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File: 1633309405507.png (25.32 KB, 1400x800, 7:4, suicideRate.png) ImgOps iqdb


Why aren't suicide rates dramatically increasing? Why is the long run average relatively flat? Aren't things terrible?


Have you noticed your graph is outdated by 11 years?


Just wait


They are; your chart is out of date as has been mentioned.



It's still flat.

Also, sorry for grabbing AUS data, but it's the first one I could find that actually goes back before 1990. You can see similar trends in other long-range charts though.


Thank you for providing proof that contradicts the baseless claims of the other anons, their silence will be your victory.


Jewish doctors marking it off as a covid death to throw off statistics?

Also lots will be 'overdose on heroin' and such so not count as suicide if it's got no note.

Murder rates are up like 15 percent where I live. Things are not calm nor ever simple. Either that or 12 percent rise but crime was down like 15 or 12 percent. This is a Floridian perspective though.

Point is normalfaggots often get violent when depressed. Normalfaggot males do. It's a psychological fact.


File: 1633320272531.jpg (58.56 KB, 992x558, 16:9, opioidoverdosing.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Counted as drug overdosing
I could maybe buy that. It certainly might be better to look wholistically at all "deaths by despair" aggregated. E.g., overdosing, poisoning, suicides, etc..

At least for AUS again, it looks like it only adds another 5 per million, which keeps it in the same band as in the 30s or 70s. I still feel like it's not as dramatically high as I'd expect it to really be.


File: 1633320306120.png (51.96 KB, 400x220, 20:11, D3870FBA-6064-4639-9A1E-AE….png) ImgOps iqdb

It isn’t that flat though.
Fuck you too


we stopped being white in 1998, it’s over mexibros.


I'm sorry, I'd argue that's pretty flat:
1 - You have to look back historically. That's why I was trying to grab data that goes before 1980 (particularly because getting the Great Depression and the 70s Stagnation makes some good controls to compare with other periods of economic stagnation). If you can complain to me that my data didn't go far forward enough to capture recent events, I should be able to complain to you that your data doesn't go far back enough to establish a good trendline or control.
2 - Look at that max/min band for the total. We're talking between 12 to 14 per 100k for the total? Given how shit things are, I expected something more drastic. I was expecting suicide rates to have doubled or have gone hyberbolic instead of this gentle little bump.



Suicide is much more rare than losing it and then stealing and or being violent.

That's the joke. Especially with Abrahamic ethics and our overly comfortable 'society' we have why would someone commit suicide unless very young and impulsive or very old and already dying? They all have a sense of damnation, most people do now days, do they not?

"Random" suicide is as rare as being a hermit type. They(/we) are 'the one percent'. It's never going to be high as even if you sit there literally torturing someone they still won't kill themselves 99 percent of the time. It only lets their mind contemplate even worse torture if they die as they try, in their normafaggot mindsets, to see a light at the end of the tunnel instead of wanting to end the pain.


File: 1633349348730.png (702.02 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, birthrates.png) ImgOps iqdb

At least birth rates are declining to show how shit things are and pessimistic people are.

The better question on that end is why are people still having kids? If you knew there was going to be a nuclear apocalypse, why would you subject your progeny to that. Likewise, if you knew that the next 50 years were going to be terrible, why would you do something so evil?
Parents in third world countries I find especially egregious.


succubi suck


Don't trust government statistics. They're hardly ever accurate.


>At least birth rates are declining to show how shit things are and pessimistic people are
Not necessarily, people are getting more selfish and individualistic to not want kids, such as not wasting money toward raising, advancing their career, indulging in sex/travel, or not wanting to clean their kids' shit
Also the availability of contraceptives helps tons, long ago a plant used for this purpose went extinct because of the excessive demand
And actually it's a sign of hope because they feel that they don't need kids to take care of them in old age, with the current progress in social welfare
You know, the rich breed less than the poor


Probably this.


They are selfish and just want kids to make them feel good emotionally.


>And actually it's a sign of hope because they feel that they don't need kids to take care of them in old age, with the current progress in social welfare
I never understood this argument. Particularly because…have you seen kids take care of their parents in their old age?
>Not necessarily, people are getting more selfish and individualistic to not want kids
Again, have you seen how selfish parents are compared to the people not having kids?

>such as not wasting money toward raising, advancing their career

>You know, the rich breed less than the poor
Aren't you contradicting yourself in these two statements?


This is just r/K selection theory in action. It has nothing to do with happiness levels and happens in every developed society.



I need a painless suicide method to fulfill with no money


if you did any research you would know what that is.


explain, no eat?


Typically inhaling any inert gas is the commonly advertised painless method.


no idea where to get inert gas with safe mask


well figure it out bud I'm not your mom. You can easily make most gases yourself.


Suicide isn't primarily an issue of how bad the times are. People are biologically programmed to survive, or to at least try to. Suicide requires a person to break their most fundamental biological programming. Most are simply not capable of this regardless of circumstances.


Why no money? If this is your last act on Earth, you can't even pawn off the device you're reading this on?


there are no solid stats on suicide, and there are two big reasons for this. 1) its still a huge stigma pretty much everywhere so some morgues sometimes do the family a favor and list the death as something else to help with insurance claims 2) suicide methods have changed, in the past people used to shoot or hang themselves or jump onto an incoming train. now "non violent" methods have become the go-to option, with people ODing or drinking themselves to death.


This. A huge, huge number of suicides get ruled as "accidents".


Lame, although not surprising that male suicides outpace female by a large margin.


>non hispanic white
wtf is event that? I don't understand, why claim white? what if you are celt lol


There's a lot of developments since the sixties that keep people from dying:
-Anti-depressants and therapy
-Improvement in emergency medical treatment for failed suicides
-Loads of new entertainment distractions from how rotten life is, from televisions and cinema in the 60s to vidya and internet today
-Liberalisation of society, less emphasis on community and order, more emphasis on individualism and freedom from consequences. This ranges from tinder to the increasing acceptance of drug use, allowing people to have instant satisfaction


It's for americans to distinguish who is an evil racist imperialist and who is a poor light skinned POC trying to make it in the land of opportunity.

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