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Another day, another edition
Previous Thread: >>243829


File: 1632481240874.jpg (93.78 KB, 700x251, 700:251, download (9).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is it. I can't escape it anymore, this is going to be my life. I'm gonna fucking wageslave and work till i'm old and dead and theres nothing I can do to stop it unless i'm braindead lucky with crypto or become some wacky autistic e-celeb. Every fucking day, every month and year is just work and consuming shit, i'm starting to fucking lose it!


I can't even crypto abroad because my fucking bank shut me off and I can't even login into coinbase app. I am once again reminded I'm a fucking slave. I'm gonna get the fucking jab so at least I can hope I'll die in my sleep instead of suffering decades of this shit.


File: 1632503345449.jpg (100.31 KB, 740x740, 1:1, 1459690413101.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

6 days of work after this weekend


Don't fucking remind me



File: 1632514272839.png (1.7 MB, 1687x1330, 241:190, 1618303704495.png) ImgOps iqdb

they're taking down all the power on a saturday and IT has to be there to aid server startup.
since everyone else already said beforehand they're not available I'm now forced to show up.
didnt even know until a week ago, just got an invitation to the event and agreed to it without checking if the date was on a random week day, just kinda assumed it'd be.
mistake I wont make again, always checking what day the dates are now but its already too late for the two I accepted.


File: 1632527512806.jpg (158.9 KB, 1219x1163, 1219:1163, E_EXsIlVkAUEi6b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I got fired at the beginning of this month, the reason?
>you sounded slightly sarcastic to one of our customers
>The nigger told me she hopes I get fired and that she was going to put a complain about me
>she was demanding something impossible and I followed the procedure as indicated
>get paid more than enough as a final goodbye
I've been doing nothing this whole month, and I can keep it up like this for another 2 months, by then I'll still have savings in case of an emergency
>This is good, this is better


enjoy the free time wiz,
every time I get into the burning savings between jobs 'vacation' it always feels right.
I wish there was a permanent escape but it never lasts long enough


this is just straight fucked, why do people think they can treat workers like slaves? my mother does the same thing and would say because she is the customer it is fine but why not treat people nicely and why don't companies actually have a backbone.
The big places expect you to bend over and get fucked by a customer if they want you to but the benefit of a smaller place is the boss may just let the workers stick up for themselves and tell rude customers to go eat a dick.

2 months is not long wiz so dont get too comfy


There was a talk about LinkedIn at my office.
That shit makes me want to die.



can you give a rundown on this? it is some wagie face book isn't it.
What do people post on there? how hard they work?


It was supposed to be a website for yuppies to advertise themselves to employers but now it is just wagie Facebook.


if it is so hard to get into the big money why don't these people just settle for less and live within their means whatever that may be? wouldn't working a less demanding job or fewer hours with enough money to simply live and read books be better than spending all your time to buy expensive gadgets and homes whilst not indulging in your fun activities?


52k hit the account and it feels like it's not enough, like I'll never afford anything. Even when I had a million I felt that way, always I wanted a yacht. Expenses came up. A sheet is what I want I think I want now, to experience that one more time before I go back to the drudgery of it all. So dumb that you can do like a year for a simple hit.

Anyway, I did construction, it's incredibly hard and stressful and you have to interact with customers. On haldol I couldn't do it anymore so we went our separate ways. I think.. I'd rather have a job writing somewhere or something.


You do realize that you will never have enough money right? even if you could buy 10 yachts you will get used to it and feel as you do now.
>So dumb that you can do like a year for a simple hit.
you mean losing out on an investment?


>why don't these people just settle for less and live within their means whatever that may be?
This concept is so alien to your regular yuppie is laughable. You gotta keep in mind most of these people are already in six digits debt with student loans and mortgages.


File: 1632597150850.gif (2.47 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 1631678270330.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Dealing with incompetent coworkers that might get you all fired is the absolute worst.

Not only that, but my supervisor is an incompetent too, which makes everything worse.


I'm from Eastern Europe. If I had to settle for minimum/below average wage here I'd rather not work at all.
I work abroad and get like 400% of what I'd earn at home. There's no in-between though, unless I switch careers, but then again there's a chance I might regret it. Would I sacrifice half of my paycheck to work from home and be more comfortable? Yes. Is it possible? I don't think so.


what is the end goal of you working? ify ou could live as a NEET why don't you do that.


End goal? I don't really think about that anymore. But I guess being able to afford a house somewhere with better weather like Croatia to NEET there. Wouldn't survive winter in my country.
>If you could live as a NEET
Perhaps I worded myself wrongly, there's no NEETbux here, by rather not working at all I meant dying.


File: 1632612746291.jpg (22.28 KB, 392x436, 98:109, E9hUozSX0AQkIYg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thank you wizies may both of you find a momentary rest from the never ending ride


I've come to the conclusion that the wagie life isn't for me. Carding seems pretty simple and easy to do. My question is, why do vendors choose to sell hacked credit cards/fullz for ten cents on the dollar instead of using them themselves? Did everyone lie to me on the internet when talking about how it's safe as long as you have good opsec?


Because using always increases the risk. Selling the tools for using (i.e. the numbers and ccv's themself) is practically risk free.

Then as you go down the food chain, the person who receives the merchandise is at a very high risk of getting caught sooner or later.


I'm staring down the barrel of having to get a job. 40 hours in a warehouse doing rotating shifts or being an Amazon slave seem the only options. I can't face it. I'm thinking of faking bipolar or trying to get myself diagnosed as an autist even though I'm not. Not sure if I could pull it off but neetbux and rotting seems an infinitely better outcome than slaving for min wage amongst lower lifeforms


Also, the seller barely ever exposes themselves. They post data once a month over an onion router and disappear.

As a user, even if you deal in digital merchandise only, you leave tons and tons of trails. You leave timestamps. You always have a certain ping from your ISP to the onion router.

What happens is once you cause enough financial damage, people like the NSA get interested. They have MIT doctorates working statistical analysis on you overtime.
An entire team of analysts just for assisting three letter agencies in curbing credit card fraud.

"But I'm anonymous on tor!" No you're not. The biggest tor carding forum got busted through NSA's man-in-the-middle-attacks.

Yes, using the details is theoretically higher profit, but the seller always comes out on top, because he never has any risk of going to federal prison.
People using the card details are generally too stupid to not get caught eventually.

Nobody cares about a smalltime carder, but start buying things worth hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars, you will be against people much smarter than you who can unmask your real identity.


depression and anxiety are easier to exaggerate and fake. chances are you'll eventually get your cover blown trying to fake autism or bipolar


faking bipolar is hard same with true debilitating autism.


>"But I'm anonymous on tor!" No you're not. The biggest tor carding forum got busted through NSA's man-in-the-middle-attacks.
The article you mentioned says that interpol was only able to seize their clearnet domains, which redirect to the onion. In fact the owner recently retired with billions in BTC. This only makes me further believe that those agencies are incompetent in the grand scheme of things.



File: 1632704050864.jpg (102.84 KB, 540x572, 135:143, 1590088379920.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's been 5 years since I started wageslaving and even though my pay / conditions have improved, it's not getting any easier on my psyche. I'm unable to enjoy even my time off anymore since "I have to get back to work in X days" is all that I'm thinking.
Just the fact that I have to work is unbearable. I fantasize about being diagnosed with a terminal illness that has a life expectancy of 2-3 years so that I can just stop caring and live off my savings.


It's all fake anyway


what are the highest paying jobs that are super easy and no stress? i know i wont be making crazy money but i wanna make the most i can for the least amount of work

im going to college and will have a degree if that helps


File: 1632715333772.jpg (28.47 KB, 294x283, 294:283, Tom-Jerry-Suicide.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If anyone knows how to deal with this feeling feel free to share.


probably some sort of ecommerce business


i got sucked into a grocery store again because it's close by and it's the only place that responded to my application.

it's almost like they could tell i'm a fag immediately, they immediately gave me more hours than i could handle and knew that i wouldn't have the guts to say no.
i told every manager in the store that i used to have a job where i just sat all day and that it'd be a real shock to my body to be suddenly lifting 40 40lbs boxes of bananas in 10 minutes and that i need to take it easy.
they didn't care and ignored me.

i took the shifts they gave me, i overworked, my entire body is in searing pain day in and day out now as a result.

going to work today, i knew i wouldn't be able to handle it and that i shouldn't bother. and i was right. my legs were barely functional from overexertion within 10 minutes of clocking in, so i clocked out and went home and i was too pussy to say anything to the manager, i just left.

now my cunt mom has been crying to me all day about money so i guess i'm going in tomorrow for my shift, and i'll have to explain to them all for the 7th time that i used to sit down all day and walking 10 miles a day isn't something i'm prepared for. they're all going to hate me and think i'm a fag for walking out, and i have no excuse. i'll have to beat the shit out of my body and be hated and have bad vibes from everyone constantly now too.



Why don't you guys grow cannabis instead? It's an untapped market that is normie-deterrent. The comprehension skills a lot of you guys have can aid you in understanding things
like crop steering, light power, genetics, etc. Anyone with an IQ of 120+ and decent reading comprehension can possibly become a millionaire getting potheads high as balls.


go in but do the bare minimum. once they see that you're not a hard worker, they'll put work onto the next sucker they can find instead. dont be that guy who actually does all the work, or they'll just give you even more shit to do. they dont care about your health, so fuck 'em.


>grow cannabis
If you live in a state that has legalized it, then there is absolutely no more money in that unless you're growing massive bulk. Even then, selling it is hard as hell these days since everyone can kip on down to the 999999999 stores and get godlike pot dirt cheap in a huge variety of options
t. pothead stoner family that used to do just that till government screwed the gravy train


>Just do something illegal bro
Wow why haven't I thought of it?


Look up Kevin Jodrey videos. Less is more.

An ounce can go for $600 and a pound can go for $600. The market is currently snobby pseudo-connoisseur's who chase flavors and smells. It's extremely easy to out-compete large scale grows with small batch harvests.


why not just grow good bud good shrooms and sell? what are you trying to say because that does not sound stable.



On a smoke break at my mill job.

It's not all that bad. I get free stuff when we overproduce. The only real issue is the other workers. Nobody except me seems to be able to competently do their job and I always end up having to sort it out.

That's the breaks I guess. No point in complaining. Not like anyone will listen to me anyway.


I'm searching for dead end jobs and it's demoralising seeing what developers and normfag corporate cucks can earn. I should've learned to code instead of doing nothing with my life. I probably never had the brains or logic abilities for it but I should've tried. Corporate culture might be a sick joke but is it any worse than working nights in a warehouse for minimum wage?


>corporate cuck who has to kiss everyone's ass and participate in mandatory meetings
>blue-collar slave who has to move stuff around or fix broken things
Pick your poison


I have discovered the only way to progress in life if you're not an alpha demi-god backed up by others is to have lose any self-respect.
The moment you have self-respect is the moment you encounter obstacles. Be it work or interpersonal relations.


taking forever for my two weeks to end
fuck this job
tempted to burn bridge


File: 1632836736598.jpg (329.75 KB, 2648x1800, 331:225, 1632028235304.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I literally work at a slave warehouse picking up boxes for 10 hours straight, sounds easy but no, it fucks up your body if your doing it for 40 or 60 hours straight and it's just awful shit pay. I feel like being a office cuck is better than manual labor or even trades. Trades require you to commute and be around such obnoxious big assholes who will probably bully 99% of wizards anyways. At least as a office cuck, my break won't be raped when I reach 50 or so.


File: 1632847705109.jpg (81.08 KB, 976x549, 16:9, p0701hzn.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

all things considered, office cucks are better positions than manual labor.
Anyone saying otherwise is just melodramatic and out-to-lunch on the harsh reality others go through.
The beauty of leaving office cuck jobs is that you just have mental things/stress to process, lost time.
But with manual labor, not only have you lost time, stress - depending on the people around you - but also degradation of body.
Some may claim that sitting around degrades your body too, but that is the fault of the office wagie to not exercise and move around frequently.
While as a laborer, you are already spent to ever bother doing more for your body

t. office cuck


Speaking of, still waiting out the last of my two weeks.
Not even sure why I am going through this custom, but whatever.


office work is not like the movies bruh
if you get shit on by low iq groids in manual labor you will get labeled a black sheep by chads/stacies in the office the moment you decline their invitation to go out drinking
>you will be the "new guy"
>you will always be the extra they don't need
>you will get unrelated tasks thrown on you and expected to do them
>your coworkers will make up lies and spread rumors about you just for sport
>you will be laying in bed dreading the next day every night for the rest of your life

at least manual labor you can just be quiet and listen to earphones and move your boxes around


>I fantasize about being diagnosed with a terminal illness that has a life expectancy of 2-3 years so that I can just stop caring and live off my savings.
whats keeping you from quitting and burning through savings now?


>whats keeping you from quitting and burning through savings now?
The free time would be poisoned by thoughts like "I have X money left until I have to find a job or off myself"


File: 1632879161805.jpg (25.38 KB, 474x355, 474:355, download (11).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah true but I can't stand the fucking pain of my body and the lowest pay, they're will be no way the pay will be higher and these jobs will be automated soon. God life is such a drag.


Unironically get the Pfizer shots, looks like people really will start dropping sooner or later


File: 1632909591107.jpg (47.26 KB, 547x519, 547:519, 1552508827521.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

yes I'm sure that a fully approved vaccine will kill me, some random conspiracy theorists on the internet cannot be wrong


Jewish hands typed this post


Lol then you lose nothing by getting it and you can gain everything when theories turn out to be true. Win win.


95% of doctors are vaccinated

but yeah let's listen to suicidal crab on wizchan with no formal education or profession


Next call me a flat-earther nazi and go back where you came from.


>5% aren't, why?
>suggesting majority of people are always right, in the same branch that feeds them and uses them

>ad hominems

>assuming you know me



I heard about a third vaccine now. People doesn't seem to know where they are just being laughed at


They would lose their job and destroy their career if they didnt, so that doesnt mean much


What's the point of taking it?


greatly lowering the chance of being sick and infecting your old parents


His point is that doctors aren’t dropping like flies from this supposed bioweapon.


They got dupes/placebo/faked injectins. Only cattle willingly gets the mystery elixir.


I lose the time spent on getting the vaccine


Had to leave work early cause I wasn't feeling very good.
It's amazing how easily I dropped asleep for 8 hours. Wish I could sleep as easily on weekends.


Third vaccine I have heard about lastly. What for a laughter.

But there is an evenly more Evil strategy: that they fake it up like doing until now… And them they release a real biological threat.

Do you people know any trustworthy doctor? Someone Who knows to isolate and put weak virus into a vaccine?
I trust no one there…


Karen sent hubby in to the storehouse to see if we had a bathroom. He didn't ask me if we had one, but he saw the door to one and shouted back to her that we had one. It's the employee bathroom and it's out of order because our water pump is fried so the toilet can't flush, and I can't even fill a bucket up to manually flush it. So karen waddles in while hubby watches the baby (they were just tailgating in the parking lot). I tell her no the bathroom isn't working, I can't flush the toilet, that's why it's closed. Wummin says "ok, well i need to pee so i use anyway". Bitch we are a 40 second drive to the coffee shop that is more bathroom than shop, and you haven't even shut your car off in the past 30 mins you were idling here. so now the toilet's full of rotten karen piss and i have to bucket it out and probably plunge in it because some other ignorami not only used it while I was changing the bins on the trail, but also threw toilet paper and baby wipes down the toilet to.

God I hate this. Boss owes me $900 in unpaid wages so far plus whatever he decides my time was worth for this past week. Toilet at home doesn't work toilet at work doesn't work I'm even more of a bag shitter now as a member of society than I was when I was homeless


I'm sorry to hear that Anon, that last sentence sounds like the theory I had in my head that we're all here in purgatory and we all suffer the irony of history repeating itself.


So I’m doing a lot of physical labor related with machinery, I’ve figured that I have probably 5- 10 years my body will be able to handle it at best. The place isn’t too horrible and even offers tuition reimbursement which would partially cover the damage, so I was thinking may be I should get a 2 year degree in accounting. That would let me to make same money sitting in an office or maybe even at home. However I’m afraid I will get myself in couple years of part time studying full time working hell, wihile also going dipper in the student loan. And I do not even know if in 2023 AI would take it over.. I’m confused once more. What should I do?


How do wagies even enjoy the weekend? All I think about is how my time is ticking down, how if I spend too long on one thing I won't have time for the next thing I want to do, and then I'll blink and it'll be Monday again. I want to be NEET so bad but I don't have the money nor guts to quit. Only hope is to pray that corona-chan comes back hard this winter.


You can get a seasonal job to avoid weekend syndrome.


had a similar experience with work toilets and i flatly refused to clean someone else's shit. how much of a pushy dick is your boss? he shouldn't expect you to do something extra for him like clean others' waste if he isn't even paying you.


He's not pushy at all. He's the land/business owner but he lives a few cities over, so he's only here about an hour each week to check up on things and collect his share of the cashflow. That's the problem though, he's so distanced from this place that he doesn't see any value in putting in the money needed to fix the plumbing, hydro, equipment, or even installing basic security. Our hydrostatic float mower has had a drivepump blown for years so it can only turn one direction and go at half speed. Despite this I'm still supposed to cut several miles of trail and a few fields with it every other week or so. Taking a quarter of the cash we make in one good business week could fix it and effectively half the time it takes to do maintenance, but he just doesn't care enough about it to put up the cash. That's why it's taking so long to get my pay too, because even if there's $900 in the till right now, and all the bills are paid, he'd still take it and spend it on something for either himself or one of his other businesses before putting it in to this place, which I'm regarded as a part of.

I'm the only employee here until I close up in the winter, so while I don't have to answer to anyone, everything that does need to be done is all on me, and with no pay coming my way I'm quite disinterested in putting in any more than the bare minimum to keep this turnkey scamjob business running.


I am to rot I'd still choose not to rot in the same place all what's left of my time. Applyfor other things even if they look mor eof the same… when you just have some agreement outside there, ask for a salary upragde.

Boss refusing? Then say goodbye.


stop working and become a NEET


have you discussed any of this with him? i would at least say something about your wages, unless something else like the mower or the utilities are higher priority for you.


>People doesn't seem to know where they are just being laughed at
you're right, i'll listen to you instead of 95% of doctors!


>i'll listen to you instead of 95% of doctors!

whatever. Anyone else, listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKlNdHeqHl8


>I-IT'S NOT TROO!! here, listen to my rabbi explain for 45 minutes why the vaccine is full of nanobots!!
sorry, not clicking your jewtube link.


I don't want to go back to work. I worked both "real job" in IT and "low skill" at a mall before, and they are both miserable.


One more week to go…


File: 1633380667154.gif (312.65 KB, 112x112, 1:1, 1633355266106.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I've worked over 130 days without a day off.


Why just why don't you even apply for anywhere else meanwhile?


194 days was my record.


You should have enough money saved up by now so why not switch to an easier part-time job?


Many people can't afford rent with a part time job anon, also many people don't want to live with their retarded parents who can make ur life even worse


I am gratefull for the chinavirus. While its a huge dissapointment with so little measures taken (closing normie activity holes for a few weaks hardly counts as anything) I do got the slave from home.
Sometimes I feel just "overwhelmed" and really have to fight to keep the tears back, but since I am at home I could just let go - wich I did. I guess I should prep a nice comfort meal for friday and watch a tearjerker.


>Don't worry about being awkward. They get 16 year olds who are afraid of their own shadow, dementia-ridden elderlies, and people who don't even speak your area's language to stock shelves. That fact that you're punctual enough to string sentences together, and that you posses enough self-awareness to question if you're even capable of working there, are both signs that you're many steps above what the bottom of the workforce barrel has to offer.
So many people here doubt their abilities. If you can type coherent sentences on this website then you're already more competent than the average person. The average wageslave is a complete imbecile.


Kids made fun of me and threw things at me. Again.


I hate my job too wizzes. I got on a fucked up sleep schedule because I couldn't stand how little free time I had as a wagie (full-time). Never feel like doing anything. I've derealized significantly, noticed this around June 2020 while hiking, reality felt much less real. Felt like I was watching a movie. I sleep from midnight til 5:55 a.m. every morning. So more like 12:30 til then that I actually sleep so 5-1/2 hours a night. I got a raise to 18 an hour in my garbage manufacturing job. I get a 50 percent principle match on 401(k) after 5 years. Been here 2 years so far (almost) but I want out every day. I have 2 weeks vacation, potential for tuition assistance, heath insurance and dental. I want to quit but my parents will rage if I don't have insurance even though I haven't been to the doctor in ten years. I have 50k in savings. I've pretty much destroyed my brain and my plan to drop out and learn to code (I already know sort of) is becoming less and less viable. Plus I will look like a joke next to my brother who has an actual comp sci degree.


Being incoherent doesn't make you an imbecile though….


I have a paper trail of medical records that verifies I'm a retard but can still string sentences together. It's no big deal and you aren't some special person for it.


>50k in savings
Quit and relax for a few months. Get your sleep schedule right and get your head back on your shoulders. I'm not saying to waste your savings away, but you need a break man. You're burned out. After a few months, reassess and start thinking about school or learning to code. If you're learning to code I assume you're good with computers. Think about getting some IT certifications while you're off. Pretty much the only thing you need to get a cushy desk job, even if it is help desk, and build from there. No formal education required. Good luck Anon.


I don't know how to get the certs. Is there a test? I'd definitely work on them. I just hate customer service. Getting a work from home job is my only priority, I wanted one since long before 2020. They just weren't viable til the past year.


Been applying to entry level jobs in my field. Every interviewer expects you to bend over backwards to suck their dick and be grateful for the opportunity to do so. "Mr. Candidate, why do you want to work for us? Are you passionate about this field?" Do normalfags just lie out of their asses about how much they love slavery?


If you truly want the job, then you have to play their game. Trying to be a smartass will not land you the job and you wasted your time. So to answer, yes, you lie. This whole world is is built on lies.


They want their money's worth. If I was hiring, I'd rather get a hard worker that likes his job instead of someone that's looking to clock out as fast as he can.


>They want their money's worth.
They want more than their money's worth.

Gotta play the game.


This. They want you to demonstrate that you're willing to be a submissive whore for the company.


I've had the same job for 9, almost 10 years now (10th anniversary in march next year) and I'm exhausted. earlier this year I tried applying to internal job searches and they basically told me to fuck off because working the same job for so long is a huge red flag apparently lol. they want people who switch jobs every 3 years. What the fuck


That's clown shit..? Employers hate you if you don't work as much and now they hate you if you work too much? What is there to please these fucking demonic monsters? There has to be a program to get people good paying jobs without employers being niggers, this is fucking sick and inhuman.


interviews are so dogshit. interviewing is like going on tinder but for a job. i hate how you have to commodify yourself and let people judge your life experiences up against a whole bunch of other peoples, and objectify you as if you lived your entire life just to come to that building and wageslave. it makes me sick with spite.


I can type this sentence and you understand it, however, I am retarded.


question for wage slaves.
In prison people are not forced to work and get fed 3 times a day as well as getting money for existing to spend in the canteen weekly. Aside from the social environment prison seems better than having to work because if you just like reading and sleeping you can live in prison and not need to work or do anything but exist.


File: 1633602939460.jpg (12.84 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 163003536819.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I mean yeah but you also have to take in account
>a big mexican dude thinking you have a nice ass.
>not having privacy
>communal showers
>communal toilet
>guards beating you up
>your cellmate bullying you
its literally the worst place 4 us


Sure if you think it will be like in the hollywood movies but it depends on who you are doing time with. The worst part is restriction of information from the news to music and other media.
that is if you are not being beaten to a pulp for fun.


File: 1633611484980.jpg (137.63 KB, 785x1024, 785:1024, 1630288817239.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>but it depends on who you are doing time with.
If you go to prison you'd be spending time with either murderers, thieves or at the bare minimum assholes
agree with the rest


What country do you live in where prisoners aren't forced to work?


how do you get forced to work? you work to get extra money for the canteen.


Just because someone has killed someone does not make them a bad person. They may have made a mistake a crime of passion or experienced extreme anger but anyone can kill someone and murderers are just ordinary people who have made a mistake.


File: 1633615090237.jpg (89.69 KB, 500x410, 50:41, 1630314050473.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

well of course I bet tyrone dindu nuffin and hes actually a pretty chill guy


>Can't even do laundry at my workplace because they're cheap
>Have only one set of overalls
>Schorching sun
>Sanitary inspection coming
>Somehow it's unjustified for me to slack during my overtime


>apply for warehouse job listing £9 an hour, 5 days a week
>go for the interview which is just this dude writing my name, age and address of the warehouse on a piece of paper and giving it to me
>he tells me that actually the job is to work 6 days a week for minimum wage
I had the trial shift today but I didn't turn up. Feel like I made the right decision considering I've had better openings levelled at me at the jobcentre. My family is now nagging me about not going of course, after just yesterday expressing their discontent with the work that I had found myself because it isn't precisely 100% what they would have gone for in my position.


>be a CS student in uni
>apply for low wage retail jobs
>get rejected from every single one
Should I just commit suicide?


cant you just get the doctors to agree you are too fucked up to work and get on welfare?

become NEET


File: 1633625607613.jpg (58.54 KB, 500x407, 500:407, 1415317736953.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Update for >>247089 >>247099

So now a Danish study confirmed that the Moderna vaccine can give you myocarditis, and the government just decided they won't give it anymore to people under 30 because they now deem the risk is higher taking it than not taking it. Essentially proving me right in my "paranoia".

So what now?
Boomers at work double down on pressuring me getting vaxxed.
"Just take Pfizer instead!!"


So do you have to get the jab or not? I had a doctors appt recently and he asked me if I wanted to get vaccinated and I said I did not care.
He told me it wont stop you getting the virus or spreading it and the potential dangers are unknown.

I dont understand why anyone would bother getting vaccinated for a virus that is hardly deadly at all. This all seems so strange to me.


Normalfags panicking as they has to consider their own mortality for the first time in their lives


Also it has become a virtue signal


yeah its retarded that they give all this shit to literal murderers and rapists but not good goy wagecucks. but the prisoners still have to do jobs like serve food and shit


It's cause they want the alternative to wagecuking to be the military, instead of NEETing or homelessness. So they will make sure they will not support those who could go die for them instead.


Why do you think prisoners have to do do jobs? I am guessing you have never been in prison because you don't have to work at all.


> the alternative to wagecuking

I really make a call to seriously thinking on learning how to build underground prepper basements.

The State is our enemy.


if you can code, just apply for a programmer job lol


i am in college and im really dreading wageslaving. at some moment it hit me that all this work im doing will just lead to even more work, and my whole life im just going to be working and getting stressed about things and having stuff to do. and when that moment came, my ambition ceased. ive been not turning in a lot of assignments and my grades are tanking. i really dont know what to do or where to go


it depends if you’re mentally ill or not


i got diagnosed with ocd and depression like 5 years ago, but i stopped seeing a therapist and taking medication like 2 years ago because fuck that. it would be hard to larp because i got over most of my compulsions. also i live in america so it might be hard to get bux.


to those that transitioned from wagey to neet, anything you wish you knew when you started?


Its better to take everything calmly, like Pascal said: all problems stem from being unable to quietly sit at your own room.

Despair leads to nothing. It sells you away


And a ritual to show your devotion to Holy Church of Science


thanks wiz, will practice


if some dude won the green card thing for USA, but with having literally no money, what should u do to survive there in your first months


File: 1633866804017.jpg (38.3 KB, 662x655, 662:655, failureofsystem.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

take it easy, even if problems might arrise in nearby futures, always take it easy up until the very last moment.
when you're in a couple months or years the time fast forward is kicked in so hard you could easily ruin weeks if not months of your neetdom worrying about it ending, you'd wish you wouldnt have done that in hindsight.

alternatively, if you're lucky enough to be in a position where you can neet indefinitely, make sure the issues of others or any left over social pressure do not get in your way of taking it easy.

good luck wiz, take it easy, I hope the lifestyle will treat you well.


welcome to life bud. all you do is work and work so you can survive and keep all that shit you have. no one gets anything for free except for stupid whores and retards getting lucky on streams. I suggest picking a career you're comfortable doing and just go through the pain so you can make more than a mc donalds worker.


File: 1633893585207.jpg (44.38 KB, 477x640, 477:640, 1605455576647.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

ultimately its all pointless, even life itself.
you have to accept this and keep going if you want to see what the future might bring


>you have to get a degree to get a good job
>no you have to get a STEM degree to get a good job
>no you have to get an engineering degree to get a good job
>no you have to get a specific engineering degree after predicting the exact market conditions for its demand 4 years from now to get a good job
>no you have to get a specific engineering degree after predicting the exact market conditions for its demand 4 years from while getting work experience and being the top of your class to get a good job
>no you have to get a specific engineering degree after predicting the exact market conditions for its demand 4 years from while getting work experience and being the top of your class and being a social butterfly with lots of friends and connections to call upon to get a good job
>no you have to get a specific engineering degree after predicting the exact market conditions for its demand 4 years from while getting work experience and being the top of your class and being a social butterfly with lots of friends and connections to call upon and be willing to move to africa or the middle east to get a good job


I never listen to retards when they give me advice like that. There is no way for them to know what will work for you, because of the halting problem


Because i live in Mexico, last year they killed a newbie drug dealer inside my neighborhood because he was doing a little too well.


Why not join the cartel and make snuff videos for a living? Seems like it would be fun.


Dont copypaste shit from previous threads.


That's why you shouldn't listen to retards about career options because in the real world, shit can be different and you can luckily get a job even with a shit degree, you just need to talk to others but that's hard enough as it is.


Yep, there are tests for each cert. If you're looking for general IT, go with the Net+ and Security+ from ComTIA. A+ isn't worth your time or money. Getting a CCNA from Cisco is a little more recognized and desired, but also a bit more expensive. If you're looking for database management Microsoft Azure cloud certs and Amazon AWS certs are always good to put on top of CompTIA or Cisco certs. There are also specialized certs for mainframes, Linux, or anything involving computers you can think of.


>you just need to talk to others
Idk about that. Other people are annoying and masking my disdain for them gets old pretty fast.


File: 1633990949274.png (1.21 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, https___prod.static9.net.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Coof and lockdowns destroy good jobs
>lose job
>Only jobs available now are the mandated static security at every large business
>12 hour shifts, minimum wage, 3 on 3 off

Absolutely deplorable wagie work. Fuk u Jacinda


>12 hour shifts, minimum wage, 3 on 3 off
Isn't it based tho (aside from 'minimum wage' part)


Not the wizzy you responded to but thank you for this post. I needed to read something like this tonight


>work as temporary worker
>had to work from monday to friday from 7:30-16:30 sometimes 17:30
>saturday and sunday as well but saturday 7:30-15:00 (I think), sunday 7:30-12:30
The job's pretty easy but doing the same shit for hours is boring as fuck. I just started waging a week ago for the first time in my life and am already bored as hell. How do you endure this crap? The only reason it was bearable is because my "superior" is a nice and humorous guy who never really gets mad and is always understanding (best boss one could have).


>How do you endure this crap?
imagination. Once doing the job becomes second nature, your conscious will be freed up so you can just imagine that you're someplace else. Have a little story or something in your head that you advance a bit further everyday.


Sounds like a plan. Will try it tomorrow. Thanks for the advice.


>pilonidal cyst is back
well it was nice to be able to sit comfortably for a month or two.


Anyone else too much of a coward to quit? I hated my job since day 1 and am underpaid, but I felt guilty I'd disappoint my boss, so I could never do it. Maybe it if weren't for the few months where we were allowed to work remotely and I got paid to do almost nothing, I would've finally done it. But now they expect me to do work that no sane person would do for my wage so no way in hell they'll find a replacement, which makes me feel like I'm unable to quit as my boss will be very stressed out when something breaks and she has no clue how to fix it. But I can't take this soul-crushing office work anymore, I need to either be outside doing mindless work or making good money if I'm coding, this is the worst of both worlds.


I don't see the problem. If you're really needed that much, ask for either a raise or the ability to work from home. If they refuse then they clealry don't need you that much and you can quit free of guilt. But something is wrong with you to feel guilty about quitting in the first place.


I intended to stay for 12 months at my last job, managed only 8, but wanted to quit after first contract (2 months). I quit a job that didn't pay and I hated after a week. I wouldn't call myself particularly brave when I made those decisions, I just had enough, didn't want nothing anymore.


You had a mil and you wanted yachts and shit? Fuck you anon. All I want is a small house in a quiet safe neighborhood. After that I would just continue living like a neet. No friends or gf = low expenses. Could stretch out that money for a while. I'd have to eventually get something part time or freelance but having a paid for house is a godsend.


its the worst fucking feeling in the world being 19 and knowing all you have to aspire to is shit jobs, working in a routine that turns life into stale monotony for the next half a century, being at the bottom of scumciety, getting treated like trash and making shit pay. really makes you want to rope just so you dont have to go through all that. if only things were different. if only they could be some other way


I feel for you young friend. I'm 29 myself and I vividly recall the existential dread I was getting at first and last class of highschool, and the disappointment when there wasn't a firing squad waiting for me after my graduation from trade school.
I recall the moment I left the main gate like it was yesterday, and it was such a normal day. Really hoped the credits would roll afterwards. They didnt.


File: 1634392903594.jpg (43.78 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 1628183956114.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone regret taking a promotion? I started a managerial position 12 months ago and hate it. They gave it to me just because I was good at my job despite having no experience as a manager. More money so of course I said yes. I thought it'd be good, freedom to make better decisions for my team but it feels more like working at a daycare. Turns out most people have zero ability to use discretion and need their hand held all the time. I think I was meant to just be a grunt since at this rate I'm heading for the psych ward.


When I was younger my manager told me that in the big corps often they will promote people typically younger and make them work far more for far less than they usually pay managers who are 40ish and experienced.

I always was told not to bother doing manager work because you may get more money but the amount you get paid for the work makes it not worth it.


Yeah that seems true. My current boss who had my position before did fuck-all in comparison, we were pretty much on our own.

I only know the salaries of those in my team and it's not that much lower. I might be the first person in our company to ask for a demotion.


They will work you into the ground or under it. I worked as a teen and the manager was about 28 but looked very young and within a few months of keeping the bean counters happy he looked incredibly old.

seriously fuck these big companies they are souless and will fuck you over if they can to make an extra bean. wagie life can be so horrible. Work for a decent smaller company that has the family spirit going where the boss makes his money turns a blind eye to the workers getting a little frisky maybe even rewards them for their hard work and it is so much better.

The problem with these mega corps is they are not happy unless they made more money last year regardless of whatever the fuck is affecting sales and profit this year I hate them so much and they ned up treating everyone like retards removing free thinking that can actually be more efficient.
no longer a wagie


Same for me. I'm at the crossroads do I really want to get a higher position that involves working with people more. Money will double but headaches will become tenfold.


haha the department i slave at is collapsing, seniors from it and 2 related ones quitting due to low pay and the higher-ups ignoring equipment failing and needing to be replaced
it's triggering a chain reaction of more people quitting already
i think i will dip as well
took me so long to find this job, finally getting above subsistence level pay and getting a little bit of pocket change, and it lasts less than half a year


So my job is getting annihilated as the location is being closed for good, and the only other place I could transfer to would cost me more than what I make, so they said that if I worked my shifts on my final week I would be given a severance pay…'cept now they're saying that I have to help them tear down the store if I want to get my severance pay. I start a new job on Monday, so they are 1. Making me work for them even though they laid me off, and 2. screwing me out of my severance pay that THEY SAID THEY WOULD GIVE ME IF I WORKED MY LAST WEEK WHICH I DID.

Fuck these third party retailers of big name stores. Fuck them all to hell.


so i'm a college graduate with a degree in accounting (took me like 8 years lol). i sort of only went through it because my parents pushed me. there's also this expectation that you'll work in public accounting firms for a few years to get a CPA license but they work you to the bone so im not interested in doing that. unfortunately, without public accounting experience its pretty hard to find an entry level job in industry so i think i may just get away from accounting altogether.

does anyone have suggestions for a decent low hassle decent pay job/career i can get into with an unrelated college degree?


>I start a new job on Monday, so they are 1. Making me work for them even though they laid me off, and 2. screwing me out of my severance pay that THEY SAID THEY WOULD GIVE ME IF I WORKED MY LAST WEEK WHICH I DID.
the people who fired you are rehiring you but told you to finish your last week of work and help tear down the store to get severance pay and they are not going to pay you? either way you need to get everything on paper or you are working for hotpockets


i work 12 hours. why this is allowed.


us slaves dont have rights.
within society, we are all niggers.


>>248767 *Niggerfaggots


In my mind I'd prefer to work 5/6 days doing about 55~70 hours as it really just destroys any worries I have about money but after an hour on my first day of the week I'm already stressed, sweating excessively and thinking if I could fake an injury or sickness to get the day off. I'm not against working but working with hyper socials and the public is really getting to me


My new boss is a genuine psycho that only cares about workspace inspections and is mindbroken by many years and many inspections he must have had in the past. He doesn't see a human being in people he works with.


After working 50 hours and coming home to my weekend I'm asked by my parents why i'm not spending it meeting succubi, they want me to go out during LOCKDOWN. I can be fined like 2.5k USD for breaking the rules where I'm from, stupid idiots


It isn't (unless they pay you extra) sue your shitty boss.


Where are you from? In New Zealand we they are allowed to work us 15 hours a day, though we legally need an 8 hour break before our next shift. Anyone want to guess how often these rules aren't followed? A few of our workers have pulled off 30+ hour shifts, taking an hour break/nap in their cars


I've done something akin to a 20 hour straight shift. Daily reminder that the only meaning of life is to make our corporate overlords happy.


Even if there wasn't lockdown, why would you want to meet succubi?


File: 1634714806163.jpg (10.63 KB, 280x320, 7:8, OIP (2).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>get a job as a supermarket nightfill
>Everyone arguing with each other how to do the job
>everyone talking shit about each other and eager to get one up.

Literally why? It's a menial job that you can get proficient in after a week. Why are normalfaggots like this?


That's rough, what kind of work was it? I can't imagine any job being pleasant doing those kind of hours, but I can imagine some jobs would be utter hell.

Worked supermarkets nightshifts for a few years, usually have the worst people there, and a select few of the super workers who are doing a 2nd job there or a 2nd shift right after their dayshift..


I don't want to meet anyone, I'm just highlighting how ridiculous my parents are. They are horrorfied of the covid, but still want me to go out on dates..


Don't truck drivers smoke meth and drive for days straight to make as much money as they can? I know they have log books but this is an example of people working many hours straight.
>select few of the super workers who are doing a 2nd job there or a 2nd shift right after their dayshift..
I used to work with some of these people and never understood it. They end up paying a lot of money on tax and have no time. They will work 8 hours and go do nightshift only to sleep a few hours a day and do it all over again. My father told me some of his coworkers with good paying jobs also work a second job so they can buy a new car every year. sounds so stupid to me.
Just tell them you have a waifu instead


large debts
there's also people who want to earn money quickly to invest most likely in a house to rent but i think these are more rare


>large debts
>invest most likely in a house
I didn't think the latter was rare at all a lot of couples will become super wagies so they can invest into a house and even end up having 3-4 houses by mortgaging and renting them while working full time. How long do you think this would take to do and would it even be worth it.

If you were going to NEET after doing this it makes sense but otherwise what is the point.


Well, I have a review today. Hope to God I get fired. Maybe they realized I've been spending 2 hours a day in the bathroom. I literally cannot give a fuck about my job anymore even though I make 18 an hour. If I get fired I will go back to NEETing in my parents basement for a few months.


There are some people who work 2 jobs, or do insane hours because they need to. Those can be understood. However the people who do it to buy new cars and things are retarded. It's never even good cars, yet they are still paying(paying off) 50~200k on them… they are just those luxury 2021 models that only drop in value, they're not even into cars, they have it PURELY to appear successful to their friends/fam/strangers… sucha waste


i dont even know what to do. i have no reason to suspect that anything good lies in my future. what awaits me is a lifetime of unfulfilling wageslavery, being left out of the pack, having to fight just to keep people from walking all over me, and being poor. initially, the false promises of self improvement gave me hope, but after many years, i realized nothing was actually improving except the way i responded to things. the conditions of my life and prospects all remained just as bleak.

the worst thing though is that these conditions are unrelenting. if i dont cut my life short, i will be spending 40 years being miserable before i retire in poor health. when i think about this, it just saps me of all my ambition and vigor. i think suicide is stupid, because i am going to die anyway so i might as well just put up with it for the rest of my short life and then spend all eternity being dead. but i will probably end up killing myself in spite of this


Similar boat. I don't understand the point of most things humans create when it all has to be created on top of a normal 40 hour a week routine, and that's on the low end…how do things exist? How do people bother to create things? I still do, but far less than when I was a NEET. My dad complains about people with too much free time, I tell him most of what he appreciates in life was created by people with too much time on their hands.


>there are so many jobs in tech, bro
>all you need is a good portfolio for comp sci positions
>wait, you also need good social skills
>no wait, your social skills have to be top notch
>no wait, your social skills have to be so well refined that you can communicate by telepathy
>you also can't have any employment gaps on your resume
>you also need 5-10 years exp for entry level
>you also need to apply for 20 different internships while in college
>you also need to compete with H-1Bs who are always hired first
>you also need to have connections with people who are already in the industry
>you also need to move to Seattle or some other woke shithole
>you also need… wait, why are you pointing a gun to your head?


connections and internships are the only non-meme ones. if you have a friend that already works somewhere, you'll be the first one recommended when a position opens up. internships are sort of a hack since 90% of places will allow you to take up an unpaid internship and follow people around and you can use that time to form connections and demonstrate competence in some manner. a lot of wizzies don't like the idea of working for free but it's more effective for getting a job than sending out thousands of resumes and hoping you make it past the pile. it works best for smaller companies since big companies have more layers and its tough to get noticed by the right people, but usually they have a streamlined way for interns to get in the game, like google but there's a lot of competition and normalfags. at my current job, any time a position opens up, my boss either promotes the intern or asks if we have friends, family or acquaintances looking for work.

the old adage of "it's not what you know, but who you know" is cliche but very true.


Work is making me insane and I'm still not getting it all done.


The human race is a monotonous affair. Most people spend the greatest part of their time working in order to live, and what little freedom remains so fills them with fear that they seek out any and every means to be rid of it.


> 90% of places will allow you to take up an unpaid internship
Is that even legal in any developed countries?


Is this the setup for the "That's not a DEVELOPED country, that's a third-world country, har har har!" that every European poster uses?


well, just watch out for the poh-poh!

in all seriousness, even if its illegal in your particular country, its like one of those laws for jaywalking that are rarely enforced. someone would have to report the violation, but unless someone is basically running a company on unpaid interns, its not really a big deal. in the US its legal but most developed countries have certain rules and regulations in place, as expected.

if you're not an idiot, you're not going to get taken advantaged of or you're going to have to take into account how much you're getting out of it for the work involved. the one internship i had, i did a baby project and fooled around. i wasn't required to come in at a particular time or anything a regular employee would be responsible for, but it was in my best interest to get in and attend meetings and try to learn. at the end, i got some money out of it that wasn't promised and a job offer but i decided to focus on uni.

if you haven't had any luck on applying to positions then i strongly suggest just biting the bullet and working for a month or two at a company you're interested in. chances are, you'll get some contacts or at least learn what is it that you need in order to get a job, in particular tech stacks or soft skills that you might be missing.


Employee is a euphemism for slave, and I do not mean it as a metaphorical figure, I mean it literally, capitalism does not generate work, capitalism does not provide work, capitalism is the product of the parasitic vision of a sector of the population
If I offer you work, that's false, work is a part of being alive, to live you have to work, if someone offers me a job, I know they want to cheat on me, they want me to work and pay me with what I produce. In his position before me he is the owner of my production.

In this way, capitalism does not give work, it takes it away from the worker.

Also this parasitic vision of life destroys our humanity, we are human because we learn to be human by living in society, what does this mean?, that as humans we are partners, partners in the use of planet earth. But if someone declares himself the owner of the planet and imposes relationships of patronage and employment, not production and distribution, we no longer live in a society, in fact we are not a society, we are a conglomerate with privileged relationships.

This is why I will stay NEET as long as humanely possible and I encourage others to do the same.


The most terrifying thing is, it doesn't have to be this way. Modern society produces enough stuff for everyone, we coudl've had 4 hours of actualy work once a week for everyone, but instead we have an ungoldly amount of office workers spending all their waking time doing useless crap.


Not only are unpaid internships legal in the US, in some cases you'll be PAYING the company to work for them


File: 1634909890676.gif (1.4 MB, 384x384, 1:1, monkey.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>in some cases you'll be PAYING the company to work for them

Imagine being so low iq and low sentience you pay someone to generate them money.

"muh work experience"


Not everyone can find their first job through nepotism


I genuinely thought it would be illegal everywhere. Even usa has a minimum wage. Odd


Anyone noticed how part-time work is now completely abolished? There isn't a single big company looking for part time workers anymore. I've been looking for a maybe 1 or 2 days a week job and it's like a pipe dream now. A myth from the boomer age 50 years ago where you can slowly build yourself up the ladder starting small. Well it's completely gone now, my best bet now is to look at some craiglist personal ads hoping some old folks that would maybe hire me to watch their yard all day.


File: 1634924221484.png (141.7 KB, 476x484, 119:121, 1496012914166.png) ImgOps iqdb

6 days of work after this weekend again, I dont enjoy work but I'm starting to also not enjoy what little free time I have.
I can feel my soul leaving my body.

that is all, have a good weekend wizanons


There is still part-time employment but since full-time is seen as an upgrade, and there are currently employee shortages, there are likely fewer part-time positions. The barrier to full-time was always the health insurance but if anything I am trapped working full-time because I am no longer covered by my parents. Personally I don't care but they won't even let me NEET for a month or two. I don't care personally as I don't even go to the doctor.

Your best bet is to have friends, that's how normies get jobs and they believe that is the best path to finding the best employees. But if you're in here that's not an option.


I had a notebook I'd write ideas in, stuff for autistic hobbies and stories and such. Filled an entire notepad with this stuff. Two years later I have four notepads and barely anything written in them.


I'm thinking of a plan B to my career choice. I was thinking forklift driver or something, excavator operator, whatever, something to do with heavy machinery.
I'm Yuropoor and could travel to work.


I already have health insurance through the state. I'd be happy pushing shopping carts around a few days per week for minimum wage. I can't even get that because nobody responds when I apply to those places.


>Every second zoomer doing a Comsci degree
>They're mostly getting low level associates or the odd bachelors, half assing it

I really feel like there's going to be a massive rugpull and most of these people are going to struggle to make inroads into the industry. This new lot coming up is just all waltzing into a low level course they're half assing and are expecting to be making +median wage right off the bat. I've already heard bad stories from mates in Sydney about them all being perpetually locked into temp contracts, never raising below the lower middle class.

I wish all the young zoomers at my work the best with their ambitions. But a lot are just walking in with the "this is the easiest path to make money" and aren't -really- taking it seriously. I see the industry saturation numbers and it just intuitively sets off alarm bells, I don't really think it's sour grapes playing up on my part but maybe.

"Part time" has become "casual contract" here, meaning they call you up the days they need you and you don't get holiday or sick pay. They justify it by saying that you can turn down any hours they offer (lol). But if you do that, then you'll just get less hours as they give the shifts to someone else.


File: 1635128327498.jpg (98.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, EA_p11_01-1280x720.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Middle management has always seemed like a total meme to me. Most people that gets promoted to that level just seem perpetually stressed and miserable, especially the succubi. I feel like large corporations specifically promote succubi to that level just because they can treat them like workhorses and blame them for every failure. The men at my job are barely functioning, coming to work late and always taking days off, and smelling bad. But they don't give a fuck, and everything bad they do just makes the middle management succubi stressed because they can't properly tardwrangle in their workers.

Upper management typically consists of mostly men and the bottom consists of mostly men. Upper management are recruited through their own nepotistic circles. The menial wagies at my level are happy to do the minimum and just treat work like a social thing. The people that show an ounce of work ethic and ambition, and are agreeable, are promoted to middle management. They're then treated like shit, only get a marginal pay increase and get loaded with all the blame and responsibilities. They don't ever promote disagreeable types and often don't promote men because men would go "nah, I'm not responsible for that, I'm not staying 5 hours late and coming back in at 7.30, that's X's responsibility". Upper management doesn't work much, you can tell in that there's no obvious signs of stress and they're full of energy when they pop in once every so often for a visit. But what they're most particular about is taking absolutely -no- responsibility for anything, all the blame must filter down to the middle management. Us menial ones at the bottom don't take blame or care, and we're able to shift to an equal job with such ease that everything shrugs off us.

These middle management types are only on a marginal extra payrate as well. I really do think a large part of the functioning of corporations is dependent on stockholm syndroming the people in the middle so the ones at the top can be comfortable in their positions. At the top level a single big mistake can shatter their hopes of climbing further on the corporate ladder, or at worst gets them fired. Middle management are the safest in their positions and I haven't ever seen a middle manager get fired, or promoted either, middle management doesn't reach upper management. They typically only leave when they burn out.


it's just "higer education" but one step removed.
pay to get a degree to work
pay to work


Your text reminds me of this thing i read a while ago, it gets deranged as it goes but that 1st chapter is pretty grounded and relates to what you posted.


quit my job today
i was only working so i could build a mining rig and that is done so there was no reason to keep working


File: 1636673628213.jpg (3.52 MB, 3600x3000, 6:5, FC81q4lacAASZIU.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Its time
>2 months of absolute bliss
>Popcorn, vidya, alcohol, caching up with some animes, watching movies, taking care of my plants.
>Sleeping for aslong as I want, just relaxing
>now I have to look for a new job
>Internet is due in 4 days
>Electric bill is ready for me
>I just have enough to move around while looking for a new job
>Really wished I didnt used so much money on food

I dont want to go back… I dont want to go back.


Be prepared to be hit really hard once you're back at work. Recently took 2 weeks off, and I've been back for a few months and it's only just started getting back to how it was before the holiday. I swear when I first came back after an hour of 2 or work I was sure I've already done 6+.


You're right about middle management, I was offered a job in that role by the franchise owner himself and I told him I'd rather keep my job, he agreed with me and said it's a good decision. My boss ( would have been me if I said yes) told me after 7 months, she wanted to go back to being a regular assistant/floor staff and she was told she can either stay in her role or resign. Such bullshit


I don't think I can do the work + study thing at the same time.
Thinking about quitting in January to focus on studying.


Is studying hard?


Nice pic, very cleverly captures the state of people today.

Thinnest strand = Low Tier wagies barely hanging on. Guy on the top right looks like he's gonna ldar and/or sui.

Center Strand = Medium-Low Tier wagies who have some savings but they know they can get easily wiped out.

Bottom Strand = Medium Tier wagies who can afford some luxuries. But they're delusional if they think they're much better than the other rats in the race.

Top Strand with car = Long time wagie with seniority or just has been saving for a while. Can afford a car but still needs to tread carefully. Should probably add a detail with cash burning up behind the car. Cars are money sinks with gas/registration/maintenance.

Now all they need is the billionaires with cash covering the entire screen, and they're doing donuts in their lambos.


Its hard if you're a brainlet and don't have much motivation anyways.


Is studying just reading and trying to retain the important stuff? I have never done it before but may start community college soon.


There’s as many methods to studying as there are people, but that’s the general idea yes. It’s just whatever method will get you to remember the material.


imo studying is less soul crushing than working since courses have a certain length you can see an ending in sight
there's also the variety of taking different courses you do 2-4 (1-2 hours long each) different things every day instead of doing the same thing everyday for 8 hours
the repetition and stagnation made me quit my job my brain was fried

depends on how hard the material is, it might require you to apply the knowledge practically to understand it, or read it 1, 2 or 50 times to craft your own mental model


Studying is easier than wagecucking if you have an average IQ and basic time management skills. There's a reason so many people hide away in academia, diddling away and delaying the inevitable moment when they have to begin wagecucking.


i can't find a job.

what do i do?
do any of you have luck on indeed.com? i apply to most of my jobs through that because it's easiest, but nobody's called me back even after sending out 10. is it indeed.com that's the problem?

im in arizona and every single day my situation grows more dire.


File: 1636983399648.jpg (23.2 KB, 217x320, 217:320, fetchimage.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>It's been 5 years since I started wageslaving and even though my pay / conditions have improved, it's not getting any easier on my psyche
Same but my pay/conditions became worse. I am actually losing it and thinking about changing jobs, I'm even ready to try working in a supermarket or some shit. It's unbearable


Decent jobs are scarce so a lot of people tend to stay in school for as long as they can get away with.


File: 1637014554258.jpg (475.24 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Goethe - and yet go on as ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Stop thinking and do it now. Better march to an uncertain future than rotting inside a mediocre present.

If the outcome is worse, you may still move again.


Jesus, I'm tired of neeting and I was thinking of finding a job and wagecuck during the holiday season, but after reading this thread I think I'm gonna wait til next year.


LinkedIn is the weirdest shit to me, I have never met anyone who liked working, but when you look at the shit people post there it seems they live for being a wagie, and everything looks so fake and forced. Of course nobody says anything about it, it's not the place to do so. But it feels kinda cultish to me. Reminds me of that simpsons episode in which Flanders ruled the future and everyone had to pretend they liked him or get lobotomized


was about to start studying and feel the same way. at least when you NEET you can choose what to spend your time doing when miserable.


Retail during the holidays after a long period of Neetdom is a terrible idea.
You may want to start on January.


>>250184 this made me wonder.

Can some long term NEET who started waging explain what it felt like? I worked in the past but that may as well ahve been another lifetime.

From what I remember with waging you get up early to get ready for work and get there. You come home with only a few hours to spare. You have to prep stuff for working the next day before you sleep which is early because wage slave. you get maybe 2 hours of free time and a good portion of that is resting your feet. You get to the weekend. You do not even have one day free when you think about it because you have to rest from working friday and cannot stay up all saturday night and fuck around sunday because you have to get ready for work again.

How on earth did I think I would want to go abck to this lifestyle?


Everyone thinks the grass is greener. When I’m at work I wish I was home, but when I’m at home I wish I could escape to work. When your situation is just shit all around, any change is a welcome one.


>Wanting a yacht
God you must have brain problems if you wanted to emulate people like Bezos and shit, why the fuck a regular wizard would get a yacht?


he probably just fell for the material meme and grew out of it. Never understood how people could think they could be happy by being rich


This is absolutely spot on. I work in middle management and it's a fucking trap.


I don't understand why normies are so proud of having a job, why someone would be proud of being a wageslave?

I understand that they need jobs to eat and have a roof, but why be happy about it?


I understand if you follwoed your dream and enjoy yourjob but they are actually proud of plain slaving.


You need references and job history.

Indeed is a good site to use for finding jobs.


Working sucks


I can't do my job anymore, after 10 years of this shit i'm just done. Hate my colleagues, my boss, just everything. I'm daydreaming about catching a fatal disease so i can neet in peace lol. Fucksake.


File: 1637176189473.jpg (50.98 KB, 844x884, 211:221, 1617639056133.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the worst part is they act as if it some god given privelage to be able to work. you get ridiculed for even suggesting you'd rather be somewhere else
whats the point? its not like anyone would show up for this awful shit if it wasnt for the pay.
why do people feel to need to pretend its any different way? why am I expected to 'care about the company'?
its all so tiring.


“Wherefore do ye toil; is it not that ye may live and be happy? And if ye toil only that ye may toil more, when shall happiness find you? Ye toil to live, but is not life made of beauty and song? And if ye suffer no singers among you, where shall be the fruits of your toil? Toil without song is like a weary journey without an end. Were not death more pleasing?” But the archon was sullen and did not understand, and rebuked the stranger.
“Thou art a strange youth, and I like not thy face nor thy voice. The words thou speakest are blasphemy, for the gods of Teloth have said that toil is good. Our gods have promised us a haven of light beyond death, where there shall be rest without end, and crystal coldness amidst which none shall vex his mind with thought or his eyes with beauty. Go thou then to Athok the cobbler or be gone out of the city by sunset. All here must serve, and song is folly.”


Yeah I lied on my resume and put down a random company using one of my relatives as a reference. It's only for a wageslave job anyway. Not like they even check as long as I have a high school diploma, which I do. Can't really lie about that.


File: 1637201957713.jpg (19.48 KB, 400x250, 8:5, sayonara.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Every job I got was through nepotism. I sent out hundreds of applications through Indeed and got nothing. I kind of think Indeed is just a giant scam that works one of the following two ways:
1 - HR @ Big Corp needs to justify shitty wages for their workers.
>"They aren't going to go for it, what do we do?"
>Let's post their ad up online for lower than what we currently pay them, and use it to justify lower raises for them and bully our workforce into submission."
>Submit ad out.
>Take your responses as data for their HR department.
>Never respond to you.
2 - HR @ Big Corp wants to hire H1B/overseas labor.
>"Shit, according to labor laws, we need to justify that we can't get this talent in the U.S.."
>5 years prior experience in underwater mop knitting required.
>Nobody who sends in an application fulfills that requirement.
>H1B/overseas expansion is rubber stamped.
In short, Indeed doesn't hire people. It's a big data collection scam for the benefit of HR departments.

Picrel, it's your application.


As an unstable retard that burns through jobs, the only ones that are readily available are the most dehumanizing offal jobs. Either it's something that nobody wants to do, or there's chronic workplace bullying, or they do shit like not pay you properly. It takes a good month to find a somewhat tolerable minimum wage job that's full time.

Frankly, most good businesses only hire once or twice a year. And 80% of the time that position is taken by a relative or friend of someone who works there. Every large building company in town gets settled by a different sports team, one gets in and then all the other rugby boys get in.

With large businesses like supermarkets they literally just pull out a pile of CVs, do more interviews than they need to and just hire the most normie person they can.



any Wal-Mart cart pushers here? Just got hired today. I'm really excited for the pay, $17 an hour is ridiculous. It must be too good to be true, right?


Wal-Mart is notorious as a soul-crushing place to work at. Don't get your hopes up too much


Yes you lie. You're supposed to act like its your dream to work there. Everyone is lying to keep their jobs anyway. Most of those people would rather be retired and don't want to work.


you just do the work anyway. A lot of pepople are completely dead insdie and still work. i'm also in college completely nihilistic, dead inside outcast loser with anxiety issues still doing the work just because you have to.


I'm a cart pusher at a super Target with 2 parking lots. I thought It would be nice since you don't really interact with people but It's a fucking aggravating nightmare. About 4-5 hours into your shift It starts to take a massive toll on your body and you'll be left with no energy at the end your shift. Management has unrealistic expectations for you to keep the carts constantly replenished in the front of the store and gets pissed when you can't keep up even during rush hour with endless wave of fat NPCs coming in. Not only that they expect you to clean the bathrooms every hour and clean up any spill or mess someone makes in the store. Idk If it's the same with Walmart but I wouldn't think It'd be too much better compared to Target.


File: 1637443794143.jpg (87.21 KB, 614x454, 307:227, 2aa2fb56e0ad556fab706aaa9c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>boss yells at me for a mistake, uses ominous wording that implies I might get fired
>a few days later he makes the same mistake as me but even worse and it's the final product too
>make a joke out of it but inwardly seething
I cannot stand this, worst part is I have to pretend to like it just to keep the damn job


>shitty male bosses
>Micromanage, nitpicky, yell and try to be extra authoritative when there's succubi nearby
>Shitty female bosses
>Hold irrational grudges forever if they lose face for anything, completely arbitrary in who they like and who they don't like

Which do you prefer /wiz/? Honestly both are toxic in their own ways but the female bosses are at least tolerable if you keep your head down.


it obviously depends on the person. Men and succubus bosses at their worst are awful to deal with.

Professional succubus bosses are the best when good. Men can be a bit scary to me so I prefer succubus.


I find men at their worst are a lot worse to deal with because they seem out to dominate their staff as a power thing. Succubus bosses at their worst are just miserable and stressed out themselves, lashing out because they're unable to cope.


seems about right


I physically attacked a boss like that at my old job with a chair, which means I can't be employed again in that field (because they tell all other companies as well).

He just wouldn't stop slinging shit towards the employees just because he could, even if we were doing a perfect job and things were rolling along fine.
He even pushed around some of the employees and violated their personal space.

I couldn't take it because I'm not the kind of docile person to just stand there and listen to it repeatedly, so I attacked him with a chair. I also kicked him a few times when he was on the ground which broke one of his rib bones.

As a result I'm pretty much forced to be NEET now, but it was still worth it because I'm 100% sure none of the normies would have ever stood up to him in a thousand years.

Though it's irrelevant to me that it was a man, if it was a shitty female boss I would have done the same thing. I don't care.

I'm just not cut out to live like this. So many humans are monsters it's just impossible to get along with them.


I am thinking of doing that on the last year of work this year, but to all of the staff members because of the way they treat me.

The only weapon I have access to is a .22 so I can't massacre them all but I have enough ammunition to kill at least 3-4 if I aim for the head and hit consistently.

Though I think that will be impossible in the heat of the moment once they realize what's going on, so realistically I will need to aim for their bodies.
Their families will put out mourning memorial writings but only I will have seen what they truly were. Vile animals.


(That was in response to >>250431)


Is this glowbait? Go away, you sound like an animal.


I have just finished college and have absolutely no fucking clue what to do next with my life. My whole life I was doing what my parents demanded me to, they demanded me to educate, I finished the education… and then what?

It was a mental torture, being forced to interact with evil normies days and days, and to get up early to go to school and college. I don't wanna rope - but I view it as the lesser evil compared to the life of wageslavery.


Going to college is actually the best part of life because you can survive off student loans and grant money. To me, wageslavery is very depressing… far worse than college. Look up "death by cubicle" to see what I'm talking about.


Man, why are workers fine with destroying their body for their job? Seeing all the workers in their 40s with destroyed knees and struggling to get up and down makes me anxious as fuck about my health.


It is actually insane and a lot of employers are breaking labor laws and no one cares


Man don't ever go into construction or any kind mechanical trade. Dudes walk around missing fingers.


At this point, I just assume any post online describing violence or advocating for it is glowposting. It may be paranoid, but it's the only reasonable option right now.


What's a good way to get fired?

Man okay, so I was a NEET due to mentol illness for like a year. I gave up trying to hold wagie jobs after I got fired several times in one year. Then I found out I can wagecuck and declare my income to WINZ, and they let me keep the first $160 and then deduct the rest from my benefit. So I started wagecucking on a casual basis at the supermarket.

The supermarket ended up building my hours up and now I'm on like 20-25 a week, which is all good. But fucking WINZ now wants to kick me off the benefit entirely, even though after tax my wage is LOWER than the base benefit, and because I have student loans there's only going to be a like a $50 difference if I work full time at 40 hours a week (once I account for petrol).

Wagecucking on this level for 20 hours a week is kino but like, doing 40 hours a week supermarket nightfill just seems bad on the body. The older maori succubi at work have fucked knee joints from it hard out. I just don't want to fucking do it.

Why couldn't they just let me be? I was happy doing what I was doing, just leave me be.


if you are casual cant you just tell the employer you wont work more than X amount of hours a week?


Nah company policy is to give everyone a part time contract after a certain amount of time there. So I stupidly signed a part time contract.

It's going to end anyway, I'm just going to pull the muh mentol health card. I'm not wageslaving for less than the benefit.


Do that and work somewhere else or something for the few hours a week. working dead end for less than NEETbux is silly


If you're depressed (and American) that's probably the best bet for neetbux. I can't function at all outside of my house and got it after a few applications.


Okay so my social worker actually kicked me off the bene without telling me. I missed a rent payment and lots of bills because of it.

It's clear to me that these people are just desperate to fill a quota. And they're targeting the most agreeable people to bully off welfare. I genuinely don't want to be a welfare leech anymore, I got ordered to get my covid shot this week by work so like, if I get unwell from it (which someone else at work did) then I'm left with no money to pay my bills.


I work overnights. For the past four years or so, I was The only one in my department who worked overnights. Which was awesome, as I could at least work in peace. (Or fuck around on the internet alone, at least.)

For the past few months, someone else was put on nights. He's a total normal. Always going on about his gf, going out vaping every few half hour or so, blasting the same few Eminem or trap/emo rap/generic zoomer hip hop. That kind of thing.

Somehow, he spends half his shift fucking around (or coming in late, taking long breaks) and he hasn't gotten fired yet. That's less a complaint and more amazement - usually my store is quick to point out that kind of thing.


That sounds like shit, I don’t understand why there is so many plain normal retards in the world and how do they get so far being idiots. What you described could be literally any of the thousands of young adults in my city


My "city"/large town has hundreds of these people. Or variants of them - the most common being the "dude I'm totes a nerd" type who only likes capeshit and whatever blockbuster game YouTube "celebrities" like. It's amazing how these people operate

The guy I complained about is alright by normal standards, but it's still insufferable. Complaining about what the day crew is/isn't doing (then turning around and doing the same), blasting his shitty music when I'm obviously listening to the radio, etc. Can't wait until he eventually gets fired or quits.


Holy shit, I shouldn't laugh but I kekked hard at these posts. You shouldn't have physically attacked him, just called him a faggot and cunt and told him you hope his kids die of cancer, etc. Same result but minus the potential criminal charges.


File: 1637801151788.jpg (37.18 KB, 800x596, 200:149, stupidity-inside-human-min….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Modern society discriminates heavily against stupid people like me and glorifies intelligence. I don't think it was always this way, back before society became so cognitive being a little slow was like having less upper body strength or having a slightly below average height, your life wasn't significantly impaired and you weren't making 1/3rd of the money of the farmer next to you.

Why are sub 89 IQ people like me seen as subhuman animals to be mocked and made fun of? To be laughed as being dumb hicks, to be laughed at when our menial jobs are automated? With all the recognition of racial and gender discrimination, why is cognitive discrimination not only widespread but glorified as just?

I hate making minimum wage and being dumb. People say that menial jobs are entertaining and enjoyable for stupid people, but they're not, we find them just as boring.


I don't think you would be able to make that kind of posts if you were really sub 89 IQ, anon. Btw, I hate midwits. The only group of people worth to talk either have IQ below 90 or above 140.


You're not dumb, an actual retard couldn't write like this.
You may be average, but you're right, in this fucked up world if you're not a high functioning 150IQ genius making big cash at 25 y/o society itself tells you that you may as well kill yourself.


Anyone with average or below average intelligence can easily live a cormftable live. Plumbers, Electricians, construction workers and gas engineers can easily earn between £23,000 to £31,000 a year..


Stateside, that's mainly a guild-only profession that requires more time to get licensed than most actual college degrees.


I work the trades. Plumbers, Electricians and Gas engineers are typically average intelligence up and the competition for those apprenticeships is so severe now that kids are getting associates just to get in.

Notice how you left out steelfixers, roofers, painters and plasterers. Because those are actually trades for dummies, and they pay fucking nothing.


How intelligent do you have to be in order to become a software engineer?


anyone that's at least average IQ can learn programming, but it's a matter of personality whether you'll enjoy the kind of algorithmic thinking required for it. basically, it's 99% just thinking "ok, what is the step by step thing that i want the computer to do" and "ok, so i have this system over here that needs to talk this other system over here" and of course, lots of googling and tinkering when you're not familiar with a technology or a specific domain.


Ah yes, I see the constant peddling of "da trades" I've seen pushed around non-stop in the last few years is finally starting to catch up. Absolutely nothing is safe from demand inflation.


What amazes me is that there are kids doing pre apprenticeships in hopes of even getting one. FUCK that, what a joke.


Unless you're retarded you can do it, people underestimate how mechanical things like math or programing are once you get used to them.


File: 1637865166127.jpg (1.77 MB, 3900x3000, 13:10, E11Ue8hVUAQvupX.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finally found job
>The nightmare begins all over again


Could sleep until noon cause of turkey day holiday.
However I'm still tired.


File: 1637899611861.png (2.37 KB, 210x195, 14:13, 1637808715168.png) ImgOps iqdb

>take nightshift job
>fewer normals, but they act like feral children


File: 1637972685785.jpg (431.47 KB, 1280x1022, 640:511, FArwYosXEAMuKiS.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Booked friday to thursday off because I was feeling terrible at the wage. Have had a constant headache, fatigue and weakness for a while. Had the most insane head pressure last night, like my head was going to explode, my legs started shaking and I had trouble standing. Thought I was having a stroke or aneurysm. My mother took me to the hospital but couldn't find evidence of anything serious. Shouldn't have mentioned I had past issues with panic disorder and anxiety. Felt like it all got pinned on that.



File: 1638204744905.jpg (15.34 KB, 500x146, 250:73, Life.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Monday, November 29th

Everyone is either in a perpetual state of suffering; or only able to be slighly happy by causing mass suffering to others (enslavement). Total annihilation is the only morally sound stance. As quick and painless as possible.

I can't keep going to work. I need to leave my I need to get out I do so goddamn much for these barons. They need to die, I need to die, everyone should die.

Be sure to spend lots of money on shit nobody will ever need or everybody will hate you.

Not going to work. Not going to work. Can't. Not. I am biological robot.


File: 1638237957403.jpeg (71.88 KB, 828x647, 828:647, DE544F52-2E78-478E-B712-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Been working nights for the past 3 years. It does something to your brain.
Even the ideal human isn’t built to handle constant night work. There’s a good reason almost nobody does it, why they tend to offer a night shift bonus, perks like using headphones on the job, etc.
Yet, I still do it.


File: 1638240920499.gif (138.42 KB, 220x152, 55:38, tone laughing.gif) ImgOps iqdb

If there's something to be grateful for is for me being away as possible of holiday season shit.
Fuck that.

Graveyard shift stress is a pretty insidious thing, it builds very slowly. You don't really feel it until you want to kill a coworker for opening a door or pass you by.


A little advice for you guys


Doesn't seem like a great guy to take advice from.


Do you have his original video? I remember there was a popular video of him discussing unemployment and being autistic. It must be a few years old now.


I've worked overnights for four years. The only stress I have is being subjected to nigger music by normoids


File: 1638328648013.jpg (165.59 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, FEmOKVhXwAMKudj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hope youre doing better


Still feeling quite unwell. I haven't been back to work yet. At emergency and in a follow up visit with my gp it all got just put down to symptoms of anxiety and depression. They didn't exactly do much investigation, an ECG on my heart and physical examination for signs of brain injury/stroke.

I've been neglecting my physical and mental health for a long time.
I just hope I'm in general poor condition/ run down rather than something sinister going on. I need to really fix my health, stop smoking and binge eating. I am finding it quite difficult to get started and get any momentum going. I'm just so set in my ways and apathetic.


I had a dream I was perched up on an abandoned concrete high rise overlooking a landscape not unlike this. My life would be ace if I could trigger those dreams on command!


i dont understand why literal child rapists and serial killers get taken care of with tax payer dollars in jail but they cant cough up any shekels for wizards to NEET. its the biggest "fuck you" to wageslaves


there is nothing in life i want to do. it seems like when normalfags talk about work, they never act like its wageslavery. they always say stupid platitudes like they are "chasing their dream" or "pursuing their passion" and are thankful to whatever megacorp is giving them the opportunity. maybe that works for them, but i dont have any dream or passion. all the jobs just seem miserable. maybe there are some jobs that are kind of different and fun, but usually those are in high demand so they pay less and have insane requirements to get in.

when i think about the future, all i feel is apathy. i have no desire to participate in the working world at all. i dont know what i am going to do when the day comes. i am in uni and failing all my classes because i hate it. i cant be a neet so probably i will just kill myself


This rat race is fucked up, now you need to know a lot of shit just to have a semi decent wage, you have to do things better, faster cheaper than everyone else, now you also need these "soft skills" (AKA being a total normie) to even get hired, wtf.

40 years ago to get a decent job with a liveable wage you just had to know how to write and read and do very basic shit, now in almost every job you're supposed to "keep learning" and have "motivation" and shit, this is a complete dystopia.


When I was a kid I wanted to be a super programmer, my dream was to work for Intel, Google, Microsoft or something, I was naive and kinda happy.

Now my only dream is to be a perpetual NEET and never do any work and just waste my life in peace, unfortunately in this shithole country there's no such thing as NEETbux even if you're disabled or mentally ill, so you're forced to either wageslave or die, and the latter doesn't sound too bad tbh.


File: 1638746580340.jpg (64.28 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1595624519627.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Tomorrow is my first day after 3 months of debauchery
Pray for me wizies


I feel like I'm in a waking dream.


File: 1638838396668.jpg (117.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, The.Sopranos.S05E10.BluRay….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

About to go from part-time job with online classes to full-time "real" job. I escaped temporarily with community college and now my temporarily "better" life is coming to an end


Work in tech,bro.If you are autistic then it is the only industry that will pay you to be an autistic coder.


Obviously it varies a lot from person to person, but this is definitely a trend I've seen.


Same. Rocked the boat and now I have to walk carefully since I [ think ] am getting the benefit of the doubt. I want to get my old job back where I could at least be left mostly alone.

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