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Anything related to therapy cna go here >///<
Have you found therapy helpful at all and if so why and if not why.

It seems to me that a therapist can help you if you have some things you want to achieve or gain in life but for whatever reason you will not go for them and also therapy can help people learn how to manage and identify their feelings but people who are self aware can do this by reading a book instead.
general therapy seems centered on establishing yourself within the community socially and working so you can buy things you want but what can it do for people who dont want anything? is it so crazy to think that just as some people like X and others Y there are also people who dont enjoy life at all. Do you think there will ever be therapy that helps people let go of life and end it peacefully.


Therapy will never allow people to discard life. That would be a failure by all measures. Therapy, being ideally a therapeutic experience, has the goal of making life more manageable and pleasant. So dying and suicide is anathema to it.

And that’s how it should be. Death is too cheap. I know most people here are suicidal or at least have ideations, I do as well, but that’s not a goal. It’s an escape. Anyone can die at any time, so there’s little reason to hasten it. You can’t undo it.


my parents took me to a therapist recently, I've been to many, and after spending 3 sessions explaining my entire life and her calling me insane I just said that I'm not depressed and I like sitting at home all day playing video games and browsing the internet, but along with that I am also afraid to leave the house but it doesn't cause me distress to stay inside, and then she said there was no way she could help me

there is no point in therapy unless you have a goal, and if you have a goal then I don't see why you would need therapy, it is completely pointless crap for normalfags to burn money on


Therapy is just brainwashing to get normalfags back to work. This world is objectively suffering and the psychologists supply their pseudoscientific copium to the peasants, just like the priests did in the past.


>Therapy will never allow people to discard life. That would be a failure by all measures.
It may never come to be but how can you call it a failure when you are defining it only by what it currently is.
Therapy is not just talking to people though magie. Therapy for personality disorders has varying success like DBT for BPD is very helpful FYI.
pretty much this


Because death is the outcome that is trying to be avoided. Much like medicine, or combat. It’s not just what it’s current objective is, it’s what the objective must be. By definition. Same reason why doctors will never support euthanasia for patients who aren’t already functionally dead.


I only go to therapy and to the psychiatrist to get evidence for neetbux. I've been going for a few years and I think my therapist only keeps seeing me because they're either scared I'm going to kill myself or they're using me for study. I will concede however that when I'm going through a panic attack or delusional thoughts that they manage to calm me down, but that may just be because I could talk about my thoughts to someone without them yelling at me or freaking me out more.



has anyone here ever asked a personal question to a therapist or tried to make small talk? I read reddit and people said they talk to their therapist and even ring them up when they feel down. I have never asked my psych a single thing that is not relevant to what the session should be about. is it not normal to try take interest in their life at all?


I've never done so and I've been seeing mine for a few years. I don't even know how to make small talk because I simply don't care about others enough to even pretend.


I had wanted to ask mine about this but since it is personal I never do. Does your one say you are extremely strange?


My therapist never gave their personal opinion of me as a person even when I told them I never kissed a succubus after they asked about my romantic life. I don't think a therapist should be telling their clients that they are strange but I wouldn't care if mine did.


File: 1631594150506.png (145.36 KB, 500x522, 250:261, how-to-deal-with-depressio….png) ImgOps iqdb

I spent my 20s going to therapists for depression that started at my teens and such.

I really went all the way in with the first psychiatrist, tried bunch of SSRIs for a couple of years, hell even got ECT a bunch of times since apparently pills weren't cutting it.
I learned a bit about depression during therapy but eventually got sick of it all, couldn't find a reason of why should I bother with all these steps just to function in a world of people who clearly don't want me around. Too bad Neetbux is not an option here.

Tried another couple of therapists cause of family pressure but most of them were superfluous, one of them, a succubus, got angry at me cause apparently I don't have a change attitude. I found it funny.

Most recently, I had to do some personality test thing for an University admission, the results caught the attention of the counselor. Apparently my suspicion trait and some other shit was came out the highest, he made the remark about what could happen to an individual in their formative years to have such traits so high.
Had to laugh it off. What indeed.

It really gets on my nerves how most if not all therapists I've been in, at first, always throw the question:
>Have you ever had friends/a grillfriend/a job?
I mean I can understand the nature of making that question, but always feel like they act like oh we are dealing with one of THOSE… when I answer it.

Something I'd like to add to those Wizzies and Apprentices that would like to give therapy a chance is that THERE ARE NO THERAPISTS THAT SPECIALIZE IN LONELY YOUNG MALE PROBLEMS AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE PUT INTO THE NORMALFAG CONTEXT.
At best you could find some who has an experience with similar patients before, but I think we are still a bunch of decades before therapists realize there's a need for that. Still, you might get lucky and find someone to talk about problems with.


>he made the remark about what could happen to an individual in their formative years
I hate how they go on and on about the past and like yes it can help to acknowledge but omg so many people just like to blame everything on their past as a cope and in my experience it feels like I am used to test out the shit they read..
the best kind will actually try to think what could help you based on their own experience and ideas not just touting off what worked for some normal. You would think that crazies wouldn't be normalfags but you only need to go to the sanatorium to see being a normie is not just being possibly mentally ill but something far deeper.

SSRI are a joke I have had them myself and looked into them also and it is actually a placebo and even a doctor had told me the same thing. SSRI help people feel they are on a journey to recovery so they start trying to get better which just means doing what normans do. Wiz would be better off reading philosophy and psychology and thinking about it all cynically to come to their own spculation.


accepting mental health definitions or any other vocabulary means you’ve been successfully captured. You let other people define your reality rather than define your own.
Depression is a catch-22. To be depressed means you can no longer see/think for yourself. But you need to see in order to no longer be depressed.
As soon as you accept the label, you’re forever enrolled into an extortion and belittlement program
Yes, the world is unfair. You either use the cards you got or drop out. nothing else to say, no one else to rely on, tough shit. It fucking sucks, and no one will understand your situation better than yourself. And they’ll think general platitudes will fix things or acting macho or all of this other bullshit. Seeing the world as a farce is fine; just be also weary of the farce that is mental illness(psychological entrapment)


Absolutely this. All this therapy shit feels like you can't trust yourself, your perspective, your experiences, that's why we get often struck by how much platitudes a shrink can say i guess, it's a completely different reality that you are putting above your own, you might as well say that you are cuckoo and lack enough sanity to hold a world-view. The only utility i can give to therapy is the possibility of being listened to but apart from that i know no one can really relate, tough shit indeed. Was writing a post along those lines yesterday but closed the page out of fatigue and jadedness. Couldn't have done it better anyway.


>It really gets on my nerves how most if not all therapists I've been in, at first, always throw the question:
>>Have you ever had friends/a grillfriend/a job?
wtf literally none of mine asked me that and I’ve been to a bunch, but most recently one I went to somehow work came up I think in an analogy to which I mentioned I never had a job and she just gave me some weird/surprised look and said that I’m crazy


most therapy is no better than placebo or random chance. therapists simply do not have the tools to help anyone that's actually suffering from real mental problems i.e. chronic debilitating depression and anxiety, phobias, compulsions, traumatic flashbacks, uncontrollable automatic thoughts, images, memories and so on.

the entire grift is based on people's ability to either convince themselves that they are doing better, misattribute the causes of their change to the therapist (often by his suggestion) or simply statistical shenanigans. when you clear out the bullshit, ALL empirically studied psychotherapies have the SAME efficacy because the actual methodology and techniques don't mean shit. people are equally fooled with psychoanalysis, CBT or fucking dance therapy or whatever.



Are therapist poorfags compared to pharma pill pushers?
It seems so to me.


I have been seeing a psychologist for a long time and recently went to see a different psychologist for an assessment and at the end of the sessions he mentioned he wanted to psychoanalyze me. He wanted to have me do a Rorschach test and some others as well as extensive therapy. I told him I happen to think psychology is more art than science and not having as much validity as he would like people to believe as well as laughing spontaneously when I completed a test that was a Myers-Briggs based test. He told me it is "scientific" and "valid" and tried to claim that I am just a "rational" thinker so am resistant or some hogwash but I am not rational in the reddit sciencefag way at all.

What should I do? I don't want to pay to have this rubbish done but I am curious at what the result would be. Have other wizards found professionals have taken a keen interest in them because they are atypical even to the atypical?

This all seems like a scam to me an accepted myth and of course the practitioners who have spent a decade or more in schooling and practicing will defend it.


Sounds like he's just trying to appeal to your ego by saying you're really special. Also, someone taking a keen interest in your inner world and personality can be quite attractive if you otherwise never get that kind of attention or "intimacy" in the real world.

Personally I think therapy is a waste of time and money, but if you get a kick out of it and actually look forward to sessions, there's no harm in indulging in it and satisfying that curiosity. I think it would be fun to go to therapy and just run circles around the guy and put tiny little baits in your conversation and lead him down some path. It probably wouldn't take more than a wikipedia skim through psychoanalysis to do that.


It's as accurate as palm reading, don't waste your money on that hogwash.


He never said I was really special but in general I have noticed psychologists will take an interest in me (even when not paying) and want to prod around. The same psychologist claimed I was "highly intelligent" and I disagreed with him it does nothing but annoy me when I get praised and there was no validity to it anyway so I dobt it was to appeal to my ego but alas it may have been. It would be strange if this gentlemen was trying to appeal to me by taking some interest in my inner going ons as it does not appeal to me not that I am resitant but I am very much sealed off in ways and don't care to talk to people. Typical wiz I guess very loner yet content being alone.

I have self studied a lot over the years on the subject so I am sure I could have some fun if I wanted but I am older and I am past that it would only fuel my petty ego if I did and I had done that in the past but now I would not find that fun at all.

I will tell you what though, this guy was using free apps from the app store on an ipad to administer tests to me which are all self reported and to do with ADD and ASD. I am aware he would have to apply his professional opinion to when talking to me and deal with the data but the experience with him was not much different than doing personality tests online for a laugh. What a crock.

He asked me what I was listening to when I walked into the session and I told him it was Harsh noise and he did not get what that was so I tried to explain and in the end he insisted he hear the song I was listening to and well I can only guess from that alone he thinks I am odd. I attached the MP3. https://vocaroo.com/1cYU98o63GFj

I won't go I don't think.

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