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The gatekeepers are dead and we're staring down the barrel.

BUT wizards, outcasts, outsiders, those who now merely exist, we've been afforded a unique priviledge; namely front row seats to, I wouldn't call it a collapse, but a continuing and steady acceleration of the degradation of the human. I'm sure a societal collapse is not too far off; I read somewhere it rained for the first time in recorded history somewhere in the arctic circle, barely made a blip on the news radar.


File: 1632487610010.jpg (124.81 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Everything seems to be cha….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The geek/nerd subculture(s) is/was a subculture that's somewhat inherently juvenile in nature and that's fine, it is what it is and we are who we are, and all the idiosyncrasies it contains are fine on the scale it used to exist on. Til it go absorbed into the mainstream.

Manchildren they called us, but ironically society at large becoming more and more juvenile. World events are filtered through capeshit movies and Harry Potter, into simplistic narratives of "good guys" and "bad guys", kids' cartoon shows are now clearly aimed at an audience that refuses to grow up, something has gone wrong with dating with the introduction of dating apps, everyone and their mother have an onlyfans account and subbing to one is no longer the saddest thing ever, etc

The commodification and desecration of the human.


Everyone always says how they look forward to the collapse and decay of society, but I find it pathetic how these beings manage to degrade themselves more and more. Always trying to one up each other with who is the most decadent. I'm not having fun watching trannys and gays get away with what they're doing nor watching my childhood neighborhood being unrecognizable nor seeing succubi dominate society.


You forgot to add "irony".

I don't know if Gen Z are stupid or just so fucking afraid of being genuine because everything they "enjoy" is covered in multiple layers of "irony" or meta-ness.

Z-Faggots listen music ironically. I didn't know that was even possible.


I think OP's sentiment is: We are now free to not care.

I used to torture myself watching geek culture being eaten away and, more seriously, people's insistence to wageslave away their lives in an attempt to "make it" at the cost of themselves, everyone around them and their environment because a box in the living room (and now their phones) told them it's what they need to do.

Fuck it. Enjoy the spectacle.


>seeing succubi dominate society.
I think you mean "succubi".


I can't enjoy it if my hobbies get trashed by feminiggers and other cretins.


Speaking of onlyfans and trannies

It's probably the best time for /d/-level hentai and amateur porn, especially niches containing trannies. The sheer amount of /d/ hentai and amateur porn amazes me, and it's obvious that porn addicts and porn-addicts-who-become-porn-stars that are driving this. I'll reiterate my previous question in the previous thread:

>You know, as someone who consumed so much porn that I'm on tranny (and murrsuit porn) now, I'm kinda surprised at how much amateur trap porn there is. Like it's no longer just brazilian and thai trannies who circumstances lead them there, there's like a huge bunch of dudes who've left college and decided to become camgirls-with-a-dick. A lot of them look like they would've been regular scrawny nerds back in the 90s/00s…but they've turned into their imagined geek succubi…?

>Like what the fuck happened in the 10s? Half the time I don't even fap to this shit, I just watch it trying to understand what the fuck happened? Did the female population decrease or something?


The core being of a wizard is his need to be left alone. He is like a rugged mountain man, able to survive prolonged absences of social interaction and contact from the outside world. In this way, nothing has changed for wizardry as the most important tenet of this lifestyle is still intact. Nobody is forcing us to take part in the charade and concern ourselves with the cesspit that has become western society. Let us find solace in this fact.


I heard it as a joke at first, but I think it's true. There are a lot of men who are probably subconsciously saying, "WELL FUCK IT, IF I CAN'T BE WITH A succubus, I'LL BE THE succubus!"


>"WELL FUCK IT, IF I CAN'T BE WITH A succubus, I'LL BE THE succubus!"

There might be an element of truth in what you're saying, in a lot of my trap porn, both real and drawn, there's a this "more feminine than feminine" vibe. Dudes desperately trying to both replace succubi with something else and coming up with bizarre caricatures.


Does it seem like a mental break?


It starts with the chasers pushing to be crabs or any kid with bad self esteem into becoming a tranny and then the tranny has to validate they made the right choice as their entire identity is fag shit and they push it onto everyone else.
It is funny because they only try to become whatever the meme about being a succubus entails and never the complex experience of actually being a succubus.
men have realized that there is much more perceived value in being a succubus than a man. Look at what life is like for the average normalfag, slave away in hopes of getting enough resources to start a family and a marriage that will most likely fail. there is just not as much incentive for these people to continue and it may be connected to why we become NEETs as well.

NEET is a symptom


>complex experience of being a succubus

How'd you know there's anything complex about it? You're an intruder?


You say this as if it is not complex and this is controversial? The life experience of a man or succubus is complex.
If it is not complex then what is it?


If this was in the late 00s I'd say it was a mental break cos there were nowhere near as many as there are now and it was a pain in the ass trying to search for trap porn BOTH drawn and real back then (not talking about shemale porn or futa hentai here). It was niche stuff and it had only a niche following on the imageboards and everyone got called a faggot for it.

These days I'm not sure. Something must have changed.

>It is funny because they only try to become whatever the meme about being a succubus entails and never the complex experience of actually being a succubus.

You know what else is funny? I think trannies/traps are starting to get to a point they're going to be, or are already, spearheading porn/behaviours that female pornstars will have to follow them.

It's sorta like camgirls doing ahegao face which was just the cum face but in the ultra-exaggerated style of hentai comics drawn by otaku artists who presumably have never seen a cumface IRL but because it was memed into popularity camgirls had to copy it, so now you ahegao in professional porn.

There's some sort of weird ass cycle going on here, dudes who become traps/trannies know what degenerate dudes want and degenerate dudes know that traps/trannies will do what they ask because traps/trannies are degenerate dudes themselves.


File: 1632577598921.webm (15.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ghost Dog - The Way of th….webm) ImgOps iqdb

Either insulate your hobbies or let them go. It's tough thing to do either but you'll have to do it to stay sane. Everything eventually dissipates and trying to hold onto something that is clearly dead or has changed drastically is a futile attempt to keep things the same.


As to why trans shit and trap faggot shit is so popular now it is due to the social contagion of faggot shit. People who are truly gay like old timey faggots are a rarity now and it is by large people who end up warping themselves through degeneracy.

True traps just trap until their looks fade and move on and a good proportion are not even gay themselves.
I met a weeb on a suicide site that was a trap and would do cosplay at cons or just for fun. He told me that whenever he went to a psych they constantly told him to take HRT to transition as it would make him happy.
This whole trans phenomenon will be looked back upon as a disgrace with people shaking their heads wondering how it could possibly get this way, Trust men to take being a "succubus" from succubus.


>True traps just trap until their looks fade and move on and a good proportion are not even gay themselves.

Good thing they aren't gay, otherwise shoving a horse dildo up their ass and getting fucked by guys on cam would be gay.


Watching the way people act during a minor crisis, you realise most people are sheep during the "good" times and headless chickens incapable of critical thinking skills. Whether it's nature or nuture is debateable but the result is still the same.

Take that petrol shortage in the UK, people having fistfights over an apparent shortage partially caused by everybody buying more than they need. And for what?

To go to work? At their shit job? For shit pay? And overpriced shit they don't need on credit because their shit job doesn't cover the costs?


Someone posted in /lounge/ about how being permanently connected to everyone has changed extended family relationships.


It's become a meme, but 4th Industrial revolution really ruined mankind. Unabomber was right


>It's become a meme
I find it really unsettling that anything that opposes the machine gets absorbed into the machine.


It's how it is. Like in that Black Mirror episode with TV Shows and everyone doing labour on bicycles.
Its also happening to crypto, blockchain is used for covid passports. With Jews you lose.


File: 1632759666106.png (24.86 KB, 584x749, 584:749, toy.png) ImgOps iqdb

>All stable processes we shall predict. All unstable processes we shall control.
>it's like living in the google translated world

Until 2010, they just predicted. Now they are trying to control.

Everything became predictable. Uniformly flat, colorless, blank, transparent. Hollow. Understandable.

Every person on the street is like a finite communicative cube. A limited number of operations, a narrow flow of reactions to stimuli. I'm connecting to the cube, turning it - it rejects, it agrees, it says some words — I'm turning it again, switching — the cube frowns, gets angry. A street cat slowly steps along the contacts. Its smooth electromechanics distracts my attention. The cat runs away, cutting the circuits. The toggle switches click.

All options are exhausted. Everything seems to be the same. The room is transformed into the window. I see the other room through it, the endless row of identical rooms and windows. The staircases everywhere are all the same, they're stretching across the world like the segments of an ancient, petrified escalator.

The book lacks comfort. The apartment has no walls. Everyone knows everything about everyone else. Everyone knows how things are going on everywhere. Do it: a phone call, a yawn, a murmur of urine. Just do it: a two-turn lock, a traffic light, a cash register. Do it, then repeat.

A lonely cell makes a lonely self. No matter what you're doing, your life is just a predictable sequence of repetitions.


succubi aren't capable of comprehending complexity. Their thoughts and feelings are one-sided, uniform and linear. All they know is 'got to take care of muh offspring, get a stable man, got to pleasure it down there, interpret morality as to whatever fits my needs'.


If I'm understanding you correctly, things are sour because "they" can predict human behaviour correctly and are trying to control it?


>Until 2010, they just predicted. Now they are trying to control.
Read the book Propaganda by Bernays. It was written in 1928. They have been effectively practicing and perfecting how to control people for 100 years or more.


My English is very rusty and I don't know how to put it right. Maybe it's about the levels of complexity and the problem of global control. We think our level of complexity is high enough to make us autonomous agents, to imbue us with some kind of 'free will'. But we are wrong. Complexity is relative. We were relatively complex once, but now we are relatively simple.

'They' means 'They, who have tools for prediction and control'. Almost everything is just a tool for control now. Almost everyone too, even your relatives is a perfect backdoor through which 'they' can control your behavior. We have endlessly rising asymmetry of information, ubiquitous CCTV, neural nets, and predictive machines of all kinds. 'All unstable processes we shall control', Von Neumann would be delighted.

Total control implies the end of evolution, the end of randomness and chance. The chance is a very rare and useful resource, more useful than iron and oil. Throughout history we have thousands of poets, artists, and musicians, who worked as amplifiers of chaos, pumping the randomness from winds, sea storms, and hurricanes. Now we have none. All our chances and randomness now belong to 'them'.

When I was a child, I had only the low-resolution summer with 8-bit clouds, and it was enough to be happy - because I was free in my little Neverland. But now I feel free nowhere. Let's take wizchan, for example. For the last few years, I have been reading lots of generic posts about how evil the succubi are and how wageslavery sucks. Of course, they are evil. Of course, it sucks. Well, we all agreed. But what is the next step? What'll we be discussing tomorrow? The problem is there is no next step. Because tomorrow we will discuss the same topic and agree again. And again, and again. The discourse is predictable, its axes are fixed, and that means we are under total control, and have no free will at all.

But I ask myself, why are we bother about that trivial normal shit in the first place? Why did we forget our little Neverlands?

It's not the end of the wizards that come. It's the end of the fairies too. The end of the dragons, the end of the elves and the dwarves. The end of chance, the end of the miracle. Not in the literal sense, but the sense of strange and unpredictable ways of life.

Ok, I'll read it. But it doesn't look like propaganda, it looks like the total preventive annihilation of fantasy.


How do you usually like to occupy your time?


You know, I never thought about it, but yeah, they really ridiculed us for being juvenile and now people are comparing world events to Avengers.


>they really ridiculed us for being juvenile and now people are comparing world events to Avengers.
There are funkopops of politicians.


Guess I just have to accept life was always a parody of itself, if I was hurt or depressed by life it's because I didn't realize the genre.
[Insert Joker quote here unironically]. Guess the movie was interesting in the sense that it did the opposite. Took those cartoon heroes and tried to make it a message.


>Took those cartoon heroes and tried to make it a message.

It's more like, these days it's hard to get something in the theatres to a wide audience that isn't explosions for 3 hours. Blockbuster films have become so much dumber over the last, I don't know, 2? Maybe 3 decades that something like Joker had to be packaged as a comic book movie for it get funding or get people watching.


>This whole trans phenomenon will be looked back upon as a disgrace with people shaking their heads wondering how it could possibly get this way

Fetishes as "lifestyles", internet is like a gathering hub for "lifestyles" and normies jump on bandwagons even if they're completely disgusted by them IRL. "Lifestyles" become popular artificially and leading to things like to people getting HRT based on a fetish.

On the plus side, I have a LOT more quality trap/tranny/murrsuit/furry/cosplay porn. On the negative side post-nut clarity makes the porn have strange, dark vibes to them. Sometimes I don't even jack off, I just watch the insanity of it.

Some trap/tranny content has this strange INTENSE misogynistic quality to it, even though they all have faggot flags next to their profile names. And all the new trap professional pornstars almost immediately started doing degrading porn.

Furry/murrsuit porn also has a strange disturbing vibe to it. Furry drawn porn is this bizarre refusal to grow up mashed together with degeneracy. Murrsuit porn is weird as hell because even though it's 98% gay porn in fursuits (2% succubi in fursuits), a lot of it seems like JAILHOUSE faggotry.

Man, the porn rabbit hole is doing a number on peoples' brains.


Stop watching porn.


Sounds like it’s doing a number on your brain.
>trap/tranny content has this strange INTENSE misogynistic quality to it.
That is the entire basis of the fetish/identity. It is the combination of someone with an extreme humiliation fetish that is also extremely misogynistic. It’s why it’s so common in alt-right types. Someone with the same humiliation fetish that did not foundationally believe females to be subhuman would not ever troon out. It requires both.


>it’s doing a number on your brain
It does? He sounds very clear about what his watching.


I don’t know. Watching porn without jacking off is sort of counterproductive behavior. Assuming that even internet people know offhand what murrsuits are, or what is meant by “JAILHOUSE”, tells me that it’s very normalized in their mind, more so than it is in reality. I watch some fucked up shit sometimes but I wouldn’t talk about it, even online.


>Sounds like it’s doing a number on *your* brain.

It probably is but like porn seems to have fried my dopamine receptors. I don't know if you can fix that.

Also I'm just some internet dude jacking off to tranny porn, I don't matter in the big picture but if regular people are becoming more and more attuned to degenerate porn, that's something more worrying.


File: 1633013664216.jpeg (50.71 KB, 492x647, 492:647, FC58423B-F2D1-46A7-8C65-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Slightly related, but I think we’ve crossed the horizon where furry is now normal.

This pains me greatly as a furry.


>3d porn



I remember only stupid, snobby 90s/00s hipsters used to "ironically" enjoy certain things.


will there ever truly be an end to the hermit lifestyle? kinds analogous to what is now called wizard have existed throughout all of recorded history.


File: 1633197140368.jpg (41.53 KB, 612x643, 612:643, BE_ALONE.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>an end to hermit lifestyle

History left us great examples, even if (((someone))) messed them up.


True hermitage is basically already dead and gone. I mean look at us, many NEETS call themselves hermits but they probably live with their parents and talk to other people all day long through imageboards and discord. It is too easy to remain connected in at least some way that unless you truly desire to be alone with yourself forever then you won't really be a true hermit.


Uh, true hermits by definition won't be easily seen.
My brother is more of a Wizard than anyone I know, but he's completely offline, I never see him even browsing people's comments or opinions.


Thats funny. There's little that I want more than for 2d furry porn to become mainstream.


>true hermitage

We're gonna have to draw a line between wizards and full on hermits cos most, if not all, wizards have been on imageboards and many are NEETs with their parents' til the inevitable happens.


>True traps just trap until their looks fade
Who knew pederasty would make a comeback?


it never left


I really think it comes down to:
>"WELL FUCK IT, IF I CAN'T BE WITH A succubus, I'LL BE THE succubus!"


File: 1633321287949.png (572.5 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, trans.png) ImgOps iqdb


>last 2 decades

TWO decades? Sure there was linetrap and other fags but this trans shit wasn't full stream until the 10s.


An extra decade was added for the control. Two decades ago they were a man, last decade they 'became a succubus.'


I have to vbrosit’ svoi 5 kopeek. What you call the end here is just logical conclusion of the great work which was done by philosophers of last century and just the beginning. Human kind has to give birth to posthumans and disappear. All the rapid degradation mentioned above is in fact deconstruction . Humans are pushing the borders of what it means to be human. We will see more and more shit like this coming with 5th industrial revolution. Also it seems like that superior cyber control will lead to cities becoming living beings on their own. Imagine a city controlled by AI figuring out the best way of self development and commanding people what to do. We will be like cellls or bacteria inside a larger organism. Also survival outside of the cities would be pretty hard due to us fucking up the climat completely.


File: 1633373935984.webm (16.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Truman Show - A human….webm) ImgOps iqdb

Post human? How is living as a failed male and a horrific caricature of a female post-anything?

>Humans are pushing the borders of what it means to be human.

My fucking ass. Humans are just becoming ever more narcissistic and turning (or have turned) into walking billboards.


cosmo had a gf before turning into a tranny though


I forgot to add:

There was this moment during lunch time at one of my wageslave jobs where they have the tri-annual discussion on their next mobile phone upgrade when they noticed my phone was several (5)years old and roped me into the discussion. They started, almost reflexively, espousing the brand new "features" of the latest model, one of which was
>it comes with a pen which can you use to draw on the phone screen

I asked him why would I need that feature? Why would HE need that feature? No real answer. I asked him why he needed to get this year's phone when he already has last year's phone?

At this point they went back to their discussion amongst themselves.



Just think about it for a monent, it is not that strange. After god’s death it was pretty obvious that morality as a last barrier slowly will fade away. Few masculine versions of post humans had failed to survive. Those are things like communist human and white genetecly “ clear” nazi . China is trying to take another shot on making those, but there are some problems on the way. Now, after male have failed postmodern, it is time for female and deviants to solve the puzzle. That is why everything in the field is blooming . Truly there was no better time for wired porn, feminists are ruining most epic franchises, body alteration tech rapidly evolves and so on. The time requires transmutations even the ugly ones. No one can tell for sure if those will fail or no, but I have a feeling this time it will be more successful, due to us having better technology and people crossing even more borders. Something had to stick around.


>we're gonna transcend humanity
Let's pretend that's gonna happen.
To what end? And for how many?


It is hard to say. The way I see it as for right now though is something like that - major countries cannot afford to fight each other rather than in a cold war due to nuclear weapon. We do have a weapon which is similar to nuces in hybrid war condition, and that is AI. So China and US cannot stop developing it, because if you stop you lose. At some point AI will get so good, it would take over the power without us even realizing it at first. At this point it would literally know better. Logically there will be no point to decide anything by yourself anymore. AI will tell you exactly what to do, and it would be correct 99% of the time. So most likely those human activities which still would be around will be highly specialized, kind of caste system but with specific genes and mods for each one. That is where all the tolerance BS comes handy, because you will have to deal with creatures who are not the same species anymore. It also have to be more socialist, because individualism will be replaced with common good, which AI knows exactly what it is. Something like that.


lol, this is "the singularity" type shit that 00s nerds used to gush over. Nerd heaven.

It's not happening.


File: 1633440886629.jpg (120.2 KB, 735x738, 245:246, ford - they do not underst….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Someone here seems to know at all the general conspiracy themes around (((some people out there))) and their book of protocols.


In this Kali Yuga, degeneracy will surprise such type of optimistic imprudent peers.


I hardly can see how ant-like society is "haven" and optimistic, but okay, if you say so..


Myopic view of the capitalist system by ascribing it to one peoples (though they do assert a large influence).


I think that this is a good thing


Very interesting topic of discussion, I agree with what you said; that Human kind will give birth to some kind of post human life. I also agree with the statement that this will come as an evolution of current 'socially left' politics. As for AI, it already controls people's lives. I was walking to university, and a man was listening to the same electronic dance music as I was. We, two totally unconnected people, probably found this music at the same time, as a result of a youtube algorithm. A centralized AI already controls an intimate part of human self expression.

I do not agree with the rest of your statements, from global warming to AI taking over all facets of life and the supposed obsolescence of humanity. Really if we look at what we know, we'll find out that it's nothing. There's no workable knowledge about anything from the capability of AI to decide something like military escalation. We don't know if genetically engineered humans (which do not yet exist) will be better or worse at specific tasks. Will these things happen? Probably yes, but it's not a guarantee.

The future will be built by people with plans, and people who are willing to make personal sacrifices. The passionate scientist working in a lab, the start up businessman who takes total personal risk. These are the kind of people who will play the flute that everyone else dances too. This is the age of science, and the archetype of the scientist is the magician. This is the age of magic, and it will be decided by wizards.


Anti-semitism is anti-capitalism for idiots.


File: 1633450190656.jpg (47.07 KB, 640x1040, 8:13, fe3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Rent free


Limits of Growth.


science was already debunked as fake


Control yourself you moron, this isn't reddit. If he thinks that (((they))) are solely responsible, let him, he isn't here for a discussion.


I realize this is /dep/, not the crown jewel of wizchan, but are the nonsense half-sentence replies really necessary?


they add nothing of value but seem to make me laugh because so asinine. most dep posters dont have the energy to rewrite the same idea he has written many times over the year.
Biting. do you mean as it is debunked as being useless for understanding the world?


File: 1633482866504.png (69.81 KB, 800x815, 160:163, 800px-Limits-to-growth-fig….png) ImgOps iqdb

I think it's supposed to be Limits to Growth.


so what, just referencing the mere idea of a mathematical model, without doing any math or anything else is an argument?


…are you upset because someone replied with brevity?


Brevity is not the right word. I'd use the word masturbatory. Really disingenuous post man, why even bother making it here?
"here's an idea that could be contradictory to yours, am I going to elaborate on this? lol why? … Internet Arguments Won: IV"


You want me, a non-scientist, to explain the complex maths behind Limits to Growth which is just the idea that on a finite planet there is finite growth but we need to accept that AI will become so advanced that it will take over and body modification will become so advanced that we'll transcend humanity without any proof?

It wasn't even my post to begin with.


Aren't you doing what you're criticizing right now?


This is comparing apples to organges. A system of equations would be easy but tedious to set up. Thinking about the future, what will happen, is and always was pure speculation: proof or any kind of rigor is not even possible here.

I write something our, and the other guy literally says "equation". Not an actual equation, not the logic behind a hypothetical equation, just "equation"
No, I view this as a genuine post complaining about disingenuous posts. I am open to changing my view so tell me if you think that I am the disingenuous one here.


I need to know if trannys are becoming acceptable to "non-degenerates", as in NOT woke hipsters or NOT terminally-online people.

Are there meatheads in gym locker rooms or at wageslave workplaces admitting that they'd bang a tranny?


You're really trying to have your cake and eat it.

Limits to Growth isn't just "equation", it's a prediction using mathematical models about what could happen with exponential economic and population growth with a finite supply of resources. Civilisation could collapse before any profound advancement in AI is possible.

>Thinking about the future, what will happen, is and always was pure speculation: proof or any kind of rigor is not even possible here.

>pure speculation
Ignoring that we can make decent predictions on based existing data, ignoring that Limits to Growth IS essentially thinking about and predicting the possible future, we're supposed to take your random ass musings pulled straight out your ass as a possible future based on…?



The thing with Limits To Growth, is the talk about overpopulation. It kinda has a eugenics edge to it.

You can't have a continously growing population with finite resources sure but when someone like our Overlord Bill Gates decides to implement some kind of population control it's going to *slightly* unfair and inefficient because it's going to be something like
>there too many niggers on the planet
instead of all the owners of factories pumping out useless shit to sell and all the "eco" celebs flying all over world to say the least.


I always wonder if the ultra-rich live on the same planet we live since they seem hell-bent on ruining it.

I mean, how long can you stay in a bunker waiting for shit to die down topside?


Just mentioning the fact that malthusian equations exist doesn't make an argument. I need to see a model or at least some kind of rationalization behind a potential model. BTW I never said I presented a factual and definite view of things, it's my opinion, my own predictions of the future that I presented, in responce to this guy's >>248045 predictions about the future


>everyone and their mother have an onlyfans account and subbing to one is no longer the saddest thing ever

I remember just 15-20 years ago talking to people on the internet about videogames was considered sad. And now….


No people still call you a crab for doing that now. Onlyfans gets a pass because ???


Says who? People talk about videogames all over social media these days without batting an eyelid. Whether they're actually discussing them or "discussing" them is a different question.


>now people are comparing world events to Avengers.
I've been wondering about this a lot and maybe it's just a collective failure to get to grips with a terrible future?


'first time in recorded history' isn't really that big of a deal. Recorded history isn't that long on a geological scale. Hell, it isn't even that long on the scale of humanity.


What has to happen before you consider something to be a bad sign of things to come?


i thought they’re more absurdist i don’t think they like irony that much.


lovely post



You sell your English skills short, that was one of those bursts of randomness I guess. Beautiful post.


Their humor is too formulaic for it to be "absurd" or "random", despite how much they pride themselves on that. But high school normalfags all have bland senses of humor, so it's nothing new




File: 1634561106836.webm (15.85 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Children of Men - Ark of ….webm) ImgOps iqdb

>"I just don't think about it"

>Their humor is too formulaic for it to be "absurd" or "random", despite how much they pride themselves on that
It's because they don't understand why a certain type of irony/"meta-ness" was popular on the internet in the 00s, all they know it was popular (on the internet, and I don't think normalfags these days, and especially Gen Zoomer, are able to differentiate what was popular on the internet and what was popular IRL because those things are basically the same now) and just ape it without understanding any of the nuances.

I'm going to make an absolutely ludicrous comparison but this clip where Nigel talks about collecting works of art for the "Ark of the Arts" it's obvious that they're being collected purely for the supposed prestige rather than because they are meaningful pieces of art, like Picasso's Guernica, despite being painting of violence in the streets of Spain during a turbulent time, it's now a decorative piece hanging behind Nigel while he peacefully eats his meal while "Guernica" is literally playing out elsewhere in the city.

It reminds me of "geek" youtubers/influencers having anime figurines, comic book posters and other geek memorabilia in the background of their videos.

Or when a factory-sealed, professionally graded "vintage" videogame cartridge goes for half a million.


>Alex. Alex. ALEX!

Little shit even has neck tattoos like zoomers have today.


Is there any credence to the "theories" that there is a large gender imbalance?


File: 1634662192357.pdf (3.35 MB, Irreversible Damage - Abig….pdf)

read this to understand why people are turning trans.


I honestly can't read this because it gives trannies, at least adult ones, any amount of validation.


File: 1634665293502.pdf (1.98 MB, The_End_of_Gender__Debunki….pdf)

The book made trannies scream and it does not validate them at all. Have you even read it?

This book I linked in this post is more technical about refuting the troon lies paraded as science.


listen I clicked the link, started reading, and it started going on about using the right pronouns for them and how adult trannies are real. I'll try the other one you posted.


Not him could you give us the gist? I'll read the whole thing once I get time.


Really starting to think you are a tranny yourself trying to stop others from reading the book.
The books is largely an opinion piece that describes a mothers experience with having a daughter pulled into the tranny cult. She focuses on how gender dysphoria is a social contagion in nearly all cases and how and why young people buy into the meme.

She talks about how the promotion of transgenderism on young people is in action as well as psychologists themselves being pushed to go along with the meme or get dismissed even if gender dysphoria is their lifes work.

I think it is very relevant to have read the book.


Wouldn't you say that the drive for mtf is different to ftm?

There's like species of fish (or was it frogs?) that change sex when there isn't enough females.


>There's like species of fish (or was it frogs?) that change sex when there isn't enough females.
There's both, and there are species that change from male to female. A natural analog is entirely useless here, this is not a natural phenomenon. Those animals change sex using their own hormones, their bodies are meant to be able to change, and they do so for reproductive means.


The drive may be different in some ways but pretty much the same influence is pushing both to troon out.

FTM is much more sad than MTF because these succubi become infertile and succubus are a lot more prone to following the group behaviorally. These succubi want to belong and have kinship and hoin a cult. MTF are normally just crabs that watched too much porn.


>this is not a natural phenomenon
I'm not saying it is natural, but I think it's an apt analog. I mean, if there is a substantial lack of succubi and there's nowhere to direct their hormonal lust but themselves and other faggots….something was going to break.


again, humans are not fish or frogs. We aren't hermaphroditic. This is not a response our bodies are programmed to carry out. Furthermore our population structure and reproduction are completely different. It is not an applicable analog.


Fine you're the expert here.


There's more to the end of the world/current civilisation/cultural collapse than trannies.

Pussy. Don't back down, it's literally the "become your own gf" meme and over the past 2 decades of forums and imageboards I've been on, this dumb joke seems to have come true.


>guy realizes he doesn't know what he's talking about
>hurr durr don't back down


I always had a hard time understanding the setting of Children of Men. That speech at the end, "What keeps you going?" You're liberated from not having kids or having kids around, what's the problem?


Normalfags have a strange sense of permanence about their lives and actions.


I…I've never seen a poster HAND another poster a victory…and the poster who had the argumentative victory proceeded to lose. What the fuck? No, seriously, what the actual fuck? He just said "You win," and you proceeded to shit yourself. Why? Wh…How….?????


I THINK that's another poster telling me to not back down.


that is in fact the case.


>I always had a hard time understanding the setting of Children of Men.

As in the literal setting? In addition to the all the problems we have now, on top of that is mass infertility meaning no new labour which means that civilisation is doomed to a painful end as things grind to a halt.


>on top of that is mass infertility meaning no new labour which means that civilisation is doomed to a painful end as things grind to a halt.
But when the Plague hit Europe and labour disappeared…things got better. WAY better. Labour was actually demanded. People were actually needed. The world become abound with meaning. Plus, per capita, there's more and more remaining capital. Painful end? That sounds like the most luxurious end.

I remember reading about comparing and contrasting 1984 v. Brave New World. I feel like something similar could be done with Children of Men and YKK.


Literally no one is being born though.


Maybe for a really short while but when there isn't enough people to run the machines, literally as well as figuratively, things start falling apart.


File: 1634811171340.png (311.44 KB, 729x820, 729:820, Screenshot_2021-10-21_12-1….png) ImgOps iqdb

It's getting worse wizzies


You know what's weird with the tranny shit today? How it seems to be aggressively cannibalizing succubi's spaces/movements, almost without any resistance despite being a tiny, tiny portion of the population.




Idpol. It turns heads and away from class struggle.


The oppressed female class vs the oppressor male class.



why is this a real thing

this world is so strange


I was thinking more of the glut of unionizing news thats been popping up in the last few months.

Trannys getting mad at Chappelle is the current distraction.


The mcm comic con is taking place today. The first time I went, it was obvious I came to something that already dead and commercialised to hell. It was the first IRL blow to me that geek was being or already had been taken over by the cool kids who made themselves the God Kings and Queens of geek.

This was 2013/14, way, way too late to go to a con looking back in hindsight.

Any wizards go to any cons before they became just giant venues for advertising?


Cons were always advertising, the difference is whether it’s a media corporation shilling their new franchise or an indie mangaka selling copies of their doujin.


There's lots of resistance but trannies are both completely autistic and backed by globohomo, the succubi can't compete with that kind of power. Anyway they deserve it, feminism is far more dangerous to wizardly interests than LGBT.


>feminism is far more dangerous to wizardly interests than LGBT.

Probably an unpopular opinion but the degeneracy encouraged by fags and the double-think that they're imposing seems to be far more dangerous. A faggot or a tranny can easily hide amongst wizards. You can see it happen here.


>"WELL FUCK IT, IF I CAN'T BE WITH A succubus, I'LL BE THE succubus!"
I've been following (read:torrenting) an onlyfans trap who I am sure convinced himself that he's gay. He's in the one of the top percentiles so he has a support group of other degenerates who pay him money and compliments. And it's weird, one of the latest videos he's made is with another onlyfans trap and it's completely dead sexually and it's more like two straight guys awkwardly jerking off together. He's now working up the courage to get butt-fucked because his fanbase wants that.

The internet is actually warping young dudes brains. At least I get more trap porno.


Feminism is much less anti wizard for the simple fact that ideally none of us would ever even interact with a succubus, so their opinions and actions really aren’t gonna matter to us.


That's all you faggots are going to talk about? Trannies? Alec Baldwin just shot and killed someone. The last 9 years have been a roller coaster ride of increasing absurdity as the contradictions of this society start to collapse.

I really want to disagree but I've never been to a con either that wasn't after 2012. Main reason I want to disagree is the photos of cons that used to appear in nerd forums back in the 00s have a completely different vibe to them than the 10s. Much smaller and more…enthusiast-orientated.

>the difference is whether it’s a media corporation shilling their new franchise or an indie mangaka selling copies of their doujin.

I feel like one of them would have more heart and soul than the other, at least back then.


I didn’t mean my post in a disparaging way, indie authors are clearly superior to media corporations.


Who the fuck is Alec Baldwin? Is he a CEO? A monarch? A president? A congressman? A governor? A general? A scientist? Does he do something important?

…..I'm completely uninvolved with that world. Is it really this bad?


Famous American Actor.

Look up glengarry glenross coffee speech if you want to see him.


>…..I'm completely uninvolved with that world. Is it really this bad?

Like I said earlier in the thread, the sheer amount of high-quality trap porn, not just brazilian/thai shemale porn, is unbelievable and there's a constant stream of new trap pornstars. This is supposed to be a niche genre.


File: 1634985028446.jpg (28.11 KB, 300x289, 300:289, 1622965804795.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Internet warping young mens brain somehow
>At least i get trap porn, for science of course


File: 1634988687821.webm (2.27 MB, 640x360, 16:9, WM23.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Motherfucker knows who Alec Baldwin is, he's just being facetious for no reason.

Motherfucker probably wants to talk more about trannies. Alright. Here's something tangentially related to trannies: Every time I see a political argument on twitter or youtube comments or other social media piece of crap it's always imbued with a special level of insanity. I'm not even talking about the arguments themselves, it's the profile pictures and names: anime succubi, furry avatars, meme avatars etc usually combined with an lgbt flag, trans flag or a nazi flag or some other bullshit.

There'd be a serious conversation (or an *attempt* at one) on serious topics or events by people with stupid avatars. It's like people wearing clown costumes to a funeral.


>but a continuing and steady acceleration of the degradation of the human

I swear the trending page of youtube reflects the decline of human intellect.


Gen Z seems to be incredibly stupid regarding privacy. All their dumb moments recorded online with video and sound permanently stored online for everyone to see.


File: 1635249927141.webm (17.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Idiocracy - Ow My Balls!.webm) ImgOps iqdb

It's a tired comparison at this point but it reminds me of Idiocracy, every time I go to wageslavery I see people infinite scrolling on their phones through utter garbage.


It's amusing how books and films in the 90s were already talking about how media irony was overwhelming and rotting culture, yet it's still here 20+ years later only getting stronger.


Phones are a boon, when your aging parents keep taking you to weddings where you don't know anyone. You can stare deep into the screen and no one will say shit because half the people there are doing the same thing. Get a 2nd phone and you can get out of conversations easily by ringing yourself and naming it "work".


I don't know what it is exactly but it's probably because Gen Z are stupid dogs and are incapable of reading beneath the surface content.

It might be the same reason why, I hear, that Gen Z are computer illiterate despite being surrounded by tech.


>when your aging parents keep taking you to weddings

I've been dragged to several weddings over the past few years as various cousins have tied the knot whilst I'm almost 30 and haven't even done the basics.


File: 1635482197802.gif (3.19 MB, 192x192, 1:1, phone.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Most are divorced in 2-5 years.

My face when a cousin that invited me to a wedding called me, told me he divorced within 3 months after his wife cheated.
No way I'm ever going to a wedding again

Life truly is a bad joke


How did he find out? The vast majority never do.


>No way I'm ever going to a wedding again

I mean there's free food. Though it doesn't help when your parents are clearly (venomously) disappointed in your lack of marriage. They won't take any blame though, even if I decided to follow their wishes, I can't, precisely because of how socially maladjusted I am thanks to them and their poor decisions.


Cracked her phone password. Kind of creepy but it had all the Tinder data, whatsapp messages etc.


How do you crack someones phone password


I know a co-worker recently who is a jevoah witness with his wife. But suddenly he's having probably with his marriage and the wife was cheating on him and dating other guys. I think it was because she was too young like around 20 and the guy was 24 but still it shocks me. They've been dating for 5 years and it all end just because she was bored? They even have a child together and she doesn't care.


*problem with his marriage, i'm tired.


Yeah wizzies I’m not even coping anymore, I wouldn’t want a marriage even if I could get one. I can’t imagine wageslaving to beta buxx and putting in that much effort for a 4/10 who will just get fat and old and doesn’t care about you and will probably cheat or divorce. I think people’s perceptions of it are influenced heavily by their youth and they think that the passion and beauty will last forever. But then a couple years after college and they find themselves stuck in stale monotony and saddled down with responsibilities because they are told they have to have kids and jobs to heckin contribute to the system, and upon the realization of what they locked themselves into for the interminable reality, they divorce as fast as they can.


I'm just upset of how succubi cheat way more than in the past.. No one is loyal anymore and marriages are failing rapidly all over america. People just don't give a fuck and rely on fucking 24/7 and good feels. No more religion or traditions and people just use each other too much. They just want pleasure and pleasure untill they grow so old they finally get bored and settle down. It's fucking funny at the most, I feel like as a species we devolved somehow.


At the risk of getting flamed I don't think it's the succubi's fault *per se*, it's like OP said the value of human relationships have plummetted.


Why the fuck do you even care about this as a wizard? This reeks of normalshitter drama and it sounds like you are one of those wrong generation “pick me” succubi


>This reeks of normalshitter drama
That's because you don't understand that the fall of relationships affect all of us, if you want one or not is not important, one obvious example being that if your fathers didn't have a good relation you were probably raised in a toxic place.
You should use your brain more often.


Ted was living in woods by himself and then they built a road through it.


Humans are now only doing what their genetic programming is telling them to do and what they did before organized society existed.

Only religion, public morals and social shame prevented this for a few centuries.

Now that shame is gone and people reveal their true selves: Not much different from other animals.


I don't mind if normies cheat, I don't like them anyway.

Actually the best financial windfall I got is due to cheating. I got early home from school when I was 13 because the teacher got sick and there was no substitute.

I go in, wonder if anybody is home since mom is supposed to be at work and her shoes are there, and lo and behold she is in bed with some guy in his 20s.

She couldn't come up with any excuse, she just panicked and said there is $300 in a box above the fridge, take that and go buy a Playstation.

I was never one to take orders from my parents, but I sure did that time. Easiest money I've made in my life.
The implicit contract was that I don't tell my dad about it since he was a depressed bald fatso in his 50s but what she didn't know is my relations with him were shit anyway, I don't care if he knows or not.

He never found out and I got a free console. Turns out I was able to benefit from the scumminess of normies.
I guess the moral of my story is always try to benefit from normies being shitty. Ask for reparations or compensation for staying silent.


I simply just find it annoying and gross how our generation is more promiscuous and hopeless. No one is really that happy in our generation and people can't hold any relationships at all, yeah it shouldn't matter to me because i'm a wizard but still it's just depressing and peaks my interest of how our society degraded so far.


>Why the fuck do you even care about this as a wizard?
I didn't mind when geek culture was starting to enter the mainstream, and now normalfags have made themselves God Kings and Queens of even the smallest niches of geekdom.

Nothing these days exists in isolation anymore (maybe nothing ever did but there were barriers, firebreaks and gatekeepers before), everything affects something in some way.

Desecration and commodification of the human. Dating apps have basically given everyone a ranking and widened the playing field so that only the top of the top can actually play it. I don't know how dating worked before normalfags decided that online dating was no longer for catladies and losers but it seems, to me at least, that dating apps incentivise short-term relations based on nothing but the physical or on the strength of "personal brands". They trivialise relationships. Gamified. I mean, cheating probably only takes a swipe on your phone now.

Like every single fucking videogame I play these days, the fanbase, the community, the forums, the streamers, the "content creators", everything, has a bunch of fucking trannies just permeating the whole experience. I'm sure these faggots are the ones that dropped out of dating females and just became "females".


File: 1635726840333.jpg (498.86 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, reddit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've had the same thoughts sometimes. I'm thinking a lot of them simply realized how shitty life is as a 5'3 geeky looking scrawny guy and they turned trans simply to experience any affection at all before they die.

They may have tried online dating previously, but since in the straight (hetero) market 6'4 buff chads with attractive faces monopolize pretty much all the matches, they got discouraged and left.

Tinder and dating apps could partially be responsible for creating trannies out of the most desperate of the desperate men (those with practically zero chance of ever appealing to anyone being themselves).

Let's be honest here. After this guy transitioned, he is going to get 1000x more human touch and affection than he ever would in his previous form.


I know they're deviants and a walking joke but I do feel for them. Trannies must have gone through a lot of pain in their life to abandon their manhood and live that way.


Except feminists infiltrate male spaces and ruin media (games, movies, soon anime) that guys like us enjoy, so yes feminism is extremely anti wizard and something wizards should fight against being overall much more harmful than the mere presence of gays or trannies, though generally they're one in the same as the latter falls for feminist baiting tactics 99% of the time, either way all are hostile to low status guys like us and our interests.

Also you don't need to interact with society or succubi to feel the effects of this, if anything it's actually much more pronounced and damaging for reclusive types because the last few bastions of escapism you enjoy will be taken from you or at the very least twisted and tainted by these undesirable miscreants.


Every time I see one of these before and after (photoshopped) pics, I find it hilarious that they probably fashioned themselves after their personal ideal of either a geeky gf or an alt gf.

>creating trannies out of the most desperate of the desperate men

If it was just the most desperate of the desperate they'd be a tiny fraction of the population; it's the most desperate of the desperate men and then a bit more when we factor in porn-addicted motherfuckers.

When I play MMOs or something that requires some level of co-ordinated teamwork I swear about 1/20th of the time I hear some faggot with a falsetto and an anime avatar.


>being overall much more harmful than the mere presence of gays or trannies,

You must be out of your fucking gay mind, trannies are a fucking infestation of the nerd arts. They're dudes and they know how to manipulate the situation.


Stress and loneliness can kill by elevating cortisol levels and lowering the immune response to a point where you may die just from breathing in a harmless bacteria.

I don't say I defend them, but can you blame them? Society absolutely detests ugly short men and wants nothing to do with them
(maybe some golddigger will stand him reluctantly if he has millions upon millions of dollars to spend).

But once he transitions to a succubus (with a dick or not, irrelevant), he will have infinite suitors, comforters, allies and friends. He will also get physical intimacy whenever he wants.
(I'm using the word he here intentionally, because despite them *looking* female they're still biomales)

How many decades could you spend in utter solitude?
I'm a wizard for example, but I have frequent contact with my family, I never had a bad experience with them unlike some posters here, they are my lifeline.

If I didn't even have my family, I would probably die in 5 years or less. You can't skip the need for contact or touch with willpower or excercises, you will literally die prematurely if you attempt to circumvent it.

It's as much a need as drinking or sleeping or eating, you just don't see the consequences of neglect instantly.

Nobody here is that 1 : 1 000 000 hermit that lacks the genes that demand you to have some degree of socialization.
I would even argue wizchan itself is socialization, and people come here instinctively because even a wizard has a biological need to belong somewhere and reflect his thoughts with others.


Humans used to be solitary animals. They could spend their whole lives with little contact with other humans. You only feel that you need companionship because you have been conditioned to believe it. Things like work, monogomous relationships, friend groups, they are social constructs that just didn’t exist in a state of nature. Just completely isolate yourself from all contact with the world of normal cattle, like Ted kaczynski living in the woods, and you will be at peace


Are you implying succubi aren't better at manipulating situations? That's exactly why feminism is believed by literally everyone in the world and accepted as default despite being complete gaslighting bullshit at best and a hate group at worst.

Besides I said in my post they are effectively one in the same, feminism being the bridge, so if we're going to blame one thing it has to be that, trannies push for the same shit because they mistakenly believe they're on the same team after transitioning, and feminists use gays as attack dogs for the same reason, but they'll throw both under the bus when it comes to protecting female superiority (like when male to females use succubi's bathrooms or play in succubi's only sport and they start seething).


Unabomber wasn't a total recluse though, before civilization fucked up his cabin by building a road there, he still went to the library to talk to people and have conversations.

He just lost it completely after his lifestyle got destroyed by the authorities.


that's ridiculous, everyone alive today is descended from people who cared deeply about fitting into the tribe, what others in their small group/village thought, etc. those who didn't break down in isolation were disproportionately likely to not leave behind copies of their genes for obvious reasons


that's retarded. you are projecting your conditioning from a literate, social society onto prehistorical humans.


Even currently active isolated from global society people live in tribes.



>they are effectively one in the same
>because they mistakenly believe they're on the same team after transitioning

These dudes KNOW they're not on the same team (but succubi are stupid enough to let them exist on the same team) and that's why they've spent the last few years trying to redefine succubus to mean trannies. I mean did you know that a well-known medical journal called succubi "bodies with vaginas" to be inclusive? That certain bits of medical publications now say pregnant "people" instead of pregnant succubi?

These faggots force everyone else to believe their delusions.

>(like when male to females use succubi's bathrooms or play in succubi's only sport and they start seething)

What? Why wouldn't they be "seething"? Do you play on children's basketball leagues or something?


> he will have infinite suitors
I wouldn't say infinite suitors. It'll be more than zero though and they'll all be degenerates.


>I would even argue wizchan itself is socialization, and people come here instinctively because even a wizard has a biological need to belong somewhere and reflect his thoughts with others.

It's a contradiction I'd leave alone. We are on wizchan and not wizardchan after all. It's best not to question (directly) the floor beneath us, lest we start falling through it.


>These faggots force everyone else to believe their delusions.

On some boorus they changed the tag "dickgirl" and "futanari" to "gynomorph". They changed something imaginary to be more pc despite having violent and questionable hentai clearly visible (which they've only hidden some recently).


No I think you're wrong, and besides why should I even care about anything you just mentioned? If anything that sounds like a good thing if succubi are getting messed with - they aren't though, because it's just intersectional feminism. As I said they think they're on the same team, as you say they're delusional, so in most cases they genuinely want to vehemently believe they're succubi no? To that end they push for the same hate and contempt for men and believe in gay faggot shit like diversity and then fuck with media men enjoy.

It's not about whether they should be seething or not, I'm just pointing out you can see the obvious contempt they have for trannies when they try to invade a female space succubi enjoy despite pretending they're allies. I call them seething because they're cunts who'll turn around and do the same thing to male spaces so I don't have any sympathy for them and they can fuck off.

Also you should stop saying the word degenerate, it just makes you sound like a /pol/tard, it's a totally useless and stupid term as most of the userbase here would be considered "degenerates" as they don't work.

I agree trannies are a scourge, they do infest online communities in a very pernicious way and they should fuck off likewise but feminism has a much bigger role in ruining things I like though they tend to go hand in hand. As an example you probably won't find much difference in the behaviour between male feminists and trannies in online spaces, they're all very snivelly and pozzed and anti male.

Also I guarantee if that medical publication somehow progressed to the point of changing real world legislation succubi (feminists) would not accept it as they want to retain their higher tier people status at all costs and it would get shut down instantly. They'll play along with tranny delusions while it's harmless but when it comes down to things or privileges they enjoy no they'll tell them to know their place just like they do with men.


You sound ignorant of the ongoing struggle behind the scenes within feminism. Feminism has been subverted and feminists who are not cucked know this and fight against this retarded ethos that men can be succubus. I suggest you try lurk in female spaces centered on trans exclusionary feminism if you want a proper insight into the topic you are talking about. Ovarit is a start. It is a very eciting time to watch over feminist theory and seeing how the emerging response to the trans meme unfolds!

The LGBT fag and lefty feminist movement is showing that it is not built upon anything solid by the irony of "non binary" people enforcing traditional gender characteristics via their attempt to distance themselves from them lol.

Funny how you tell that other poster not to say degenerate but call something pozzed in the same post.


I'm aware though you sound more knowledge so fair enough but again I only care about this garbage in so far as it hurts things I enjoy. Neither of you have actually argued why trannies are apparently worse for the average wiz than feminists are. The latter has much more power and you've already identified that there are many groups within feminism, one that includes trannies, I think you'd be hard pressed to find one that doesn't call themself a feminist and align themselves with other succubi.

I say pozzed because it's actually a useful word to describe general gayness and faggotry when my vocabulary is getting thin, degenerate just makes you sound like some stupid stormfronter.


>degenerate is a /pol/ word

Not him but I really don't like this bullshit of corralling words. Degenerate is a perfectly fine word to describe them.

Why are trannies are worse? Because you can always find trannies in the gaming community no matter how deep you go or how non-mainstream the game is. Not true with females, let alone feminists, the game has to be at least popular enough that it will bring fame or fortune to the female considering it.


Trannies just aren't relevant to wizardry aside from being another group of deviants to ignore, they're no different to homosexuals.

Feminists are the bigger danger because they're actively hostile towards groups of single low status men like wizards. I don't think some of you fully understand how driven by hatred of men feminists are, many of them would happily have all wizards declared terrorists, sterilized and thrown into concentration camps if they could get away with it.


Trannies are a huge threat to wizards and feminists are no threat in my mind. Trannies are part of the reason we dont have as many apprentice wizards around.

The tranny cult targets young males and turns them into freaks for company. I can hardly see how feminists are a danger when we do not even interact with females or work let alone go outside. Wizards may even agree with the most radical feminists who call for complete segregation of the sexes


Look we're not gonna to agree on this but a few things:

>don't use "/pol/" words

You know what this is? This is policing language in the same way the woke media and tech companies have been. Colouring certain words, certain words that are useful in describing our situations and predicaments, so that people are averse to using them in case they're branded as bigots. That way we will lack the language to articulate our "unfreedom". /d/egenerate is a fine word and don't confuse me for a /pol/tard.

>I don't think some of you fully understand how driven by hatred of men feminists are

I don't think you understand how much of a non-issue that is to wizards as "low value men", they've (and you probably have a specific group of feminists in mind) dug into as much as they can into the hobbies but no more than they can handle, it's why you don't see any succubi in ultra-niche parts of geekdom. When I'm looking at odd pieces of tech or completely obscure games on youtube, the comments section will have no females in them. None. But there's a non-negligible chance there's a trans flag profile in the comments section.

Trans-faggots are also erasing nerds/geeks in a strange way. I know over the last decade or two with how masculinity and feminity have been kicked about, young dudes have become insecure about their masculinity, especially "would be" nerds/geeks. The yesteryear nerds/geeks were usually either skinny lanky dudes or fat dues who weren't meat-headed bros but this didn't mean weren't still dudes. Now they either over- or under-compensate; become dudebros or trannies.


Seems to me like you're saying many wizards should have become trans but were oppressed by society into being virgins


You have a hidden agenda don't you?


>I don't think you understand how much of a non-issue that is to wizards as "low value men"
I said low status, not low value, learn how to quote honestly without twisting my words.

You're like a retarded child moaning about comments on Youtube videos. So fucking what? For the last century feminist groups have been pushing legislation and social revolutions that were designed to hurt men, particularly lower status ones which wizards belong to. How can at look at both groups and honestly think trannies are the bigger danger? I'm convinced there are succubi infiltrators in this thread, I don't believe a genuine wizard would defend them over a troon.


>How can at look at both groups and honestly think trannies are the bigger danger? I'm convinced there are succubi infiltrators in this thread, I don't believe a genuine wizard would defend them over a troon.

Cos you're a faggot that wants to bring back pedarasty? You remind me of those faggot cult MGTOW cunts who talk about going their own way and yet never do.


How is it a non-issue? Feminists hate men, they get into companies and franchies which guys like, and ruin them. That to me is insanely more detrimental to wizard quality of life than some trannies shitting up comment sections and discord groups. At this rate I'm going to have no escapism to enjoy because almost everything is anti-male and hostile.

You're right succubi aren't in niche parts of geek culture (because they never go deep like guys do) but that doesn't refute anything. You'd have to be blind or wilfully ignorant to not see how they've trashed loads of content men enjoy like star wars, star trek, doctor who, and made them unamicable to the average guy. I don't particularly care for any of these franchies but I have enough solidarity and awareness to realise it's only a matter of time before they get their dirty cunt hands on something I enjoy and destroy or taint that. All you're describing are rogue pockets which will in time be ruined.

>they've dug into as much as they can into the hobbies but no more than they can handle

This is basically the same as guys who say Japan is some impenetrable forcefield so anime will never be touched, that's already being proven wrong. I've seen subs altered to mention stuff like the patriarchy and typical gaslighting bullshit feminist talking points.

Also if you're going to go on about "woke", guess who's behind that, yeah feminists. Trannies do the same shit by policing language and trying to cancel people (men) because they're just whipped dogs who fall in line and do what fems want like everyone else.

You're basically ignoring everything I said because you aren't aware of how hateful and pernicious feminists are.
Any wizard who agrees with any form of feminism is a brainwashed dolt going against his own interests.


Look I understand that you're a faggot and I don't really care to change your faggot mind but you remind of those threads on 4chan that appeared at a certain point in time somewhere around 2011-12, there were tons of racist threads and misogynistic threads but any time a tranny hate thread popped up the tranny defence force would show up to derail it. Strange that.

/r9k/ used to be pretty good. Now it's just full of fags and trannys. Strange that it withstood years of (apparent) feminism and yet fags and trannys are the ones that turned it to shit.

>Also if you're going to go on about "woke", guess who's behind that, yeah feminists.

You're either real fucking stupid or a plant.

Whatever fag, like I said the gatekeepers are dead and we're staring down the barrel, it doesn't matter anyway.


You're the fucking stupid one, I'm giving you concrete reasons as to why a socially accepted hate group is worse than a bunch of faggots online, shitting up online spaces that already fucking suck. 4turd has been garbage for years I don't give a fuck about that shit and neither should you, fuck off.


Fellow Wizard, I feel your post deeply. The children that grew up realized they can use games to control. And all the idiots in school followed suit no questions asked. They wanted the status, the favor, the toys, the power that they could only get if they played the game.

"If you play, you get the points of said game and trade it with other gamers. The more points, the more power in the game!

THEN ONCE I HAVE SO MANY POINTS, THAT I CAN LITERALLY DO ANYTHING IN THE GAME… IDK… I just keep making more points because I don't wanna lose my points and not have these exclusive freedoms and status."

I'm assuming you understand Human History well enough to know we've been trading one domination power structure for another over and over again. A traumatic loop replayed over and over by mankind to the point it's brought generations of people into ignorant silent insane contortions of earthly life.

MANKINDS most ancient power has been MEMES… And Humanity's greatest power has become it's greatest weapon.
The misuse has contorted billions of lives into such a memetic mold of living.

Yet even beneath these molds that generations of us have lived in, there was a love that kept the species evolving. We have pulled ourselves out of countless dark ages. Now we have arrived at the cliff edge, the world itself cries for you to take responsibility. To remember and discover what it is you really are.
This era is a challenge for us, for our existence. The reward would be born out of the insane potential to morph the entire world through memes. The power structures that have existed and thrived for generations have grown into our social network, our internet of consciousness. Morphing the very chaotic and rich environment we had all been so accustomed to as a Human Being.
The internet has been a window into how we think. How humanity thinks. This limitless mind net is naturally where a mind seeking knowledge would go. We are social creatures, we learn by exchanging information between each other through complex and beautiful vibrations through the very air.

Many have no clue what they truly want to communicate because they don't understand how to trust themselves. So they explore and choose weird ass shit to express with themselves to somehow cover and ignore that inner itch we all share. Believing hypnotized lies that they told themselves because they don't understand how their consciousness even works. They distrust the body and believe it's something they can't trust. BECAUSE OF THE INCESSANT BURNING ANXIETY that they can't understand or get rid of. The drugs the failing parents give don't help calm the restlessness of these kids. THIS EXPRESSION THAT WANTS TO BE RELEASED along with the pressure of the environment they are told to inhabit and behave within is causing an implosion of confusion.
Physical Exploration in education is severely lacking in most schools. The repetition of environment and lack of focus in nature naturally as an act of play is insanely confusing for an animal. Just like Zoo animals born inside the zoo, unaware of it's wild nature and the instincts that spark off while engulfed in that environment.

I hope you get what I'm saying, just think intuitively about it. I want to inspire you people, because wizard's aren't supposed to be depressing inert dustballs. Allowing the very wind of a foot in movement over the carpet of your mind to sway you away with it.

When we were as children all we sought out were the laughs that the world and others could give us. The endless fun we could conjure between our little minds.

We understood the very magick that lied inheritly within our world. We respected the realities of our friends as they pretended to fight off pirates or be adventurers on a an epic journey to find the fated foam football and then jump off the trampoline to travel between our imaginary worlds.

The joy we inherently felt and made reality despite the rest of world still existing on it's own imaginary play. We separately played with our natural creativity.

>But I ask myself, why are we bother about that trivial normal shit in the first place? Why did we forget our little Neverlands?

Our Neverlands never left, we simply adopted a collective generational storyland atop Paradise.

We still have the Alchemy of Memes to use my Wizards. If you truly wish to change the course. You must understand Humanity's sickness is in it's environment. Help transform the environment and you will help transform the vibe.
Our memes can merge Nations, just as gov't troll groups have used MEMES TO DIVIDE OTHER NATIONS.



There have been countless waves of memes and paranoias that, thanks to the speed of modern communication, has shaped the minds of millions within only a few days.
Just like spreading a rumor in school, anyone who contributes to repeating the idea spreads it to others. Naturally affecting the social space.

We're suffering from shitty memes and nonconstructive artificial division due to algorithmic whirlpools of autism.

please don't keep just sulking and bullying yourselves while passively watching this illusion suffocate itself into hell… All our lives literally rely on each other and countless other creatures cooperating. Discover what the world truly has to offer, because the current offerings aren't the true fruits of our Earth…


>brings up MGTOW unprompted
Confirmed for feminist infiltration, they're the only ones who seethe about these single male groups


I don't think he even browsed /r9k/ much, tripfags and attention whoring femoids ruined it way before the trannies. By the time they came wizardchan had been created and all of us had left the place. His posting style is more reminiscent of a /pol/tard, they fell hard for the tranny obsession and feminists have formed an unofficial alliance with them


He has succubi on the brain or is a kike operative. He sounds like he got divorced or something to be this constantly mad about succubi.

A wizard never gets married to get half his shit stolen, a wizard doesn't need to talk to succubi unless it's a cashier, a wizard, if he's lucky, lives alone and minimizes contact with other people.

Motherfucker probably goes out his way to talk to succubi.


>I'm giving you concrete reasons
You're giving me vague mumblings about legislation and nothing else but I don't expect much from those who defend trannies. The fact that you think feminism is the culprit and not tech overreach and companies looking to make as much money as possible from a wider (dumber) audience means you're a fucking idiot.

>if you're going to go on about "woke", guess who's behind that, yeah feminists.

Companies do not give a fuck about ideology unless it makes them money and protects them. Wokeness right now is making them money and protecting them, if that changes they'll move on to whatever makes them more money.

I'm not as optimistic as you are, I don't think we can escape it until it collapses and something new is birthed.

Man this thread was supposed to be about how bizarre and decrepit society is becoming even for outcasts and people keep bringing it back to trannies.


Why are you so angry today wiz?


crystal cafe period sync


>no u
Damn, you told him.

You opting for accelerationism?


You're such a disingenuous retard it's embarassing. It's like you aren't even reading my posts, just deadset with trannies on the brain and blinders on.


>pot calling kettle black

You seem mad that I don't care for your moronic point of view. I told you why but you don't want to listen. That's fine with me.


File: 1636054824673.jpg (1.23 MB, 4096x3106, 2048:1553, EqwwHUIXAAYKXCi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm not being vague, you are. I'm giving you concrete examples of things feminists have ruined (yes feminists, not ethereal nebulous soulless "woke" companies that exist abstract and independent from their employees). The whole #forceisfemale thing was just corporate higher ups was it? It wasn't kathleen kennedy and her female cronies (ya know, feminists) intentionally pooing on the male demographic? If you don't want to be called a /pol/tard again maybe you should stop calling me a shill or a plant with a hidden agenda trying to turn wizards into witches and not just someone with a better understanding than you.

Wanna know why the gatekeepers are dead? Because retards like you won't even acknowledge who the real enemy is, so there's no way to protect anything because the guys in position to gatekeep don't know who to vet or filter. Instead you're obsessed with mentally ill desperate guys cutting their weiners off. I'm not defending them - they're obnoxious and hostile to my interests, but then so are male "allies". They're all the same to me, serfs who do what they're told and kneel to female supremacy.

Assuming these companies are only making these changes because it's just about money is extremely naive. How do you explain pic related? It's pure hostility and contempt and even death threats just at guys enjoying themselves. Before you say they're just some fat blue haired twitter freaks without a voice, these are the sort of attitudes which are common among succubi everywhere (especially in tech and gaming) and are validated by society, usually just filtered down to be less outright explicit. You're right money is involved and they throw integrity out the window to protect profits but in many (I would say most) cases there's a more insidious element at play and if you have any awareness or self respect it should be both simultanously obvious and insulting when you're being disrespected. There's a difference between products which are simply made for money and those which are covertly or overtly malicious.

If you want more proof, check this out:


Except you're the one being moronic, all you've said is wizards exist in a vacuum and don't engage with succubi therefore feminism can't hurt them, despite most wizards primary hobby being the consumption of media and escapism which are damaged or destroyed when infiltrated by feminists, because they hate men (especially low status geeky men) and don't want them to enjoy themselves. If you can't see how this is a problem then either you aren't involved in nerd culture as much as you think or you have no solidarity with your fellow demographic in which case you can admit you're a spineless worm right now and fuck off.


>/pol/-esque image of terminally online retards
>claims giant companies would intentionally sabotage their products for the cause of feminism

I think you're mentally ill, no wizard is that concerned about succubi, they are, how the kids say, living in your head rent-free.


Yeah fuck off, you literally have nothing to say, it's not sabotage because they still make money as the average guy is oblivious and retards like you are willfully ignorant even when it's been literally shoved in their face and explained ad nauseam. You got so blown the fuck out you've resorted to more low effort 4turd-isms and insults, showing your true colours. Get lost.


You need help friend. Go for a walk, clear your head.


I wonder what Ted makes of today's tech?


I don't know why this post is so funny, but it is.


The way that normalfags use "science" it might as well be.


You can see the shift in the way they now use "the science" instead of terms like research or scientific study. Science is now a monolith, it is THE science. There is THE world view.


Yes the word science has been redefined and corruption of scientific institutions has been increasing - it has never been immune to political and financial forces.


Death of the old type of nerd. I'm sure many of the wizards here (and beyond) were one back in the 90s and early 00s, reading science mags and articles, getting top marks in science and maths and just eager to learn more about a particular topic of science beyond what was required of them in school.

I don't know if much scientific research done today is done for the advancement of science rather than just financial gains.


Typical normalfag tier response when confronted with facts that don't fit your narrative, implying my anger is irrational when I'm rightly offended when being disrespected, which you should be too if you had any solidarity with your fellow nerds. You aren't making yourself look very good. Your retarded frame falls apart when you consider every post I made has been solely about escapism and media and nothing to do with hurr succubi being whores and muh family unit - there's already a thread up full of that trash and I have no interest because that genuinely doesn't effect wizards. This however does, more so than anything else going on right now, for reasons that should be more than obvious.

You already admitted that "wokeness" makes money, it's plain to see "woke" is just another word for feminist, thus these companies are not sabotaging profits, everything for them is chugging along just fine. Go woke go broke is a cope.

Again this is why this thread exists, because of guys like you, who unfortunately make up 99% of the geek demographic.


A normies idea of science seems to be shit off a social media feed.


The thing is, science was never used for driving policy or had social influence. But now it does, so everyone and their mother is trying to control it. Before the most scientists ever had lobbied at them was smoking and oil companies, but now doctors and statisticians are being employed to make bullshit sociology reports to show that "the science" actually approves of their bullshit.

It is exactly this. I still trust journals of physics, geology, oceanography, and chemistry. But any kind of social studies or human biology i am inclined to believe is utter nonsense.


I also forgot to mention; whatever piece of crap information they do glean from it, it's usually used in an antagonistic manner.



At this point you should have noticed that they guy doesn't care to give a proper reply. He is just making fun of you.

Most of these threads are people talking nonsense anyway.


>At this point you should have noticed that they guy doesn't care to give a proper reply.

At least 3 people have replied to him and he doesn't want to listen. His "facts" are just a screenshot of internet weirdos and ranting about about how feminism is worse than maggot trannies. Why would they give a proper reply?

Hell, let me help that maggot defender make a point about feminism since he's too busy constantly thinking about succubi to make real point:

When succubi entered the workforce in a big a way something happened: the end of the "family wage". Men were considered the breadwinners back then, meaning they were paid a wage on which they could raise a family on but as work became less reliant on manual strength and a surplus of extra labour was available in the form of succubi entering the workforce meant that men were no longer paid a "family wage".

You can blame it on feminism for getting more succubi into the workforce or you can blame the companies who saw an opportunity to double the workforce and half the pay.


The reality is most of the people that were there do not remember it now. If they do, it was probably just mildly annoying or funny and not a big deal to them like it was to you.

The best thing to do is just try to find a way to prevent yourself from making the same mistake again in the future. The more new experience you have the more of the past you will forget. Eventually When you remember these embarrassing experiences you will think back and laugh at how foolish you were back then.


I've given many more proper replies than that moron just spouting off about trannies and calling me gay, but okay yeah I'm the one just making fun.

Ironic considering I'm the only one making worthwhile points in this thread - my facts are a video I linked of actual feminist succubi in comics fraternising behind the scenes to get people (men) fired and trash a male space. Your "facts" are a bunch of anecdotes abouts nooo the poor youtube commenterinos and discord cliches the trannies are ruining, newsflash I don't give a fuck.

Back to /pol/ you cretin nigger, all you can talk about is blah blah money, like these people don't actually hate your guts just for simply being male, the same way you hate trannies for simply existing and making you uncomfortable.

Also your argument isn't related to anything wizards should care about or the thread, I don't give a fuck about the workforce, I give a fuck about my enjoyment from media, obviously you don't though, because you're more obsessed with guys who are actually lower on the totem pole than you who you would rather bully, says a lot.

None of you have made a real point beyond dude money xd, when there's obviously more to it than that, these people have contempt for your enjoyment, but okay, stay blind, serf faggots. Don't call me when more geek spaces get trashed and you're all still oblivious.


>these people have contempt for your enjoyment

Very eloquent phrase. I believe this is the best descriptor of how radical feminists think.

They genuinely hate you having a good time as a straight male and will commit considerable resources to ruining your mood if they can.

Especially in a professional environment, but also in hobbies.


>blatant samefagging


File: 1636724032817.webm (16.68 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Blade Runner 2049 - Suspi….webm) ImgOps iqdb

Samefagging and ignoring points I see.

>I don't give a fuck about the workforce

Course you don't, your parents' are probably paying for your transition, but wizards who don't have the bank of mum and dad or NEETbux to fall back on would love to have had a "family wage" instead of the slavewage we have now.

You've made no points except vague ramblings about feminism taking over everything.

>because you're more obsessed with guys who are actually lower on the totem pole than you who you would rather bully, says a lot.

You're okay with pederasty, you're okay with low status men being feminised to the point where they cut their dicks off.

>None of you have made a real point beyond dude money xd

>Don't call me when more geek spaces get trashed
No one's calling you. You're a child who has no understanding of the way the world works. You being an idiot child explains why you think there are geek spaces *left* to be trashed.


I watched Blade Runner 2049 in a theatre full of normies. I have never seen so many normies walk out of screening because it wasn't the series of cgi explosions they were looking for.


Not samefagging but I don't know how to prove it to you retards, kinda proves you're so deadset in your retardation that you think nobody else in the world might see through your small brain bullshit, but yes I'm the one ignoring points and rambling, not you dolts.

I already said when I started I don't like trannies either and they're part of the problem but keep making up strawmans, I just have my priorities straight in what I find most intrusive and obnoxious as a wizard, you don't, because you're a generic hostile mong. Sexual deviants are always going to exist, what are you going to do about it? To that end I don't care. I've given you ample proof of how feminists operate, ironic you say I'm ignoring points and you losers are doing exactly that while you've said nothing that isn't immediately obvious - dropping epic truthbombs about succubi entering the workforce, yeah no shit, doesn't disregard anything I said. Companies wanting to make money don't discredit that certain people exist in said companies that act as feminist gatekeepers who control the culture. How is this not obvious? Do you sit in your room and stare at the walls all day, not engaging with any media or programming?

You're okay with low status men being spat on and having things they enjoy taken away from them and legislation being passed to take away their rights. Because some succubus got murdered in the UK feminists are lobbying to make mysgony a hate crime, meaning guys who speak about succubi in a non reverential way would be jailed. Is that about money? No it isn't. Your understanding of the way the world works is that everything is about money and nobody has any motives or intentions beyond that, you sound like the child here bud.

What are you points beyond trannies grooming guys into cutting their dicks off, like some schizo /pol/tard faggot talking about abloo abloo society is in such bad repair bros the trannies are making everyone gay. How the fuck does that effect low status guys and wizards more than the above and everything I've been trying to explain to your dumbass?

You also conveniently removed the part where I said the workforce has nothing to do with the thread, because that would reveal your irrelevant strawman argument for what it is - I never said it has anything to do with feminism because it doesn't.


That film flopping financially is mildly amusing to me. Here is a sequel to Bladerunner (directed by Denis Villeneuve) to a sci fi classic, that (non-cinephile) normies now love through osmosis of geek culture and it flops.


I thought everyone loved 2049 and it was a success. I see all those meme screenshots all the time I figured people must have liked it.


>I see all those meme screenshots all the time I figured people must have liked it.
*My point exactly.* Blade Runner 2049 struck a cord with nerds/geeks on themes of loneliness and virtual love, particularly with a specific segment *cough*crabs*cough*, on top of being fans of the original. So naturally they made memes of it and they were popular, and normies being the bandwagon fucks that they are, popularised THE MEMES into the mainstream detached from the actual film itself.

Normies are shallow.


>I thought everyone loved 2049 and it was a success.
>for a worldwide total of $260.5 million, against a production budget between $150–185 million.

Normalfags have a short attention-span, increasingly so these days with retardation apps like tiktok. A film like BR 2049? That isn't a 3-hour continuous explosion? No way it would hold the attention of fuckers today. There are blockbusters from only 20 years ago that wouldn't hold the attention of fuckers today.


Kinda curious now, should I watch it? I liked the original movie.


RIP Richard 'Lowtax' Kyanka

Christ, who's left from the good old days?


Just you


I've come around to fundamentally hating geek culture and encourage wizards to reject it as an identity. It was foisted on millenials as an experiment to infantilize men and turn into them into the perfect obedient consumer, the experiment was successful so now everybody else is being subjected to it. We were the guinea pigs.


>I've come around to fundamentally hating geek culture and encourage wizards to reject it as an identity.
I agree with you on the first part, even if it's just out of spite for me.

Don't know about the second part. Seems to me that the powers that be, noticed a trend and decided to see how far they could apply it into normalfag demographics.


Yes. It is a great movie, although it has some flaws like Harrison Ford's acting.




The powers that be create the trends, they don't notice them


This conspiratorial shit is just so backwards.


I disagree.


>although it has some flaws like Harrison Ford's acting.
He was finally acting like he invested in the movie he was a part of, instead of phoning it in.


File: 1637238689049.webm (18.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Collateral - Lady Macbeth.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Ironic that technology that's supposed to connect us has made us more distant.


Reminds me of that episode of Kino's Journey where everyone is given telepathy and ends up isolating because of it.

"Good walls make good neighbors" applies to our minds as well, it seems.


It's about power and control, the money is secondary


I think you misunderstood his point.


Partly that and partly because the way social media algorithms steer views and conversations (at mostly drivel and consumer crap), I don't think people are more connected to each other so much so that they're all connected to a central hub (of utterly inane crap).

Kind of like a false unity.


>The spectacle, like modern society, is at once unified and divided. Like society, it builds its unity on the disjunction. But the contradiction, when it emerges in the spectacle, is in turn contradicted by a reversal of its meaning, so that the demonstrated division is unitary, while the demonstrated unity is divided.


I used to be afraid of nuclear war. Now I kind of wish for it to happen.


Whenever you start thinking that anon, just remember:
>You think it can't possibly get worse, so just end it all.
>1 - You can't end it all.
>2 - It can always get so, so much worse.


There is a movie similar to threads I recommend you. Dead man’s letters. It’s subbed on YouTube, probably the bleakest movies I have ever seen.


Does anyone feel sorry for the kids of today in regards to geekdom?

I swear it feels like it's under siege by psychopathic degenerate (trans) manchildren and normalfags who worship rule 34. I don't know if that's a consequence of the mainstream invading or the internet's ability to bring lunatics together.


I just need to look to gaming these days: microtransactions, dudebro "gamers" and now nft/cryptocurrency shit is being introduced.

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