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My older brother is a drug addict piece of shit and a sociopath. He always talks in a yell and with an underlying hate that no one seems to pick up or care about. He's bullied me since I was a kid (hes 24 years older) (yes hes nearly 50 and still lives with mom while stealing shit from the house for drugs on a regular basis) and he thinks it's his right to pick on me because hes the oldest, like hes my dad's sucessor lol. My mom has always argued when i complained about him (maybe not always but moreso recently, when she became more biased towards him and against my dad when he was still alive) and said hes not doing nothing wrong. Actually my middle siblings agree with that. They never see anything wrong happening to me and when I complain or try to change my situation they say I need to be medicated because I should put up with their bullshit and be an insane sociopath like them, to say it plainly. I got a dead end job and I'm bullied in there, my boss thinks hes giving me a hard time but it's a thousand times better than rotting at home as a neet while hearing my brother yell and not being able to study or do anything, and also have no discipline to keep a routine as a neet. So for that reason I dont quit my job and stay in this purgatory wasting my life.


is this a pasta? last time you posted about this you planned to attack him with a hammer or plant drugs and snitch on him.


Not a pasta, I just wrote it. Yeah I didnt beat him after that thread. The only time i beat him was november of last year when i came home from the elections after being bullied by another voluntary clerk so i exploded and finally had the balls to beat him.


if you are a NEET you sort of have to put up with it because what else are you going to do and why are you entitled not to put up with it?


because it feels very bad to live like a rat? and my brother doesnt contribute to anything in the house to have the right to act like a boss? more like the way around, i do nothing and he does harm, i guess my mother feels fulfilled by his troublemaking


why not move out then if you cannot stand the dynamics of your family home?


One can't move out with a minimum wage job in my country, and I don't have a degree or anything




what if your brother reads this post and even replies in here


He can barely use smartphones and he doesn't have one because the one he bought he sold for drugs. Let alone read English.


what do you want people to say?


Not these dumb, annoying, anti-wizardly comments, at least


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Conflict is a fundamental human need, words can only change so much. You must defeat your brother in open combat in order to assert yourself as the alpha of the family.

It's the only way, im sorry that's just how the demiurge made us.


I'm starting to realize that's true. At 24 years of age. Realize or re-realize after being told otherwise.


My brother smokes drugs too and he and his girlfriend stay in the house when I wish I could be here alone. If I was, I could be here by myself for ten hours a day which I could do housework and make my parents more content with me staying here. They aren't happy with the lack of housework being done, so because I don't want to leave my room because of these two junkies, my parents' wrath falls on me too.


But are you even applying for a different thing, meanwhile?

You better move, cause this bulling can still get upgraded at some time.

Did you ever prepared thyself for this? Success is only 20% skills, remember. The other 80% is strategy


Blame your parents, they have failed you and your siblings. Firstly for having so many kids they couldn't handle.


This some people shouldn't breed. No one breeding would be ideal.


You should be required to have $2M net worth for each kid you want to have. Below that nobody has any business having kids they can’t fully support.


We're all brought up in feminist society that says one thing and does the other.


File: 1633186027973.jpg (9.57 KB, 260x194, 130:97, hesright.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


For real though, there should be some sort of punishment for having kids when you can't support them or fucking something.


Maybe if aliens or AI controls us. As long as we're run by people, exploiting one another is the rule of the game.
The only real form of protest we have is to refuse to have children, by any means necessary, so suicide too.


Yes there should. But it's literally impossible to enforce. It's like trying to make adultery illegal when normies cheat left right and center. Besides, the upper class benefit greatly over an exploitable workforce in poverty. Future amazon box stackers err- I mean, precious children are part of that equation.

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