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How do I cope with eternal non-existence? Can i learn to Embrace it? Will some kind of quantum immortality save me?
Im terrified of the transition of suicide, gradually losing existence until im gone forever.
What May i do? I dont want to grow old and weak. I want to live until i can't take it anymore.its so hard sometimes.


wizkids posting ifunny pics, gotta love it here


I DEFEND the pic i posted


Who cares? Could you imagine if we lived forever? That would suck so bad. Read “on the shortness of life”. Life is actually long enough, you’re just wasting your time.


How Dare you sage MY thread?


Do you believe in God? Then you don't have to worry.
You don't? Then can you describe the terror of non-existance before you were born?


>Life is actually long enough
no, i have a theory that society is fucked up because people dont live long enough. the 18 year growth period that humans have is around a quarter to a fifth of our lifespans, and i think this contributes to people just half assing being a parent. since life is so short you have people trying to continue of "their legacy" by imposing themselves onto their children. if people lived for 1000 years instead, it would be much harder to keep someone under that kind of control and then have them pass it on to their kids. if people lived really long then i think giving birth would be less of an ownership type deal and more like youre just creating another human, since in your lifetime its much more plausible for your child to completely surpass you in every area. there would also be way less people having kids in order to keep the population stable which would make having children less of a normalfaggot life goalpost that every drooling retarded is required to hit.


Sounds like you’re just projecting your bad experiences with your parents on everyone else. This is some Freudian level shit.

You know your childhood isn’t a determining influence right? You have the free will to make changes


Free will is impossible and your core personality is baked in before 5.


>Free will is impossible
It is impossible to prove this. But even if it were, you are free for all practical purposes by virtue of being rational. So it doesn’t even matter


Eternal nothingness is nice, peaceful, good enough a Nirvana for me.

But in addition, if I believe in a Gnostic Suicide Cult that will reward me with my perfect heaven at the moment of my death, then it is for all functional purposes true. I can't be wrong. There will be no one to tell me I'm wrong. There is no way I can learn if I'm wrong. So it is functionally true regardless. And no more absurd than all other theisms, billions of humans have followed.

It is subjectively true, and even if it is objectively wrong, again peaceful nothingness is Nirvana anyhow. A more abstract version of the paradise we dream of.


we can''t know if death is a void.
how can you be so sure?


File: 1633952758311.pdf (4.43 MB, The Holotropic Mind The Th….pdf)

If you develop hard enough, some forgotten memories can upsurge, which indicates you are surpassing such limits of programming.


I dunno. But I know for sure that OP isn't even 21 and he shouldn't be on this website.



After belief, eternal non-existence has become one of my dearest desires.
This is unintelligible. You must surely be a christian.


File: 1635423216582.jpg (22.29 KB, 280x356, 70:89, Genie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>You know your childhood isn’t a determining influence right?
Say that again?



merely hallucinations of the mind, what do you think a person with no actual brain function could possibly experience? inputs from all senses would be meaningless, and you wouldn't be able to form a thought, nor experience anything.
and for what possible reason would you think that someone would be able to recall a state of non-thought, it falls apart at face value.

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