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Is anyone else actually afraid to go outside? It seems like most wizards here are just depressed, or too depressed to do things. Is there anyone else here that isn't depressed but is just too afraid/paranoid to go outside? More than shy or socially anxious, literally afraid to step out your door. I've had so many public breakdowns now in my life that my parents don't even bother forcing me outside anymore.


agoraphobia is a natural development for anyone who spends extended time alone and indoors.
if they arent scared to go outside yet, they will be. or they're just LARPers.


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>Let your fear be heard: that is the beggining of the path to enlightenment

Or so did the Burn:Cycle's Buddha say, lolz.


i'm afraid 24 hours


Yeah… It is not surprising if you are a modern computer reclusive who by engaging in seclusion just have tried to escape this world. Reality through a computer have none to see with real reality. What you are afraid to is leaving the computer reality and just confront yourself to the real reality and to the disaster of your life. And also you are afraid to the street people's look seeing you for what you are and not for the illusory self you have cultivated in you're comfy secure basement apart from the world.

Maybe I have all wrong, I just talk from my own reclusive experience, so please don't be too rude with me.


I can go outside on the property just fine but don't like leaving it without someone else with me.


it's true but sometimes I think I can go outside but then I do and I realize that I cant do it


I start sweating profusely every time I go outside but I can handle it for things I need to do like doctors visits or grocery shopping.

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