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I know this will sound fun to a lot of you. My thread might also be deleted since it has no other purpose than talking about me. You can talk about yourself on that thread as well.
So here's the thing: i'm way too naive. I swallow anything a person tells me. The logical thing would be to just back off from society. That's what i did for years, and not for that reason. Rather for bullying and health reasons that ruined my life. But that's not the subject here. The problem is that i still have internet and therefore have access to people who can potentially still keep using my weakness against me. So basically i was talking with someone whom i thought of a friend on internet. Stupid of me right? Anyway he asked me 500$ for a project he talked to me for like a week. Stupid right? Well again, i am stupid. He said that he would pay me back double after his project is done, i believed him and paid him. Guess what? He just disappeared after that.

So now the very little money i had accumulated after many years, gone. I don't even know what to say, i'm too emotionally weird to actually cry or do anything. I will just keep living like always. Meaning: doing absolutely nothing and wait for the next day. Should i post this here? I'm sure not. But i've learned something over the years about me. Whatever choice i do, it's always the wrong one. Always. All my live has been bad choices, alongside with the fact that it was pretty much screwed since the beginning.

As for myself, my health sucks, i can't work, can't study. I don't have any friends or anyone to talk to except my mom and dad who are starting to get gradually tired of the fact that i'm doing nothing. My health issues are laughed of, or just denied, so i don't have any sort of financially help or anything. Those 500$ where somehow my pride. I was happy to have them, i told myself one day i will have a good pc, not the overused thrash i have here.

I can't eat properly, shit properly, i can't sleep more than 5 hours in a row at best. I suffer a lot. But i guess it's not enough. I just don't know what to do anymore. I've tried suicide, but it didn't work. Nothing worked in my life. I have tried a lot of things. A lot. I mean it. But nothing ever worked in my life. Absolutely nothing. And everything sucks in my life. Every aspect you could think of. I'm just so tired of suffering what's the fucking point?

I was so low before that, and objectively i'm as low as i was before. Just a heavy blow i'm trying to breath away somewhere, hope it's the right place. But i'm not the right person.


File: 1633302388131.pdf (2.55 MB, Lies My Doctor Told Me Me….pdf)

Talk to me about how much you tried to improve thy health…


500 should be enough for a cheap gun.


A lot, i took shit tons of meds since i was a kid, i saw hundred of different doctors. I also tried "natural" stuff a lot, some liars and some were not. But ultimately anything worked. Because nothing works in my life not even suicide.


live and learn this is what you get for making a mistake.
how long did you know this person? a friend would never ask you for money.
doctors largely dont know what they are talking about


How could you fall for that OP? I can't believe this is the whole story. What did you really lose that money for?


just as i thought no help even here no one will understand me


just as i thought, even here no one acknowledge me


Anon we get it its just not that interesting


>I'm way too naive. I swallow anything a person tells me.
I realized this about myself early on and it was one of the reasons I thought it better to just withdraw.
I actually gave a similar amount to someone with very little prompting though it didn't completely wipe out my savings. I'd known him for a few months I think.
>know that he's a druggie
>anon, I need several hundred dollars
>no, I'm sorry
>I'm not going to spend it on drugs if that's what you were thinking!
>oh, ok. here.
And then of course he bought drugs.
And never paid me back.

>i took shit tons of meds since i was a kid
No wonder you're in such poor health then.


Kill him


i was like 5 years old how shit would i know. You're sick and your parents brings you to the hospital you're not thinking that meds and drugs are bad


It sucks.
You can always make another buck. Think of yourself as a lifetime, not just now.
You aren't going to sweat $500 when it comes to a lifetime. It's fine.
Money is made up anyway.

From now on, make it a rule to ask two questions before you do anything.
>What do I have to gain by doing this?
>What risks am I now exposed to by doing this?
This could involve conversations, purchases, decisions, absolutely anything that changes the state of how you live.

As long as you ask these two questions and think them through, I think you'll not regret as much.

Wishing you luck and that you feel better wiz


hey op. how about i keep your money for you? that way you wont have to worry about people trying to take advantage of you.


I'll give you 500 bucks my wiznog I have more money than what I know what to do with from wagecucking.

you can buy a nice PC, nice bed, nice food, but eventually the hedonic treadmill catches up to you and you're back to square one.

t. tech wizzie


is happiness relative? if not, why does the hedonic treadmill catch up to you?


Solid advice about asking yourself those two questions.


Thank you for the advice, i feel a bit better now even though my life is still shit. I mean since i never really used them i don't see any change in my life. It was one of my very slight hope to have a temporary hapiness buying myself a new pc. Anyway thanks

Thanks a lot buddy it would really be cool but i don't see how that would be possible on an anonymous board


File: 1634821563608.jpg (56.7 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1604945094195.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thank you for sharing that book Anon I'm happy to know that charring meat and eating salt isn't so bad.


Learn from your mistakes and remember that most people are assholes and they're not worth your trust.


At least you had the balls to do something. I've been sitting on a dozen grands of savings plus some extra in the local excuse for currency, like some sort of dragon on its treasures. I barely spend money, and I'm far too discouraged by meager returns to be bothered to invest.


That's the greatest tragedy isn't it? No more money for an exit plan, sorry OP.

OP, I'm sorry to hear about this and your life. Remember, never lend money to ANYONE unless you're mentally prepared to accept that money as gone. Anyways, it looks like you'll have to find ways to slowly earn your savings back. Maybe you can find surveys or odd jobs online. At least you don't have to pay for rent or food. Take it easy wiz.


Hey there

I've been there, being fooled out and feeling miserable all the time. But it won't be like this all the time. You are focusing on what you lost, but 500$ won't take you anywhere. You're depressive feelings can change. It might sound silly, but try Krav Maga, it will teach you how to be mentaly and phisically able to deal with a lot of what you said and in the worse case scenario, you can use it as a life experience. Give it a go


I can't do sport because of my health issues, try again. My life sucks at every aspect and there is no way this will change. It always had been that way, and it will always stay that way.


thats nothing OP. my mom stole 58k USD from me in 2017. she didnt even want the money. she just wanted to prevent me from moving out because she was afraid of being all alone. I ended up moving out anyway, now I live in a one room apartment in the ghetto and sometimes gunfire wakes me up at night. the other day a bunch of thugs who live in my building thought I was away and tried to break in. some of us are simply cursed, we were not meant to make it.


This. Sorry you got scammed but honestly you're not the first one in the world it happened to. There's been people who were scammed out of millions, compared to that your $500 is pretty insignificant. If anything, consider this a valuable life lesson and be glad it wasn't even more money.


This reminds of red otaku neet, a hapa retard bastard with daddy issues. He makes videos LARPing with a toy japanese sword and gets less than a hundred views per video.


I hate to cheer anyone up, but if you're in the US go push shopping carts for two weeks. You can get that back in no time.


My parents stole a similar amount from me. Inheritance that would have transformed my life. Fucking sucks to not be able to trust them, and the feeling of being abused while too young to defend myself. 10 years later I suppose it is far too late to pursue legal avenues but I was too psychologically manipulated before, and cant exactly sue someone you have to live with

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