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lost my father when i was 21 , live whit bedridden grandmother for decade , and just now my mother died ,i have noone,have no inheritance ,norelatives because i do not have bio parents im just picked from the streets just great, feels like Guts i cant conecnt to noone, feel odd,maybe im FREE now


Tbh, as someone who doesn't get along with my boomer parents, I kind of envy that, not that I want to be homeless though.


And not a single one of them could help you learn to write intelligibly either. That's the biggest tragedy in all this



He is brazillian, saw the same thread in a portuguese imageboard earlier


Considering how often my father tries to make me ashamed of myself, I'm not really going to miss him. Hope he dies before he retires, I couldn't imagine having him here 100% of the time


I wish my parents were dead. One's a psycho, and the other's a leech that constantly grifts and lives with junkies that enable her to be a fuckup. I know that if I ever got my shit together and could afford a house, the latter parent would call me up immediately and say "can I live with you? I mean its just you and your computers, right?". I wish I had no family. The only cool person in my family is my cousin.


OP, I know you're going through shit. Losing your mother is difficult especially at your age. I did write up a bunch of stuff correcting your grammar because a lot of us are having difficulty understanding you in other threads. I should say that typically there are two reasons that I've seen for this:
1 - ESL, which given what >>248073 said is a definite possibility.
2 - It tends to be an early indicator of schizophrenia. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thought_disorder#Formal_thought_disorder )

People tend not to want to deal with '2' because it's incredibly difficult to downright impossible to hold a conversation with someone who is mentally ill. I think this is a major reason for a lot of animosity. I don't think it's being said, but I think a lot of people are misconstruing your grammar as an indication that you have legitimate schizophrenia and are putting you into this bucket instead of assuming that you're ESL. There are a lot of reasons for this split among a LOT of your posts:

- You never use periods. This makes your writing appear continuous and stream of consciousness. Constant stream of consciousness thought is a VERY good early indicator of schizophrenia.
- People have continually pointed out inconsistencies in your writing, but you haven't changed them. People telling you something, and then you immediately not applying or forgetting them is a sign of dementia and another strong indicator of mental illness.
- Your discussion about your personal life indicates a lot of things that would lead to a mental breakdown.

In case it's 1, I'll continue with a breakdown of the grammar. I don't mean to shit on you. This is just in case you want to improve. You probably don't feel like it now, and I understand if you don't, but it will help you to be treated more seriously. After all, you can see that a lot of people are rather dismissive of you, despite your serious circumstances. I believe this is because of how you're talking. Hopefully, it will also overall improve your communication skills overall.

I'll try to do this, but keep in mind that I'm no master of grammar myself.

General points:
- Capitalize the beginning of your sentences.
- The word 'i' should be capitalized.
- Commas have a space to the right, but not to the left. They should be addended to the word that they come after.
- When you have a complete clause, use a period, not a comma. This is the most important point. Like I said, my guess is that people probably are thinking you're a legitimate schizophrenic and are ignoring you because of this.

Those are general points throughout the OP. Let's pick apart the individual details of the OP now.

We should have a subject here. Going by context, the OP is talking about himself, so he should start off by saying 'I lost."
>lost my father when i was 21 ,
With the previous point, this is a complete sentence because it has a subject (I) and a predicate (lost my father). It also has an adjunct predicate (when I was 21). Therefore, this should be a complete sentence without the trailing comma. Especially since the trailing comma has no conjunctions (and, but, yet, etc.). So, this should be:
"I lost my father when I was 21."
Let's continue to the next sentence.
>live whit bedridden grandmother for decade , and just now my mother died
Similar to before, we need a subject. So, we should start with 'I.' Also, OP is clearly talking about the past, but using the present tense 'live' here. He should say 'lived.'
A lot of English speakers incorrectly enunciate the word as 'whit.' However, it is written as 'with.'
>whit bedridden grandmother
Whose grandmother? Obviously, the OP probably means his own, so we should include the modifier 'my' here.
>for decade
Here we use the article 'a' to help specify the amount of time. Without it, by context, it is unclear whether the OP had a typo and meant 'for decades' or really meant just one decade, and therefore should say 'for a decade.' I'm guessing it's 'for a decade' given how he just stated that he's only 21.
So far, we have one complete statement:
>I lived with my bedridden grandmother for a decade
Now OP continues with a conjunction, so we can add to this sentence:
>and just now my mother died
Another complete phrase. The only thing is accidentally having two spaces. However, after this is neither another conjunction nor an appositive statement. So, the next complete sentence should be:
>I lived with my bedridden grandmother for a decade, and just now my mother died.
This next part could be written so that it shares the same verb.
>i have noone,have no inheritance ,norelatives
So it should be:
>I have no one, no inheritance, and no relatives
Notice how we do not repeat the verb. We also included 'and' because this is a list. Finally, I should mention I'm using an Oxford comma here.
Then there is a conjunction so we have another phrase (incidentally, we should not have a comma before because https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/qanda/data/faq/topics/Commas/faq0018.html).
>because i do not have bio parents
This completes the sentence, so it should have a period at the end. 'Bio' is a nonstandard abbreviation and therefore should be written out fully. Thus, the next complete sentence is:
>I have no one, no inheritance, and no relatives because I do not have biological parents.
The next phrase is:
>im just picked from the streets just great
'im' is actually a contraction and should be "I'm." This is short for "I am." I'm not sure what the modifier 'just great' is about or what you were going for there, so I'm afraid I'll have to drop it. Otherwise, this is another complete sentence with a subject and predicate:
>I'm just picked from the streets.
Next sentence we can see the subject is dropped again:
>feels like Guts
It's clear from context you're referring to yourself, but you conjugated the verb 'feel' in the third person form. Together with previous errors we've already talked about (two spaces and the lack of a conjunction indicating whether it's part of the new sentence), this should be:
>I feel like Guts.
Next sentence we at least have a subject:
>i cant conecnt to noone
But 'cant' is another contraction that should be spelled as "can't" as it is short for 'can not.' Also, 'connect' is misspelled. Finally, double negatives are tricky in English, so to avoid confusion, you might want to end the sentence with 'anyone.' Again, with no conjunction following, this is another complete sentence:
>I can't connect to anyone.
Next sentence:
>feel odd,maybe im FREE now
Again, we forgot the subject 'I.' We also forgot a space between 'odd' and 'maybe.' Although 'maybe' is not a conjunction, I gather that you meant for this to modify 'feel' as a dependent adverb clause, which is fine. Together with other things we've talked about already, this sentence should be:
>I feel odd, maybe I'm FREE now.

In total, here's a complete rewite of what you just wrote:

>I lost my father when I was 21. I lived with my bedridden grandmother for a decade, and just now my mother died. I have no one, no inheritance, and no relatives because I do not have biological parents. I'm just picked from the streets. I feel like Guts. I can't connect to anyone. I feel odd, maybe I'm FREE now.


I think the ESL argument us valid, because of this:
>We should have a subject here.
In Portuguese, the verb has conjugations and so "lost" here would be "perdi" in Portuguese which already implies the speaker is talking about himself. It's probably a case of literal translation from Portuguese to English word by word.


At least now you can be a NEET/Wiz in peace without worrying your family.

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