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Every time I've asked someone if they dislike me the answer is always:
"I don't dislike anyone!"
"I don't hate anyone!"
"I don't think anyone is a monster, when I think about it."
"Everyone has their problems!"

Never "no". Or "I like you!"

Why don't they just say "If I hated people you're at the top of the list! Lucky for you I don't, but that doesn't mean I like you!"


what are you getting at here


If you're someone who goes around caring if normalcattle like you and ask them directly, then if they did like you up to the point you asked they definitely don't like you after you asked.


this is enlightening.
but why?


nobody has ever meant what they said in the history of socialization. they are always getting at something else.

like that person that you kept asking if they wanted to do something and they always had an excuse. what they really mean is "fuck you stop talking to me".

never trust anyone and never take anything at face value


Yep. I remember one thing always:
Everything a normgroid says is a lie. The more often they say it, the more it’s a lie.


Most normie communication is a game of saving face where people attempt to hide their own weaknesses while exposing everybody else's.

Asking someone if they dislike you is exposing yourself, admitting you care about their opinion. People don't like that, it's considered a sign of weakness.

If you're lucky you might have a friend or family member where you can ignore all this bullshit and be emotionally honest but 99% of human communication isn't like that.


>People don't like that, it's considered a sign of weakness.
The content does not matter it is the context and that means the content is judged off of the one making it.


I've never asked anyone if they like me. What in the hell are you doing OP? What do you expect them to answer? Just accept that nobody really cares.


Don't worry about it.
Some of them are too afraid to have negative feelings they don't even know how to dislike. They banish those "bad" emotions into their shadow.
Other normans have the guts to tell you straight away if they like you or not.
Worst case, you're just forgettable and they don't have a strong opinion on you neither good nor bad.


This, you have to have this very rigid type of "self-respect" which for people like us is often just dumb arrogance and pride.


Because it comes off as weak, desperate, and insecure. Normals don't want to be associated with any of that because it drags their status down.


Asking people if they like you is awkward and you can't expect people to give you an honest answer since most people don't wanna be bothered with things like that.


Well they are saying that they don't really like you, but just in such a way as to make it sort of unclear and avoid focusing on that fairly negative fact.
You probably don't mind seeing things like that, but if you take their statement and yours both are true and both describe this situation, one simply focuses on the fact of your relative exclusion (they don't like you as much as other people) and the other focuses on the fact of your relative inclusion (this doesn't mean they really dislike you, it's fairly minor and could be much worse were they a hateful personality).

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