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The gatekeepers are dead and we're staring down the barrel.

BUT wizards, outcasts, outsiders, those who now merely exist, we've been afforded a unique priviledge; namely front row seats to, I wouldn't call it a collapse, but a continuing and steady acceleration of the degradation of the human. I'm sure a societal collapse is not too far off; I read somewhere it rained for the first time in recorded history somewhere in the arctic circle, barely made a blip on the news radar.


File: 1632487610010.jpg (124.81 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Everything seems to be cha….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The geek/nerd subculture(s) is/was a subculture that's somewhat inherently juvenile in nature and that's fine, it is what it is and we are who we are, and all the idiosyncrasies it contains are fine on the scale it used to exist on. Til it go absorbed into the mainstream.

Manchildren they called us, but ironically society at large becoming more and more juvenile. World events are filtered through capeshit movies and Harry Potter, into simplistic narratives of "good guys" and "bad guys", kids' cartoon shows are now clearly aimed at an audience that refuses to grow up, something has gone wrong with dating with the introduction of dating apps, everyone and their mother have an onlyfans account and subbing to one is no longer the saddest thing ever, etc

The commodification and desecration of the human.


Everyone always says how they look forward to the collapse and decay of society, but I find it pathetic how these beings manage to degrade themselves more and more. Always trying to one up each other with who is the most decadent. I'm not having fun watching trannys and gays get away with what they're doing nor watching my childhood neighborhood being unrecognizable nor seeing succubi dominate society.


You forgot to add "irony".

I don't know if Gen Z are stupid or just so fucking afraid of being genuine because everything they "enjoy" is covered in multiple layers of "irony" or meta-ness.

Z-Faggots listen music ironically. I didn't know that was even possible.


I think OP's sentiment is: We are now free to not care.

I used to torture myself watching geek culture being eaten away and, more seriously, people's insistence to wageslave away their lives in an attempt to "make it" at the cost of themselves, everyone around them and their environment because a box in the living room (and now their phones) told them it's what they need to do.

Fuck it. Enjoy the spectacle.


>seeing succubi dominate society.
I think you mean "succubi".


I can't enjoy it if my hobbies get trashed by feminiggers and other cretins.


Speaking of onlyfans and trannies

It's probably the best time for /d/-level hentai and amateur porn, especially niches containing trannies. The sheer amount of /d/ hentai and amateur porn amazes me, and it's obvious that porn addicts and porn-addicts-who-become-porn-stars that are driving this. I'll reiterate my previous question in the previous thread:

>You know, as someone who consumed so much porn that I'm on tranny (and murrsuit porn) now, I'm kinda surprised at how much amateur trap porn there is. Like it's no longer just brazilian and thai trannies who circumstances lead them there, there's like a huge bunch of dudes who've left college and decided to become camgirls-with-a-dick. A lot of them look like they would've been regular scrawny nerds back in the 90s/00s…but they've turned into their imagined geek succubi…?

>Like what the fuck happened in the 10s? Half the time I don't even fap to this shit, I just watch it trying to understand what the fuck happened? Did the female population decrease or something?


The core being of a wizard is his need to be left alone. He is like a rugged mountain man, able to survive prolonged absences of social interaction and contact from the outside world. In this way, nothing has changed for wizardry as the most important tenet of this lifestyle is still intact. Nobody is forcing us to take part in the charade and concern ourselves with the cesspit that has become western society. Let us find solace in this fact.


I heard it as a joke at first, but I think it's true. There are a lot of men who are probably subconsciously saying, "WELL FUCK IT, IF I CAN'T BE WITH A succubus, I'LL BE THE succubus!"


>"WELL FUCK IT, IF I CAN'T BE WITH A succubus, I'LL BE THE succubus!"

There might be an element of truth in what you're saying, in a lot of my trap porn, both real and drawn, there's a this "more feminine than feminine" vibe. Dudes desperately trying to both replace succubi with something else and coming up with bizarre caricatures.


Does it seem like a mental break?


It starts with the chasers pushing to be crabs or any kid with bad self esteem into becoming a tranny and then the tranny has to validate they made the right choice as their entire identity is fag shit and they push it onto everyone else.
It is funny because they only try to become whatever the meme about being a succubus entails and never the complex experience of actually being a succubus.
men have realized that there is much more perceived value in being a succubus than a man. Look at what life is like for the average normalfag, slave away in hopes of getting enough resources to start a family and a marriage that will most likely fail. there is just not as much incentive for these people to continue and it may be connected to why we become NEETs as well.

NEET is a symptom


>complex experience of being a succubus

How'd you know there's anything complex about it? You're an intruder?


You say this as if it is not complex and this is controversial? The life experience of a man or succubus is complex.
If it is not complex then what is it?


If this was in the late 00s I'd say it was a mental break cos there were nowhere near as many as there are now and it was a pain in the ass trying to search for trap porn BOTH drawn and real back then (not talking about shemale porn or futa hentai here). It was niche stuff and it had only a niche following on the imageboards and everyone got called a faggot for it.

These days I'm not sure. Something must have changed.

>It is funny because they only try to become whatever the meme about being a succubus entails and never the complex experience of actually being a succubus.

You know what else is funny? I think trannies/traps are starting to get to a point they're going to be, or are already, spearheading porn/behaviours that female pornstars will have to follow them.

It's sorta like camgirls doing ahegao face which was just the cum face but in the ultra-exaggerated style of hentai comics drawn by otaku artists who presumably have never seen a cumface IRL but because it was memed into popularity camgirls had to copy it, so now you ahegao in professional porn.

There's some sort of weird ass cycle going on here, dudes who become traps/trannies know what degenerate dudes want and degenerate dudes know that traps/trannies will do what they ask because traps/trannies are degenerate dudes themselves.


File: 1632577598921.webm (15.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ghost Dog - The Way of th….webm) ImgOps iqdb

Either insulate your hobbies or let them go. It's tough thing to do either but you'll have to do it to stay sane. Everything eventually dissipates and trying to hold onto something that is clearly dead or has changed drastically is a futile attempt to keep things the same.


As to why trans shit and trap faggot shit is so popular now it is due to the social contagion of faggot shit. People who are truly gay like old timey faggots are a rarity now and it is by large people who end up warping themselves through degeneracy.

True traps just trap until their looks fade and move on and a good proportion are not even gay themselves.
I met a weeb on a suicide site that was a trap and would do cosplay at cons or just for fun. He told me that whenever he went to a psych they constantly told him to take HRT to transition as it would make him happy.
This whole trans phenomenon will be looked back upon as a disgrace with people shaking their heads wondering how it could possibly get this way, Trust men to take being a "succubus" from succubus.


>True traps just trap until their looks fade and move on and a good proportion are not even gay themselves.

Good thing they aren't gay, otherwise shoving a horse dildo up their ass and getting fucked by guys on cam would be gay.


Watching the way people act during a minor crisis, you realise most people are sheep during the "good" times and headless chickens incapable of critical thinking skills. Whether it's nature or nuture is debateable but the result is still the same.

Take that petrol shortage in the UK, people having fistfights over an apparent shortage partially caused by everybody buying more than they need. And for what?

To go to work? At their shit job? For shit pay? And overpriced shit they don't need on credit because their shit job doesn't cover the costs?


Someone posted in /lounge/ about how being permanently connected to everyone has changed extended family relationships.


It's become a meme, but 4th Industrial revolution really ruined mankind. Unabomber was right


>It's become a meme
I find it really unsettling that anything that opposes the machine gets absorbed into the machine.


It's how it is. Like in that Black Mirror episode with TV Shows and everyone doing labour on bicycles.
Its also happening to crypto, blockchain is used for covid passports. With Jews you lose.


File: 1632759666106.png (24.86 KB, 584x749, 584:749, toy.png) ImgOps iqdb

>All stable processes we shall predict. All unstable processes we shall control.
>it's like living in the google translated world

Until 2010, they just predicted. Now they are trying to control.

Everything became predictable. Uniformly flat, colorless, blank, transparent. Hollow. Understandable.

Every person on the street is like a finite communicative cube. A limited number of operations, a narrow flow of reactions to stimuli. I'm connecting to the cube, turning it - it rejects, it agrees, it says some words — I'm turning it again, switching — the cube frowns, gets angry. A street cat slowly steps along the contacts. Its smooth electromechanics distracts my attention. The cat runs away, cutting the circuits. The toggle switches click.

All options are exhausted. Everything seems to be the same. The room is transformed into the window. I see the other room through it, the endless row of identical rooms and windows. The staircases everywhere are all the same, they're stretching across the world like the segments of an ancient, petrified escalator.

The book lacks comfort. The apartment has no walls. Everyone knows everything about everyone else. Everyone knows how things are going on everywhere. Do it: a phone call, a yawn, a murmur of urine. Just do it: a two-turn lock, a traffic light, a cash register. Do it, then repeat.

A lonely cell makes a lonely self. No matter what you're doing, your life is just a predictable sequence of repetitions.


succubi aren't capable of comprehending complexity. Their thoughts and feelings are one-sided, uniform and linear. All they know is 'got to take care of muh offspring, get a stable man, got to pleasure it down there, interpret morality as to whatever fits my needs'.


If I'm understanding you correctly, things are sour because "they" can predict human behaviour correctly and are trying to control it?


>Until 2010, they just predicted. Now they are trying to control.
Read the book Propaganda by Bernays. It was written in 1928. They have been effectively practicing and perfecting how to control people for 100 years or more.


My English is very rusty and I don't know how to put it right. Maybe it's about the levels of complexity and the problem of global control. We think our level of complexity is high enough to make us autonomous agents, to imbue us with some kind of 'free will'. But we are wrong. Complexity is relative. We were relatively complex once, but now we are relatively simple.

'They' means 'They, who have tools for prediction and control'. Almost everything is just a tool for control now. Almost everyone too, even your relatives is a perfect backdoor through which 'they' can control your behavior. We have endlessly rising asymmetry of information, ubiquitous CCTV, neural nets, and predictive machines of all kinds. 'All unstable processes we shall control', Von Neumann would be delighted.

Total control implies the end of evolution, the end of randomness and chance. The chance is a very rare and useful resource, more useful than iron and oil. Throughout history we have thousands of poets, artists, and musicians, who worked as amplifiers of chaos, pumping the randomness from winds, sea storms, and hurricanes. Now we have none. All our chances and randomness now belong to 'them'.

When I was a child, I had only the low-resolution summer with 8-bit clouds, and it was enough to be happy - because I was free in my little Neverland. But now I feel free nowhere. Let's take wizchan, for example. For the last few years, I have been reading lots of generic posts about how evil the succubi are and how wageslavery sucks. Of course, they are evil. Of course, it sucks. Well, we all agreed. But what is the next step? What'll we be discussing tomorrow? The problem is there is no next step. Because tomorrow we will discuss the same topic and agree again. And again, and again. The discourse is predictable, its axes are fixed, and that means we are under total control, and have no free will at all.

But I ask myself, why are we bother about that trivial normal shit in the first place? Why did we forget our little Neverlands?

It's not the end of the wizards that come. It's the end of the fairies too. The end of the dragons, the end of the elves and the dwarves. The end of chance, the end of the miracle. Not in the literal sense, but the sense of strange and unpredictable ways of life.

Ok, I'll read it. But it doesn't look like propaganda, it looks like the total preventive annihilation of fantasy.


How do you usually like to occupy your time?


You know, I never thought about it, but yeah, they really ridiculed us for being juvenile and now people are comparing world events to Avengers.


>they really ridiculed us for being juvenile and now people are comparing world events to Avengers.
There are funkopops of politicians.


Guess I just have to accept life was always a parody of itself, if I was hurt or depressed by life it's because I didn't realize the genre.
[Insert Joker quote here unironically]. Guess the movie was interesting in the sense that it did the opposite. Took those cartoon heroes and tried to make it a message.


>Took those cartoon heroes and tried to make it a message.

It's more like, these days it's hard to get something in the theatres to a wide audience that isn't explosions for 3 hours. Blockbuster films have become so much dumber over the last, I don't know, 2? Maybe 3 decades that something like Joker had to be packaged as a comic book movie for it get funding or get people watching.


>This whole trans phenomenon will be looked back upon as a disgrace with people shaking their heads wondering how it could possibly get this way

Fetishes as "lifestyles", internet is like a gathering hub for "lifestyles" and normies jump on bandwagons even if they're completely disgusted by them IRL. "Lifestyles" become popular artificially and leading to things like to people getting HRT based on a fetish.

On the plus side, I have a LOT more quality trap/tranny/murrsuit/furry/cosplay porn. On the negative side post-nut clarity makes the porn have strange, dark vibes to them. Sometimes I don't even jack off, I just watch the insanity of it.

Some trap/tranny content has this strange INTENSE misogynistic quality to it, even though they all have faggot flags next to their profile names. And all the new trap professional pornstars almost immediately started doing degrading porn.

Furry/murrsuit porn also has a strange disturbing vibe to it. Furry drawn porn is this bizarre refusal to grow up mashed together with degeneracy. Murrsuit porn is weird as hell because even though it's 98% gay porn in fursuits (2% succubi in fursuits), a lot of it seems like JAILHOUSE faggotry.

Man, the porn rabbit hole is doing a number on peoples' brains.


Stop watching porn.


Sounds like it’s doing a number on your brain.
>trap/tranny content has this strange INTENSE misogynistic quality to it.
That is the entire basis of the fetish/identity. It is the combination of someone with an extreme humiliation fetish that is also extremely misogynistic. It’s why it’s so common in alt-right types. Someone with the same humiliation fetish that did not foundationally believe females to be subhuman would not ever troon out. It requires both.


>it’s doing a number on your brain
It does? He sounds very clear about what his watching.


I don’t know. Watching porn without jacking off is sort of counterproductive behavior. Assuming that even internet people know offhand what murrsuits are, or what is meant by “JAILHOUSE”, tells me that it’s very normalized in their mind, more so than it is in reality. I watch some fucked up shit sometimes but I wouldn’t talk about it, even online.


>Sounds like it’s doing a number on *your* brain.

It probably is but like porn seems to have fried my dopamine receptors. I don't know if you can fix that.

Also I'm just some internet dude jacking off to tranny porn, I don't matter in the big picture but if regular people are becoming more and more attuned to degenerate porn, that's something more worrying.


File: 1633013664216.jpeg (50.71 KB, 492x647, 492:647, FC58423B-F2D1-46A7-8C65-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Slightly related, but I think we’ve crossed the horizon where furry is now normal.

This pains me greatly as a furry.


>3d porn



I remember only stupid, snobby 90s/00s hipsters used to "ironically" enjoy certain things.


will there ever truly be an end to the hermit lifestyle? kinds analogous to what is now called wizard have existed throughout all of recorded history.


File: 1633197140368.jpg (41.53 KB, 612x643, 612:643, BE_ALONE.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>an end to hermit lifestyle

History left us great examples, even if (((someone))) messed them up.


True hermitage is basically already dead and gone. I mean look at us, many NEETS call themselves hermits but they probably live with their parents and talk to other people all day long through imageboards and discord. It is too easy to remain connected in at least some way that unless you truly desire to be alone with yourself forever then you won't really be a true hermit.


Uh, true hermits by definition won't be easily seen.
My brother is more of a Wizard than anyone I know, but he's completely offline, I never see him even browsing people's comments or opinions.


Thats funny. There's little that I want more than for 2d furry porn to become mainstream.


>true hermitage

We're gonna have to draw a line between wizards and full on hermits cos most, if not all, wizards have been on imageboards and many are NEETs with their parents' til the inevitable happens.


>True traps just trap until their looks fade
Who knew pederasty would make a comeback?


it never left


I really think it comes down to:
>"WELL FUCK IT, IF I CAN'T BE WITH A succubus, I'LL BE THE succubus!"


File: 1633321287949.png (572.5 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, trans.png) ImgOps iqdb


>last 2 decades

TWO decades? Sure there was linetrap and other fags but this trans shit wasn't full stream until the 10s.


An extra decade was added for the control. Two decades ago they were a man, last decade they 'became a succubus.'


I have to vbrosit’ svoi 5 kopeek. What you call the end here is just logical conclusion of the great work which was done by philosophers of last century and just the beginning. Human kind has to give birth to posthumans and disappear. All the rapid degradation mentioned above is in fact deconstruction . Humans are pushing the borders of what it means to be human. We will see more and more shit like this coming with 5th industrial revolution. Also it seems like that superior cyber control will lead to cities becoming living beings on their own. Imagine a city controlled by AI figuring out the best way of self development and commanding people what to do. We will be like cellls or bacteria inside a larger organism. Also survival outside of the cities would be pretty hard due to us fucking up the climat completely.


File: 1633373935984.webm (16.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Truman Show - A human….webm) ImgOps iqdb

Post human? How is living as a failed male and a horrific caricature of a female post-anything?

>Humans are pushing the borders of what it means to be human.

My fucking ass. Humans are just becoming ever more narcissistic and turning (or have turned) into walking billboards.


cosmo had a gf before turning into a tranny though


I forgot to add:

There was this moment during lunch time at one of my wageslave jobs where they have the tri-annual discussion on their next mobile phone upgrade when they noticed my phone was several (5)years old and roped me into the discussion. They started, almost reflexively, espousing the brand new "features" of the latest model, one of which was
>it comes with a pen which can you use to draw on the phone screen

I asked him why would I need that feature? Why would HE need that feature? No real answer. I asked him why he needed to get this year's phone when he already has last year's phone?

At this point they went back to their discussion amongst themselves.



Just think about it for a monent, it is not that strange. After god’s death it was pretty obvious that morality as a last barrier slowly will fade away. Few masculine versions of post humans had failed to survive. Those are things like communist human and white genetecly “ clear” nazi . China is trying to take another shot on making those, but there are some problems on the way. Now, after male have failed postmodern, it is time for female and deviants to solve the puzzle. That is why everything in the field is blooming . Truly there was no better time for wired porn, feminists are ruining most epic franchises, body alteration tech rapidly evolves and so on. The time requires transmutations even the ugly ones. No one can tell for sure if those will fail or no, but I have a feeling this time it will be more successful, due to us having better technology and people crossing even more borders. Something had to stick around.


>we're gonna transcend humanity
Let's pretend that's gonna happen.
To what end? And for how many?


It is hard to say. The way I see it as for right now though is something like that - major countries cannot afford to fight each other rather than in a cold war due to nuclear weapon. We do have a weapon which is similar to nuces in hybrid war condition, and that is AI. So China and US cannot stop developing it, because if you stop you lose. At some point AI will get so good, it would take over the power without us even realizing it at first. At this point it would literally know better. Logically there will be no point to decide anything by yourself anymore. AI will tell you exactly what to do, and it would be correct 99% of the time. So most likely those human activities which still would be around will be highly specialized, kind of caste system but with specific genes and mods for each one. That is where all the tolerance BS comes handy, because you will have to deal with creatures who are not the same species anymore. It also have to be more socialist, because individualism will be replaced with common good, which AI knows exactly what it is. Something like that.


lol, this is "the singularity" type shit that 00s nerds used to gush over. Nerd heaven.

It's not happening.


File: 1633440886629.jpg (120.2 KB, 735x738, 245:246, ford - they do not underst….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Someone here seems to know at all the general conspiracy themes around (((some people out there))) and their book of protocols.


In this Kali Yuga, degeneracy will surprise such type of optimistic imprudent peers.


I hardly can see how ant-like society is "haven" and optimistic, but okay, if you say so..


Myopic view of the capitalist system by ascribing it to one peoples (though they do assert a large influence).


I think that this is a good thing


Very interesting topic of discussion, I agree with what you said; that Human kind will give birth to some kind of post human life. I also agree with the statement that this will come as an evolution of current 'socially left' politics. As for AI, it already controls people's lives. I was walking to university, and a man was listening to the same electronic dance music as I was. We, two totally unconnected people, probably found this music at the same time, as a result of a youtube algorithm. A centralized AI already controls an intimate part of human self expression.

I do not agree with the rest of your statements, from global warming to AI taking over all facets of life and the supposed obsolescence of humanity. Really if we look at what we know, we'll find out that it's nothing. There's no workable knowledge about anything from the capability of AI to decide something like military escalation. We don't know if genetically engineered humans (which do not yet exist) will be better or worse at specific tasks. Will these things happen? Probably yes, but it's not a guarantee.

The future will be built by people with plans, and people who are willing to make personal sacrifices. The passionate scientist working in a lab, the start up businessman who takes total personal risk. These are the kind of people who will play the flute that everyone else dances too. This is the age of science, and the archetype of the scientist is the magician. This is the age of magic, and it will be decided by wizards.


Anti-semitism is anti-capitalism for idiots.


File: 1633450190656.jpg (47.07 KB, 640x1040, 8:13, fe3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Rent free


Limits of Growth.


science was already debunked as fake


Control yourself you moron, this isn't reddit. If he thinks that (((they))) are solely responsible, let him, he isn't here for a discussion.


I realize this is /dep/, not the crown jewel of wizchan, but are the nonsense half-sentence replies really necessary?


they add nothing of value but seem to make me laugh because so asinine. most dep posters dont have the energy to rewrite the same idea he has written many times over the year.
Biting. do you mean as it is debunked as being useless for understanding the world?


File: 1633482866504.png (69.81 KB, 800x815, 160:163, 800px-Limits-to-growth-fig….png) ImgOps iqdb

I think it's supposed to be Limits to Growth.


so what, just referencing the mere idea of a mathematical model, without doing any math or anything else is an argument?


…are you upset because someone replied with brevity?


Brevity is not the right word. I'd use the word masturbatory. Really disingenuous post man, why even bother making it here?
"here's an idea that could be contradictory to yours, am I going to elaborate on this? lol why? … Internet Arguments Won: IV"


You want me, a non-scientist, to explain the complex maths behind Limits to Growth which is just the idea that on a finite planet there is finite growth but we need to accept that AI will become so advanced that it will take over and body modification will become so advanced that we'll transcend humanity without any proof?

It wasn't even my post to begin with.


Aren't you doing what you're criticizing right now?


This is comparing apples to organges. A system of equations would be easy but tedious to set up. Thinking about the future, what will happen, is and always was pure speculation: proof or any kind of rigor is not even possible here.

I write something our, and the other guy literally says "equation". Not an actual equation, not the logic behind a hypothetical equation, just "equation"
No, I view this as a genuine post complaining about disingenuous posts. I am open to changing my view so tell me if you think that I am the disingenuous one here.


I need to know if trannys are becoming acceptable to "non-degenerates", as in NOT woke hipsters or NOT terminally-online people.

Are there meatheads in gym locker rooms or at wageslave workplaces admitting that they'd bang a tranny?


You're really trying to have your cake and eat it.

Limits to Growth isn't just "equation", it's a prediction using mathematical models about what could happen with exponential economic and population growth with a finite supply of resources. Civilisation could collapse before any profound advancement in AI is possible.

>Thinking about the future, what will happen, is and always was pure speculation: proof or any kind of rigor is not even possible here.

>pure speculation
Ignoring that we can make decent predictions on based existing data, ignoring that Limits to Growth IS essentially thinking about and predicting the possible future, we're supposed to take your random ass musings pulled straight out your ass as a possible future based on…?



The thing with Limits To Growth, is the talk about overpopulation. It kinda has a eugenics edge to it.

You can't have a continously growing population with finite resources sure but when someone like our Overlord Bill Gates decides to implement some kind of population control it's going to *slightly* unfair and inefficient because it's going to be something like
>there too many niggers on the planet
instead of all the owners of factories pumping out useless shit to sell and all the "eco" celebs flying all over world to say the least.


I always wonder if the ultra-rich live on the same planet we live since they seem hell-bent on ruining it.

I mean, how long can you stay in a bunker waiting for shit to die down topside?


Just mentioning the fact that malthusian equations exist doesn't make an argument. I need to see a model or at least some kind of rationalization behind a potential model. BTW I never said I presented a factual and definite view of things, it's my opinion, my own predictions of the future that I presented, in responce to this guy's >>248045 predictions about the future


>everyone and their mother have an onlyfans account and subbing to one is no longer the saddest thing ever

I remember just 15-20 years ago talking to people on the internet about videogames was considered sad. And now….


No people still call you a crab for doing that now. Onlyfans gets a pass because ???


Says who? People talk about videogames all over social media these days without batting an eyelid. Whether they're actually discussing them or "discussing" them is a different question.


>now people are comparing world events to Avengers.
I've been wondering about this a lot and maybe it's just a collective failure to get to grips with a terrible future?


'first time in recorded history' isn't really that big of a deal. Recorded history isn't that long on a geological scale. Hell, it isn't even that long on the scale of humanity.


What has to happen before you consider something to be a bad sign of things to come?


i thought they’re more absurdist i don’t think they like irony that much.


lovely post



You sell your English skills short, that was one of those bursts of randomness I guess. Beautiful post.


Their humor is too formulaic for it to be "absurd" or "random", despite how much they pride themselves on that. But high school normalfags all have bland senses of humor, so it's nothing new




File: 1634561106836.webm (15.85 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Children of Men - Ark of ….webm) ImgOps iqdb

>"I just don't think about it"

>Their humor is too formulaic for it to be "absurd" or "random", despite how much they pride themselves on that
It's because they don't understand why a certain type of irony/"meta-ness" was popular on the internet in the 00s, all they know it was popular (on the internet, and I don't think normalfags these days, and especially Gen Zoomer, are able to differentiate what was popular on the internet and what was popular IRL because those things are basically the same now) and just ape it without understanding any of the nuances.

I'm going to make an absolutely ludicrous comparison but this clip where Nigel talks about collecting works of art for the "Ark of the Arts" it's obvious that they're being collected purely for the supposed prestige rather than because they are meaningful pieces of art, like Picasso's Guernica, despite being painting of violence in the streets of Spain during a turbulent time, it's now a decorative piece hanging behind Nigel while he peacefully eats his meal while "Guernica" is literally playing out elsewhere in the city.

It reminds me of "geek" youtubers/influencers having anime figurines, comic book posters and other geek memorabilia in the background of their videos.

Or when a factory-sealed, professionally graded "vintage" videogame cartridge goes for half a million.


>Alex. Alex. ALEX!

Little shit even has neck tattoos like zoomers have today.

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