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I have a full prescription on ambien, 23 pills 2mg each. I'm afraid of cutting, I'm afraid of hanging, but I'm not afraid of sleeping forever. Will this kill me?


did you even try to research this beyond posting this thread here? check the LD50. I just googled it andi t said you need 2000mg for a possible lethal dose.

you will just hurt yourself by taking pills you dont know will do anything.


Why do you presume death will be like sleeping forever? you could fall asleep with the drugs and when you die get your consciousness ripped out and any number of things could happen.


>>247567 Just pure non existing black would be better than this. Not like a red goblin will be pinching me with a trident for all eternity.


it is very unlikely to die of benzo overdose, so probably not, possibly you'll trigger an inverse effect and become psychotic and wake up in a mental hospital


>24566 Guess it's getting up my ass and finding a 44. Thank you for the clarification


>>247571 Is psychosis permanent or would that just be an episode? Maybe being stuck in loony asylum would make doctors actually give a fuck. Or maybe not, and they'll just make me chug pills til I become fully from halfway cathatonic


well I'm not saying that 100% certain it'll happen but if it did it wouldn't be permanent, it also might not do anything at all, I've taken 20mg of ambien and I didnt feel a thing, I wasn't trying to overdose though I just had it prescribed and kept taking it one night because it wasnt doing anything so I decided to just take benedryl instead and not bother with it


>Maybe being stuck in loony asylum would make doctors actually give a fuck.
sounds like you dont want to die and just want some help so why not go to a mental hospital?


There is a good point made by >>247587 that if you are going to overdose while imagining going to a loony asylum… you should just check yourself in.
However I don't know what you expect from such a place. You should be aware of the risk that you may be stuck there against your will, unable to die.
Overdosing effects: damage your body, perhaps get sympathy from family, perhaps strengthen claims for government bucks. But if it's just to make doctors take you seriously, that's not really logical generally.
If you actually want to die then you should take no chances and go to the extreme of snorting 10x the deadly dose of heroin or fentanyl in an isolated location that you won't be found.


good advice OP should really just check themselves in but I disagree with it being hard to get out of the mental hospital. The danger is forced brain zapping to cure you but that only happens to people who are always trying and failing to kill themselves. They let you walk out if you give them no reason to keep you in.


Try to get a strong opioid


>I disagree with it being hard to get out of the mental hospital
It depends on the country and the person I suppose. Some wizzes might be so fucked up that they cant even pretend to be normal enough


File: 1632904547458.png (101.15 KB, 502x771, 502:771, suicide statistics methods.png) ImgOps iqdb

Get a gun


It really just depends on the person and where they are and who is staffing the hospital. I have been in one and discharged when I should not have been. There is always a risk that a doctor may appeal to the system that you need ECT and they can if they really wanted keep you there zapping your brain over and over. Realistically this wont be the case but again it depends on a multitude of things.


What about methadone?


Overdosing is shit. Go for the gun. Why don't you want to use a shotgun when it clearly states that it has the most success?


1% chance of surviving shotgun to head is fucking horrifying odds. Read the horror stories about people who survive with their face shot off. Also most people are not american so guns are not available.

A properly executed opiate overdose is ideal. The death-rate statistics of illegal drug suicides are tainted by normalfag retards that don't do any research

Not sure. It's long-lasting, perhaps somewhat atypical, and and prescribed to addicts on purpose so you should check how it really performs in overdose. Don't just swallow pills, snort it so you cant ruin it by vomiting


That one percent I guarantee either twitched at the last second because they wanted to back out or didn't hit the brain at all.

It's safe to say that just about anyone who points a shotgun to their head wants to die.


Twitching and survival instincts etc can be involuntary actions


Any shotgun work?

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