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The only reason we're depressed is that we lack money

If we had enough money we would be kings


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Everything revolves around money.

The people you associate with, where you live, what you eat, what you do all day, what you look like, what car you drive, if you wear glasses or not, and the list goes on.

Money is the most important factor in determining if your life will be good or bad. All the whining here on /dep/ is the result of having no money.


>there are entire cultures that actually believe this


Yup. The only reason I am unhappy is I don’t have any way to support myself so I am forced to conform and be a slave to get money to stay alive. If I was able to be a neet then I could be free to be me



Well, I don't lack money and I'm still depressed. Guess your cope theory went down the drain huh?


bill gates wears glasses


money isn't real


While what you are saying is not far from truth don't underestimate a faulty brain capacity of creating problems.
If you had money you'd probably be depressed about something else.


Money is the root of all evil


undoubtedly the most stupid point in a very stupid post


you're very dumb i hope you get all the money in the world just so you can realize how little it will change how you feel (beyond a few months of trying new toys)


More money means less work and less work means more time to do what you actually enjoy. So I agree with this post.


t. Jewish wizzie.


you only need to work once every 10 years for a few months to buy a new pc


give those to me


Then I'll be back to being poor and depressed.


Good one. Mommy will take care of the rest, bills and housing and food


Aren't there well off people here that still want to end it?


When I was younger and even more retarded I once thought that money wasn't the only thing that mattered in the world. But as it turns out, it is.

I mean look, if you had 5 million, a paltry sum compared to some rich folks, you could easily buy a nice house, invest the rest, and live off the dividends for the rest of your life.

No dealing with wage slavery, normtards, or fear of being homeless.

Life taken care of, and go hire some escorts too.


>No dealing with wage slavery, normtards, or fear of being homeless.
if you really wanted to get rid of those issues, you would fake something and easily get on autismbucks, or whatever. but even more, if money was actually what you needed you would easily find the enthusiasm to make whatever obscure shit that sells online and get rich. making 5 million USD isn't that hard for an autist in this day and age. however, you'd only be put in an even deeper hell with no work to distract your attention from the issues you actually should be going through in your head right now. you're sabotaging yourself because you're not yet ready for financial freedom and it wouldn't bring you anything of value, rather the opposite.


Once you're financially secure, you'll have all the time in the world to think about how empty your life truly is. At least when you were poor, you had the hope that money would fix everything and you would be happy. Once you're rich, you either turn into a consumer and believe X product will complete you or you realize how pointless everything truly is.


For some, yeah. Having welfare after being poor took away a lot of stress and suffering. Now I have time, money, and a car. I am still too fucked up to do things most days. I’m not in constant mental terror though like when my family was poor. Shitty thing about all this is you don’t know what will fix things.


Quick question. What do YOU think would make you happy?


Some kind of enlightenment or fringe knowledge that would make me stop being subservient to my psyche. I'm way passed the regular cope of "If I can only get X, I will be happy" which is completely delusional and just keeps you in a cycle of striving and despair. Either happiness is found in breaking that illusion or it doesn't exist at all.


>Some kind of enlightenment or fringe knowledge that would make me stop being subservient to my psyche
you can stop being subservient to your psyche right now, there is no enlightenment required. well i guess it kind of is enlightenment by /dep/ standards since willpower is basically a swear word around here, but thats all it is.


Can confirm %100. When I was grinding away, working my way up the ladder, I would constantly tell myself "Once I make X amount a year, everything will be okay." Well that day finally came and then I realized how incredibly fucking pointless everything was and how as soon as you make it to the top of the ladder you have to deal with 5 other people up there constantly trying to knock you down.


It reminds of the minecraft creator, who said he spent his days staring at a black monitor for hours until 5:00 when his friends got off work. But honestly that's a kind of problem I would be happy to take on if I ever got there. Honestly, my biggest issue is the massive time and energy sink that is wageslaving. It sucks the living life out of me and I still have to take care of day to day chores. Little to no time to unwind, much less put effort into new skills or hobbies.

Wouldn't bring me anything of value? Hell no, there's a shitload of things I would like to do if I actually had hours in the day and wasn't fucking fried in the head from forced socialization. You're right on one thing though, I probably need to stop making excuses if I really wanted to get rich kek.


when i was a poorfag i used to think this as well, now with a couple of million i am still living like a hobo doing nothing with the money, all that changed is i dont have to worry about the "future"

thing is i never planned of getting rich or having a future, funny how it all works out, those wagecucks will be chasing their "future" forever


>Everyone is suddenly a richfag now
I didn't knew I was sharing a board with Jeff Bezos and his pals.


i agree full-heartedly.


>as soon as you make it to the top of the ladder you have to deal with 5 other people up there constantly trying to knock you down.
You dont have to work when you have money. You're still talking about slave lifestyle


Willpower is unsustainable. Fighting with yourself 24/7 isn't anywhere near the tranquility of real happiness. Either things flow effortlessly, or you're doing it wrong. Willpower is part of the striving and despair cycle, not a solution to it.


Money and health are two the most important things in the world.
If I had two of them there's no way I would be unhappy.


Having money and freedom create the quality of life. That image is insane. From a 'pick your type of government' perspective it's not a quadrant and should be. Left is equality, right is inequality, top is authority, when thinking of politics as a triangle. Then again some say top is anarchy, left and right being still the same though, equality vs inequality. Freedom? Is that equality? Money would be inequality. But quality? QUALITY? That does not compute. Quality =/= authority anymore than it would mean anarchy. Quality it says. Choose two it says on top of it? For what purpose was this made? *contemplates* oh yeah, that choose a side goyim and ignore the vertical option is why. Spectrum, horizontal spectrum logic of politics. Extremely sheep tier an image if that be the point. Are you left or are you right? The top isn't even there.

Top plus M could be facism OR anarchist capitalism and top plus F could be communism or social libertarianism. Freedom and money would be either authority or anarchy, dead center on the quadrant.

It's ambiguous as hell.


I would agree if I inherited the wealth, made some lucky investments or won the lottery. But becoming somewhat wealthy by dedicating everything to a soul-draining career, well there's a reason they call it compensation.


you have to be a complete fucking brainlet to actually think having money would make you happy. You are needing to be lacking in a lot of self awareness. I ate some crisps an hour ago and tomorrow I will want more crisps.


having money reduces anxiety which will make you happier, worrying about not being able to pay for doctors or groceries or a place to live is painful


You really fail to understand in a true way then don''t you.
It NEVER ends you know. I have had money I have had whatever and as soon as you get it you start worrying about other things.
I have also been homeless and worse and in the end none of that matters because being content comes from your perspective.


Having money makes finding happiness easier, obviously it doesn't guarantee it. If you're actually wealthy you'd know this. I've been on both sides and having money is like removing a handicap on everything in your life.


>Having money makes finding happiness easier

After 75K a year, there's severe diminishing returns and most people don't report being any happier. That's because money will solve some amount of suffering, but at some point it doesn't change much.

Money can give you freedom, but it's not obvious at all how to go from that to actual happiness. You then make another theory "Hmm, maybe if I get X, I'll be happy?" -> "Gosh, that wasn't it, maybe it's Y?" -> "Maybe I need to be more Z?" until you die.

This is a completely basic observation and I can't understand why people fall for the obvious trap in chasing material objects. Beyond a base level of comfort and security, money isn't a cure-all you imagine it is.


I meant have enough money to live, not being rich or anything, I've never had a job in my life so I never had money and I am constantly worried about not being able to afford living like I am in the future


it doesn't mattter. if you live in the city you can just eat out of a bin.
we are so dame pampered


That's because most normfucks are dumb wagies who want to wage forever, I cannot imagine wanting that, I wanted to wage full-time only out of guilt, now that I've done it for 2 years it ruined my life, if I made 150k instead of 75k (I only make 35k in reality) I would be happier because I could retire twice as soon. Honestly if I made 150k out of college like some people do I would retire at 35.


>it doesn't mattter. if you live in the city you can just eat out of a bin.
I have really bad anxiety and other issues, I'd rather not have to go outside let alone break tresspassing laws, I just want to sit in my house and play games


Me too but when you need to do what you need to do you will do it.
If you have things you want to do what is even the problem? everything is just a distraction until we die anyway. Reading the classics or reading picture books is all the same.

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