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Have you guys read about the law of attraction and auto-suggestion? Authors like Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murphy, Bob Proctor and others. Many sages and gurus have stated that we are what we usually think. The law of attraction says that we attract what suits our state of vibration. Autosuggestion is the process that we can reprogram our subconscious mind with positive or negative affirmations and thoughts, if they are felt to be true in our imagination, they will eventually happen in the course of life. In short, we are co-creators of our reality. Do you believe it? Based on this we can leave the wizard state in the positive sense or at least live as a comfy wizard without depression. On the negative side, if someone falls into the utter emptiness of life, he can nourish suicidal thoughts in his mind at a point where that becomes his inevitable fate.


total bullshit


Watered down magick for normalfags


>you can change your mind
>the world around you isnt set in stone
>you are able to fix your problems
im sure this is going to be received well here


There are no negative affirmations. The subconscious mind has great power, but it's extremely primitive and can't process negative statements. If you did the affirmation "I am not addicted to pornography" it would be interpreted as "I am addicted to pornography". Be very careful with the techniques you use on your subconscious


i beliebe it
Neville's interpretation that is.


Negative affirmations like I will never do this or I can't do this are what I mean. Statements starting with I am not don't really work if the goal is positive. The affirmative imperative is the right technique.


The subconscious mind will erase all negative words, such as never, not, can't and so on. "I can't do heroin" becomes "I do heroin"


This feels like it won't work but how do i trick my brain to stop catastrophizing for example?


It works by changing the mindset. You have to control your thoughts by creating a new mindset where new affirmations are accepted by your subconscious as true, you will feel that. Of course this is not simple, requires persistence and repetition. What these authors I referred in the thread say is that you need to be deeply relaxed to impress your subconscious with new affirmations, in this state the mind becomes more receptive and tends to neutralize negative thoughts. Before bed and after waking up are the best times to use these techniques.



Not sure. I studied sigil magic last year and was universally warned not to make any negative statements because they'll all backfire. So instead of "I am not addicted to pornography" I did "My mind is pure", which worked


It’s just super handwavy CBT.l, which in itself is just a shitty, victim-blaming version of “just don’t worry about it bro” which in the past was accomplished by having people take hallucinogens in their adolescence or every once in a while.


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I remembe reading something similar to this about assertiveness.


Napoleon Hill was a failed salesman and a dummy. His boss tasked him with coming up with a new way to scam money from people. He came up with self-improvement because the results can't be measured and most people are desperate.


File: 1632830028973.png (70.79 KB, 879x511, 879:511, Turing.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ok, what about Alan Turing?


The mathematician? Why were so many of them schizos?


Those rich guys would never tell you the really importante things. They are just selling books with beautiful words…

Do not be so naive! Read them if you want but read Aldo between lines, their hidden intent


File: 1633189862490.jpg (125.75 KB, 856x1080, 107:135, 675677.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why believing in paranormal is shizo when sociological surveys reveal that most people are believing? In fact only dysfunctional autists don't believe in magic, ironically wizards are the ones who failed to use magic naturally.


For achieving certain mental states, sure I can believe that. As for physically altering reality, it's just wishful thinking. The examples people give of it succeeding are usually non-specific and non-attributable (e.g. "I got a promotion" which could be due to the first-order effects of increased confidence and charisma from the positive affirmations rather than actually altering reality on any level). Go ahead and try winning the lottery with the "law of attraction" then I'll believe it. Or try overcoming cancer with it.

So overall sure it does work, as long what you're "attracting" is something where the barrier to your obtaining it is mental or emotional, rather than physical.


napoleone hill also talked about sexual transmutation… and many other crank ideas. his only success was his book on how to get rich, all his businesses failed.

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