wiz"?


Leave, normalfag troll.


are the mods asleep?


why are you insisting I am the normalfag when others have called you exactly that. I gave in good will a response that I would have liked to see countered instead of deflected with some inane comment about being a normie somehow.



yeah talent doesn't exist. trust me bro. it's just hard work so apply yourself and work hard. bootstraps! bootstraps!
LALALALA i can't hear you
excuse me while i retroactively establish that these bootstraps were in fact always in violation of national bootstraps regulations
bootstraps license revoked
this particular pair of bootstraps is now proven fake and gay and don't count
LALALALA hearing nothing
bootstraps denialists btfo


right on broskis. hustle, grind, stiff upper lip, firm handshake and straps of the boots


I already started to do more tangible things lately and i got better mentally so i guess you're right. Maybe it's not even about having normie aspirations/regrets at this point, it's just that if media consumption and decaying at home get unsatisfying and boring then we should change it and do other shit. Though living as a completely lonely person may bite you in the ass sooner or later no matter what you do, just like neetdom does. It's something i thought about and the life long mental support in that case is traditionally a religious one.


-Coconut oil used as mouthwash and toothpaste stops infections there.
-Intermitent fasting and regular complete fasting may change tour brain and lymph, as you probable need with urgency.
-Leaving carbs and starchy food accelerates the process.
-Also several sessions of colon cleansing,enema.
-About your bones,well, sport does not do much if your energy sucks.
-Read from Ehret,Nagumo,Fletcher,Dan Reíd,Frank Suárez. Investigate.
-You may need time and persistence.


>Point proven


Ex-NEETs and NEETs who have experienced the downsides of the life style are telling you it's dangerous. It's not about being at peace with yourself when you fuck yourself up and can't recover. There's always more crabs to pull you back into the bucket when someone tells you to get out of it before you end up eaten.


as a former long-term NEET(7 whole fucking years), the empathetic posters are really trying to warn of the utter possible void that will develop in your late-twenties and beyond. you are gonna wish you would have killed yourself as a teen when you have no ambitions and absolutely nothing to show for at that age. the worst is without a doubt having no purpose/ambition to work towards at that point in life.
Realize you run the risk of relating only to angsty teenagers and literal aging retards here. Everyone else has checked out or has responsibilities they have to maintain.


Fake inane responsibilities for the sake of staying busy.


im the OP and i agree with both sides and have learned a lot from this thread.
one must move their bodies and concentrate their minds in order to not have chronic health disorders
however, there is no reason to step outside because i have nothing and no one, and work is a tireless torture that would render any small quality of life that a NEET can have down to zero. the daily psychological and physical torture of working for wages 40 hours a week would greatly outweigh the costs to the mind and body one receives from sitting unmoving in a chair all day.
as far as self-imposed challenges at home goes, well, >>246865 this is one of the best posts ever written on this site.

If you are able to create art that you can be proud of, i am happy for you. you can live life fulfilled.

for people like me, i just have to kill myself.
i can't enjoy staying at home anymore, i can't enjoy wageslaving, and i can't enjoy anything i create with my hands because i'm retarded and talentless.


how do you just give up like that? there's so much you can do, and you're just letting everything go because you're in the wrong headspace.


File: 1631499372271.jpg (694.7 KB, 1794x2757, 598:919, Wizchanmoddess_monitoring.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>art can't be learnt
we're surrounded by art. People, animals, natural landscapes are art because they be beautiful or simply because they can convey so many feelings. you can learn to draw and put what you find intriguing or fascinating or simply fun in a paper or frame, you can even take pictures of it, film it, there's so many forms of art expressions. Anyone can learn to draw, photography, write, paint, etc. You don't have to be the best at it. It's all about doing what you like.


>It's all about doing what you like.
What if you don't like doing anything anymore?


then i suggest coaxing your grandparents to help you purchase the recent peacefulpill handbook and find a verified vendor of Nembutal from there, in earnest. without any drive whatsoever, it WILL get worse.


I see, so it's hopeless then? Well, that's dissapointing, but it's not like I didn't expect it, also, regarding suicide, I'm already working on it, I'll leave in a few months probably.


you dont have to be the best but if you're too shit to enjoy it and just produce garbage, then you'll generate zero dopamine and only self-loathing.
it's not preschool anymore where shit scribbles are hung on the fridge with pride. i have awareness now and derive no pleasure from creating shit scribbles.


I used to draw as a hobby, even posted my stuff on DeviantArt, it was a huge passion of mine, and I get exactly what you mean. After I finished a drawing that was better than the previous ones I'd feel so proud, and after posting it I'd get a high from every like.

However, I was a dumb teen, nowadays I realize that getting 40 likes on a drawing means nothing, there are way more talented artists than me that barely get a 100, and others who are even more talented who don't even get a 1000, very few make it to the top.

Also, when looking at my old drawings now, I hate them, it's just a bunch of stupid characters I used to like, my drawings never had any meaning and I was never creative, and when drawing now and realizing how stupid and low quality my art really is it just makes me feel like a stupid kid.


why dont you two see that it is YOU that is ruining the fun? this is not anhedonia or something it is throwing away any meaning because of these fancies you abide by. Why is impressing other people so important to you? that is pathetic.


you're the second person to assume i want to create art for other people's approval.
what about my own? i've been saying it in every post and you just choose to ignore that.
what if i think it's shit?
that guy said he thinks his drawings are shit too, is that like unbelievable to you that people have standards?
you want people to challenge themselves and create their own goals, but you don't want them to assess what they've done or have any bar set for what's acceptable or not.
you're supposed to just be cool with it and clap and pat yourself on the back after you've been writing and drawing for a decade, and it's all been shit a 7th grader could do?

maybe that's ok for you but i don't want to waste my time and i don't think that shoveling feces into my mouth and smiling is really for me.


File: 1631527201385.png (720.98 KB, 796x800, 199:200, 1631500093804.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just because I've mentioned DeviantArt and followers/likes doesn't mean that it was my only push, but it was something that gave me motivation, at least until I realized how insignificant my profile was in the grand scheme of things. Who are you to call something I valued pathetic? I don't appreciate that kind of comment at all. I didn't make art exclusively for other people's approval, but it'd be ridiculous to imply that validation doesn't help, everyone enjoys validation and compliments, it's human.

It seriously offends me to hear you say that I'm the one ruining the fun, you really think I don't want to enjoy things? Do you seriously think I enjoy feeling empty? That I don't wish an old hobby, like drawing, could bring me joy again? I didn't make it stop being fun, it just stopped as I grew up and my life, and also my mental health, changed, that's anhedonia, not me ruining the fun. I'm literally suicidal, so I'd appreciate not having fingers pointed at me saying that it's my fault.

I still try to draw sometimes, but it just isn't fun, and even on occasions where it's somewhat fun, I just feel terrible afterwards anyway, I mean, what did I just do? I've spent an hour drawing a character from an anime and it looks mediocre, what did I gain? Nothing, I wasted time, at best I got a little dopamine which I could've gotten from many other things quicker and with less effort, like food, drugs, alcohol, escorts, etc.

If I don't post it online, then that's that, I wasted time drawing something which gave me little joy and that looks mediocre, and if I post it I'll get 20 likes which is simply insignificant, there's nothing to gain by doing this, and there's no joy in doing it, so why would I do it? It's not like I can even use it to express myself, I've tried in the past, but all of my attempts are either cringy and edgy, or just overly simplistic, I'm not creative and my art expresses no feelings.

There's a difference between an artist and a person that draws.


I say this as you base the value in your own creations from judgements of others. there is nothing wrong with having standards but obviously you two are obsessed with what others think.


>obsessed with what others think.
based on what? the only time ive even mentioned it is when talking about doing it as a career, which i consider a separate skillset entirely anyway.


Your experience is why i quit playing guitar and keyboard. i tried many different skills and hobbies over the years, but music was the only one i quit purely because of reasons that you're describing.
"There's a difference between an artist and a person that draws."
There's a difference between a musician and a person who plays guitar.
After i practiced for a year (my mom bought me professional lessons), i realized "wow, i can play music now. But i have absolutely no original ideas for songs."
and then i quit just like that because i knew i couldn't compose and didn't want to be a cover band retard with no original songs.
you're basically a cover band, just drawing other people's characters instead of your own stuff. so you and i can understand each other i think. very interesting, ive never seen someone who draws face this dilemma before.


File: 1631530105735.png (2.3 MB, 888x1379, 888:1379, 1625865427559.png) ImgOps iqdb

I think the cover band analogy is a pretty good one.

Pretty much all I ever did was draw things which were already drawn before by much better artists, it's just stupid, I don't even have the technical skill or creativy to do anything new or interesting with them, I'd just draw them and that would be it, completely pointless.

A copy is always inferior to the original, and if something is copied a lot then most of the time a copy is inferior to most of the other copies aswell.

I'd always listen to artists talk about how their art was a way of expressing themselves, and this goes for all of them, painters, musicians, etc… Art is feeling, art is self expression, art is a tool which an artist uses to speak with others, a language, a voice, that's the core of art.

However, I don't have any ideas, and while I do have feelings, like all humans do, I don't know how to express them into art, every attempt of mine just felt pretentious or one dimensional. I'm not an artist, and because of that I don't have a drive to create art, and don't feel anything when I attempt to do it.


just keep lifting those weights bro, take some multivitamins, pray to God. /pol/ says these things cure horrible ugliness and even schizophrenia!


it is worth trying just so you know it wont help. nothing helps just accept it and wait to die


To live in the presence of God is the highest possible human aspiration. It's what everyone desperately yearns for, yet almost none seek

Divide the temporary from the eternal and then pursue the eternal. All earthly pleasures are ephemeral, and even our very bodies are just corpses


if god caused the problem i doubt he is the solution


I'm sorry. It's not right and you don't deserve to suffer like that. No one does. I wish there was a next life after this one. I hope this isn't our one and only chance. I hope that sometime, somewhere a new day will rise for you. That there will be all the happiness and love in the world for you to make up for the sadness and loneliness you have to bear today. I'm sorry.


Why are you sorry? You didn’t give birth to him, or raise him, or cause him to fail in anything.

Also he shouldn’t post shit like that here, it seems he’s implicitly saying he wants to be an attractive normgroid with a GF.


There's a story in the Upanishads where a righteousness boy is born to a wicked and cruel father. One day the father goes to sacrifice some cattle to Shiva, and he chooses his skinny, old and crippled cattle to sacrifice. His son seeing the pathetic offerings asks his father "dad, when are you going to sacrifice me?". This angers his father and he decides to sacrifice his son that very day. The father ties his son down to an altar, lifts his dagger and goes to slit the throat of his seven year old boy

Out of the altar explodes Lord Shiva in the form of Bhairava. Fearsome, long claws, fangs, black skin, and everyone around except for the little boy is instantly struck dead. Bhairava scoops the little boy up into his arms and holds him. He then explains to the little boy that though he has suffered much, he has been righteous his entire life and for this he'll grant the boy one wish. The little boy asks him to bring his father and everyone else back to life

"Why? He intended to murder you" Bhairava asks. Then the little boy responds "I am grateful to my father because it was him that allowed me to see you so easily"

Is our suffering so bad if it leads us to God? Is pleasure so good if it makes fools of us and casts us down into samsara again and again? I am a fool and can't label anything as good or evil. "Even the very wise cannot see all ends"


shut up please shut the fuck up



>things could be what they feel like and look like, but God doesn't want so.

>Things are what they are. You don't call your hated job a "good thing" just because of a miser salary you have thru it. It'd still be a horrid job which decimates your health. Knowing that God is almighty, you can just assume how much of an abuse this is.

Arguments like yours are used by extremists apologists to show off as righteous while they commit atrocities.


>Thanks for making me feel exponentially worse than I already do today,
Not to make you feel worse but…
You either don't feel lonely or you do and forever will. Some of us here may wish to have a relationship in the form of a friendship but are quite unperturbed by being by themselves and others.. crabs never stop being crabs so bucko clean your dick and try or you will be 50 and feeling just as lonely
If not having a GF bothers you this website is not for you so kindly go back to crab.com
>I'm sorry. It's not right and you don't deserve to suffer like that. No one does
This is delusional and you are only harming yourself by thinking people deserve anything.
>shut up please shut the fuck up
this is what norms reply butthurt faggot



Is our suffering so bad?
-As bad as it feels
-As bad as it is required/demanded to happen.
-As bad as it leaves consequences and can possibly be worthless before God.


Samefag normie here to gorge their ego on others misery.



Shut up! A wizard never craves external love!


samefag? lolnoo that was not me.
what are you even trying to say


stoic volcel larpers are so cringe


You're correct that some people will use statements like this to justify evil. As it's said, even the Devil can quote scripture. However that doesn't change the truth of my statements. Maybe this story here illustrates my point better-

"There is a Taoist story of an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. "Such bad luck," they said sympathetically. "May be," the farmer replied.

The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. "How wonderful," the neighbors exclaimed. "May be," replied the old man.

The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune. "May be," answered the farmer.

The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son's leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out. "May be," said the farmer."


how is that story relevant to the rest of your post?


I'm illustrating the ambiguousness of moral statements. We as men should simply remain stoic in the face of pleasure and pain, and thereby reduce our suffering


that story is not about being stoic in any way. thanks for outing yourself as a psude spiritualist who has no idea what the fuck they talk about


What did I say that offends you so?


You're just being negative. The story is entirely about maintaining equanimity in the face of everything life has to throw at you


> maintaining equanimity in the face of everything life has to throw at you
And this is different than stoicism how?


it is not about what you think it is so why not think about it


very based and true post. ive tried exercise, vitamins, no fap, ive tried all these snake oils.
im still the same as i ever was.
one time i lost 100lbs and i had 0 changes to my mood.

i agree that it's good to experiment just to prove that nothing helps.


File: 1631586989963.jpg (62.42 KB, 750x426, 125:71, 1605038080876.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

there are many problems with self improvement, but one of them is that a lot of people who propagate it mistake correlation and causation. i got told that my life is shit and that i feel like shit because i am a lazy fat fuck who doesnt have a hobby or talk to people or any of that bullshit. so i put in a genuine effort to improve and lost 50 pounds and took my vitamins, picked up some hobbies and left the house more. but other than the changes i made, things stayed the same for me. and the reason is that all of the things that self improvement tries to address are symptoms of a problem rather than the actual problem itself


The issue with self improvement is as follows: In short if you don't value something you won't gain from it. Simple enough right? but what nearly no one gets and what they shant be expected to get because it is so obscure, so distant from the normal experience of being alive is that nearly everything people do has the end goal of gaining social status in some form to attain among other things to cement yourself socially and have a family as well as gain admiration. This is the indirect goal that people strive for unbeknownst to themselves and of course you can gain from the activity alone in a pure sense.

"it is better to have tried and failed" is the popular adage but is it always true? not to discourage anyone but be warned if you do try in this case and fail you will only feel worse nay doomed. to clarify by try I do not mean in the typical way via attempting and failing but succeeding only to fail in gaining anything from having tried because of your very nature being parallel from enjoying whatever the fuck normal people enjoy.


It's chicken and the egg. Dealing with symptoms can make changes on the inside, for example exercise and mental health and emotional health, these things in turn can help you become aware or more capable of dealing with more subtle problems


If you want someone to love don’t change yourself cause some uptight faggots ok wizchan said it makes you weak or a normgroid. Don’t live for others. Go get a GF if that’s what you want.


It's not cringe. It's a tender human feeling. Don't hate yourself for having a heart.


Good idea, bet he never thought of that.


I bet he never even tried.


The site is for people who have had zero sexual contact dude


And just like that my sympathy has become bitter hatred.


Not is those symptoms originate from something on the inside. Your logic is reciprocal and self refeencing



It sounds like declared crab envy.


>I've had 5 girlfriends.

Wizchan 2021. RIP.


M..m…mmaybe he's still a virgin?
honk honk




>get called crab by someone with 5 gfs
wtf i love wizchan now


wizchan is normalfag and crab central


is there any anonymous high quality board to browse or am I just retarded


Oh boy is it time for the daily game of “guess what epic and great website I use but won’t tell anyone about because I’m a lying little faggot”


I've gone down the rabbithole of a lot of imageboards, unfortunately they're all garbage/clan-like/cancerous.
I don't think it exists.


I too have reached this conclusion.


Is there any good board I could go to where I could just be a crab and talk about my feelings without asexual-aspiring imageboard inquisition barging in to tell me what a dum-dum stinky boo-boo-head I am?


No. There was /r9k/ but we all know about that shit by now. Also people who are asocial will obviously never be able to socialize, even with others who are asocial. Everyone has different limits and in these circles everyone is very touchy about said limits. You will never find a community of like minded people. It doesn’t exist.


Are there any imageboards on deepweb?


that shit made me cringe too


The lack of alternatives doesnt mean the comment wasnt true.
There are no good imageboards. But wizchan is still particularly obsessed with sex because the whole concept of it revolves around sex


I mean, I get that people want to gatekeep, but they need to realize what a fucking fool’s errand that is.


>is there any anonymous high quality board to browse
Yes there is one but no one would want to share it here sorry. Look around pro tip it won't be in google search results.

>Is there any good board I could go to where I could just be a crab
one of the many many crab forums would be to your liking and not wizchan.


You are sort of wrong for 2 reasons.

One is that a lot of art is good, there's just too much of it and people have limited consooming potentials. I've had people say my music is good, I've gone into SoundCloud shill threads and found decent music. even downloaded a few I liked. Just that most is merely adequate.

Also mmr is a bad example cause that stuff shifts constantly to specifically only include the top 1 percent. Even if players are getting better at the game overall. Not everyone can be in the top 1 percent so it's inherently ridiculous to expect that. Doesn't mean you're bad at the game.


The deeper you get into music the more niche your preferred sound becomes and less and less music that matches is at your disposal. Soundcloud is like a rubbish dump there are far too many "artists".

The people here saying it is impossible to get good at something miss the point also because anyone can just about learn the skills not that they could do anything revolutionary or new with it.

Does a booru for non anime art exist btw?


quote 1 person saying it's impossible to get good.
"talent does exist" is like the most controversial opinion of all time even on a website like this of all places hahhaha. people froth at the mouth and get all defensive about their medicore non-professional hobbies.
your fucking around with a guitar is no different than someone casually playing video games, you dont need to cope this hard when someone brings up talent because it's not even applicable to you at this point.


there he is. neither of your remarks were of any help to anyone. just stay silent.


File: 1631717518405.jpeg (26.73 KB, 250x279, 250:279, AAEA6C87-3027-452F-A630-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

The worst part about this thread is having to see those meat creatures locking lips every time I scroll past.


Hit [-]


imagine being this much of a crab


You really missed out huh?


I can also just hit hide next to the file name. That’s beside the point.


If that works, you need to check your privacy settings such as cookies


With practice most people can become SUFFICENT in a skill, not the best of the best. Most people playing violin and League of Legends aren't doing it to be number 1, they're just doing it to have fun. They're hobbies at the end of the day, people that do them for fun, and it's only if they find them particularly fun does that turn into an obsession. And if you're obsessed, you're in a state of flow and don't really care about how good you are at it.

Just take Quentin Tarantino. That guy knew everything about film before he became a filmmaker. Even if he suddenly couldn't direct anymore, he'd still have that drive that compels him to obsess over movies like he did at the film store.

The problem is you cunts here are trying to find meaning in hobbies, the sideshow to life for most people. There's fuck all meaning in being good at bibleo games and painting well. Tell me why you should be able to be the best in the world at something with effort? No seriously, why? Why isn't it enough to just have fun with it like with most people?


>The problem is you cunts here are trying to find meaning in hobbies, the sideshow to life for most people.
Finding meaning in hobbies is easier because a lot of hobbies are low effort moderate-high gain. Being good at real life tasks like studies, job, philosophy and whatever takes a huge amount of effort


File: 1632069873018.gif (3.02 KB, 144x72, 2:1, tarakotchi_eat.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>neets don't go outside, don't procreate or have normal family and friends, dont have the money to do much of anything, don't have a career or participate in their local community
etc etc
>"lol dumbass neets trying to find meaning in some of the only things they have access to like guitar and drawing"
alright bro


File: 1632444345249.jpg (152.05 KB, 736x1120, 23:35, 48.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

"Non-depressed wizards" are dysgenic retards coping hard.


All life is coping


Philosophy isn’t a life task


hi coyote21


there was a time when reading that pic would have hurt (and I'm pretty sure there was and it did) but now it just makes me laugh


it goes full circle eventually. you'll become numb and indifferent, almost content.


I don't think so. Living in a situation where that is possible is a privilege


The wiz you replied to is in the know and you have no idea. It is called surviving the war to be a cripple and giving up on everything. You stop desiring pretty much and wait to die.

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