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>most people are parasites on society, most normies will never even pay society back for their schooling
>rich people are generally speaking better than you in pretty much every possible way
>there isn't really any evidence that people are happier now, we just have more toys and don't suffer from as many diseases
>never existing at all would have spared you the pain of living, "just kys lol" is not a refutation of antinatalism
>by the time you're only enough to post in this board you've already experienced half of your subjective lifespan. By the time you're a wizard you're 3/4ths of the way to death as time accelerates you toward the end
>normies hate their lives so they have children who will grow up to hate their lives so that they can hate their lives slightly less
>every single one of your accomplishments can be put down to nature or nurture, neither of which you had any hand in. You essentially have no agency and the concept of personal exceptionalism from some greater inner self is flawed
Anyone got any to beat these? Also sorry if this isn't the sort of thing that belongs here.


The sooner you kill yourself the better. There's nothing in life that exceeds the pain of being alive. Human beings are no better than insects, we're much worse.


>playing video games is better than being in real life

>going outside sucks

>cheap food is better than expensive food

>childrens anime is better than "mature" anime

I wish I knew all these things sooner, if any wizkids are here, as in not late bloomers, take this advice


this reads as if you are only just old enough to post here.

the biggest blackpill for me is the uncertainty of death being a solution. I went the pessimism route I went the antinatalism route also but in the end I stopped caring what others do and started to realize that if life always gets worse, death may just introduce a whole new world of pain and misery.

here is a blackpill
>even if you start feeling better it only serves the purpose of making you feel worse later
there is no winning all we can do is hope death is better and hopefully get to the point we can push ourselves into it.


>>even if you start feeling better it only serves the purpose of making you feel worse later
this isn't true though, it sounds like you have a mental illness, I suggest getting on medication, possibly for schizophrenia, not talking about "depression"


>There's nothing in life that exceeds the pain of being alive.

How do you write something like this out without having taken your own life? Why should anyone take you seriously? If you wrote this as your suicide note maybe, but as of right now you come across as a retard.


Easier said than done, if it wasn't difficult to commit suicide I wouldn't be here. Self preservation instincts, nature doesn't care about misery.


I would ignore it, the death cultists are most likely normals trying to get wizards to kill themselves, why else does it always seem like they are trying to peer pressure their ideas onto others yet they aren't even dead themselves


the only real self improvement is self acceptance. the materialist self improvement you hear about from improvebrahs is just a myth propagated by advertising in a predatory consumer culture


Spoken like a normalfag


Allowing the inferior gender to vote and therefore have rights was the greatest mistake in the history of mankind, and no one ever talks about it.


By your very own words you just said that nothing exceeds the pain of being alive, if that is true for you suicide should be very simple.
Take a knife to the throat, jump of a tall building, overdose on pills, all of those methods, by your words have nothing on the constant pain you feel simply by being alive.

What you really are is a hypocrite and a coward, and you don't actually feel excruciating pain constantly either. There have been people with injuries and illnesses that do and for them suicide is an easy choice to make over the pain they feel at all times.


says the normalfag trying to get wizards to kill themselves, you are a sick person


Nicely said.


>Huuur durrr why don't you kill yourself. Most suicide attempts fail and prolong pain."Man do what he wills but not will what he wills."
I've tried many times only to end up in hospitals. Wizards would be better off dead and you know it. You sound like a normalfag for denying this fact. What does the world have to offer us?


>most people are parasites on society, most normies will never even pay society back for their schooling

Rule 4:
"Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles."

Yeah whatever man.


>>Huuur durrr why don't you kill yourself.

You literally opened your post with "The sooner you kill yourself the better.", don't "huuur durr" anyone you retard.

>Most suicide attempts fail and prolong pain

Yes, and most failed suicide attempts are by succubi, when men do it the likelihood of death is much higher. succubi tend to do it in a rash and emotional state, in the spur of the moment so to say and quickly regret it and phone friends or the paramedics.

My life is awful and I have considered suicide often,when it gets rough enough I'll do it.

My plan thus far is to go out to the farthest place away from civilization I can get, not tell a soul where I'm going, throw out my phone and all ID, bring along my firearm (most suicides by firearm are lethal), and shoot myself in the head, by the off chance I miss and survive I'll likely bleed out and die, the chance that a another person would stumble upon me would be extremely low, and if it did happen, even a helicopter ride to the hospital would take too long to save me.


I would say hiking and being in nature can be nice if you are able to enjoy such things. No need for your hatred of society to preclude spending time in nature by lumping both under the blanket of "outside."

Yeah you can't fight demons in the woods unless you're using hallucinogens. But it is more "genuine" than a video game. Otherwise I would agree though.

I'm 27. I don't expect anything from death but complete annihilation of my consciousness. I've only managed to become barely cognizant of the concept after a lot of meditation and even then I know it's inscrutable. It terrifies me but I know there is nothing to be terrified of because there is no me.


Parasites survive and are happy. If anything I'm trying to refute the "wahhhh you don't contribute to society" when most normfags don't really either. Unless you're a successful professional or business man, you're a net negative on society.


This, this every fucking day.


this assumes the only way to contribute is economically. people who are funny and shitpost for example contribute to society in my opinion more than some jew figuring out how to make people part with their money more.


File: 1633554651576.jpg (181.97 KB, 1676x3160, 419:790, blackpill_religion.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



>I believed after a deep analysis of many things, old sects of christians (arrians, cathars) hinduism, toltequity and conspiracies about giant skeletons being 4 of those things
>I find I am utterly bittered and wishing to be obliterated from existence due to such finding
>I fear that puritans be right, that many horrors inside it be right, even if I know that innovations are testified as a source of corruption after Prophet's demise even in the very ahadith
>I am afraid I might bitter the lives of more people who honestly may be sensitive to cceptance without discarding things with an open mind of things they see not, if I shared what keeps me believing even through how much afflicted I am for doing so
>Puritans and extremists will only bring more hardship to us all and hiding will be the best options, just like both hadith and Kali Yuga's hinduist texts claim
>I have paranoid thoughts about God's hatred upon me and the blasphemies that sustain my somehow frailed and bullied sanity after reading and concluding my arguments and excuses
>I may probably live a life of misery to not reach zakat-ul-maal limits, so I may never be blamed for not giving money to God knows what minds are hiding behind zakat collector organizations
>I fear many consquences of being sapped as some carrying this burden, by muslims and non-muslims
>I fear with horror the chance of loving such a God, and being tortured cause of not doing so


Even if a normalfag tried he couldn't say something more normalfag than this.


>You're just a n-normie!

What a wonderful argument, why are still alive btw? You go on happily advocating for suicide for others but not yourself?


>this assumes the only way to contribute is economically.
What else is there?
>funny and shit posting
Okay how does that help me if I don't read it?


if you think the only way to contribute to the world is with money or the only value in the world is monetary then you have dug yourself into a hole.

free your mind from that.


No just the only value most other people care about. No one gets mad at you for not creating art. Most get mad at you for not making your own money. Yet consooming art, since it's not taking away from art, is okay. I guess if you're an inventor you are either rich or unappreciated and die poor, in which case you got cucked. But what you contributed to the world is essentially monetary value. When you spend your time earning money you are giving up literally the only thing you have. It's a shit system but it's the only one with objective merit. I don't hate NEETs though as I used to be one myself and plan to be again, or hope to be at least. But I'm not going to deny I am cheating society by doing so. It's hard to refute the fact that even if you did not consent to being born, you do consent to life by continuing to live.


>The only value life can ever have is contributing to societies collective bottom line


I don't give a shit about this world. I live comfortably on neetbucks and savings.

I will never work or do anything for another human being.

If the situation ever arises where I'm forced to do something like labor for sustenance, Breivik will be a distant memory on the spree killing hiscore lists.

I'm tranquil as long as I'm left in peace, but I'm not going down quietly if people try to barge in on my life or force me to do things.


Being a NEET is one thing, but there are plenty of ways to contribute to society that don't involve money. Everyone has gifts that they can share with the world.


File: 1633888886172.png (37.88 KB, 800x800, 1:1, masons - invest knowledge.png) ImgOps iqdb

>don't involve money.


But if reincarnation exists and you're reborn as a human child, you have to go through the misery of being a child forced into public schooling/living with shitty parents all over again.


Imagine losing the reincarnation lottery so bad and being reborn as a human again. Better to be reborn as a mindless flea or bacterium, quite quite likely too.


File: 1634264956020.jpeg (19.16 KB, 176x176, 1:1, 86E1233A-F660-4451-A5A6-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

don't cut yourself with those edges boyos


blackpill is a stupid term


>pro life wizchud
what a stupid normgroid

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