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I remember in my 20s I used to have friends I hung out with and had a decent social circle.Now at 30 years old I really have no one.If I didn't live with family I would be completely alone.Life is tough living like this.


I never had friends in my entire life, even people online hate me, you just roll with it


I don't know. It's just what's natural for me.


There's no way you haven't had at least one friend.


This >>247749. I have never really had any real friends or a social life, so being completely alone for me is the norm.


Every friend I ever had (except maybe one) was a narcissistic piece of shit and because of this I'd much rather be alone.


I had a few "friends" in school, as in people that would talk to me occasionally in class, people who would hesitate and change the subject if I even asked them to play a videogame on steam with me. One single person had my phone number and I found out a little after high school that he would just pretend to be my friend so I would tell him secrets and then he would tell his friends so they could laugh at me. I didn't realize this until he invited me to some hangout with his real friends where I realized I was the clown/entertainment for them, to which I left and cried in car and never talked to him again. In general people have never liked me, even when I was a kid (6-7 years old) my parents tried to have a party for me and invited my whole class and not a single person showed up.


I had school friends that I sat with at lunch but after high school I spent all of my twenties alone


I have simulated friends and I do introspection and name my needs.
I don't want to maintain a friendship, but I want to talk with people ocasionally. I simulate having friends by talking with online strangers and ocasinally co-workers that are 'cool'.
Basically focus on yourself, respect yourself and assess what do you want. Why are you a wizard, why are you a loner, is this not what you wanted? Or are you just afraid to admit it or don't respect yourself to be happy with your choices?


Sounds like failed normalfag shit.


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I'm 27. The last time I had friends was when I was 20.
I made a serious effort to make friends during my second college attempt. On the first day at lunch time I went around looking for people in my class who were on their own and said "want to hang out". Then they would follow me and I got them to walk around with me, looking for more people. Then I'd ask them to hang out and they all said yes. It was so easy, like catching pokemon.
Eventually I had a group of 4 people and we'd all hang out at lunch. Then it all started to fall apart for me. I'm just not a good conversationalist. My rag tag group became friends while I kind of just sat there awkwardly, laughing at their jokes.
They were all PC gamers but I could only afford a crappy laptop, so I couldn't even hang out with them online.
Now picture me 3 years later and forgotten, looking them up on facebook at uni together and thinking "I built this shit".
Since then pretty much every attempt to make friends has been the same, mostly in discord. People just don't want to be friends if you can't chat like a normal person.


>People just don't want to be friends if you can't chat like a normal person

That's fucking facts. For me, it's my focus and reaction time that just aren't there. I can't come up with comments on the spot and just throw them into a short pause. It's always too fast-paced and then I end up daydreaming and feeling depressed. Almost every contribution I can think of I just write off as being too risky. If I did say what's on my mind freely, I would have to endure the painful trial-and-error of learning to socialize and building an external identity, which is 2hawd for a lazy sensitive bitch boy like myself.


Yeah, you get used to it, nothing more to say


Most of my social interaction these days comes from shitposting on various chans and watching YouTube livestreamers.


Your 20s? I haven't had a "friend" since I was 11.


I don't deal with it, I'm depressed. Why do you think I'm here?


i hate talking to people and i really have a hard time relating to them, and usually we are not interested in the same things. so i basically choose to be alone. but it is so brutal on like my emotional health. like i feel like a zombie 90% of the day and cant focus on anything. i notice i am a lot less intelligent and i react to things slower. i keep subconsciously reaching out to other people like on imageboards or parasocial interaction like on youtube or tv or books. but i end up getting frustrated and it never fulfills the innate biological need for companionship. isolation is slowly rotting away my mind. i cant wait until it dims the light so much that i lose my self consciousness and start just acting on impulse like an animal


When life let's you alone, megasupersexgigafuck.


buy tons and tons of shit, eat tons and tons of food, watch tons and tons of TV and movies, play tons and tons of video games, take tons and tons of drugs and alcohol.
If you got the creativity to do it, maybe make tons and tons of shit, too.

right now i'm dumping maybe $600 into the Digimon Vital Bracelet and maybe i'll buy a custom digivice off of etsy, too.
I'm also undergoing quite a serious project in RPG Maker MV.

if you're constantly waiting for expensive toys in the mail and racking your brain with intoxicating substances and flashing lights on the computer, you don't even think about people. i haven't thought about anybody in about 4 weeks now because i've been doing quite a good job of avoiding it entirely and just stuffing my fucking face with good food and good drugs.


I was like that like 3 years ago but then I realized, especially after the quarantine happened, that friendships are just a giant scam. I feel bad for you to falling for in in ur 20s but now you should look at it for what it is, just truepill yourself.
In some ways talking on imageboards or to a lesser extent discord is better because this form of communication removes some of the factors that can make friendships irl fickle and fragile. But E-friendship certainly have their own drawbacks as well.


This is the best imageboard even if it's slow. Making friends here is against the rules i think but i guess you could still try.
Aside from this place, I've been on discords and its such a mixed bag there. There are decent wizardly people there, but in every server there's time when crabs try to one up each other, trying to flex similar to normalfag apes. Discord can be a popularity contest and it very much is a lot of the time.


People that use discord are one step away from normalfags.


You were not genuine looking for them, just doing it out of fear for loneliness.

Do not run from thyself


I get you anon, but just remember that even normies have extremely fragile friendships. They backstab and drop each other all the time. There's no such thing as having a real brotherhood anymore. I guess that's the thing that makes me sad as fuck when I watch anime. Friends that actually have each other's backs for life? Unrealistic bullshit hahaha


I haven't had "friends" since I was 15ish. Yeah, it's a lonely life, but it is what it is. It is a lot easier with the internet. I am reminded how annoying people can be and how autistic I am all the time, so that usually takes any desire I have for companionship and I would prefer to be alone except for occasional chats with my mom.


By being on the "journey to discover myself" however cliche it sounds. I'm reading stoicism, Bible and reflecting. People are a distraction and I started to recognize them as such.


I have the ability to have friends, I had a decent size of friends in High School and College (almost all of them weird weebs like me, one of them may or may not be a pedo) I also had the chance to become friends with some of my coworkers that were a bit nerdish n shieet.

The thing is that I don't really need it, I can make friends but I would rather not, I would rather be alone, I don't have a problem with loneliness, my problem is money or more exactly the lack of it.


That's great until you run out of things to do your burn out your dopamine recetpors. Consuming garbage and distracting yourself with hobbies only works for so long.


here's your (you) retarded normalfag

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