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>plan to travel for the first time in my entire life (departure is 2 weeks and 1 day from now)
>i start feeling nervous and also i start losing sleep because of it
(i sleep from 4:30 am until 7-8 am when i wake up multiple times until
12:30 where i get out of bed)
>now i feel brainfogged most of the day and i can't think clearly or focus

should i cancel it? if not i'll be an easy unknowing target when it comes to pickpocketing and i'll probably be a hazard when driving.

also there won't be much joy seeing new sights if i feel this way but i really want to travel and see a new country


and if i had to sleep at a hotel i probably wouldn't be able to fall asleep, and if i were to fall asleep i would wake up rather early im sure.

should i try taking melatonin?


Where are you going?


hopefully to italy from Denmark


Travel is easy, and you're traveling in safe european countries. I wouldn't worry about it, enjoy yourself.


i have literally never left my tiny country before except once to germany right across the border.


traveling between countries is not very different than traveling in a country. Just bring your passport. Don't all the EU citizens get to cross european borders hassle free anyway?


i'd also have to find a hotel and testcentres and food


>i'll probably be a hazard when driving.
I ruined a holiday once by making myself drive everywhere. I will probably never drive again because it is just far too stressful


I'd assumed you had done that considering you have you a plan of where you're going.


my plan is to just drive my car and find hotels and other stuff along the way.

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