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Wizard brothers, if I were to kill myself or accidentally overdose.

I love every single one of you like if you were my twins. I've never been close to any family, only son, but I genuinely love every single one of you. When you cry and hurt, I cry for you too. The pain you feel, I feel it the same way. When you threaten suicide and you can't deal with suicidal depression, I wish I was there for you giving you a hug. I love you all, you're my brothers.

The day I fucking day and the treachorous death pulls my last agonizing breath, you'll be right there in all my thoughts.

When my times come (every soon) I wish I was buried right next to you, in the same land, like the fucking brothers we are. The same arcane blood flows through our veins.

Crying, suicidal, I say these words, being happy to have met every single one of you here. And I seriously hope you aren't crying suicidal like I'm struggling with right now. I love you all, thanks for existing. Even if I can't stop crying with my stupid swollen face, I love you and it breaks my heart knowing some of you feel like this or worth. Peace brethen. If I don't fucking overdose, I hope I could go back to sleeping face.

Love you sincerely.


high on coke again huh


good one Tom


No. High on opioids. BUt the effect wore off and what I say is real.

Cocaine is not a wizard drug. Downers are wizard drugs.


stop abusing drugs you absolute retard


Thank you


these suicide threads should really just get posted in the general unless somehow needed to be its own thread


Not a suicide thread. I'm expressing my feelings, not breaking any rule.

I'm sorry if I somehow offended you.


I love you too, may the blessed nothingness await us all.


>using the word abuse this way
Normalfaggot ethics detected.


I'm sorry but I don't believe you. No one ever loved me and neither could you.


I feel you, my wiz friend. I attempted suicide this week and failed.

Hugs from Brazil.


Have any of you considered getting any help, professional or relatives,aqquaintances, try to push through.


I am hopeful there is help out there, try and push through.


much love homies. /Dep/ should become much more of a hugbox. What else do we have?


Not OP but hell yes some of us have been involved in the mental health system since we were kids and actively tried therapy and meds of all kinds.
It just seems like if you are not osmeone who is cut out for enjoying the world you just wont and that isn't because you can't get what you want fro mthe world it is because the world is just shit and there is nothing worth having.

I odnt think it should be a hug box in the usual sense but it has the potential to be a place where we can genuinely give a shit about each other by relating and instead it is mostly troll posts or stupid normalfags who got lost.
The issue is that a lot of us DID used to use places with active support that was real and a sense of community and we just got tired of venting it is all so tiresome.




I don't think about you at all.


It seems only with enough exposure to vicious nature - lurking both in jungle and concrete - does one finally begin.
Finally! Finally!
I look forward to all of you at the starting line.
Or you will be the road.

IT'S not heartlessness or anything of the sort.
There's no satisfaction out of using bodies for pavement.
It's not like I want to do this.

Either you see or you will be seen packed neatly as sardines waiting for the first foot.

><> ><> ><> ><>


im sorry huebro, hope you feel better soon fren

aquele abraço hétero de BH


Try to seek out professional help wherever you can. Freinds,aqquaintances and family members can help



Thanks ma fren, I'll try

Também sou mineiro, moro perto de BH kek

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