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i have tried everything with my life , nothing works out . in the end everything collapses on my head
i tried working a normie 9-5 job , was very mentally exhausting plus i have autism (diagnosed not a meme) , so social interacting was the worst thing to do , and i needed that a lot
even with this job i was kinda ok , as long as there is money coming
left the job and got drafted for army for one year , it was a literal hell
finished this year with very little left inside , i felt like im a shell of what it used to be me
maybe the stress gets the best of you and leaves you empty
after finishing military service , i searched for job and after i got a decent one i got kicked out of rental house and searched for a new one
the work place didnt like this and decided to give me the boot
tried to search for a job after that , but i was like digging in water
with me an empty shell after military , and failed job and many many failed interviews with no real job and the money is getting less and less , i decided to go freelance
and it was a disaster , all the freelancer websites i tried are a literal scam filled with indians and pakistanis
didn't stop there , decided to go crypto
built my own rig with the money i was saving for the past year or so , and everything was looking great , i couldn't even believe that it was happening
everything was working as i expected , every number i calculated was correct, and it even grow larger than i expected
so far so good
but ..
one day i woke up , checked up the rig , and every single card has failed
i don't know what's happening with me , why this shit keeps happening with me
it was the first time for the past 10 or so years that i felt genuinely happy
but it's like i shouldn't be happy in this life
it's like this life is hell , and im here as a punishment
im tired , really tired and i wish i could rest , forever
i really wish that i die soon , because im too pussy to suicide


why do you think you felt happy when you were making crypto? i have no advice or I would not be here


it was getting me a good money , im short on money and it's getting worse


what can you even do then? at least keep in mind that even if you did get what you want you would still feel as you do now. I assume NEETbux is off the table for you? could you move into your breeders home or something or even take a garbage job?


Why all cards failed? Did they overheat? Was there enough airflow over them in the room? What cards brand? Did you try to troubleshoot? Did you have some sensors monitored on them?


estonia or finland?


there is no neetbux here
and im already with parents , but it's humiliating to live like this
im almost crying writing this , but i think it was turning upright for me once , just fucking once and then everything crashed on my head
why ? i don't understand

i don't know what to do anymore , i just want to die


>and im already with parents , but it's humiliating to live like this
it is only humiliating because you think it is. stop caring and you would be able to enjoy your time as a NEET.


i just can't live like this
sometimes i feel like god is punishing me for something i did but i don't know what that thing is so i can fix it
or maybe this is hell and im being punished for something i did in another life


it is tough but we have no choice unless we do that one thing. Doors may open up for you and it may suck to hear but a bad job until ou can get a better one could be it. life is not fair I feel wrong for saying anything positive to you but that comes from wishing someone else can get out of the hole. you did say that having money would make you happy and if that is true it is lucky because people can always make money it is not like you are screwed in the head


This, they brought you here without your consent. It's their responsibility like it or not


so what if it is though when people wont take responsibility for it?


Does your country practice tipping? It's often very easy money for little work. Also stop masturbating


im just too tired to try anything
anything i try fails for some reason , i just want to make some cash so i can go out of my parents house and live in a small rental or something , living in this house is a living hell
im in a shared room with no privacy , the door is always open , window is broken and there is no money to fix it , because we are poor fucks
and on top of that , im 25 y.o (26 in few months)
i fucking hate my life


also they are 24/7 talking / chatting / whatever
i haven't had a good sleep in months

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