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i was on them a couple years ago because i had ocd. i also was depressed, but i thought it was weak and cuck shit to take meds for depression. so i stopped when i got over my ocd. but now after a couple years things arent looking so good. i am anxious and stressed all the time, but too depressed to do anything about it. i am in college and failing all my classes. i moved out after i stopped taking ssris and now i am isolated from my parents who are the only ones who love me and care about me in the cruel and unforgiving world of normalcattle. i have always been a loner so i thought i would be able to handle it. but it has just been so brutal and ruthless for me and has left me bereft of any drive to do anything but ldar. my head has turned to mush and it is just impossible for me to care about stem shit when you know that the only thing that awaits you is the rat race.

i have severe moral issues with taking medication. i dont think there is anything wrong with me, and that this is just a natural reaction to external stimuli like isolation. because of this, i think it is hyper cucked that i should have to change my brain chemistry to fit in as a cog in the machine and make myself more able to work. but it really looks like i am on a trajectory to becoming homeless and unable to find work. also, i have tried self improvement before and it didnt work. when i interject myself into the social world, i always fall into the bottom rungs. the last time i was on ssris i was optimistic and exuberant. which i think is hyper cucked because it forces me to be exploited and used for others to accumulate social status.

right now, i have accepted that i am doomed to be alone and so im just seeking solitary peace. but really you have to be a NEET to have this, and i have no one to support me being a neet. so i am forced to try and be a wagecuck but i always have one foot out the back door, and being in these two world at the same time is killing me


>cuck cuck cuck cuck
if your decision is based on the newest meme word then I think you should rethink it


its not about the meme word. its about being taken advantage of.

when you're playing the game, you're just getting used. you have to play by other people's rules. you have to meet other people's demands. you have to make sacrifices. you have to conform. you have to let some desires go unfulfilled. when you really think about the nature of working, and our culture in general, and how these relate to you. you realize its just slavery. but its hard to see because there isn't single master who is always a person, like the slavery of the african americans.


>blah blah blah
what the hell, you dont even make sense, take your meds if they help you


From the way you type, I think you are very young and spend a huge amount of time talking online with crabs that use meme language. This is probably harming you a lot.

>it is just impossible for me to care about stem shit when you know that the only thing that awaits you is the rat race.

There is truth to this, SSRIs won't fix it. You need to pick a future that you can accept. Going to college is never going to work if it doesnt lead to a future that you want. You won't be able to motivate yourself and are just wasting money and time.

> the last time i was on ssris i was optimistic and exuberant

If placebos do that to you, you must be pretty fucked up, perhaps you are one of the people that should be seeing a therapist


Idk op I've been on multiple ssris and atypical antidepressants and I've come to the conclusion that they're mostly meme shit unless you are some kind of bipolar maniac on suicide watch. If I had spent the same amount of time doing homeopathic remedies instead of ssris I would be at precisely the same point today, only without brain zaps and limp dick disorder. Ultimately, I think that ssri effectiveness scales relative to symptom severity and ultimately boils down to how self-suggestive you are as a person.


Nah. I got zaps so it was the real deal


File: 1633886852700.jpg (57.88 KB, 620x620, 1:1, Mike Murdock - permissions….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>leave gluten, all grains for a while
>initiate yourself in naturopathic hygienism: fasting, starchless fodd, etc…
>investigate about holotropic breathwork
>most meds are poison that shrink the brain, only benzos have real good fame here in wizchan
>while wagecucking, change your job every year, apply for different things while you are in your last job. Keep moving.


No. The side-effects are what enable people to break out of the blind trials. The zaps make you feel like something is happening. There are no significant "anti-depressant" effects, that is what I meant.


I am not him but I have a certain mental illness and I can’t take ssri meds because they give me mania, they are definitely not placebo, I’ve gone months on 3 hours of sleep a night on them


I got them when I was withdrawing from ssris. You are full of shit


SSRIs often don't work if you go off them and then try to go back on, you're just left in severe pain.

David Foster Wallace ended up killing himself for this reason.


oh fuck yeah i remember that guy. so what do i do? do i just have to bear the weight of this or what?


I'm literally in that position. I'm self aware about being a suicide statistic in my 40s. There's basically no getting around it.

I'd recommend just taking it easy and living a comfy life. But yeah it sucks ass man.


Placebo doesn't necessarily mean a completely inert pill that does nothing. Placebo refers to the perceived improvement of symptoms when the drug does jack shit to improve said symptoms. A drug can hive side effects (ie brain zaps) and still be a placebo. In fact such side effects can increase the effectiveness of the placebo because the subject realizes they haven't been given a totally inert pill.


yeah, i mean ive always known that im killing myself once my parents die. no way im living until im 70 or some shit. but yeah, totally sucks that i have to work until then.

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