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Any of you live in shitholes where there's mandatory drafting that is only evaded through joining some organisation or worse - by applying to university? I hate living here holy shit. This is common in post soviet countries


they usually don't take people on prescription meds


is this site only high school kids now


What does that have to do with this? Anybody under the age of 26 can get drafted in my shithole


Like >>247478 said, there are a shitton of countries with terrible mandatory draft laws that extend way past High School.


Up to 30 in Finland and it's not even a post-soviet shithole


Might as well be, holy shit anon.


Some countries have an alternative to mandatory military service called Alternative Civil Service, they will take some percentage from your salary if you have a job if not then they'll find one for you and there is a specific period when you can apply if you'll miss the deadline then its over, only other option is to find somebody that managed to bribe himself out and ask him for contacts and info. but that is kinda risky


It’s the same in my country and it has nothing to do with any of the soviet history or the west in general except political relations/trading etc. I’m in Egypt


Most Finns seem ok with it. It is one of the best countries to live in, and it is at risk of war with Russia. It is generally thought that any forced participation in war would be due to an existential threat from Russia.
For the mandatory 1 year service, some sort of civil service is possible instead of the full military experience. I think perhaps it facilitates young people to gain independence. It sounds easy to get a mental illness exception if you just tell a doctor youre depressed etc.

I didnt understand it before living there. In my country I couldnt imagine being patriotic, but Finland is actually nice, so I can understand that people would be willing to defend it.


I live in a shithole third world country not worth defending though.

A country like Finland is nice enough to die for considering how well they treat every citizen.
An unemployed or disabled person lives better there than 99% of the world's wageslaves.
Even the most downtrodden there probably have strong allegiance towards the nation.

The motivation just isn't there in my case because my country sucks and is purely built to sustain the 0,1% elite at the cost of everyone else.


yeah i would be more inclined to assist an enemy to destroy my country

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